I am confused as to why

Michael Clifford Blurb: Best Friends?

It was currently 2:30 in the morning and you were on the internet as usual. You were watching YouTube and scrolling through your Tumblr when your phone started ringing, you looked to see that it was your best friend Michael ringing you.

You and Michael had met in secondary school. You had made no friends and he had made none either so you decided to help each other out and that is how your friendship started. You’s were in your last year of school now and soon going off to college.

You  were very confused as to why your friend was calling you in the early hours of Saturday morning but you answered anyway.


“Hey y/n”

“Michael why are you ringing me at half two in the morning?”

“Well Y/n. I am ringing you to inform you that I am parked around the corner of your street waiting for you. So hurry your ass up.”


“Must I explain everything. Basically I couldn’t sleep and I knew that you wouldn’t be asleep because it’s you and you are constantly on the internet, so I thought let’s go for a drive. Let’s go to the middle of nowhere, shout along to Green day and stare at the stars.”

“Well Clifford, when you put it like that how could I not refuse. I will meet you in about ten minutes okay. I’m so happy you are my best friend.” You smiled.

“Yeah best friend.” Michael sighed

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K but imagine the first time KK and Dave meet Dave totally fooling him with "dude yeah I'm actually blind did I not say" and Karkat has a fucking aneurism bc "HOW THE FUCK DID I NOT KNOW WTF TEREZI WHY DID YOU NOT SAY I AM SO CONFUSED" and Dave has him strung along for a solid three days b4 KK catches him playing Tetris on a tablet or some shit

i feel terezi would be simultaneously eager to deceive karkat but be torn by her desire to capitalize upon the hilarious opportunity to ironically shame dave for attempting to use her disability for laughs

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I am a nobody blog (like small followers) and someone left this for me on Anony, asking why a Game site would have this article. I am very much amused. www*gamenguide*com/articles/58909/20161024/harry-styles-louis-tomlinson-dating-one-direction-singers-plan-to-live-together-in-los-angeles-larry-confirming-relationship-soon-1d-reunion-impossible*htm

i’m really confused.  they obviously seem to be going for clicks, but why in the world would they post an article like this to their site when it seems the site is truly geared towards serious gamers?  but whatever.  they’ve apparently written similar articles before.  it gave me a chuckle anyway, so here friends, enjoy.

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have been reportedly dating. Now, new reports are claiming that the “Larry” tandem is actually planning to leave U.K. and stay in Los Angeles for good, which sparked reports that the One Directions singers might be living under the same roof.

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson Dating: One Direction Singer Staying in Los Angeles Forever? Reunion With Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik Now Impossible?

Rumors are rife that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in a secret relationship with each other. According to reports, the One Direction singers have actually developed deeper feelings towards each other while they are doing songs and tours all around the world.

Now, reports about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson’s relationship is in the air again few days after the “Larry” tandem has reportedly bought their news pads in Los Angeles. Most fans of the One Direction singers were shocked to know that the “Drag Me Down” hitmakers have acquired fancy mansions in L.A., which clearly suggests that they might not be staying in U.K. anymore.

Harry Styles has reportedly bought a $6 million mansion, which contains three bedrooms. Louis Tomlinson, on the other hand, spent $7.3 million for his new home with an infinity pool, a bar and a home cinema,Unreality TV reported.

After the One Direction singers announced their newly-acquired properties, reports about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson settling down together have started to spread like wildfire. Though these reports could possibly be true, neither of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik’s former bandmates has confirmed anything as of yet. So, fans should take everything with a grain of salt until it has been proven true and correct.

Meanwhile, GamenGuide has previously reported that Harry Styles could have already confirmed his relationship with Louis Tomlinson. Several followers of the One Direction singers went berserk when the former beau of Taylor Swift sent a fan an emoji to confirm his affair with Briana Jungwirth’s baby daddy.

Rumors are rife that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were not allowed to confirm their relationship to the public before since they have an image to protect being one of the most popular bands idolized by mostly teenagers. Now that the One Direction singer have already bought houses in Los Angeles, fans cannot help but wonder if there is really something romantic going on between them.

Both Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are yet to comment on these claims. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for the latest news and updates about the alleged Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson relationship!

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Before the Ottomans, there had been Turks in the Balkans, too. Sister, you answer when the questions appeal you. Anyway, why do you have negative thoughts about the Ottomans?

You’re right, I do only answer when I like the question. I get to do that, abi. You are confusing my dislike for the Ottoman Empire to mean that I hate all Turks. I don’t. My family is Turkish, I have Turkish blood. But I am not going to sit here, validate and celebrate a violent and oppressive Empire that invaded and colonized my people. It’s very simple. The Ottomans to me are no different than what the Byzantine Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire was. Invaders. Occupiers. Colonizers. That isn’t up for debate. It’s just facts.

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I am so confused right now, whilst So and Yeon Hwa are getting married, there is a clip of hae too wearing a different but still very traditional gown? why was that gown hung up in her room and why does she look sad whilst she is wearing it?

