I am confused as to why

So since last night I’ve seen alot of Bughead anger..

People are annoyed saying that FP deserves his sentence because HE DID clean up the murder HE DID dump a body. But doesnt he explicitly say that Father Blosson said he would do the same to Jug if he didnt help and keep his mouth shut? His son could have been in the same position if he had declined the job. Maybe im wrong. Someone let me know if I am because I’m honestly confused as to why people are so convinced FP is in the 100% wrong

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Ciel,your "first time" with Sebastian when you're in human form or devil form? :(

Good afternoon.

My first time with Sebastian while I was a human seems like so long ago. I cannot recall much, as we have done so much more since then. I do remember him catching me touching myself while moaning his name. As much as I hate to admit it, he was a brilliant teacher in all things. Very thorough.

When I was brought to Hell, I awoke very confused to say the least. I had this insufferable hunger, this aching need. My blood boiled within my veins and my head felt as if it would explode. Sebastian was there by my side, expecting all this and observing. You may be wondering why I am bringing this up in response to this inquiry. You see, there was only one way I could be tamed.

My new tail ached and I couldn’t get out a word. It actually took me quite some time to form a comprehensive sentence. Sebastian tied me down, strapped me to a grandeur bed and spoke directly in my ear. I continued to scream and release gurgled sounds. The pain of being born again is something I cannot properly describe. More than that, the confusion: Where I was, who I was, what I was. And mostly… the insufferable need.

Sebastian kissed me and it felt as if my muscles soothed. With every touch he gave came relief to my aching nerves. He was my redemption and my satisfaction. But mostly, he became my addiction.

We spent weeks in his bedroom. He never left my side but for a few moments every here and there. The other moments were occupied with him filling me and me screaming his name. It was the one thing I knew how to say without trouble or thought. I remember feeling him slide into me the first time. Ah… I haven’t the term for how it felt. It was as if I was complete for the first time. He felt so hot. So hard within the softest corners of me. But mostly, he felt needed. I didn’t let him go. I could not. He fit so perfectly within me. He may never admit it but I am sure he has made himself to accomodate me perfectly.

Anyways, our first time with me as an imp lasted sixteen hours straight. We only stopped for tea.

The Devil’s aesthetics have a mind of their own.

- The Devil’s Assistant, Ciel Phantomhive

A lil Keith theory+ character analysis (kinda) ALSO LANCE IS KEITH’S STABILITY EXPLAINED

Ya girl is back with a theory that quite honestly breaks my heart. But it has nesttled itself into my head and oh boy, oh boy does this make me sad. 

BPD, or borderline personality disorder is a mental illness a lot of people don’t really understand. Its also pretty hard to diagnose for some reason and often confused with bipolar depression and autism. 

Lets take a look at the symptoms; 

  • Having an unstable or dysfunctional self-image or a distorted sense of self (how one feels about one’s self).

    Keith definitely has a problem with feeling worthless. We all know that Lance has problems with insecurity, but what goes over a lot of people’s heads is that Keith does too. He assumes people dont like him, the only thing he’s actually sort of proud off are his flying skills. He doesn’t want to lead Voltron cause he doesn’t think he’s any good as a leader, and while he’s not as good at it as Shiro, he defnitely has some leader qualities but he doesn’t see them himself. He came a long way in season 3 in a very short time but he didn’t see it. 

    And his self-sacrifice at through-out of season 4? It could just be the blade of marmora influencing him with their “the mission is more important than the individual” crap, but I don’t think it is. He goes back for other memembers and even tries to fight Kolivan to save the guy when he would maybe be able to throw the guy to safety but never run back himself. And the final eppisode? Keith cares more about anyone and anything than himself. He’s literally willing to die to save anyone else. 

  • Feelings of isolation, boredom and emptiness.

    We all know Keith suffers from not really feeling a connection with others. He’s literally been on a ship in space with six other people for God knows how long and they still describe him as the lone wolf, he still trains on his own all the time. And the common misconception is that he wants to be alone. He really, really, really doesn’t. I cannot stress enough how much this boy would love to join in on the fun all the time, to not be so far away from the rest of them, but he just can’t.  He’s too scarred he’ll be rejected or something along those lines so instead he just… Lone wolfs it. 
  • Difficulty feeling empathy for others. 

