I actually wanted to do something very dark

Equilibrium (1)

Description: Ever since you were little, you had the power to control fire and had little understanding why you could. Two men enter your life and attempt to help you decide if you will use this power for good or for evil.

Word Count: 1,890

Warnings: Smut

Pairing: Kim Minseok x Reader // Kim Junmyeon x Reader (in later parts)

Author: Admin Xiufairy :D (first post yay!!)

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You met him on August 12th, he came to you with a dark aura. However, that did little to intimidate you. You were more than that. Of course, at the time you believed he was human. You figured out the truth when you took him home with you.

His touch would’ve burned your skin if you were sensitive to heat. There was something about him that wasn’t affected by you like a human would’ve been. He may have been naturally drawn to the heat that just radiated from you, but as soon as he set foot into your apartment, you knew he wasn’t human.

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Markiplier Theory: The Final Showdown

I think all these ego pop-ups / cameos (idk) are going to lead up to something big, and here’s my theory on it. (Buckle the fuckle up my dudes this is a pretty girthy theory that I hope you enjoy!)

We all know that the alter-egos (I’m calling them ‘ipliers’ to make it easier) are trying to take over mark’s channel hence the whole dark thing saying “How does this help us take back control? We’re the heart and soul of this channel after all.” These fuckos kNoW how much power they truly have over us I mean c’mon they would have probably picked up on it by now (and by they I mean google could have found it easy seeing as we were all and still are freaking the fuck out) and now they’re trying to steal the channel from Mark.

I’m stating this next sentence very loosely so just kinda ignore it if it makes no sense but: Maybe, they’re gonna pull and Anti and by ‘pull an Anti’ I mean they’re probably gonna find anyway they can to eliminate Mark and take over his channel, so probably killing him.

Ok the Anti thing doesn’t really make a lot of sense but let’s continue: We do know that they are trying to take control or to be ‘let in’ to be able to wield the power that Mark and his fans (us) hold could lead to chaos and they want as much of it as they can get.

Here’s how I see it: something bigger than just ‘Ooo evil yet hot characters coming back to be all evil and stuff, haha murder’ I’m thinking like a civil war type show-down. (Bear with me it may be completely ridiculous) i’ll leave that there for now cause I have other things to say.

Let’s examine the teams (if this is what I’m theorising)

Team Dark:

Let’s face it this is Dark’s team 100% will not share he is like a toddler with candy. Mark said it himself in a live stream that “ He’s a social manipulator. He is literally, 100% manipulative. He leads you into this false sense of security, and he wants you to trust him because he wants to take advantage of you.” He will legitimately do anything for you (“I can give you anything”) or, in this case, will literally do anything to make sure that the people on his side, STAY on his side and he’s willing to put up with it all to make sure he WINS.

Wilford: Well this should be pretty obvious: Will wanted famed way to make his mark (pun not intended) on the world, forget about all the murder and such (bUBBLES). He is an important ‘iplier’ and is obviously not new to the whole killing thing. Plus he is one of the oldest characters on the channel, revealing even dark himself, and if not contained he could become a deadly enemy. Which is why Dark wants him: (I’m sorry new darkstache shippers) to use him. c’mon do you really think that whole ‘Will’ thing was real? Pfft nO throughout the whole Dark encounter we see he’s barely keeping his calm. As Mark would say, he’s ‘cracking’ and is barely managing to keep up with Wilford’s shit because all he wants to do is take Mark’s channel and to him this is a complete wast of time. I’m also thinking that Dark is saving most of the gory details for when he’s closer to reaching his goal because Wilford seems more fixated on the tv show more so than the initial plan.

Google: Well I’m guessing Dark managed to convince him that the plan was to take over Mark’s channel and ‘destroy man-kind’ which just so HAPPENS to be his secondary objective which guessing by the “this deviated from our primary objective” Dark either messed with his programming or google just went full evil robot all on his own. (you do you boy, I’m proud) Also, who wouldn’t want a powerful murderous robot with a brain that’s literALLY GOOGLE ITSELF. I’ve made my case I think.

The Host: (personally one of my faves and I hope to see more of my son soon) well I’m not 100% sure what drives the Author/host (if you haven’t seen Mark legit confirmed they were the same person) but I’m guessing it has something to do with control (as in the fans) as in manipulations (his experiments) to see how far he could go to actually drive a person insane. Or he wants to write more books, who knows. But by the constant if almost forced narration is anything to come by he is very important and is either psychic (from other theories I’ve read, sorry can’t remember who but it was good) or can alter/shape reality by just talking which makes him very powerful.

