I actually wanted to do something very dark

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This is gonna be hard

1. Ummmmm….my art? It’s crappy at times but i guess it’s good.

2. I have very soft hands for a dude, actually. I don’t even moisturize.

3. My dark sense of humor makes me laugh. I’m not proud of it but it’ll do.

4. Cooking skillz

5. I guess what i’m most proud of is my ability to adapt and learn, i guess. It’s really useful to be starting out at something but ending up being good at it before your tenth try.

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More Walter C. Dornez, except this time more focused on his full figure which is DIVINE!

The top Walter isn’t dark Walter but him in his let’s say late 30s. I imagine Walter to stop smoking around his late 40s when he realises that he can’t keep fighting while huffing and puffing at the same time. Also, I wanted to go for a kinda Cowboy Bebop mood with the colours and all! Very experimental as you can tell by my ungodly messiness and colouring skills overall omfg.

The second one is the present Walter in his 60s. I’ve always wanted to do something similar to an actual piece done in the manga by Hirano Kouta himself where Walter has some down time with a book. The light of a sunset illuminates the dark room from a window behind him, as he listens to a record softly playing in the background.

I also imagine Walter to like poetry. A favourite of his would be Keats. Particularly this quote.

‘I will give you a definition of a proud man: he is a man who has neither vanity nor wisdom one filled with hatreds cannot be vain, neither can he be wise.’
- John Keats

Because how ironic is that. 

For shoriani!

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signs as i know them
  • Aries:A loose cannon. Can be sincere, but will often think of their self. Has a bad temper, but also very loving.
  • Taurus:Feels a lot, but doesn't express feelings a lot. Extremely good sense of humor that can be dark. Loves TV shows and music.
  • Gemini:Manipulative and often a "player". A very complicated person who appears something at first but is actually very different.
  • Cancer:Very, very sensitive. In touch with their feelings. Isn't afraid to express opinion about others. A bit clingy, but good friend.
  • Leo:Either an asshole or extremely kind. Loyal regardless. Will do anything for those that they love.
  • Virgo:Bad temper. Cares a lot about the respect that they get from others. Can be a bit blind on how their words will hurt others.
  • Libra:Regardless of their inner-balance, can make other's lives unbalanced. Often thinks of their self before others and is really self-involved.
  • Scorpio:Either obsessive about their people in their lives or doesn't care much at all about the people in their lives. Creates too many emotionally attached relationships.
  • Sagittarius:Very funny and has a great sense of humor, but if you get on their bad side will be vengeful.
  • Capricorn:Insecure. Holds onto people way too tightly. A hard worker.
  • Aquarius:Is very beautiful on the outside, but usually has an ugly personality. Thinks a bit too highly on themselves, but tries to use their high self-esteem to help others.
  • Pisces:Open-minded. Will stand by their friend's side no matter what happens. Really loyal.

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I know I'm repeating myself but I love talking about these 2. It was always my feeling they "came out" at the concert. There have been hints all over the place. I now believe not only did DD want to do X-Files again for what would be "normal" reasons, he actually wanted to spend time with GA and be around her. It's obvious to me that GA likes being around him - he makes her laugh. That's big in any relationship. I think there was something there from the very beginning.

Freedom Concert!

It’s fun talking about these two. They’re curious. There are so many layers when it comes to their relationship. It’s pretty interesting to see how they were from the start thought the dark times to growing up apart then coming together again and growing closer to where they are now! It’s incredible.

Maybe! I think this show definitely came at the right time. Maybe added incentive to get her to agree. I like how it was initially him that made her agree to the show but later changed to CC. No doubt CC had a part but psh we all know who gave her real reason!

What do you think happened in the beginning? Do you think they could of explored something or maybe just felt something but never attempted to explore?

We probably talked about this already and my awful memory is acting up again lol


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2, 7, and 15 (explain) c: !

2. On a scale of 1-5, how afraid of the dark are you?

EEHH I’d say a 3, maybe? I guess that, as a lot of other people, I am not scared of the dark but rather seeing something in the dark. Even seeing something that was in the dark (after turning on the lights). It just makes me feel a tad wary, you know? Too many horror movies.

