I am forever swooning

111archravenue  asked:

sent you an ikesen request under the mc name Hideko. If you have room, hope we can be friends. :) Thank you for getting me so excited about the game prior to release! Side note, Sasuke's my room lines are all WAAAAYYY too good. Thought of your blog when I heard them all. lol

HAHAHA!!! I  will find you @111archravenue I’m so glad I could get people excited. I love this game sfm. Masa is really growing on me. liking my art. that scene just…  *swoons* But I am forever Sasu’s xD.  (and Leo’s ofc lets not forget that xD)

Sasu’s lines are perfectly translated !! I am so happy to see them in english too. kyyaahh!!!!!! SASUUKEE!!!!