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DJWifi in a 24hr Walmart at 3AM (let's pretend there's a french equivalent)

“We have a list,” said Nino, unheeded for the nth time as he trailed after his girlfriend down the grubby, industrial, strangely empty isles — he was here to ‘be her self control, god, Nino, stop me or we’re only going to have ice cream to eat for the next week,’ but that was only going to work if she listened to him.

“What do you think about these?” said Alya, holding up two different brands of chocolate ice cream with dark circles below her eyes that belied just how long she’d been awake and a manic glint that belied just what it was doing to her.

Nino took a long hard look at the entire picture, before giving up on putting it gently and saying, “I think we need vegetables.”

it is now nearly 3am where i am and i am in the perfect state of mind to write this (9′-’)9

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I’ve very rarely experienced discrimination for my religion/practice outside of the pagan community.  It almost always comes from within.  Tonight, while at the full moon ritual I posted about earlier, a few of the fellow circle/grove/coven leaders and I were talking.  Now don’t get me wrong: Not only am I young but I look even younger.  Everyone else there was, at minimum, a decade my senior.  So I think I’m rarely taken seriously initially by the older generation to begin with.  Add in that I’m a writer and a circle leader, and they tend to think that I’m just inexperienced with an “ego.”  I imagine these people probably haven’t read my blog either, so their impressions are made solely from my perceived age.  Let that set up the scene.

We’re discussing group structure and talking about varying beliefs within these groups when I mention that I’m a witch.  One woman in the store bursts out laughing!  “A witch!” she says.  I glance at her like, “Excuse me?” But I just say “Yeah, like a nontheistic cottage witch, you know?”  She just keeps laughing.  No one says a word, and since I’m a guest there to photograph the ritual and I’m friends with the store owner, I decide I’m not going to make a scene.  I just purse my lips, keep my calm and say not a word.

My internal dialogue is rattling.

This same person ensures that I’m not an actual part of the circle initially when ritual starts by standing right in front of me.

I’m done taking photos and I’m now at home contemplating sending a message to the grove leader for a one-on-one leader discussion about tolerance of beliefs because I’m so done with shit right now.

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Honestly can I just say how thankful I am that this account has gotten so much positive attention ? It far outweighs that shit-show I endured a few days ago, and I’m really appreciative of my little inner-circle that I’ve developed over the past year or so through my main account @wehrmxcht that now seems to follow me everywhere ! I love it ! 

I feel like I have total creative freedom here without judgement, and I can write about the darker parts of history without feeling like I need to muzzle myself or be conservative about my content. 
I think it’s so important that all angles of the WWII era are explored, and not just sugar coated and romanticized, or swept under the rug. 

Naturally people are going to disagree with me, and I totally respect that, you do you boo, and I’ll do me, but I just wanted to give a big collective hug to all my friends I’ve made here, and to let you know that I love you and appreciate you all ♥

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[Throwing Kkang-vitamin] I just intended to post a picture, but I want to let you know this beautiful leader’s mind too. So I am spreading now, after a long time 💙 Our Inseo should be well, safe x 2 today! 😘 #jjeungyoonie is a pabo who’s thinking only of inseo from the time he woke up #hugging inseos’s heart by jjeungyoonie cuz it rains #guess who know it? #winner! #you did much hard working #WINNER #INNERCIRCLE #FOR_OUR_CIRCLE #THEBESTLEADER #RAINYDAY #SAFE #BACKTOKOREA #THEBESTLEADER #SWEETGUY #ANGEL #TOEVERYONE #ESPECIALLY #FOR #INNERCIRCLE #TEAMWINNER

Talk in picture:

Winnercity: Hello ssaem, through the window, this is a rainy morning!
+ Park Inseo pray for Winner’s safe journey
#hugging Inseo’s heart by Jjeungyoonie cuz it rains
Leader (Seungyoon): Seungyoonie wishes for Park Inseo’s safe day

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I have finally finished finalizing, simplifying, and penning down all the timeline, worldbuilding, and character notes I think I’ll ever need for the ‘verse of Heavy and cast of the Seven Circle Muses.

Now I just have to actually put it all in fic format…..

(If anyone wants to ask about the OCs and doesn’t mind spoilers- or even if they do and want the “censored” version, I will post the requested characters’ notes with appropriate tags and readmores. I worked hard on this; someone should see it, DANGIT)

In The Now

My fingers brush his hair
Softly pushing his head back
Hand grasping the thin brush firmly
I shake minimally
Quick strokes flowing onto his temple and cheek
I hear his breath hitch
Try to speak softly
Not wanting to ruin the moment I am inhabiting
Right now
It’s just me and him
And then I go to the shaded side of his face
Laying out more vines of colors circling his cheek bones
Getting closer to his lips
I can’t see his eyes
Can’t know what he’s thinking
But I know
That in the moment
The sunlight casts just the right shadows
And it was just me and him
Glitter swirling between
In the moment
And that was enough