7. What shirt are you wearing?

Was actually wearing a dress lol; A white one, I wanted to take a picture but I took off the dress for it so I guess it doesn’t count anymore? xD Now I’m just wearing a light blue shirt.

15. Do you like someone?

Nah man I’m outta that business it’s too much noise too much trouble. I just very recently went through yet another bad experience with all of that and I’m not eager to start again any time soon lol;; 

To be honest I’m not sure where my feelings stand in all of that, but I’m just tired of being someone else’s cushion to lay on for a while or just their entertainment. It’s not cool.

But whatever, I’m young, got a lot of time left and a lot of love to give! My time will come when I finally find someone who genuinely loves me u v u

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2 a lot of the dreams I have to do with a relationship are very scary , eg. I was walking with a girl and I agreed to something then I turned around and it was a graveyard and behind it darkness .... To this day I'm to scared to want to actually ask a girl out regardless if I absolutely adore her and she with me , that vision and those dreams pop up and I can not even come close to doing it ..... I don't know what to do :/ thanks

You have it backward. Your dream is a manifestation of your fear of rejection not your fear of a relationship coming from your dream. You see, dreams are often manifestations of fears. This is how we process fears in dreams where we are safe. Dreams are simulations like video games we play in our sleep. Have no fear. You will have a relationship and when you do the dreams will stop. Sam.

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do all the numbers bunnE i know youre bored

turn up tofu here i am here are all the numbers swag money u got it

0. height - 5ft. 3 in.

1. age - 16 yrs. old

2. shoe size - between an 8 and a 9

3. do you smoke - no it’s very bad for you

4. do you drink - no

5. do you take drugs - no

6. age you are mistaken for - usually older than my actual age

7. have tattoos - no

8. want any tattoos -  when i get older i might get a tiny one on my wrist or back of my neck or something

9. got any piercings - yes just my ears

10. want any piercings - not really

11. best friend - deadairhostage & you jessica of course

12. relationship status - free

13. biggest turn ons - tallness, freckles, dark hair, eye smile, beauty mark

14. biggest turn offs - camouflage, neon colors, lack of manners

15. favorite movie - i love a lot of movies i don’t really know but i liked breakfast at tiffany’s, the grand budapest hotel, numerous ghibli films, and summer wars

16. i’ll love you if - you buy me things

17. someone you miss - my friends

18. most traumatic experience - when my mom tried to give me the sex talk

19. a fact about your personality - at large parties i’m usually very reserved

20. what i hate most about myself - i am the worst procrastinator ever

21. what i love most about myself - the ability not to care about most things

22. what i want to be when i get older - i just want to be a pa for some super rich person who needs their life to be in order and i totally organize everything for them and get them coffee and then they fall in love with me and i’m like i’m sorry i have to go work for this other super rich guy and they’re totally heartbroken and then try to win me over really dramatically like showing up at my apartment soaking wet bc it’s raining outside and they’re like i need you allyson and i’m like okay and booyah

23. my relationship with my sibling - my sister is a terrible person

24. my relationship with my parents - they’re alright i give them like a 6 or a 5 out of 10 i turned out okay

25. my idea of a perfect date - going to a small cafe and having lunch and then walking around holding hands either by shops or in a park

26. my biggest pet peeves - not washing hands after going to the bathroom, spitting in a public place

27. a description of the girl/boy i like - brown hair, brown eyes, long eyelashes, very quiet

28. a description of the person i dislike the most - loud, tall, brown hair, plays the violin and won’t shut up about it, thinks i am their friend but i am actually not

29. a reason i’ve lied to a friend - i haven’t really lied to a friend i don’t think

30. what i hate most about work/school - homework

31. what my last text message said - “hahah”

32. what words upset me the most - when someone calls me annoying

33. what words make me feel the best about myself - when someone says they like something about me it doesn’t matter what

34. what i find attractive in women - short hair, full lips, looks good in heavy eye makeup

35. what i find attractive in men - tallness, soft hair

36. where i would like to live - seattle or enoshima

37. one of my insecurities - my forehead

38. my childhood career choice - jedi knight

39. my favorite ice cream flavor - chocolate chip mint (it should be the green colored kind)