Dr. Iplier: I have two possible Dark manipulation tactics Dark may have used. 1) He never really wanted to be a doctor but maybe parents forced him to (very loose theory here) but his true heart was in show business so like I’m thinking the opposite of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S like the over dramatisation of the “I’m sorry. You’re dying” plus the inexperienced eye movement thing (which may have just been Mark fucking around. Probably the case tbh) or he just really wanted to act but never really knew how and was inexperienced so Dark promised him an acting job and judging by the “it wasn’t actually that bad, featured my ideas quite well” he probably doesn’t care / isn’t aware of the initial “end game” but is content where he is right now.

Ed Eddington: (really fucking last name that I can’t remember how to spell adoptalotakids???) he did mention it himself and I quote, “I know this is of topic, but I still need to sell my son.” He’s definitely aware of whats to come (well probably as much as Dark told him, which probably isn’t a lot tbh) but he ws promised he would A: sell his son and B: get a thirty second spot which is probably the only reason why he’s onboard.

Bim Trimmer: (I’m skipping silver sheppard and you’ll soon find out why) well Bim is probably only after one thing: fame and he’ll probably do as much if not anything he can to reach it and that makes him an easy target for Dark. He isn’t too happy about not being able to host that game show but I still think he’ll stay on board (for now anyways)

Silver shepherd: who could forget him? Well every evil super villain team needs a mole. Yes, I said mole and who better to be that mole then Mark himself. Let’s go back to that Cyndago sketch shall we? I think the silver Shepard is one of the only ‘ipliers’ that is ever referenced as mark himself. I know this is kind of a long stretch but Wilford himself confims it by saying this “it’s for everybody, not you” gestures to the Silver Sheppard as if to say “I know it’s you Mark, come on” which in return receives a double finger defence (signature move idk just wanted to put that there) and I’m pretty sure the rest of team (or a couple) know it as well but they’re keeping it from Dark for some reason. A back-up plan or escape route if it all goes to shit.

Septiplier: well maybe just Mark’s way of killing it forever or Dark promise to kill it or something. Sorry guys, Septiplier is dEAD once and for all

We’ve talked about the who now let’s cover the why, let’s examine this quote shall we? “So Completely unironically, Darkiplier is a completely separate entity from who I am. But, he admires what I’ve accomplished” there is no denying that Dark does in fact admire Mark’s work and al that he’s accomplished but not in the way that most people think. Dark isn’t some mega fanboy of Mark. No, he’s an evil version of Mark so the reason why he admires Mark and stuff is not because of all the good he’s done, it’s cause the channel itself could be seen as a power source, And Dark wants it. Badly. Seeing as he’s reappeared at least three times this year even. Going so low as to try and manipulate US for his cause because I’m guessing he’s been planning this for a long time and I’m sure he and the other ‘ipliers’ will make a reappearance real soon. As for why he’s trying to take Mark’s channel, I’m not sure. So for now, I leave you with this, Buh-Bye!

I Can Love You Like That

Summary: Dean finally plucks up the courage to propose to Y/N.

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader; platonic Sam x Reader

Word Count: 646

Genre: Pure Fluff (#sorry not sorry)

Rating: T for mild language.

Warnings: None!

Author’s Note: Written for @not-moose-one-shots‘s Bethtastic 6K Writing Challenge! My prompt was “Right when I think I have you all figured out, you turn around and blow my mind,” which I put in italics. Enjoy!

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annonomus666  asked:

PLEASE!!! Post something PLEASE!!! I beg you!!! I'm dying!!! Ever since I found this comic it has been a part of my life!!!!! But... I do understand if you can't that is totally fine. But when I found this comic I actually tried art and I kept trying and now I'm the artist of the year at my school!!!!! So I wanted to encourage you or tell you that you inspire me your art in this comic really has made a light in my dark. So please?

Listen, my friend. 

I very much appreciate that my work has inspired you and that your art is getting recognition at school. That’s really great n_n But I don’t appreciate the way you’re begging me to post something. 

I’m currently working on an update and updates are going to be happening more frequently now that my head is not in a self destructive mess. 

Please be patient. More updates are coming soon. 

Thank you <3

A (W)hole New World - Two

Part one is in my masterlist.

Reid x reader.

Two weeks after your little conversation with Spencer and you were prepared and ready to go.

Well, as much as you could be.

You and your friend Imogen had been shopping as you knew Spencer would outrightly refuse to go even though technically, the whole bum loving thing was his idea.

Immie was that one friend that everyone had in their group. The friend who was ridiculously open about their sex life and who took great pleasure in revealing all the kinky stuff she got up to. She’d been your college room mate which had meant that unfortunately, you’d been treated to visual displays of it on more than one occasion when she forgot to alert you to her antics by looping a ribbon over the door handle.

