I also really like Santiago and Diaz

that hot florida jason bourne feel

inspired by this beautiful fic; particularly the line, “Amy Santiago, first of her name, Queen of the Nine-Nine”. also inspired by the iconic Fahye’s think once, think twice, wherein the sentence, “jake likes to think he’s james bond, but he’s really actually a disney princess” (recounted here in paraphrase) finds its origin. dedicating this to @elsaclack, who’s havin’ a rough day, and also anyone else who’s having a rough day. this is a mess, but it’s full of love and action-movie goodness. love y’all.

Jake’s in the middle of contemplating whether or not it’s truly action-movie-worthy if one has just been almost kidnapped when the literal entire universe tilts on its literal axis.

And yes, he’s perfectly aware that he’s using the word “literal” so flagrantly incorrectly that across the country, Amy is probably having a heart attack. Only, the fact of the matter is that, as could be gleaned from the afore-mentioned universe-tilting, Amy is not across the country, but rather right there on the same street as Jake is.

The same street.

As him.

Amy Santiago is on the same street as Jake Peralta, and the literal universe tilts on its literal axis.

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