I am just so damn proud of her

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What are the best Hamilton smuts on tumblr??

OOOH YES GIRL/BOI (sidenote: i just pressed play on spotify and my headphones weren’t in all the way so clipping starts playing FULL BAST at 8:30 in the morning I’m sorry family)

my fave @u-snavi just ventured into the world of smut and I am a proud sin mother (it’s really good too!) I LUH HER SO MUCH

@mon-petit-lion has some super good smuts! I especially like her poly Hamilquad x reader one called Date Night that was SPICY They do a lot of poly fics that are just amazing and make me super excited to get to my poly requests like damn

@sparkintoflame takes smut requests and gave everyone an oil kink sooooo speaking of kink…THEY WRITE KINKY SMUT and I know how much you guys love h a i r p u l l i n g and ~angry sex~ (they wrote my fav Jefferson smut ever Endless Devotion. I’ve read it like 4 times. No shame ✌) Masterlist

@idiggdaveed has some gr9 Laf smut like YUS PLEASE

everyone already knows who @general-squashington is but they gotta be included because they write ALL KINDS OF SMUT :D

@hamil-garbage babe knows what they’re doing like *heavy breathing*

I’m probably forgetting SO MANY GOOD PEOPLE but yeah that’s a small list of some people from my dirty dirty likes 



1) So I go back to work tomorrow. Not happy or sad about it. That’s the real world and vacations are not. 

2) I saw lots of TV during my vacation. I also saw two movies in the theaters. I had one night of drinking and I caught up on my sleep. I hope I can keep the good sleep going while working. I tried to write but I couldn’t. Ideas are there. I just need to get them together and onto a sheet of electronic paper.

3) I spent time with @nomadic-egg which was damn wonderful. She starts work tomorrow too. She’s great. I am very proud of her and what she has accomplished. I’m very excited for her. 

4) So many great things are happening in the Land of Geekdom. It’s a great time to be alive. If all this stuff existed when I was a kid, I would had never graduated high school. Honestly, I don’t know how I keep a job these days. There’s so much stuff to digest. 

5) During my vacation my job contacted me twice; once to tell me that the Yankees shouldn’t go on “sell mode” and to ask if I did some sort of a certification thingie (which I did before I went on vacation). The first time they contacted me I was too drunk to respond and the second time they contacted me I was too hungover to respond. They have great timing. 

6) I have awesome plans for next Sunday so next Sunday, please hurry up and get here. 

7) I have to sleep. Work tomorrow and whatnot. I’d like to return well-rested and full of whatever it is that will make me get through the week as quickly as possible. 

Hope everyone’s had a wonderful weekend. Good night! 

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her and her friend are just………basically saying that stealing is all they do and theyre so damn proud of it. what has the world come to.

I have no words for how incredibly disappointed i am rn


“why ‘was’ …why are you still not proud?” michiru asked curiously. her eyes focused on her. “is this why you are here? you want me to investigate this?” she asked half jokingly.

      SMILING JUST A LITTLE bit, Sena gave a shrug of her shoulders while her hand moved up to her face to push a lost strand of her behind her ear. It was not like that, she was still proud. “I am! Come on, I am, I am just unsure if I have the right to feel proud.” With a shrug of her shoulder, she bit down on her bottom lip, rubbing the nape of her neck sheepishly. “Are you not the detective?” She ended up chuckling eitherway after she had decided that there was no use in being so damn serious.