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WORST POSSIBLE kwami swap AU where Adrien and Gabriel find out about each other, Gabriel tries to steal the ring outright and Adrien resists, and in the ensuing struggle Adrien accidentally ends up with the brooch. 

next thing anyone knows, there’s a very different and very VICIOUS Chat Noir chasing a horrified Ladybug through the streets of Paris demanding her earrings, and a very panicked Hawk Moth is desperately trying to figure out how to convince ANYONE that this SPECIFIC butterfly is not trying to turn them into a villain no really, seriously please. PLEASE, NINO, NOW WOULD BE A REALLY GREAT TIME TO BE FEELING HEROIC. DON’T MAKE ME TRY CHLOE, I AM NOT ABOVE TRYING CHLOE. 

The truth about Adrien “the shoulder touch” Agreste

@forcebenders and I have discovered the truth about our favourite smol cat son.

We all know how Adrien tries to touch Marinette’s shoulder as many times as possible in each episode. However he actually touches people’s shoulders all the time. Why?

Because the shoulder touch is how he claims them as his friends





the reason he touches Mari’s shoulder so much is because he’s trying to claim her as a friend, but it doesn’t seem to be working

Here we see him touch with two hand for double the friendship power.

In this image we see the boy remove the hands from his own shoulders, a gesture that indicates that he no longer wants to be friends. 

Now you know the truth and you can fully appreciate the show


When I first got out here, I was told that I wasn’t white enough to be the lead and not Asian enough to be the best friend. Six years later, I’m three seasons deep in a major network show and that in itself is progress. - Chloe Bennet, acceptance speech for actress of the year award in 2015

Realizing that My Mad Fat Diary might be over for good.