40. who i wish i could be - the child of a rich person or royals

41. where i want to be right now - hanging out in a mall with some friends

42. the last thing i ate - garlic parmesan pretzel chips

43. sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately - i think jongin and taekwoon are really hot

44. a random fact about anything - in the music video for seventeen’s adore u the scene where they’re in the car woozi is seen playing with jeonghan’s hair for a couple seconds

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(I'm on mobile so) swimsuit and date night outfits, please! :D

I might actually draw these tomorrow cause these sound fun to do. c:

Swimsuit/beach: I think Ripley would wear a two-piece swimsuit, either white or dark blue and it would be very simple because she’s not really a very fancy lady. She’d probably also have black sandals and a sunhat of sorts cause not even a space lady wants sunburn.

Date night - A very simple yet elegant floor-length black dress. Again, nothing too fancy, she just needs to be able to move and function in it. As for shoes, she’d probably wear black heels but would bring her sneakers or something for the end of the event/date/whatever else.

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11, 26, 45, 81, 91, 105

11. why did i create a tumblr account?

i was in high school and i heard about it so i had to have one lol. i was very into social media at the time. but i was a very passive user then, nowadays i use it much more.

26. name someone pretty.

you, trey, and i are the pretty trinity vwv

45. describe my dream date.

hhuuurrrr uhh im down for anything really. something chill. ideally, they will take me somewhere ive never been but they love so they will be showing me something new while being very cute and excited to show me. it will be at night so after whatever we do we will take a walk in the dark and just talk. im not too picky, this is just a cute starting point ^^

81. what am i thinking of right now?

life and how i cant have what i want from it. that thought has been looming over me these last few days actually.

91. do i believe in the phrase, “if it is meant to be then it will be”?

somewhat. i believe in working towards a goal but if it isnt going to happen i feel like its ok. if something wont happen, something else is bound to. so i guess i believe in it to the degree that it helps me cope with certain life situations and helps me not to have regrets.

105. my OTP?

idk man im not a hardcore shipper. hhnnnnngggg butttt i guess i kinda lean toward will/hannibal >w> i cant think of any others atm 

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write six facts about yourself and pass it on to your ten favorite accounts (you don't have to do it)

1. I always wanted to play the drums when I was a little kid but my parents wanted me to play the violin, so I did that for a couple of years but I never do that anymore.
2. I always compare myself to others and most of the times it leaves me kinda sad.
3. I wish I could explore the whole world with just a backpack and my best friend.
4. I’m very afraid of horrormovies and actually just anything scary. When I see something like that it keeps repeating in my head over and over again when it’s dark and that’s annoying aF.
5. I’m almost always cold. Like when people are chilling in tanktops I’m in a sweater because I’m freezing.
6. I’m always the one who gives people advice but when it comes down to myself, I’m clueless for what to do.

Thanks for asking weirdo xxoxoxo

I don’t know what it is lately. I don’t know why I make up excuses to not hangout with people or to cancel every plans I make just to stay home by myself. I’m not depressed, I don’t feel sad or lonely or miserable at all. I’m actually the happiest I’ve been in a very long time, and that’s why it’s so confusing. I guess it’s just that I feel so distant from my life back home now and all of the people in it, that it takes more effort to try and hold on than to just accept the release of it. I’ve learned to love to be alone, I love being with my own thoughts, free to think and dream about whatever I want. That’s something I never had the privilege of doing before. My thoughts were too dark and twisted and dangerous for me to be left alone with them. But now all of that has changed. I see the people in my life that make me happy, that support me, that healed me, and close to none of those people are from home. The people here are self-centered, washed up, negative, and selfish. I have no interest in that, and I can’t be blamed for it. For so long I spent my days trapped in an awful mindset because of the environment I was in, and once I finally got out I saw a brighter life. I refuse to let that new attitude and happiness go for just a few months of having solid friends at home. None of them are worth it to me because none of them care enough to ask about me, how I’m doing, or even any new stories I have. I have no connection with anyone anymore, and for that reason I have no desire to see them. I would rather be alone, left to do things I want and enjoy on my own,than to be tainted once again by old ways. It’s easier for me to hide, and I like it that way. For once in my life I can honestly say I’m happier and healthier on my own than I ever could be with my “friends”