I think it was So who ordered to prepare her this gown because he was determined to marry her and make her a queen but after that heartbreaking scene plans have changed and, I think, servants hadn’t time to take this dress away

this scene, So’s voiceover and Soo touching her hairpin killed me

thank you, writers

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Why are people even complaining about Haruka being Starish bias? Utapri started with Haruka and Starish. She has been with them and grew with them since she started as a composer. She says it herself. They have been her strongest form of support and friendship. Personally I love it! This season I don't think is meant to show a lot of romantic interactions. It is about character development for Starish and Heavens. Heavens is getting it and giving Starish the opportunity to gain it as well.

I think that, friend-wise, it’s obvious that she likes them more. Tbh when she’s assigned to do heavy work, they always care for her a lot, and she also cares for them. It’s natural, they are bound to be closer anyway, specially considering she was also responsible for them becoming a group. But I am confused as to why people think she’s biased when this same girl had the opportunity to choose her favorite idol ever as her partner and comfortably be his only composer, but couldn’t do it because she valued everyone’s help and support through their training year. She has debuted and became a pro, composed for QN as well as STARISH and didn’t choose any bias then as well. Why would she do it now? I really don’t get why people believe she’s like this.

And I agree with the season thing. I think that, specially the first 4 will be more of an introduction to them, since we don’t even know how and why they joined HEAVENS anyway. We kinda knew what to expect from Eiji and Yamato because of their brothers, but what about Shion and Van? We know nothing about them. So yeah, it’s more of an intro. I expect a very different pace in the last 3 though. Their are the original members, they have a story as a group (prior to the Utapri Award) and a story with STARISH. Things might be different for them - at least I hope so.

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what brings you joy? what is blue for you? ooh, and what about burgundy? what can cheer you up? how many questions until you're either more confused or less confused? why am like this? do you have a song that can make you cry for no concrete reason? do you ever get the feeling of nostalgia that scrapes at your heart, like when you're trying really hard to clean a pan? do you want to just hug someone? are your feet cold right now? who are you?x5

literally who is this come out of hiding 

success and helping people brings me joy. joy is freedom of other people’s opinions, or knowing the i just killed an interaction and that everything is okay and the world is lighter. it’s reading a poem that hurts so bad it feels good. words that get me more than another person could.

blue is mornings i cant get out of bed and sad acoustic punk music and breakups

god i love being broken hearted

i love endings bc they make me feel something and they make me feel my own like resurfacing 

burgundy is sweaters and radio shows and big fluffy dogs and a good playlist and a poem that fits my edges

good music cheers me up

i think you need to ask questions to not feel confused. asking questions means you are in pursuit of something. it can give you purpose. “I don’t have all of the answers, but the one that I do is that there would be no pursuit of them had not someone been pursuing you.” braincase is the poem by levi the poet.

i know why i cry to the songs that i cry to. i think.

yes. quite often. sometimes i know exactly what i am nostalgic for, like humid rainy days in nashville, or reading correspondence for the first time and feeling my heart shatter, or standing in the sand in big sur during golden hour, or a hand on my head or or or

i could use a hug right now. but at the same time i want to get away from everyone idk what i want i am a conflicted mess and cant be reached

yes they are. ha. you know what I’m saying dont you.

idk who i am lol you tell me. i dont know who you are, yet i will tell you these things. sometimes it bothers me. that people i know or have known or dont know, can come talk to me and get me to talk to them and idek i’ll open myself in front of strangers and family online, but i wont when i know your face. fuck that. I’m a mess.

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currently applying for af hpsp and i'm still confused about the payback years. i understand that for school, the payback is 1 for 1. so i thought that i would only be active for 4 years. however, i am confused as to why many people say residency increases their payback year total even if they do a military residency. hopefully you understand what i mean. thanks!

I think the payback now is 2 years for every 1 year of scholarship….

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So confused about the heartbreaking comment about the Robron wedding. Am I missing something? Isn't that a bad a thing? Confuzzled!

Don’t burst my little bubble of denial, Nony, there’s a reason why I suggested that it’s actually Chrissie or Rebecca heartbroken by the wedding, or Aaron is heartbroken because Paddy hypocritically still can’t see Robert as any thing but his mistakes and won‘t give his blessing, or what if Aaron invites Hazel, and the heartbreak is of the collective loss of Jackson?, … or maybe Robert is heartbroken because Andy can’t be there, or some one presses that Jack would be so proud of him, and he breaks. I can accept any of those scenarios (I would actually love any of them to happen … how about a Paddy/Jack combo?). I will not accept my babies being heartbroken about the wedding itself, or shippers being heartbroken because we don’t actually get our wedding, … or they die as newlyweds.

No, maybe not Kyle, but my babies are getting married! and the rest of this scene just proves it. #CoupleTwin

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Terry I'm dying do you think cisco looked up from where he was working w Caitlin and Harry and was like "they're cuddling without me :(" and they were v confused and he was like "I can sense Barry and Iris cuddling without me!!! D:" and. Why am I thinking about this. Tiny Anger Boyfriend Cisco wants to know why his bf and gf haven't called him in for a cuddle session. this is Angering. he just wants to snuggle n kiss n shit. Why am I sending this. Dude idk anymore but I'm running out of characte

j h gf dgftj omfg this is adorable


not quite sure if I should be confused or amused about calum’s mountain goat