I am confused as to why

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“I have no reason to trust you…” (i kinda want to start from when Kido and Kano first met and then onward....if that's okay! I'll change it if you want)

The blonde haired boy looked at the girl lightly confused as he tilted his head. His cat-like eyes looked in her eyes lightly curious as he smirked as always. He pulled his hand out to her as he chuckled lightly. “Owww common we both are in orphanage and I am sure you can trust me” He said softly as he smiled brighter. “But well of course if you don’t then it’s fine. I am not going to push you to do thing that you don’t want to” He said and shrugged still smiling. He really didn’t know why she didn’t want to trust him, but he tried his best to make her since he felt something in her. Something that make her different from others. Yeah something…. but he didn’t know exactly what and he didn’t know why it make her different. 


Short Camsten Cuddling Fic

Hey guys, this fic is based off of the viral “Camsten Cuddling” picture we’ve all seen, and also the interview where Kyle says Cameron will have to calm Kirsten down in the middle of the night. Here goes!


“Jesus, I’m coming!” Cameron called as he ran to the door, after several knocks on his loft door. He grabbed his glasses from the kitchen and opened the door in a navy blue T shirt and sweat pants. He was immediately pulled in by none other than Kirsten Clark at 3:00 am. He was confused at first, but embraced her none the less. He closed his eyes and imagined for a moment that she was his. Kirsten looked up at him.

“Why are you here?” Cameron questioned her. Her cheeks turned pink as she tuned to face the door.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come. I’ll go.” Kirsten said a little too quietly. She wasn’t her normal brave self.

“No!” Cameron called. It has come off a little to over-bearing. He cleared his throat, “No. I-I mean you don’t have- like- you can, s-stay.” Kirsten turned to him and smiled.

“I was just, um, surprised you were here,” Cameron told her, “but you can stay. Why are you here?”

“Cameron, I’ve been having these nightmares ever since you, you, you know. But there not normal nightmares. When I wake up I’m covered in sweat, and, I just needed to make sure you were okay. That’s all,” Kirsten said as she nervously tucked a loose strand of blonde hair behind her ear. She felt arms pulling her in.

“Oh my god,” Cameron said breathlessly, “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that I out you through all this, I’m sorry.”

“Cameron?” Kirsten said, looking up at Avis green eyes, “can I stay here?” Cameron smiled down at her.

“Of course.”

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So, am I crazy or did the AV Club just completely miss the point?


Now I know what it feels like to be an author whose book gets overanalyzed in an English classroom. But yeah, the AV Club article misrepresents my point, which is a sentence I never thought I’d type. It implies that I was mocking the prequels rather than celebrating them through humor. 

Can someone explain to me why the tumblr update is terrible?

I am a web/UI designer. What they did to threaded conversations makes it about 1000x more readable to me, makes it so I don’t have to scroll up and down to see who said what and won’t break when using the mobile layout (which I am about 75% of the time.) I find it makes RP threads WAY more readable, so I might actually read them (I don’t currently partially because I hate the indenting). In my opinion it is sound (and pretty standard) design.

So why are people complaining and saying it will ruin RP communities? Like besides that we don’t like change (which I get.)

Honest question here - no malice intended. I’m just really confused.

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If u're still takingtarot questions: I'm new at tarot and i'm a little overwhelmed sometimes. Like, in a single card you have to pay attention to the art, your intuition, the meaning of the card according to the book, the number of the card, the element, the court, if it's pentacles or cups or etc., IN A SINGLE CARD Dx and I get confused and don't know what to do with all that information.

I am always taking questions honey.

You know, it’s ok not to get it all at once when you start, you need to be patient with yourself. Here are some tips that could help you:

- first, RELAX, seriously, tarot is fun! Remember why you started tarot, and what you like in the cards. Breathe, maybe even do some meditation and relaxation before doing a reading

- second, take the time to know or at least note in a journal some keywords for each card, get to know them before using them. I know it can seem long, but it’s important you take the time to know what each card mean. Don’t jump into readings, take the time to know the cards. Just like you would not start school by high level mathematicals, no, you start with simple things, numbers, addition, etc. Give yourself the time to know the cards

- speaking of, get to know your deck. Each day, pick a card and look at it, don’t try to detail everything you see, just look at it, for example before going to bed, learn to know the picture and symbols in it. You can even write a bit of your impressions.

-  start things slow, what about focusing on only one or two things at the time when you do your reading. For example, for a week, focus on the energy you feel from the card, and the suit. Next week work with numbers and symbolism, etc (these are just examples)

- keep a detailed journal. If all these informations just mess up in your mind, write everything in a notebook (or you computer). Make a little form for each reading:

  • Date:
  • Deck used:
  • The Suit:
  • The Number of the card (or court or major arcana):
  • What feelings you are getting from it:
  • Keywords usually associated with the card:

But really, I think you are trying to run before knowing how to walk, you know what I mean? Take more time for the basics, before trying to jump both feet in.

Maybe looking at my tarot 101 tag could help you too and give you ideas.

I hope this will help and don’t hesitate to come back!

The Moon Mermaid

An open letter to the Tumblr Staff from the blogger you just screwed over

Okay, staff, I am super freaking pissed about the update and here’s why. 

I cannot read your new format. 

I’m not trying to be whiny or nitpicky or over-dramatic. I can appreciate that you were attempting to make things look more organised/less confusing/whatever. I also expect the new format is a great improvement for people who have screen readers. That’s great. That’s fine. 

