I am confused as to why

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How do you feel about morality?

“I am 75% certain everyone is going to ask how you feel about morality.”

“do you love morality”

why’s everyone want to know about morality? *confused*

I just said a bit about morality in the last ask but I can say more.

Morality is a kind person who is always looking out for everyone and I love that about him. I do tend to spend more time with him then the others so I guess I can see why your all asking about him. don’t tell him but I do think some of his dad jokes are funny.


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☱ (a Angst entry >:3 )

entry #182921, dateline XX/XX/20XX

i’m a disgrace.

project [redacted] surged again and blew a huge hole in the wall. the hole isn’t visible from outside despite being clearly able to see outside while inside. god, i got confused even writing that.

how am i gonna explain this to papyrus…? wait. do i have to?

what am i saying? why am i lying?

what am i doing with myself?

i don’t deserve that stupid fancy title.

i don’t deserve a lot of things.

the way i always screw this up is comical.




that’s a better title.

i can’t believe how stupid i am, i nearly blew the house up, and for what?

the results that i want are unattainable.

god, why can’t i get it to [indecipherable] like i want it to? ugh. look at me.

complaining and whining into a piece of paper. if g were here, i’m sure he’d be laughing his bony ass off.

- comic sans serif, PhD


im really notorious for posting small snippets of what is going on in a humorous/ranting/vague sort of way, but i like to be better at posting more at one time. really i would be amazing at twitter if i had one that wasn’t for RL peeps to follow…. ANYWAYS so other than my dog having a tumor(someone PLEASE tell her to calm down and rest), this week has been pretty uneventful. even so, with my brain never shutting the fuck up, i feel like every day is like a constant battle. and it can be very hard as it is typically over the same worrying and depressive things. it’s hard sometimes to believe that i am trying hard enough, that i am also actually struggling. it’s very overwhelming and confusing. it helped monday night to write down reasons why i will succeed, as that is one of my fears: failing/not succeeding. it isn’t a one time fix, but a long process to be able to not only believe in myself, but also love myself. along with my anxiety too. sigh. it’s really hard. but for some fucking reason i keep on going so that’s something???

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What the actual fuck was Matthew doing on yo gabba gabba I swear to god my sister used to watch that show all the time and I swear I have no recollection of this episode whatsoever wtf I am so confused does he appeal to children more than Hannah Montana did or...:like I love him and all but why was he on there lmao

Lmao I have no clue. I don’t understand why he would even be invited 😂😂

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doris showed a drawing of tomlinson+deakin+styles family to harry. harry beamed at her and said how beautiful the drawing was. then harry scrunched his nose in confusion, "baby girl, is this me? why is my tummy's huge though? am i getting fat?" ernest giggled, "no silly harry! it's bc you're pregnant!" harry looked at his mom, louis, and the rest of the family. louis just rolled his eyes and told harry with a soft smile, "anne said you might be pregnant. the babies got excited. we can check?"


Have I ever told you guys the story about the first and only detention I ever got in school? no? well today is your day

Back when I was 12 my family moved from Puerto Rico to Orlando, Florida so I had to start middle school in a completely different culture and because of that I was very social awkward/unaware. So one day in math class a girl I had a huge crush on told me that a better word for a strict person was dildo and I believed it because duh. The very next day me and the girl are talking and the teacher scolds us, the class goes silent just as I say out loud “why are you being such a dildo” the class erupts, I am confused and in the principals office before I figure out I probably said something I shouldn’t have. Long story short I ended up in detention and almost got a sexual harassment accusation thanks to a pretty girl and a lack of social skills.

what i wanna know is why all the actors in skam look like they haven’t aged much through the seasons (because it’s only been about a year) 

but then Tarjei

just ages about 5 years

there is a particular type of emptiness that comes on a person between the hours of 11pm and 4am wherein your body sends steadily more confusing signals about what it wants, which you dutifully try to interpret. do we want a pink donut, you ask yourself? dutifully, a pink donut is procured and eaten, but the emptiness persists. do we want a toasted ham and cheese sandwich instead, perhaps to eat while reading a suitable fanfic, curled up in the kind of comfortable window-seat our house does not, in fact, possess? what do we want, brain-body?

here is the answer: what we crave in these moments isn’t nourishment, but acknowledgement freely offered, as opposed to covertly solicited. we sit awake while others sleep and hope our distant friends will sense, by some animal gnosis apart from us, that we want their company; will know to reassure us that we’re not wasting their time, that they’re thinking of us, that we’re valued and wanted. it’s a complex sort of hunger, and one the human body is evidently ill-equipped to convey to its resident ghost in any clearly distinguished fashion. 

so instead, we make terrible decisions involving carbohydrates while squinting at unsatisfactory literature. because existential crises.

  • Seven: *looking at a photo album* I can't believe Yoosung married that idiot!
  • MC: *confused* That idiot is you???
  • Seven: *whispers* I know. What was he thinking?
How Other Groups View NCT

Exo: Omg our children; so precious; can you direct me to the NCT Protection squad?; wait no contract termination

Super Juinor: wow we’re grandparents; i just wanna squish them and hug them forever; LEAVE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

Red Velvet: GO DREAM TEAM; leaders of NCT protection squad; oh yeah i trained with them

SNSD: so that kid is finally out of the basement?; congrats; who are they again

F(x): my little bros; sweg; JHONNY; oh yeah Ten was on that show with Amber

Shinee: I remember Taeil aka that kid who likes us; why am I so confused

Seventeen: IM NOT JOHNNY; I love Jaehyun so much, hes so handsome

BTS: who?

