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So I am pregnant. And I have scheduled an abortion. I am like 80% sure that I will go through with the abortion, but whenever I try to talk about it with my friend,she always acts that since I am talking about it that I MUST keep it. And I just need validation that I am allowed to talk about what I'm going through till I commit 100%. My body is still changing, it's still weird, and until I have the abortion in 3 weeks, it's going to continue to do so. Being able to talk makes me feel valid.

Hi friend!

I’m sorry you’re having to go through this, and that you’re having to wait 3 weeks-I know that must be rough. 

You should be able to talk about as much of what you’re going through as you want to, and everything you’re experiencing, going through, and feeling is completely valid. The choices you make are also completely valid, and you owe no one an explanation for any of them. If you want to talk about what you’ve been through, and what you’re currently going through, you deserve to be able to do so freely, and without judgement. If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s okay too. If you want to talk about things on Monday, but refuse to talk about them on Tuesday, and then on Thursday that’s all you want to talk about, that’s also completely valid and fine. The thing is, becoming pregnant and making a choice about what to do with said pregnancy is a complex situation, and it’s important for you to be able to communicate as much, or as little, as you’d like. 

I don’t know if you know of them or not, but this is a hotline that caters to people wanting to talk about their experience with abortion, especially after they’ve had one:


And of course we’re always here for you, as well! 

I hope this finds you well, and that all goes well!


so today in english class we were going to watch a movie, we couldn’t decide on which movie so my friend suggested “8 mile”

my teacher asked me if I watched it and if it was appropriate to watch in class and I was like “yeah, from what I remember it’s totally ok” now, I don’t know why I said that because I watched the movie nine years ago and I barely remembered anything except that eminem was in it and that at one point a guy shoots himself in the balls 

so basically my teacher now wants to kill me because apparently the movie’s entire screenplay consists of swearing and also some sex and IT WAS THE MOST AWKWARD HOUR OF MY LIFE

when i was seeing jack white during the second song when i was still kind of in the front row and he started playing the riff to black math i just stood there and smiled because i am dumb and that was the first white stripes song he played and he saw me and then smiled back and ran across the stage playing the riff

i am never going to recover from that w o w