I am just so damn proud of her

This is the Fenrys and Whitethorn/Galathynius daughter are mates HC (I am writing a detailed fic but I’m just gonna do this to BECAUSE WHY NOT)

-okay so Fenrys is living in the castle with Aelin and Rowan, and when they have their daughter he’s like “omg she’s adorable”
-but then she gets older and learns she has a powerful mixture of fire, water, ice and wind magic and Fenrys is like damn I’m just gonna keep out of your way
-rowan and Aelin are Proud Parents
-their daughter, let’s say her name is Mia (short for Nehemia, kill me) and she’s ALWAYS had a lil crush on Fenrys like who wouldn’t???
-ANYWAY, Mia has grown up being trained as a warrior but always been shown love and kindness besides that. She could kill a man in 4 seconds let’s be real this is rutting whitethorn’s daughter.
-so she and Fenrys are sparring one day, and he’s laughing at her bc she’s hungover as FUCK (she’s around 30+ years old and immortal) and she’s snarling at him getting real pissed off
-she throws a fire ball at him. It curves away all on its own and lands in the snow
- Fenrys just whispers, “Oh fuck” and stares at her and is thinking “so that’s what it is”
-and fucking Mia is like “Ha, oh no. Dad’s gonna kill you, boyo,”
-Fenrys laughs nervously and goes to walk away but rowan swoops in in hawk form then shifts to see how the training is going
-Fenrys is shitting bricks and Mia is kinda nervous too
-rowan scents their nerves and is like, “What is wrong with you two???”
- “Daddy….” -Mia is pulling the puppy dog eyes and charming smile she’d inherited off her mother
-rowan is like what do you want Mia. She’s all smiles and nerves and Fenrys is vehemently swiping a hand over his throat like “ABORT FUCKING MISSION ABORT” behind rowan’s back.
-anyway Mia sees and is trying not to laugh and rowan is a Confused Birdie
-Mia quickly saves their asses by asking Rowan to go buy her favorite chocolates
-he agrees bc she’s his baby lmao (rowan is the Ultimate Softie"
-anyway a few weeks pass and Fenrys and Mia have been sneaking around and making out and being naughty little turds and one night they making out in the freaking pantry when Aelin comes down for a snack
-she just laughs and says, “Good luck telling your father, Nehemia,”
-Fenrys kinda pales and looks at Mia, “I don’t want to die,”
-“Don’t be so freaking dramatic, Fenrys. Shut up and - oh my gods”
-Fenrys is good with his hands okay
-a couple days later they’re all having a family dinner. Aelin, Rowan, Mia, Aedion, Lys, Fenrys, Gavriel, Elide, and Lorcan.
-Fenrys and Mia’s scents have kind of merged bc they have been getting down and freakay in the pantry
-Gavriel scents it first and is just like “R u fuckin kidden me???”
-Every one but Aelin is confused. Mia chokes on her wine. Everyone is just staring.
-Lorcan is next and he’s like “you couldn’t keep it in your pants just once?”
-Fenrys is trying so hard not to look guilty or at rowan or Mia. Aelin is just leaning back in her chair sipping wine and smirking
-rowan sniffs and his mouth just drops open in shock at first because my best friend is sneaking around with my daughter what in the hell
-Fenrys is trying to explain, but a harsh wind knocks him on his ass and then it’s on
-everyone rushes outside behind rowan who is dragging Fenrys by the shirt lmao
-Mia is a freaking mess. Lysandra is trying to console her
-rowan and Fenrys begin to brawl
- halfway through Mia screams, “HE’S MY MATE”
-rowan drops Fenrys and turns to her like what??? This idiot is your mate?
-Fenrys gets up off the ground and wipes blood from his nose, looking angry and still kinda wary
-Mia shoves her way through the small crowd towards him to inspect his wounds.
-rowan growls when Mia touches Fenrys, and aelin just rolls her eyes and “stupid territorial fae bullshit”
-rowan calms down a bit when aelin holds his hand (what a sook )
-Mia is fuming mad, like she’s so pissed off. She turns to her father and is like “you’re such an asshole”