When you met up for lunch and told her you needed her help and with what her eyes had lit up and she’d more or less dragged you into the nearest sex shop, with you muttering, “I didn’t mean we had to go today” under your breath.

Once you were in there though it was kinda fun. The sales woman was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and you and Immie had had an incredibly amusing hour trying to choose the right…. apparatus for you to use on him. You didn’t want anything too big, just in case it made Spencer feel like you were belittling his size in any way, but you didn’t want anything too small.

In the end you chose one which you reckoned was actually about the same size as him, feeling it was only fair.

“I must say, I’m very impressed that he’s letting you do this to him. I’m also very surprised that it’s something you want to do. I always knew you had a hidden dark side.”

“Hey!” you fixed your friend with a look. “It’s not like I’m completely vanilla. It’s just…. Been a long while since my college years. And it wasn’t like this was a burning desire that I’ve been harbouring. I just figure that fair is fair. Plus, I’m kinda intrigued.”

“Are you gonna make him a wax down there?” Immie asked like it was something she causally asked her best friend everyday.

“Erm, no. He takes care of that anyway. It’s neat.”

“Not the front, you tool. Some men have extremely hairy cracks.”

The sales woman had nodded along with her, agreeing. “Some women too, for that matter.”

“You mean I should… Wax it? Mine as well as his?” This was turning out to be way more trouble than you’d been expecting.

“No sweets,” the saleswoman patted your arm reassuringly. “But you should perhaps check on the situation first.”

Which had led to yet another amusing conversation with Spencer.

“Spence….” you were sitting across from him on the couch.

“Hmmm?” he barely glanced away from the episode of Doctor Who he was watching, even though he’d seen it like five million times before.

“Do you have… Erm…. Is your…. Oh fuck.”

You rarely rambled so you had his attention now, him turning to look at you with his eyebrows raised.

“What I’m trying to ask… Is…. Erm… Doyouhaveahairyasshole?”

Spencer blinked a few times as he processed your question. You knew you didn’t, you’d checked earlier in the bath. And afterwards, you’d inspected things with a carefully angled mirror. Genitalia wasn’t the most attractive thing as it was but there was just something extra sinister looking about that little puckered hole. It was a strange colour, not quite pink and not quite… brown. It wasn’t attractive looking in the least and there was the added matter that waste came directly out of it.

But then again your vagina wasn’t exactly going to win a beauty contest and that regularly expelled blood and tissue on a monthly basis, and Spencer had no qualms about pounding into that.

Did guys butt holes look different? Or were they are all the same? Like, you’d seen Spencer’s ass before, he had a great butt. Pert and toned. But you’d never got up close and personal with it before, never had the need to spread his cheeks and whisper, “Cooeey!” at the teeny tiny hole or inspect the amount of hair that may or may not be hiding in the confines of his crack.

“You’re asking me if I have a hairy butt?”

“Erm. Not exactly. I’m asking if you have a hairy hole? Because that’s a thing… Apparently. And the woman at the shop said that crap particles can get lodged in it and tangled up in it, and Immie said…. Well Immie said she once dated a guy who had crack hair she was pretty certain she could plait.”

“Shop? Immie?”

Ah, Yes. You hadn’t told him that was where you’d been earlier. You were waiting until later to pull out your bag of goodies, not that anything was going to happen tonight. You just wanted him to know that you were fully prepared. With lube, butt plugs and anal beads and everything.

Whole hog, right?

“I went shopping with Immie. And we bought stuff. Wanna see?”

“Later… Immie knows about what we’re planning on doing?”

He didn’t look amused.

“Don’t you dare give me that look, Spencer Reid. I had questions that needed answering and I didn’t want Garcia randomly hacking my internet search history and seeing it.”

“Why the hell would she do that?”

“Spencer… Have you met our colleague Penelope? It’s what she does for fun! And you know she’s more than capable of doing it because you got her to hack Morgan’s when you and him were having that ridiculous prank war. Plus, it’s Immie. She’s hardly gonna spread it around the BAU because she’s my only friend that doesn’t actually work there. She’s cool… ”

Spencer relented, relaxing his shoulders slightly. He knew and liked her, for the most part. Admittedly he hadn’t been her biggest fan when her and Morgan had hooked up one night and she’d turned up the next day to regale you with tales of his huge, hulking penis. But for the most part, they got on.

“Back to the question at hand here. Do you or do you not have a hairy crack? Because if you do, we need to rectify that.”