Blackpink: Thai squad; same year debut squad

Twice: Japan squad; aw Doyoung and Jihyo; i like them


SM: Mark is fully capable. How the fuck did Johnny get out of the dungeon? Aw look at the minis. Give Taeyong all the lines. Where’s whoop whoop? Ten you will be the next Henry, so much talent, into variety shows you go. Beef up security in the dungeon so Hansolo and Kung Fu Panda don’t get out. Who released the Switch MV? We should reunite DoJae. Wait who’s babysitting them? Fuck. No, don’t touch them

JYP to YG: how long until they break?

YG: idk but I want that Mark kid

The Signs During their Finals

Aries: Ok but why is Deepthroat by Cupcake playing in my head I need to know these chemical functional groups

Taurus: Yo this exam is tearing me open a new asshole but I’m completely ok with it, not like as if I would have done any better if I studied

Gemini: *stands up to blow their nose* OH my GOSH everyone probably thinks I’m a DISGUSTING little GERM

Cancer: Lol for once these questions are more confusing than the emotional mess which exists in my mind

Leo: I can already tell I’m either praying to God or making a deal with Satan to get a good grade on this final after I finish it

Virgo: *is the normal one, does the preparation required, passes their exams with ease*

Libra: HA there’s an L in the name of my astrology sun sign for a reason

Scorpio: *focuses on one question for an hour* NO i will NOT continue until this QUESTION is ANSWERED I just need to REMEMBER HARDER

Sagittarius: You know what?  Why am I so worried about these finals killing me I’m already dead on the inside 

Capricorn: Ok well if my average in this class is a 98.6 and I need an 89.5 to maintain an A and the final is worth 15% of my final that means I need a 37.93% but you NEVER KNOW I might still ABSOLUTELY fail this

Aquarius: *wings it* yo life is quick you can’t let yourself be tied down by the evils of this tyrannical world

Pisces: *turns in final* I either killed this test or the test killed me, there’s absolutely no in between

Only Slytherin; Part 1

“I want to make out with you.” “We’re in the middle of potions class” “So?”

”Its not dark enough.” “Darling it’s black” “Not black enough

“Why are you crying did someone say something really stupid again”

“I didn’t mean to sound like a psychopath when I said that I just hate people”

“Fucking hell am I the only one here who is not an uncultured swine”

“How am I supposed to express my emotions if I can’t even fucking swear in the essay professor”

“I’m sorry do words with more than 3 syllables confuse you?”

“If you don’t shut the fuck up about how uncomfortable your shoes are I will get you muggle crocs for Christmas.”

“Professor am I not meant to be truthful? Then why am in trouble for for calling her out on being a raging bitch?”

“I love you but I don’t need this right now please leave”

“Stop crying, he’s not worth your tears”

Could you do (separately if you want) a Monsta-x , Got7 and BTS reaction about you (their girlfriend) jealously asking them who's Kim Chi (Kimchi) because they love it? Thanks again! (She thinks Kimchi is a person!)

Monsta X:


*confused af* wha? …what do you mean I can’t see kimchi anymore? It’s literally everywhere in Korea and very delicious…wait..do you…do you think that kimchi is a woman?

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Never have I ever cheated on you…with anyone…or any food 

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I-…..I do not know what your issue is? I am just hungry?

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Why are you yelling at me?!?!?!?! DO YOU WANT ME TO SHARE?

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Ok…but I’ll share! *gets smacked* WHAT IT’S JUST FOOD! WE’VE DONE IT BEFORE!?

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Ok…but let’s talk about this…You’re telling me…that you are…that you are jealous of some food? Would you rather I eat you?

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Baby why are you crying? Do you want some? Kimchi is super popular here so you should try it!

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BRUH YOU THOUGHT IT WAS A PERSON TOO?!?! I ain’t even mad at you boo

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*In his mind* bitch where?

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*confused and worried* Why are you looking through my messages searching for kimchi? It is in the fridge in the kitchen

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…If it weren’t so cute…I would be mad….

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Ok…but no? It is food…I like food… I love you but I am hungry so…

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….I am so confused. Here eat some kimchi and quit calling me a stupid lying boob. 

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Uhm? What do you mean I am cheating on you with Korea’s delicacy?

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ok but here is where you are wrong.. *tells the entire history of kimchi*

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I-…..Ok I am sorry but….Wha?

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Baby…Are you jealous of a food dish?

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If search engines were Supernatural fans...


Conclusion: Bing is kinky as fuck but also deep as fuck, confused about the brothers’ nicknames, has a love/hate relationship with Sam and really wants to know WHY, and thinks Dean is the Hulk.


Conclusion: Yahoo is a Sam!girl, is pretty sure about Dean’s orientation, has plenty of crossover headcanons, and ships Wincest.


Conclusion: Google prefers Dean but doesn’t know quite what to make of his sexuality. However, Google is certain that Sam is gay—while at the same time being entirely unable to pin down his species.