-“I’m just trying to protect you”
-“im a big girl, dad. If my mate was someone other than Fenrys you’d be fine with it”
-rowan looks uncomfortable because it’s true
-“It’s not like we can control who our mates are” Mia grabs Fenrys’ hand and storms inside, dragging him with her.
-rowan snarls at them “where do you think you’re going?”
-“to clean him up, you buzzard!”
-at few days later Fenrys and Mia are sitting in the lounge room. He’s watching her read bc she’s beautiful
-rowan stalks in looking pissed at their close proximity. Mia doesn’t look up, just ignores he father. Fenrys shifts away looking nervous lmao (I fucking love this kid)
-“Fenrys did you hear something?”
-“did you say something Fenrys?’
-the book flies from her hand, and she finally looks at her father. He looks frustrated and mad, but not at her.
-rowan apologies and says he will try to be okay with their mating bond. He also says the reason he lost it is because he thought Fenrys was just taking advantage of the crush she has on him
-Fenrys is trying SO HARD not to grin because omg Mia was crushing on me
-rowan is STILL TALKING.
-"dad. Shut up. Or I’ll start making out with him right now,”
-rowan growls a bit. Mia smirks, realizing she’s got a way to make her dad suffer for being an ass
-Fenrys snorts, and says he won’t do that to rowan
-Mia grins at him, and he can feel his control slipping because he loves her and wants her and OMG SHE’S GORGEOUS
-rowan is wincing like please stop that right now young lady you’re grounded
-Mia ignores him and kisses Fenrys and god if Fenrys doesn’t try not to kiss her back but she’s so amazing
-rowan pulls them apart with his wind and declares they are not allowed to do that in front of him ever again
-Mia is smirking, knowing she’s won
-over the course of the next few weeks every time rowan catches Mia and Fenrys together they’re either making out our holding hands or being fucking cute. Fenrys always rubs his nose on her throat bc damn she smells good.
-rowan’s form of conversation with them is growing and snarling and “rutting stop that”
-when Fenrys and Mia claim each other (eh eh *nudges you with elbow*) they stay away from the family for a week
-when they get back all rowan can think about is “one of my closest friends is sleeping with my daughter. Must kill him. don’t care if they’re mates”
-and rowan slams Fenrys into the ground. And y'all thought fae males were territorial. Ha. Mia yanks rowan off Fenrys and snarls, “Touch him again and I’ll pluck you like a chicken”
-rowan can’t help but be Proud. His daughter is feisty. He laughs and looks at Fenrys and says, “Good luck, boyo,”
-“help me up you prick,”
-Mia rolls her eyes because fucking fae males I hate them!!!!
-rowan and Fenrys are as good as new. Best buds
-Mia wants to kill them both. She’s so over her family, but she loves them so much. She punches rowan and Fenrys both in the arms and they’re like ow!! What was that for.
-“you’re both juveniles”
-she huffs and kisses Fenrys, rowan sighs. He’s always sighing. He’s suffering OK. Fenrys fights the urge to make out with her. “goddbye” she goes inside to find her mumma to ask for assistance on how to deal with annoying males.
-the cadre are getting drunk af in the kitchen later. The women join in and sit with their respective males.
-when Mia sits on Fenrys’ lap, rowan growls, but it’s half hearted.
“You know if you hurt her you’ve got four males ready to kill you” Lorcan laughs
-“nah, boyo, Mia could quite easily kill him” Gavriel is SO AMUSED by the thought of his great niece killing an all powerful male warrior
-“That’s so true,” rowan is delighted by the idea
-“I honestly don’t know why I bother with any of you” but Mia is grinning bc her family is amazing.
-they all get drunk together and joke about random things until Mia falls asleep on Fenrys lap and everyone is like aww omg that’s adorable.
-and rowan thinks maybe it isn’t so bad at all.

