I am confused as to why

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Why did Rachel say "huh. Thats not Paulo." On page 27 of Love Again? It made me really confused. No one else seemed to ask about it, am I just crazy?

Veronica: Because Rachel expected Paulo to have latched himself onto Lucy by then :O

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exactly abt the christian thing! it's just saddening and confusing as to why phil would collab with her or even associate with her when she's openly homophobic? and it makes me even more mad to hear her dumb bullshit logic that "i can disagree with gay ppl's existence that doesn't even affect me but you can't disagree with me because it's my opinion that you have to tolerate!!!!". i really am curious to know what phil thinks of this because i heard they were long time friends but im not sure

also i don’t wanna seem like i’m reaching but??? do you think dan wasn’t in the video bc he doesn’t like her that much? i know it sounds like i’m reaching but dan likes anime just as much as phil, she confirmed in the comments that he was there in the room, and it’s a bit weird that they weren’t both in the collab seeing as it was just a silly thing they filmed probably at playlist (in the hotel). we all know how open dan is abt gender and sexuality so i can see why he wouldn’t like her as much

see, i have no idea about anything. i don’t know how they perceive her, or her ‘opinions’. but it’s just an interesting concept to see how they interact with her. phil seems very fond and comfortable around her. there are people who have to choose to look over things like this, because sadly, we live in a world that is not like the internet. most people aren’t as open. i don’t know if dan didn’t join because he felt awkward about being behind the camera, which it seems like he tends to do in most collabs or he’s more uncomfortable about her because of how she thinks. but it seems like he’d be at least friendly with her if she’d have been friends with phil for so long. i have no idea. but i personally think they’re both friends with her, but dan just chose not to be in the video bc we all know how he can be in collabs

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Hey, I'm the anon that asked why you chose Islam. So the next day after you replied to me I bought a copy of the Quran, and I wasn't able to put it down since. I ended up finishing it in like 3 days. I then looked up a local mosque and talked with the imam there and cleared up a couple things I was confused about. I am glad to say that on Friday I will be converting to Islam. I don't know how to thank you but I just hope that whatever I do after I convert that all the reward goes to you.

Mashallah brother/sister! Glory and greatness goes to Allah (subhanahu wa tala) not to me. Just keep me in your Dua and ask for my forgiveness if you could. I’d be very grateful for such actions.

Please feel free to come off anon and converse with me via private message any time you wish.


Now that i think about it, i should really separate my kin list and my about and add my comfort characters too.

Because? sometimes people ask me if i am ruby-kin, and i answer with all my heart that i am not, people confuse me with it? i don’t exactly know why, like I used to think i was but as i know being kin with someone out of your race is not good, and since i’m not black (and its pretty clear that Ruby is black-coded) she’s just a CC! 

Same with Naota and Mamimi? they are comfort characters, not kins…

There’s this person on IG who has about half a dozen dolls and literally none of them have had faceups for like two years. It’s their dolls so they can do what they want but like, why would you have that many dolls with no faces? And why would you buy more, non-limited, dolls before the other ones even get clothes or faceups? I am genuinely confused by this.


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I'm actually super mad someone would call transtetics a scam? Like yes they are pricy but that is because their products are extremely high quality? They're doing their best to help trans men .. maybe they got mixed up with another company?

I’m sure it was simply a misunderstanding and/or confusion regarding their fundraiser for their new all-in-one bionic penis (which, although I am hopeful that it can be a good alternative for those who can’t have or don’t want bottom surgery, it’s easy to see why people would feel skeptical).

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this company (which is run by trans men for trans men, I’ll note) and I stand by the quality of their products. That being said if anyone does have any sources proving that something else is going on, or have had a very different experience with this company then I’ll be open to see it and hearing people out.   


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Could someone explain why they go from Prince to Duke. Surely that title is a step down. (I’m aware that they are still Princes by birth)

Good question and although I hate answering this question (as it is confusing) I am glad you asked. 

Prince is not actually a title in itself, it is simply I am the son or grandson of the monarch so have it simply as a token title. Although Children are ‘The’ making it a bit more special. However you will notice with grandchildren it is Prince/ss of whatever their father is. Prince Harry of Wales, Princess Beatrice of York, Princess Eugenie of York. In all honesty Harry, Beatrice and Eugenie have not even really a token title because they are simply using their father’s title. 

Or to put it another way, they are royal but not a child of a royal so they have to acknowledge that they are a royal but they can’t have a title so they are ‘of somewhere’ because they are not actually a Prince and so they give the child a default title to show they are a grandchild but it is not actually a a title.

See why this is confusing here? haha

I guess in short, (get ready for a shock!) Harry, Beatrice and Eugenie are actually, shock, commoners like us! They don’t have a peerage, they are basically a posh Mr and Miss because they have no title as Prince/ss is not a title. I know weird right?

So why do they go from Prince to Duke, because Duke is a Peerage, an ACTUAL title meaning they go from a Commoner to a Peerage title! They become a Peerage. 

Sidenote, I mentioned Bea, Genie and Harry being commoners, Louise and James as Lord/Viscount and Lady do have real titles because they are not Prince/ss and instead titled as the children of an Earl so technically they are ‘above’ their cousins Bea, Harry and Genie. 


I like tumblr, I really do. But what’s the point? For 99% of the people here it’s just an empty space to share things they like with themselves.

Which is also confusing to me.

How is it that millions of people can be active on one platform, yet most of them be alone? I guess that’s an analogy for life on earth. Millions of users, yet no one cares about anyone else unless they’ve proven to be special.

Is anyone even going to see this? Am I just writing for myself? I don’t know.. yes and no..

—  adammooney 

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I imagine you're the kind of person who accidentally falls asleep sitting up.

well, not accidentally. falling asleep upright is kinda uncomfortable. i mean, i still do it, but usually it has to be a special occasion. or i have to be really really bored.

 last week i fell asleep sitting up with my eyes open and accidentally won a staring contest with nick fury. so theres that, i guess.

Missing someone I shouldn’t even be thinking about.
—  March 17, 2017

hey hey i didn’t cause the sudden spike up of the popularity of heathers why r ppl saying i did that

  • Me when I'm focused: I find something cool to read. There is the vague awareness of sunlight no longer shining through the window behind me, followed by the return of said light. Wait, shit, that means I've been reading all night. If I didn't keep snacks nearby, it's possible that I wouldn't have eaten.
  • Me when I'm unable to focus: I find something cool to read. I cannot make it past the first two paragraphs. Wow, there sure is a lot of text of the page. My brain refuses to properly process it. There are the sounds of a conversation in another room, the ever-present hum of electronics, cats walking on the roof. My foot itches, and I have a song stuck in my head. ...Why am I poking myself in the face with a drinking straw? Where did I even get the straw?? Where did it come from???? I walk away, confused and realizing I'm hungry. I go to grab a can of beans, and come back with two coloring books, a pair of headphones and the overwhelming feeling that I forgot something. I put the items down on the couch and pace back and forth for no reason.