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I'm bipolar so I don't get autistic people's issues but I'm confused about the issues with Autism Speaks. Why are they bad? Autism is a mental disorder (according to the DSM-IV) so shouldn't there be a cure?

Trigger warning for ableism, suicide mentions, and general Autism Speaks talk

Hi, please take a moment watch this video:

I Am Autism (transcript here)

Now imagine that they said all these things about you.

Imagine your brain being compared to deadly illnesses like cancer and AIDS. Imagine hearing that you will destroy your parents’ marriage, bankrupt your family, and ruin every public outing, simply by existing. Imagine hearing that the world would be better off if people like you never existed.

The onset of bipolar disorder varies. It may be that you remember a time before you had manic and/or depressive episodes.

In autism, it doesn’t work like that. We are autistic from the day we are born. Autism is very, very deeply ingrained into the brain. If you destroy autism, you’ll be left with the shreds of a human being. With something unrecognizable compared to the person you once had.

Autism is most likely genetic. How do you cure autism? By making sure that we are never born.

Given that a lot of autistic people are at risk for self esteem issues, depression, anxiety, and suicide, saying that we are better off not existing is really dangerous.

Autism Speaks spends its money on advertising, with hardly anything on family services. So, they’ll wail about how autistic children destroy our families, but they won’t reach out to help. After all, that’s not likely to give them much money.

Autistic people have been protesting against them for a long time. We want to be treated like worthwhile human beings, to not be compared to deadly disasters, to be helped instead of treated like dirt. We want help for issues like insomnia, sensory issues, and executive dysfunction, rather than some far-off and improbable of idea of a cure. We ask for accommodation and integration into society.

But Autism Speaks is not an organization for autistic people. Our voices mean nothing to them. Our protests are ignored. They’ve sent that message to us time and time again.

This is just a general summary, focusing more on their rhetoric. If you want details, I encourage you to check out the following information:


Autism Speaks is a group organized by non-autistic people who talk about how autistic children ruin families. They seek to eliminate autistic people forever, and have no interest in what autistic people want or think. They spend very little money on actually helping us.

If you want to support autistic people, please look for organizations that include and listen to us, such as ASAN, the Autism Women’s Network, Autism Acceptance Month, Autism Network International, TASH, ADAPT, and wikiHow’s autism articles.

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I wonder if Guan Shan will punch He Tian like Zhan punched Jian Yi when he stole him a kiss too or He Tian will just finish the kiss and act all smug and Guan Shan will just stay there speechless? Any ideas?

Honestly, Guan Shan seems to be completely out of it. Even when he tian was pulling him closer he didn’t immediately shrink backwards. I think that the thing that is going to happen to Guan Shan is he is going to stay starstruck after the kiss and then he will avoid him afterwords not knowing how to react around He tian because he is feeling alot of things. For one I am the reader and I am still confused why He tian kissed him. Like what was his intention and why mess up with Guan Shan when he himself thinks that Guan Shan has never kissed anybody. Why does He tian want to be his first kiss? I knew this was going to happen but it’s still not fair for Guan Shan. Perhaps, the idea of somebody else kissing his Guan Shan disturb him more than he is willing to admit and the idea that he would never be that person given how Guan Shan doesn’t even want to share a drink with him messed him up.  Remember when he went for the kiss he told Guan Shan “hey” almost like he was somewhere else thinking about Guan Shan’s first kiss. He didn’t kiss Guan Shan because of the water because he could have easily drank it when he had it in his hand or hold into it. But Guan Shan took it out of him because He tian was totally lost in thought and didn’t have a tight grip on it. I can honestly predict that Guan Shan is not going to beat him up because for one he can’t He tian is superior in defensive tactics. However, he will run away with a pain stricken face because he will think He tian was trying to mess with him.  He tian, will come back to his sense and see how he hurt him and try to make it up somehow.



 I am thinking that he tian shoved his tounge instead of a usual small kiss as in contrast to what red had said about not wanting to share saliva on the bottle.

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oh my goodness dean waddling around the bunker with stubble burns cuz it hurts and sam is confused on why he’s walking weirder than usual

Dean would be like “ NOT A WORD SAM” and literally nothing would make sense anymore, and Sam would be just starting to accept the fact that his tiny family is probably way crazier than he thought, when he sees Cas, and he looks weirdly half smug - half guilty every time he looks at Dean and it suddenly starts making sense and oh good Lord why. 

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i am confused what is all this rvpphire about? why do they think you stole their blog? sorry if this is to nosy. love your blog and have a bright day! ☺☺

oh no its not nosy at all!

ok so someone took the url rvpphires and started (jokingly) saying that i was the fake rvpphire and i stole their blog then like 13 other people joined and made parodies of my url and also claimed to be the real rvpphire

it was a huge mess but it was fun! I hope you have alovely day as well!

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I have another theory why Steve & Bucky do not hug. For Bucky, possibly, Pierce had been pretending to be Steve for years. In Bucky's confused mind, he still see "the Steve" who had him tortured. He is still confused between the real Steve and Pierce's Steve.

wow… that is a very dark and very twisted way of seeing things my friend… i like it

i guess i could see how when bucky starts getting pieces of his memories back pierce wouldve have realised and like everything else, he wouldve used this too as a tool to further manipulate him 

but then i remember sebastian saying that buck’s thoughts, his memories, are the only thing keeping him sane which is why he’s holding onto them so tightly, writing them down in his notebooks that goddamn backpack makes me so emo trying to remember everything… and the thought that pierce used that part of him too just to abuse him makes my heart ache oh my god why must you do this to me

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just to continue with that anon's ask about wondering what ali did when she was "dead", i honestly still have no fucking clue why she stayed away for so long and im obsessed with the show? like ok she got hit over the head and mona told her to run...? but then she kept coming back and saw that the liars were being targeted (for pissweak reasons but anyway) why didnt she come back earlier? am i just confusing myself? is it actually really simple? :/

Yeah I was thinking this too. What was it that actually motivated her to stay in Rosewood?