“Really? You’re the one who wants to…. Well peg me, so if I do surely you can just put up with it.”

“Erm… No. And pegging? That’s just…. Not a nice term. Fair is fair here, if you want to fuck me in the bum, I get to do it back to you. And I don’t have a hairy crack, I checked.”

“I know you don’t.”


This was new information.

“Y/N think about the positions we’ve had sex in and the angles. I’ve seen that area before. Just because I’ve never purposefully stuck anything there doesn’t mean I haven’t looked at it.”

And he wasn’t even blushing. Wow.

“I’m not sure how I feel about this.”

“You’re asking me if I have a hairy crack and you’re not sure how you feel about the fact that I’ve seen yours?”

“Yes. Like what if it wasn’t properly clean or something? I don’t want you seeing that.”

“Jesus Fucking Christ, Y/N. For someone with such a dirty mouth you’re incredibly weird about completely normal and natural things sometimes.”

“Well for someone who doesn’t even shake hands with strangers you’re incredibly not weird about this.”

“Are you aware how many bacteria can be transmitted during a single handshake…. It’s actually so much safer…. ”

“… to kiss, yes I know. You’ve told me before. Shaking someone’s hand and eyeing up someone’s….butt hole, when they’re not fully prepared are two different things though.”

Spencer’s shoulders started to shake gently and the laughter he’d been trying to suppress throughout this conversation snuck out. After a second or two, you joined in.

“This is ridiculous. How are we ever actually going to do this?” you spluttered out.

He pulled himself together, placing a hand on your thigh. “We don’t have to, you know. We really don’t have to. We can just think of other things to do.”

“Nope nope. I’ve bought…. tools and things for this. Dollar has been spent and I’m mentally preparing myself for having my anus ripped to shreds. I just hope you’re doing the same.”

The laughter broke free again from the pair of you and you were wiping away tears.

“This is going to be such an anti climax.”

“Probably,” Spencer agreed.

“But at least we can say we’ve done it.”


“So erm…. Do you?”

“Really? You really want to know?”


Spencer hauled himself up off the couch and stood in front of you, unbuckling his trousers.

“What are you doing?” you squeaked as he lowered his pants and boxers, exposing his butt to you.

“You wanted to know…. ”

“I didn’t want to see it!”

“Yeah well, if you want to pretend to have a penis and fuck me with it, you’re going to have to see it at some point. I’ve showered, and I’ve not been to the bathroom since. Just… Have a look.”

Ugh. This was not how you’d pictured your evening.

But okay. Whatever.

Leaning forward slightly, your pressed your palms firmly to his cheeks, spreading them oh so slightly and taking a brief peek.

Alright. Okay. You could work with that. There was a very very light smattering of hair at the top of the backs of his thighs but it didn’t… venture into THAT area too much.

“Well?” he asked impatiently.

You removed your hands, giving his buttock a playful tap.

“We’re good. I think.”

“Still wanna do this?”

You nodded as he pulled his pants back up and turned to look at you. “I’m not backing out now.”

“Good. Cos neither am I.”

You nodded at each other.

“Drink?” You asked him suddenly, remembering the half drank bottle of wine in the fridge.

“Oh my god, yes.”

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Can you explain to me why people on this site are so goddamn extra about kylo ren and reylo because i've rarely seen such a hated character and ship?? It's baffling to me considering there are so much more """problematic""" ships/characters. E.g.: i've been a hannigram shipper for 4 years and yet i've never seen people hate on it like they do with reylo despite that unlike the latter it's actually abusive (yes i can admit that). Makes me wonder if reylo would be so hated if rey was a dude.

It’s mostly because Star Wars is a lightning rod of pop cultural fandoms, so you have a lot of people who expect very mainstream, vanilla stories out of it and an equal number of people who care about the fantasy worldbuilding and people who want dark political stories and people who want romance and people who don’t. When you get all those people together for something that became a phenomenon instead of staying a small cult movie franchise, people are going to get really angry when other fans don’t expect the same things that they do. It’s people who normally do not seek out anything that resembles Kylo/Rey, which means they have an interest in pretending it will never happen or that it shouldn’t have a place in the films. 

Almost anyone who watches Hannibal understands that the central relationship is the main focus of the series, so even if they don’t “ship” it, per se, they know it’s there and know what they signed up for. People who hate Kylo/Rey don’t care about Hannigram because they’re not as exposed to it.

On a site like Tumblr, though, you would almost expect to see at least a significant amount of hate for toxic ships across fandoms because you get exposed to a lot of things you might not actively watch, and these same people should be as disturbed that people love Hannibal/Will and write fic for it. These same people should be burning torches over Batman/Joker, arguably as big a fandom as Star Wars. 