I just cannot freaking read this. I have dyslexia, and my dyslexia is set off by pictures, bold, italics, anything that is more “interesting” to my brain than plain, unadorned text.

Like this monstrosity:

Look at it. Just look at it. The pictures get in between the lines of text, there’s distracting colors and pictures everywhere. The names are bolded when they’re really not the most important thing. Looking at this, I see everything except what I’m supposed to see, that cheesy series of puns. (No pun intended.)

You literally couldn’t have made a worse format for me if you’d tried.

The thing is, your format was what made me really like Tumblr in the first place. It was super clear who was writing something new, because look, there was a freaking line pointing right to it. Unless someone started writing in all caps or bold or whatever, all the text in a post had the same amount of emphasis. Finally, SOMETHING ON THE INTERNET I COULD READ.

And now, now I can’t read any of it at all. 

So yeah, I’m pissed. 

Like, I know that you’re not going to change it back, because you never seem to listen when anyone on your site complains about anything. I’m not sure why I bothered writing this to you guys, given your track record. 

But now’s your chance to prove me wrong. Seriously, the least you could do is give us an option here. You’ve still got the old code. Just stick a button somewhere to revert to the old format so I can enjoy my text posts in peace. 


Dyslexic Blogger

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The fact that you answer publicly further proves my point, I'm not going to feed off your drama and if you're waiting for a response from me then keep waiting. My real friends know me and the people who judge I don't care about at all so go ahead.

im perplexed out how somebody like you has the audacity to try and tell me to “grow up”? like you do realize YOURE in the wrong and YOU fucked up multiple times, and newsflash: if youre apology really meant anything and you were really sorry, you would accept if somebody doesnt forgive you or is suspicious, instead you just wanna berate me and try to get me to tell you everythings okay so you can absolve yourself of guilt, thats selfishness not a sincere apology. i also am confused as to how you want people to handle this privately, if you wanted people to handle it privately, why didnt you at least address my posts publicly or that other callout post? you DONT get to call the shots here sorry thats not how it works when you did this unacceptable stuff to people. and you disgust me with calling it “drama” and im not surprised that an abuser and gaslighter is gonna write off their wrongdoings as drama just to minimize what theyve done, how utterfly transparent. and the “people who judge”? you mean people like me, and others, your victims? you dont care about at all? thank for proving to me and all of us that youre completely full of shit and dont give a fuck about what youve done.

ok guys i figured it out. remember in the adore u mv when jeonghan was driving the members 

so what happened was he didnt have a gps installed and didnt kno where he was driving so they all ended up lost and thats why in the teaser photo u see them confused outside the car 

and now they posted another teaser photo. they are lost in the woods

the comeback is them trying to get back to their dorm the end i have solved everything

To those that prefer the they/them pronouns

I wish to understand, which is why I am writing this post.

When I was in english glass, i was taught that he/she and him/her were pronouns for singular people, individual pronouns.

I was also taught that they/them were pronouns for many, plural pronouns.

This is why I get confused when people ask me to refer to them with they/them, my mindset tells me that they/them is plural, that’s what I was taught in ever english class I ever had.

So how many people you got in there? Is there a party going on over there? Can I come over and join the fun? Do I owe anybody in there money?

…this is my confusion. Can someone please explain why they/them is the chosen pronoun?

Thank you in advance.

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Bobby please explain why everyone hates monster musume because I am confused. like, ok everyone loves monster girls, but then you have a harem anime with monster girls and sexual content and suddenly anime was a mistake. I'm incredibly confused, how is this like, leagues worse than everything else in its genre???? Does nobody remember MGQ.

this is the design of one of the main characters

the signs as exo members
  • aries: i have money
  • taurus: i left but i am really popular in china
  • gemini: i also have 3 lines in our whole discography but i’m in exo-m
  • cancer: i was best friends with e-x-o man but then i stole e-x-o and made it better aka t-a-o
  • leo: main screamer of exo-k
  • virgo: i need to one up exo-m’s main dancer bc i need to assert my dominance as main hip thruster
  • libra: i’m confused but i am here to dance and i don’t kno why that other dancer keeps hip thrusting whenever i pass by
  • scorpio: i look like i want to quit but this group needs my godly voice and i also act
  • sagittarius: main screamer of exo-m
  • capricorn: oh, i got 3 lines in our whole discography
  • aquarius: i’m tall and i need to shut up 400% of the time
  • pisces: i’m tall too but i am the most interesting member but too bad i left 
moon signs in a nutshell
  • moon in aries:*marina voice* CAUSE ALL I CARE ABOUT IS BEING NUMBER 1
  • moon in taurus:guard my emotions, i need someone to guard this, guard that etc
  • moon in gemini:what am i eternally??????? dafuq im so confused????????
  • moon in leo:it all about me bitch *2 secs later* here, ill give u a massage!
  • moon in virgo:OH MY GOD STRESS cant back down bitch
  • moon in libra:what if we all were peaceful? *flirts with someone while saying that*
  • moon in scorpio:i cant even deal with how intense these emotions are? anyways ill listen to the weeknd
  • moon in sagittarius:hahahah always stay positive and chill af
  • moon in capricorn:*looks at emotions* WHAT ARE THOOOOSSEEE
  • moon in aquarius:yes its me. im a special snowflake. i believe in this scientifically.
  • moon in pisces:.....im running scared of life (cos i adore youuuuuuu)