    I decided against highlighting this one because we haven’t really seen a lot of it. Although, there have been a few cases of this, like when Pidge tried to leave. In my personal opinion, I don’t think he can summon the empathy very well unless he’s going through or has been through the same thing. 

    When he and Allura went out to space because they both though Zarkon was tracking them he showed quite a bit of empathy towards her but that was also because they were in the same boat (no pun intended) he was sort of going through the same thing. So he understood. When Lance came to him with his issues of insecurrity he got it because he’s scarred of being kicked out too. Of not being a valueable member to the team. 

    But when Pidge wanted to go find her family he couldn’t relate. Cause he’s never really had a family to look for. We don’t know what happened with his dad, whether he died or just up and left like his mum did. But seeming it’s more logical, lets assume his dad did die, he doesn’t know his mother, so… He doesn’t understand Pidge wanting to look for her brother. 

    You may argue that he had Shiro to look for, but if you watch the first episode of season one its pretty clear he wasn’t looking for Shiro. He’s surprised to see him there and he was tracking Voltron before that. Finding Shiro was merely conicidental.

  • A history of unstable relationships that can change drastically from intense love and idealization to intense hate. 

    Again, I didn’t want to highlight this one because, well, we don’t know enough about his backstory to be able to judge if he’s had unstable relationships in the past. 

    However, you cant tell me he doesn’t have and intense idealization of Shiro that kinda turned into a sort of hate (but not really) when he was left in charge of Voltron. But that’s all I got on that one. He doesn’t really seem to hate people or idealise them (apart from Shiro) Some may argue that he hated Lance in season one, but honestly, I call bullshit on that. Annoyance, yes. Hate, no. 

    Annoyed neutrality. 

  • A persistent fear of abandonment and rejection, including extreme emotional reactions to real and even perceived abandonment

    I feel like I dont have to go into this…. So I wont… AT LEAST NOT THE OVERLY OBVIOUS STUFF. 

    Okay so, our boy has abandonment issues. We all knew that. But I honestly don’t think y’all are seeing just how far this stuff actually goes.  When he though Lance hated him (EXACTLY HOW CANNON THE HATE IS IS UP FOR DISSCUSSION, FIGHT ME ANNONS) he really didn’t want much to do with him. Even made a few jabs at him so that he could reject Lance first. 

    With the B.O.M however, we see him literally almost work himself to death during the trails in fear of being rejected to the group. The boy has major issues with self esteem, which is probably why he did so well at the garrison, cause he needs those results to feel okay about himself. He doesn’t think he’s good enough so he works towards being better, yes its pragmatic, but ultimately he’ll end up…. oh I don’t know… sacrificing himself. 

  • Intense, highly changeable moods that can last for several days or for just a few hours. 

    Again, I didn’t highlight this one because, well I don’t have too much to back it up other than that he seems very easy to upset. A little comment like that he’s the lone wolf, even though he’s trying to fit in can really get to him. And just… can people stop hurting my baby please? 

  • Strong feelings of anxiety, worry and depression

    Honestly, this is another one I don’t feel like I have to explain. It just, Keith is a guy that worries a lot, and he definitely has anxiety when it comes to interacting with others. From the way he talks about his mother to the way he looked at his blade when he was figuring out his Galra identity, and the look on his face when the others were pissed off at him in season 4, I think depression is definitely a concept he touches on. Maybe not fullblown, actual depression, but I think he has… issues with feeling like a depressed person feels sometimes. 

    But he’s never actually vocalized this, so this may be me projecting. Though he does show some general symptoms fo depression. 

  • Impulsive, risky, self-destructive and dangerous behaviors, including reckless driving, drug or alcohol abuse and having unsafe sex

    I just, r e c k l e s s  d r i v i n g 
    Yes, he’s a skilled pilot but you cannot tell me he doesn’t throw caution to the wind a lot. 
    Also remember that king he held hostage? 
    Also remember how he worked himself to death during the B.O.M trials?
    Also remember the self sacrifice? 
    Also remember the putting himself in danger to safe his teammates? 
    Also remember how he ran away with Allura in the middle of the night because he THOUGHT he MIGHT be getting tracked and left the team unable to form Voltron without telling anyone?