But they do care about Harley/Joker, you see. Girls are fragile things and must be defended. Or something. That’s the only thing I can figure. It’s a mishmash of bad gender politics and the entitlement that has always been rampant in the Star Wars fandom (I include myself in this!). It’s the perfect storm for self-righteousness to get maximum performative.

things that i’ve witnessed/heard/been a part of in (mostly) my junior year of high school
  • the room is dead silent as we’re working in an NAHS meeting and some girl is like “wait,,,, you saw my anal beads?” 
  •  a convo i heard: “man, I’d love to see nirvana live!!!” “oh my god same!” 
  • had a teacher tell me the definition of a rainbow party (feel free to research)  
  • convo between a math teacher and a boy in my class: “does anyone have any questions for me?” “yes actually: if i want to become a mortician, do i need to go to an actual college or like a trade school or something?" 
  • heard my principal say “oh wow, the vagina!”
  • had that same principal help me on my homework
  • a boy leaked some sort of very-dark-brownish fluid out of his backpack and claimed he “didn’t know” what it was
  • a dude asked his girlfriend to prom by bringing a fucking donkey to school and asking “can i take dat ass to prom?”
  • heard a group of girls talking about their skirt lengths, and i overheard one of them say “The almond people don’t like when your skirts are above your ankles”
  • was forced to listen to a teacher complain to my class about how much she hates Ohio for a half hour
  • had THAT SAME PRINCIPAL sit down and show me a video of his dog Freddie for 10 minutes, with commentary
  • “drive your tractor to school day”
  • one of our senior pranks was throwing eggs off a balcony
  • learned that my 10th grade english teacher wrote smut and was in a punk band in the 80s
  • that same 10th grade english teacher was also a model in a picture book without a shirt on
  • HAD THAT SAME DAMN PRINCIPAL propose that next year we close the school off from allowing incoming freshmen in and just get a Dunkin Donuts delivery service instead
  • ordered pizza one day for a little party and the person who delivered it was my cousin

i will add on as my next/last school year comes to an end

a dark daughter…

(also, for those who don’t know my pain; when I want to show art right away, I have to do something in MS Paint with a mouse. I’ve learned how do do little art edits to the picture, make it all fancy, but it is a very tedious process. for Ashi here, I drew her once, made a light/shadow edit which darkened all the edges of the picture, put her back in Paint to make the white half actually white again, edit-edit-edit, add a glow, more shadow, re-color the white one last time… finally got it close to what I wanted)

bonus version without the edit-


mjonesy18 replied to your post “The first day of classes was great! I woke up at 5:30am. Worked out….”

How do you find the energy to wake up so early? What time do you go to bed as a college student lmao?

First of all, I want to put out the disclaimer that I don’t participate in a lot of what most other college students do. I don’t hang out with friends terribly often aside from meals and studying. And I don’t drink, do drugs, or party. So. That’s an important detail as far as time management, because that means I have more time to spend on meditation, exercise, extracurriculars, relaxing by myself, and—you guessed it—sleeping. Though not that much.

But to answer your actual questions…

I wouldn’t say I necessarily have the “energy” to wake up early. I press snooze like everyone else. But recently I changed my alarm to the Pokémon Theme Song. So I might press snooze once. The next time the song starts playing I listen to it while I gradually wake up. As silly as it sounds, I try to sorta half-awake dance to it. Then, where it gets to the ending where it’s like, “Gotta catch ‘em all… PO-KÉ-MON!” I try to force myself to jump outta bed and pump my fist. Silly, but hey, it works.

I think the Pokémon Theme Song is a great song choice because it starts out saying, “I want to be the very best,” which gives me a reason to wake up. And, practically speaking, I also use a light alarm clock (I set both, but I set the light alarm slightly earlier), which helps wake me up naturally, especially when it’s dark outside.

So, all-in-all, it’s discipline, not energy. I have issues with energy due to depression, so I had to find another way (it was definitely a process, but it can be done). I heard in a TED Talk that you have about 5 seconds to do something unpleasant before it actually requires significant energy on your part to decide to do that thing. So try to give yourself a time limit to start.

As for what time I go to bed, it’s generally between 9pm-12am. It varies day to day. If I get home around dinner time feeling tired, I force myself to work until 9pm so I can go to bed early and get the extra rest I need (sometimes I push through it once I start, though!).

I’m not gonna pretend I’ve never done all-nighters, but I avoid them like the plague because they’re miserable af. I’ve learned that sleep is very important to my success. So it’s up to me to be diligent enough in my work to where all-nighters don’t become necessary at all.