(This is shit forgive me)

Okay, but while we’re still on the topic, can we talk about how Laurel wrapped her arms around Michaela before they kissed?

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Like, look at how smol Michaela looks just being held like that. And Laurel’s cute ass, being the teddy bear she is, is so fucking proud of her, and after everything the two of them been through (both murder nights, all of those damn cases, working overnight to get evidence, running around in their high-heeled shoes just to interrogate people, dealing with their own personal problems, etc.), they got this one little victory, and Laurel is so fucking proud of the both of them that she wants her happiness to radiate on Michaela. And Michaela is so fucking happy for the both of them as well, so she hugs Laurel back. Like, this is the happiest either one of them has been in a while, and they needed this A in the class. Now that they got it, a giant weight had been lifted off their shoulders. Like, do you guys realize how pure this one little moment is?

Oh, and Laurel’s hand on Michaela’s face? Don’t get me started.

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Hi J, ex foster-kid again. So gf and I sat down and talked, and I told her why I had a problem with X and she agreed, well, “whatever’d” to not do X again. I was thinking it went well, and we were making up, you know? She did X again. I actually managed to tell her to stop. Well, she stopped alright. Got up and dressed and slammed the door as she left. Had some choice words on the way out, too. I guess I wasn’t worth it. I don’t know how to fix this.

Oh darling, I am so so so so sorry. I can imagine how much pain you must be in right now, and I wish I could take it away from you. But honey, can I just say? I am so, so, so, so damn proud of you. Not only did you explain what you need and why you need it – which is terrifying and difficult and so incredibly brave – but then you were able to tell her to stop when she did X again. That is something to be so proud of, and I am in awe of your bravery and strength. I know it feels like it wasn’t worth it, but I promise you that you *are* worth it, and you deserve to assert yourself and be heard and respected. I am sending you so much love, and I promise you aren’t alone. You’re perfect: don’t forget it, darling ♡♡♡

i used to dream of someone piecing me together

but now my cracks have healed with gold
and i know i did that on my own,

because no one ever saw a girl
with hands that felt of trying too hard
and thought
oh, she is beautiful.

mostly they just saw a girl
who laughed too quiet,
her eyes too sharp,
claws at ready.

so no,
i don’t owe the supernova that i am today
to anyone.

i owe it to myself.

and damn it,
i am going to be happy.

—  i am going to make myself proud, l.r.c.

“A girl doesn’t realize that what she’s so desperately chasing in her dream is what’s causing it to become a nightmare.”

Final film made during my year at VFS, Classical Animation. Music by Reflekshun.

Here it is. Nach Innen KF, the short film I’ve worked on for 5 months, and now I am finally sharing it with everyone.

It was a roller coaster to work on but now I’ve never felt so motivated to do what I want. Just over a year have I become an animator, and a damn decent one too. I’m proud of myself, my classmates, and what I’ve accomplished by making this. Making this film wasn’t just a great learning experience, but also therapeutic.

I hope you enjoy it!

I changed my mind actually.

My new favorite thing about the update is just how pissed off it’s making everyone who ever hated Vriska.  Especially the ones who feel the need to post their hate in her tags.  She didn’t get a comeuppance because SHE’S A HERO.  SHE ENDED THE COMIC A HERO.

Confirmation got me so pissed but so damn happy....

KERRY. WAS. A. FORCE! I thought the little bit I got to see on set was powerful but seeing the complete body of work, I am just extremely proud of her. She was mesmerizing. This film was fantastic, I could not look away. Solid film, phenomenal cast. I expect so many awards for Kerry and this film for the upcoming award season!

And poor Anita Hill. It just makes me so upset that the hearing was handled extremely poorly. Talk about a clusterfuck. Add that in with the public discredit and slandering of Anita and everyone associated with her, it was such a systematic bludgeoning of this respected woman who just wanted the truth to be heard.

If you got HBO, watch it. If you don’t, stream it on HBO Now App like I did. A free 30 day trial, the movie popped up the moment the 8 o'clock hour struck. See this film y'all!

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Hi could you do a exo reaction of them finding their gf asleep and seeing that her stomach is showing and she has a really toned stomach. Thanks.

Xiumin: “Not bad y/n, not bad at all.”

Luhan: “I like it.”

Kris: "How do I always luck out?“

Suho: “I’ve got pretty great abs too, just look at Sehuns instagram.*takes this as an opportunity to brag* 

Lay: "I’m proud of her! She's promoting a healthy lifestyle and looking hot af while doing it.”

Baekhyun: *wakes you up* “Damn girl, you look pretty hot today.” *felt the need to wake you up just to say that*

Chen: “AH yes today is a great day for Kim Jongdae.”

Chanyeol: “This just made my day 1000x better.”

D.O: “Look at her sleeping. So cute and so hot at the same time, I really am I lucky man.“

Tao: "How can she be so cute and so hot at the same time?”

Kai: “That’s absolutely great.” *laughs at his own joke*

Sehun: “Oh Sehun getting the hottest girls since ‘94.”

Waited four weeks for The Originals to return and I feel like while it’s been off air the story has continued without us.  

All the pity for Finn was gag worthy.  Come on, he straight up murdered his brother and he thinks he deserves a pass.  How is that fair? Someone grab a dagger and shove him back into a box.

I am so proud of Davina locking Finn in his body, although she could have taken some precautions to better protect herself. I worry for her safety.  But brava darling, sticking up for Kol when no one else seems to give a damn.

And now I am just sitting here in fear for the fate of Kol and Davina.