  • Hostility

    “What? Keith is a total hothead”- Lance, 2016. 
    No but, Keith has said himself that he can be this way.  Even Shiro has pointed it out to him. This one is kinda also just very self explanitory. 

  • Unstable career plans, goals and aspirations

    Well I mean, his plans do kinda seem to be all over the place. He got kicked out of the Garrison… and tracked alien life for a year??? 

    And other than finding Shiro in season 2-3 and joining the blade he never really has a long term plan. His only goal is defeating the Galra, it doesnt go deeper than that. He doesnt necessarily want to go home or settle down. He has no plan. He just kinda floats through life.

With BPD you have these things called modi. Modi are… in simple terms, fragments of your personality. There are five modi, the protector, the strict/punishing parent, the abandoned/abused child, the angry/impulsive child and the healthy grown up. Everybody sort of has these a little bit, but when you have BPD your healthy adult mode is a little… under developed/overwhelmed by the other modi. 

I personally also suffer from BPD and I honestly see a lot of these modi in Keith. The protector is the main one that seems to be present with him. (I also have this one, I call mine richard/dick for short). The protector’s main job is keeping people at arm’s lenght, its hard to get past this guy, esspecially if he’s the main dude running the show. Keith’s protector seems to work a lot with the impulsive child which is why he has such dificulty being a leader. 

I want to give an example here of how Keith’s modi seem to coexist; 

So lets take the scene where he just started leading Voltron and he chased Lotor into the gassplanet. So, he has an objective; get Lotor. His strict parrent modi will lock onto this WITH A FUCKING DEATH GRIP. It doesn’t matter what he has to do, he needs to get his objective. The impulsive child then takes over with the the stirct parent fueling him by telling him he needs to do this, when the team tells him to stop the protector shrugs them off. 

Later, once he failed, and lost everyone, the child and the protector regress, leaving the abandoned child and the strict parrent to yell at it and make the child feel like shit about itself. This is when Keith is vulnerable. That’s why Lance could approach him, and he knows it. And while acknowledging that Keith fucked up, he appeals to the healthy adult in his system to try and get him to move on. 

THAT is why Lance is so good for him and why he stablizes Keith mentally. He is able to tell him that he made a mistake while still accesing the healthy grown-up. Shiro, on the other hand, doesn’t do that. He is constantly trying to shape Keith to be better and sometimes, yes he gets through to Keith’s healthy adult and stuff (patience yeilds focus), but mostly he appeals to the strict parent telling him to be better. 

It doesn’t surprise me that that’s why he saw Shiro during the Galra trials. He really, really, really wants his approval. He might even see Shiro as the strict modi if he were to personify it. 

I hope you’re as sad about this as I am, because it’s two a.m and this suddenly hit me like 20 minutes ago and I’ve been keeping my emotions in check ever since.

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Hey could you do a headcanon of penny and his s/o , but the s/o's personality is super happy and positive all the time and they're kinda hyperactive ? And sometimes the s/o gets very affectionate and kisses and hugs penny all of a sudden and in one side he's loving it but in the other he's super confused (its kinda how i am aaAAA sorry if its too specific :") )

This was a really short hc because it’s really specific and I kinda found it hard to write but here ya go! 💞;

• clownboi is in a constant state of ???
• will mock and mimic you and get hyperactive as well at times because why not
• loves the attention and affection
• loves your hyperactive side but can find it overwhelming at times
• will sometimes be a grumpy boi though if he’s not in the mood and you keep smothering him in love and kisses
• gwumpy faced mr clown
• will try to scare you if you keep going at him
• loud roars + spoopy things
• but you find his attempts to make you stop quite funny and that’s when he gives up
• “Leave Pennywise beEeEeEeEEeEeEe!”
• ugly crying noises from him
• he’s sulky
• at some point he has tried running away and hiding in the sewers lol

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I am 100% sure I have adhd or autism but my mom won't make an appointment "cause it takes too long" and my dad either doesn't know, care, or believe me. I'm too scared to talk to my counselor (idk why) and I don't have a doctor's appointment anytime soon. It's very stressful and I swear it's gotten worse or something idk, just throwing this out there

Stress can definitely make your symptoms harder to deal with.

I’m confused about what exactly “takes too long” about making an appointment.