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Seeing actual RP makes me VERY tempted to make a For Honor blog. I spent a long while as a ninja in the Dark Souls RP community, but that ultimately dried up. But, I wouldn't want to step on any toes. As far as I can tell you're the only Shinobi RPer. Is there room for another? I'd of course respect it if you'd rather keep the title exclusive.

I do really appreciate you checking in with me to make sure it’s something I’d be comfortable with, but also I think it’s important to let you, and anyone else, know that you really don’t need my permission!
This is a community! There is no real ranking system, hierarchy, or leader. Anyone and everyone is 100% welcome to join and be any class they want!

A really nice RP community has built up around For Honor, too!
There are tons of awesome Wardens, Peacekeepers, Orochis, Lawbringers, Warlords, and even Centurions with tons of different URLs to interact with now!
So yea, I’d love to see another Shinobi around here with us!

Meet the Drakes: Mary, Cece, and Wren

This theory… This theory is where I finally feel like all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and the bigger picture is falling into place.

With the reveal of “Archer” and the fact that he stole Dr. Rollins identity I started to think, just who is “Archer”? As a joke a while ago I said “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Rollins was actually Wren in disguise the entire time?” This is no longer a joke. This is the reality. And this is where the story started slowly revealing itself to me.

While going through my theories I came across the mannequin family photo and I started thinking, who exactly is this family depicting?

The mother we know is Mary, the little girl is Charlotte, the father is most likely Peter, but who is the little boy?


Wren is that little boy. He is Charlotte’s brother. He is the other Drake child. And I have proof.

Something I remembered from a long while ago was a scene where Wren is coloring in a photo of a family, a mother, father, son and daughter. Initially everyone thought that he was coloring in a photo of Melissa and a possible family that he wanted… This is what I thought too… Until I saw this.

Everything… From the outfit to the barn. It’s the same. He is the other child in the video from the dollhouse, what we saw wasn’t a video of Jessica, Charles, Jason and Alison… What we saw was a video of Mary, Charles, Wren and another unknown child.

To make this a little less gross for you because I know you’re going to point to the incest card between Wren and Melissa/Spencer/Alison… I don’t think Peter is Wren’s father, I believe Wren said his father was also in mental asylums and judging from the British accent and the fact that Mary mentioned she was in Britain last episode I assume she met Wren’s father there. Slightly less gross but still gross lol(Freud would have a FIELD DAY with this family)

Now, to get to A.D., and Wren’s relationship to Charlotte and Mary, 1. Obviously Wren and Charlotte don’t get along with Mary for some unknown reason, they wouldn’t put her through all of this is they did love her. 2. I genuinely wonder if Charlotte is making Wren believe she is really dead as A.D., he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing if he knew she was alive- which means she’s also setting him up for something.

This also proves that there was a grand plan at work since the very beginning when it came to the Drake family, Wren pretended to be a doctor and as Mona pointed out when he misspelled “diagnosis” she had a feeling he was shady. He was pretending to be a doctor so Charlotte could go in and out of Radley to visit Mona, hence why she had visitors passes- she was never fucking admitted while Mona was in Radley. She hadn’t been there in a very, very long time.

I think Charlotte views Mary and Wren as betrayers, we don’t exactly know why she wants them dead but she’s obviously setting them all up for something huge. I think Mary is going to die  in the 7a finale… A scene that keeps playing over and over in my head is the Christmas episode, when Alison is dreaming and she goes to the church, it wasn’t Jessica but it was actually Mary- I think she was apologizing to Alison for what Charlotte and Wren were going to do to her. The dark hair gave it away… Foreshadowing like a motherfucker.

I can’t believe everything is falling into place like this, everything is finally revealing itself as a masterpiece that has been in the works for a very, very long time. And I can’t wait to see how it’s going to unfold.