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I kept re reading your URL because I couldn't for the life of me figure out what "Lance I span" meant, and it took me almost 20 minutes to realize it's"lance is PAN" i just. I'm pan. I should've known this. why did it confuse me so much? bc its 3 AM

no its ok ur not the only one to misread my url ive got many different ones

im pan too and ever since ive gotten a lot of asks saying how they mis read it as lance is PAIN i also do it now i hate this,

Daddy’s Little Kitten

Summary: The Joker being obsessed with you.

He remembers the first time he saw you as if it was just yesterday. You came to his club with some people and yo had him in a trance by the way you walked, the way your lips moved when you talked and the way you danced with the others. You were something else to him.

He watched you enter behind the curtain to where he was sitting, a confused look plastered on your face. “Hello Kitten,” He purred out. “come sit on Daddy’s lap, why don’t ya?”

Ignoring is request, you crossed your arms over your chest and breathed in heavily. “Why am I here?”

A deep chuckle escaped his lips. “Cut straight to the chase, do you little Kitten. You intrigue me.”

“Intrigue you?”

A coy smile formed on his face and nodded his head. He got up from his leather seat and walked up towards you, grabbing your cheeks between his fingers. “Yes pumpkin, you intrigue me. So why don’t we get to know each other… A bit more.” His cocky tone came out as he leaned in towards you.

Your eyes grew wide and you took a quick step back. “I… Um… I gotta go. I think I hear my name being called.” You quickly said before dashing out of the room.

Since that day, you were on his mind.Seeing you in person, hearing your voice in front of him played over and over inside his mind. He had his men follow you, planting cameras in your apartment, watching your every movement.

When checking your mail from coming home from work, you found a letter addressed to ‘Kitten’ the writing was perfectly cursive. You left a lump form in your throat as you walked up the stairs and entered your apartment. Opening the letter, you unfolded the paper and it read:

 ‘Hi Kitten, daddy’s home 


The sound of movement from behind you caused you too turn only to reveal a smirking Joker. “Hello Kitten, daddy’s home.”

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: the more i think about cursed child, the more i am confused like on what drug JK Rowling must have been when she agreed to publish a script of her almost flawless series where voldemort had a child, where her hero orphan selfless boy tells his son that sometimes, he wished he was not his dad, where the child of hermione SPEW granger allows her daughter to bully the son of her best friend for some mysterious reasons, where draco malfoy has the same haircut as his father while he apparently dispises him very much, where ron weasley gave a love potion to the son of his best friend while he has himself been traumatized by a love potion he consumed during his sixth year, where apparently ron’s love for hermione was only due to viktor krum, where the purest hufflepuff boy turned to the dark side because he was humiliated, where lucius/draco malfoy had the possibilty to change the time and the fate of his family the whole time and they didn’t while they had th ebest redemption arc in the whole series, where hermione would have became cold/angry/mean person because she did not marry ron?????????????? i mean what kind of fanfiction did i read 

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I'm a little confused about Mindful Education. What was happening between Ruby and Sapphire? I don't understand why Sapphy seemed so upset. Am I just being dense and not seeing the obvious?

The point of the episode is that sometimes when you do something bad or wrong, the thoughts about it can come swarming. You try not to think about it but they just come. It’s better to acknowledge them and how much those thoughts had hurt you so that you can center yourself and begin the process to move on

The reason that Ruby and Sapphire are there is to visually illustrate how these thoughts can affect you like, are there multiple and can feel overwhelming? or is it just one that has all your attention? Both are valid. It also kinda mirrors Steven and Connie’s conflict later with Connie thinking about this one bad thing (like Ruby with the one butterfly) and Steven having the multiple thoughts (like sapphire with the swarm)

I also assume that since Sapphire has future vision, she can get A LOT of ‘bad thoughts’, like, the consequences of her actions and what not. But she has Ruby, who can ground her and help her through those thoughts

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Hi!!! I was wondering if you have art videos and such?? I would really love seeing your process

i’m too self-conscious about my drawing process to record it and show to people, that’s why i did this step-by-step explanation, hope it’ll do

1. sketch layer (i usually start with 2000x2000 size canvas and then just crop/resize it after sketching out what i have in mind)

2. lineart layer (aka the part where i use a combination of lasso tool and ctrl+t a lot because this is the last chance to get proportions and stuff right)

3. colouring, for which i usually make two separate layers: one for skin and one for hair/clothes (because i am a baby who gets easily confused when there’s more than 10 layers in total)

4. (optional) sometimes i also colour lineart

5. …and then add an overlay layer because an overlay layer makes everything look better

that’s it, basically. sorry i used such a shippy pic as an example lol

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Time Travel Anon: Fun game to play with past David and Gillian -- show them pics and videos of them today and have them speculate on whether Gillovny is real or not. I'd love to hear them try to explain away their future selves' behaviors. Bonus: Imagine them watching the Cutting Room video...

OH MAN. I laughed so much when I first read this. Forcing 1998 David and Gillian through the confusing torment of modern-day Gillovny would ONLY BE FITTING. 

“Are we fucking? Naaahhh…definitely not. …Look at our faces though. Are we??? No, no. WAIT, ARE WE THOUGH?? What are you whispering to me?? Why am I looking at you like that? WHAT does my t-shirt say? Why would I say that if we weren’t…nah, I must just be just joking. Why do we look so married though? …Naaahh. … …???”

Y'all are constantly asking me what my gender identity is and why my pronouns are they/them. If you must know……….I am a simple potato farmer running away from the gender binary and confusing you with my identity.