Do you think you could talk to your counsellor about whatever symptom is causing you the most difficulty right now? For example, if it’s getting started on homework, you can go and say “I’m having a lot of trouble starting my homework every day and I was wondering if you had any ideas that might help me with that.” Basically get help for the things that you’re struggling with without having the diagnosis. And if you do it enough times, hopefully your counsellor will put it all together and figure out that you should really be assessed.



Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks

I am confused. The characters are supposed to be high school students, why don’t they act like it. That is why I have problems with Veronica’s teenage rebellion. They all are teenagers that sometimes say and do stuff that is way to mature for them just to then later be a mouthy kid again.

Now that I got this out. Let’s talk Betty going dark once again. She really put Cheryl in her place. That Betty can be pretty ruthless was clear but this has been some next level stuff, but Cheryl is far from done. If one thing is sure is that she will retaliate.

Hermione and Hiram: a couple that slays together stays together. When she said she wrote the letter, threatening herself I thought damn, this woman is dangerous and even if she was lying to protect Hiram she showed how manipulative she can be to get Veronica to trust them again.

Please don’t go down the Archie is being paranoid about the murders just for it to be true in the end. I want something fresh but I’m content with his arc so far.

Josie and Pussycats are back with a song. I love their covers and I hope there will be more.

Kevin Keller is now a main character so why am I only seeing so little of him??

Was the song at the end again a reference to Sabrina? I really do hope so

Missing someone I shouldn’t even be thinking about.
—  March 17, 2017
Introductions between two Americans
  • American 1: Hi!
  • American 2: Hello!
  • American 1: How are you, hi?
  • American 2: Hi how are you so good to see you
  • American 1: So good to see you!

It can be very difficult to love Pisces & Virgo.

Both of these energies tend to absorb love very easily, but the trouble is holding onto it. With this axis, love is all about meaning. They question the hidden truths behind your affection, or lack thereof; they wonder why you worded that the way you did, why you chose not to do this, why that upset you, and so on – more importantly, they wonder what it means for the relationship as a whole. How will all the little moments amalgamate? How will the present influence the future? Virgo becomes anxious, overthinking every little thing, worried and working herself up – Pisces simply becomes morose, melancholy, forlorn, not knowing where the worries are coming from but feeling insecure nonetheless. Virgo takes your love, feels it, wants to believe it… but then thinks, “what if it isn’t true? What if they are just as confused as I am?” And Pisces takes your love, feels it, wants to believe it… but it dissipates into nothingness, after the wave of romance recedes, they don’t have anything to hold onto. What is love without romance? They don’t know. Both Virgo and Pisces become terrified when the going gets tough in their relationships. They quickly spiral into despair at the smallest sign of discord. They assume that their predictions (Virgo) and their intuition (Pisces) were correct all along, and they shouldn’t have gotten so invested, and now they have to brace for heartbreak. Silly love. Both can convince themselves they don’t need to think or care about love, that they should just focus on self-improvement or independent spiritual/emotional fulfillment, that they shouldn’t get so caught up in the “to be or not to be.”

However, once they are convinced that your love is true, once they understand its force and trauma is part of the lesson and it does not invalidate or decrease its majesty and heart-melting sweetness, then they can be so nourished by love. They can be the most understanding, the most serene, the most stable through all your hardships. Virgo will take it one step at a time, using her analytical skills which used to worry her to now stabilize the both of you, practically solving your problems as they come, offering her wisdom as the anchor that helps you both weather the storm. Pisces acquiesces to the ebb and flow, encouraging you to trust the process, soothing your fears and her own with a sparkle in her eye, her adoration never faltering, and it gives you faith. Love can uplift them to the very core. Intimacy is so important to them. They want to be a part of your world, truly; it’s just that when a relationship’s “eternity” is threatened, they can begin to inadvertently put its “here and now” in danger. Love your Pisces, love your Virgo, even when they are afraid. Half the reason they worry is because they have a feeling you will not remain with them through their troubles. So when they are troubled about your shared future or your stability or your honesty, whatever it is, assure them and reassure them as often as you have to. That is how they will learn to accept, let go, and love without fear.