"how could yoyou like kbtbb so much its about sex trafficking? Play a nicer game" well I do play nicer games it just I really love kbtbb why? Well I love the dark twist to it how it says your not always gonna meet a prince charming and that love takes its time to grow before you can actually see it and I mean there are other voltage games where the mc is forced to do something she doesn't want to do hell there's a worse game with a similar theme by the name of bidding for love  where the auctions are fake and the guys know its fake yet continue to sexually assault and do terrible things where as in kbtbb where the auctions are very much real all the guys do is just scare her a bit or act like complete assholes but that's just them being them where as in bidding for love they pass some of the pain they caused mc as just acting or "oh we got you we didn't mean to do this without your consent but it was all fake haha" and tbh kbtbb kinda played safe it still had its dark moments sure but its realistic way with relationships where they don't just rush into it and marry the next day no it took them 3 god damn seasons to warm up to each other and get used to one another before they could truly be comfortable and that's what most relationships are like especially with most of the bidders backgrounds eisuke is a rich business man who has women left right and center trying to get him not for himself as a man but for his money so of course he's gonna be an ass at first he's testing the mc if she will fuck off once she has that green paper plus its eisuke who is known anyway for being a bit of an ass a sexy ass but still an ass And for ota well if some people paid attention to the story other than the pet kink going on you would know he was betrayed by many people and had his art stolen many many times so of course he will have little trust in people he meets and plus the women he meets are most of the time trying to get some of that cash and maybe a painting or two and then fuck off so yh he's not gonna open his arms and have you run into them right away it takes time before he breaks the koro wall and says your name and yes the whole koro shit is his way of saying "I don't want you too close to me" and I'm talking about eisuke and ota because they are the most understood characters in the game and people hate them for it and just focus on eisuke being an asshole and ota having treat mc like a dog and don't look past and finding the meaning find all of it the amount of messages this game gives is just wow and some people just don't see it I admit I was one of those people but I've looked again and thought wait a minute so that's what that means like damn yh people can like what they like but hating the game cuz of your first impressions of two characters just damn don't judge a book by its cover and read between the lines  Im probably gonna get hate for this rant but eh IDC it needed to be said

I finally did a group of more spring inspired outfits! Even though in the spring/summer I still basically wear the same amount of layers and I’d never be comfortable in real life wearing some of these more simple or short sleeved ones, it’s okay to just take pictures in them ehehe~ Sorry for the camera quality, I tried to edit and remedy the grainyness as much as possible lol.  It’s actually really hard for me to make more simplified outfits, but I tried! Read the captions for more detail~ Literally every single item is thrifted except for a few tights and shoes which are all from ebay. ✧⁺⸜(●′▾‵●)⸝⁺✧

EXO Reaction To Their Girlfriend Wanting To See Action Movies

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Anonymous said:

How would EXO react when you their girlfriend ask them to watch movies with you that are not the expected chick flick thing but rather action crime thriller genre?

Xiumin: Well this one looks good! I love actions movies! and oooooo look at that one! can we see that one?

Luhan: *at first* thank god! This time I won’t be crying my eyes out that end!

Luhan: *during the movie* *screams at everything. manly man must cling to you*

Kris: An action movie? Not one of those horrible chick flicks? Oh yes! I love you!

Suho: *gets scared from the movie* There are somethings I will never be able to unsee and that was horrific. How come she isn’t scared? Aish…Try to man up, Suho. *can’t, still petrified*

Lay: I mean, but those are quite scary. Are you sure? Personally, I would be more comfortable with something more tame but whatever you like…

Baekhyun: *during a violent scene* Oh my god, this is intense. There’s a lot of blood. Why does there have to be so much blood? I don’t like blood…

Chen: Don’t lie, you don’t actually like those movies, you just want the chance to cling to me and then a reason for me to stay the night because you’re scared…

Chanyeol: *as he is scared after the movie* *looks at every shadow and dark corner intensely, to make sure there are no psychopath murderers or baddies lurking there*

DO: *watches it very seriously, taking notes on how to commit the perfect murder in case certain people have to be taken care of…*

Tao: *when you’re a little scared later* Don’t worry baby! I can protect you with my martial arts skills! *then proceeds to hurt himself but he’s cool because at least you’re laughing and no longer scared*

Kai: *when you hold his hand in the movie because you’re nervous* Well, this is working out better than I thought it would…hehe

Sehun: *after the movie* you’ve got it wrong! I Wasn’t scared! I was holding your hand so you wouldn’t  be scared! You even looked like this for it! Ah! 

anonymous asked:

Expect Spoilers: Hello, I am a struggling university artist and a avid gamer. I discovered the "worst" ending involves most diabolocally twisted version of the title screen image. I know you did all the art, but what was your personal "feeling" or "emotions" when you were planning and actually drawing such contrasting images? Did you feeled terrified youself, did you feel sad?... sorry for the personal questions... I have to do simillar project myself and i just wanted to know how it felt.

Hello there anon!

This idea was actually one I first saw in Sound Horizon album covers, such as Elysion. It’s not something I came up with myself so I can’t claim any great emotions from planning it. Rather, it’s a very practical sense that this use of reversal will be the best expression of “There is more to this than meets the eye”.

