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(I promised I checked ur FAQ, but if I read wrong, pls forgive me, Ily & don't want to annoy u ;-;) I have clip studio paint too, (tbh, #bless, that Mac users got options too. There used to be only SAI-tutorials, & none for any affordable programs for Mac.) and I was wondering, do you have the X-version or standard version? If so, do you find the price for X-justifiable, or is standard good enough? -Pls pardon the poor writing, I ain't got many characters y'know?

No worries at all, you read the FAQ perfectly ^w^
I have the EX version I believe?
So, yeah, the fanciest version XD
Um, I would say it’s pretty good? But at the same time I’m not sure it’s worth the price difference :O
I think the best thing you get is the clip studio assets thing, which gives you access to fanmade materials  and brushes o3o
I think standard is pretty good :D

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