It Ain’t Me: Part 7

Jungkook x reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Genre: Angst

Words: 2.4 K

Part 6 | Part 8

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I imagine you're the kind of person who accidentally falls asleep sitting up.

well, not accidentally. falling asleep upright is kinda uncomfortable. i mean, i still do it, but usually it has to be a special occasion. or i have to be really really bored.

 last week i fell asleep sitting up with my eyes open and accidentally won a staring contest with nick fury. so theres that, i guess.

hey hey i didn’t cause the sudden spike up of the popularity of heathers why r ppl saying i did that

hello I am here to explain everything I am able to comprehend about Caribbean trade routes and the logistics of pirate settlements.

[description: This is a map of the Caribbean islands (Greater and Lesser Antilles) and the Spanish Main (all that coastal stuff, ie the Spanish colonial mainlands) with numbers explaining different bits]

1) Up here north of this map were winds called “prevailing westerlies.” You had to catch the prevailing westerlies if you wanted to get back to Europe. I do not know why they were called westerlies when they in fact blow in a clockwise circle around the Atlantic Ocean. They do not seem like any-direction-lies, but this is I guess why I am not a geographer. See #6 for why you could not just sail between the Lesser Antilles to get out of the Caribbean, which seems like it would be much simpler.

2) New Providence Island! (ie Nassau) This was a great place for a pirate island because it was close to the passage between Cuba and Florida that Spanish ships from Mexico had to use if they wanted to get to the prevailing westerlies (#1), which they did. It’s also not far from the Windward Passage (#3), another potential route for ships heading back to Europe. It had a large harbor that was too shallow for most warships, and it had lots of yummy green turtles for pirates to gobble.

3) the Windward Passage! If ships were coming up from the coast of South America (see #7), this was a good and easy place for them to pass through the Antilles to get to the prevailing westerlies. It was therefore an excellent place for pirate ships to hang out. That teeeeny wee little island right to the west of my number 3 box? North of Haiti? That’s Tortuga! Pirates liked it there, and you can see why.

4) Port Royal! It’s not the same thing as Kingston; it’s a wee skinny spit of land in the Kingston Harbor. It is right between wealthy, wealthy Cartagena (#7) and the Windward Passage (#3), so a nice place for pirates to hang out. A bunch of it sank under the sea after an earthquake in 1692. Charles Vane and Jack Rackham were both hanged at Port Royal. :(

5) Mona Passage. You could sail your ship through this to get to the westerlies to the north, but trade ships did not love doing that. The Mona Passage had lots of unpredictable currents and was very dangerous. I’m marking it so you won’t say “hey but why didn’t they sail between Hispaniola and Puerto Rico?” They did sometimes. It was just more dangerous as a passage, and harder to get to anyway because you’d be sailing against the northeast trade winds.

6) Sailing between these small eastern islands (the Lesser Antilles) was a great way to get TO the Caribbean and the Spanish Main, if you caught the northeast trade winds. It was not a good way to get BACK, because you’d be sailing against the wind. Plus once you got out past the Lesser Antilles, you’d be stuck! No prevailing westerlies to swoosh you back to England or Spain with all your lovely sugar and gold.

7) Cartagena was one of the important Spanish ports; it exported a bunch of like Peruvian silver I think. I’m pointing it out mainly so you can see some of the places the Spanish were sailing from and why the Windward Passage would have been such a handy way to get out back to Spain (if it hadn’t been for those pesky pirates).

8) Over off east of this map were more Mexican cities. The Spanish also sailed from there. I mention this for the same reason I mentioned Cartagena (#7); ie so you can see why New Providence Island was such a good island for pirating until Woodes Rogers ruined everything.

9) A section of water you apparently could not sail through to get from Mexico to the lovely, convenient Gulf Stream (current) and the lovely, convenient prevailing westerlies (wind). If you wanted to get from Mexico out back to Spain, you had to THIS IS TRUE sail up to the mouth of the Mississippi (YES, south of New ORLEANS, I know, I find it insane also), and then around the coast of Florida. This route would spit you out, as you can see, right close to Nassau. Handy for pirates, no?

ETA: if anyone wants to check my work, I’m pulling a lot of this from Peter Galvin’s super useful book Patterns of Pillage: A Geography of Caribbean-based Piracy in Spanish America (Peter Lang, 2000).