I actually prefer dark and twisted things, so I was more uncomfortable drawing the pink and cute title screen. It was very fun to draw the expression on the “twisted” screen since I rarely have the opportunity for that. I’m a jaded old man on the inside, so I’m sorry if this doesn’t help you much (;´д` )

Someone sent me a message saying I should do a game combining my mobile game with the way I drew up my Secret of Mana style Dark Souls stuff.  It sounds like a neat idea actually!  Maybe one day I’ll keep try to make it, but for now I’m busy with classes.  Happy dog running around befriending every boss instead of beating them up doesn’t sound very dark though!

Lately, I’ve been playing Divinity Original Sin whenever I get free time.  After finishing classes I usually don’t want to do anything productive.  When I do actually do something productive though I’m working on my sidescroller.  If only there was more time I’d feel like doing more.

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Everyone on this show has off the charts chemistry with everyone else. It's kind of bananas. Do you think the show runners would entertain a doc mechanic fling? You could ship Paige Turco with a tree and it would work. Oh and I love Murphy and wick. What happened to wick?





So, I really liked Wick when I was binge-watching the show for the first time this spring.  I’ve been rewatching the show and I’m still a huge fan of his scenes with Kane after the explosion; it’s the first time we get to see Kane be both witty (”they’re much too stylish for you”) and beginning his plot arc of self-sacrifice to atone for the Culling (when he sends Wick to take all the survivors to the mess hall while he stays behind to try and pry open the door by himself, but then Wick and the others come join him).  It’s a really important and lovely moment in Kane’s evolution, leading right into that scene where he finds Abby and his face lights up when he realizes she isn’t dead and cradles her in his arms and we all became a collective puddle of Kabby feels.  So my first impression of Wick was super positive.  Then, when they brought him back in S2 to sass at Raven (I just rewatched the one where he makes her the brace last night), I was perfectly ready to be on board.  It was fun getting to see Raven’s zing come back, with somebody to snark at, and I was ready for him to be good for her.  So I was solidly Team Wick during my original watch of the show. 

Then two things happened.

#1) Kim Shumway, one of the writers (is she the head writer? I forget.  She’s one of them, anyway), absolutely loved Wick, and both she and Jason said a lot of things on social media about Raven and Wick’s hookup that were widely interpreted as being pretty slut-shaming towards Raven.  Like “Raven needs to learn that sex doesn’t solve all her problems” and things like that.  Which you may note is a staggering difference in tone from how they talk about Clarke’s hookup with Nylah in 3x01, where Jason has talked a lot about the trauma Clarke has suffered and how long she’s gone without human connection and she’s cut off from everything so she sees a shot for some kind of both physical release and a tiny bit of closeness so she takes it.  So there’s a lot of compassion and empathy there.  Whereas Kim being hardcore Team Wick was sort of framing her comments as though Wick is in the right, Wick is a good guy, Raven is “using” him, and speaking kind of disparagingly of the complicated emotional state that led Raven to make those choices.  That turned a lot of people off the Raven/Wick ship.

#2) I found out that Steve Talley, the actor, is an asshole.  He apparently had a second Twitter account where he posted tons of sexist, ableist, homophobic, and above all racist (self-identifying as a member of the KKK) crap.  People told the writers and Jason and the network and nobody did anything, until finally somebody tweeted about it to Adina Porter and she promised to look into it.  He took the tweets down after that and was pretty conspicuously radio silent, and then there started to be rumblings when S3 stuff started coming out that he wasn’t in any of the promotional footage or listed on IMDB or anything like that.  So the rumors are that basically having another member of the cast, who is a person of color, confront the show with their perfectly sensible unwillingness to work with somebody who identified as a KKK member, was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back and they decided to do something about it.  Which explains Lindsay’s rather oblique comments in her interview about how things are over between Raven and Wick, “they broke up offscreen” and that it wouldn’t be addressed on the show.  (Abby has that one throwaway line and that’s it.) 

I’m actually really excited for Raven to have an entire season storyline that isn’t about a man, and I’m glad that there are consequences for being a shitty person, but it’s still sad, because I wanted to like him.  There was potential for him to add some much-needed levity to a very dark show and to bring out interesting, likeable new shades in some of our favorite characters, so it’s disappointing both that he’s an asshole and that the showrunners’ perspective on the Raven/Wick relationship made me feel a lot grosser about it.


They’ll never make Doctor Mechanic canon, obviously, but you can’t tell me there was no deliberate fan service in that bar scene.  Sexy music?  Eye-fucking?  “Shut up and drink”????  THAT SCENE WAS A LITERAL FANFIC COME TO LIFE and you can’t tell me those actresses were playing that scene as though they’re completely heterosexual.   PAIGE TURCO’S BEDROOM EYES KNOW WHAT THEY’RE ABOUT, PEOPLE.