I actually love this episode more than any other

By now, I’m convinced that the Supergirl writers had to write the Karamel romance against their will, and they’re making many of the characters on this show make fun of him as a way to rebel against their evil CW overlords.

And no one has given more reasons why she shouldn’t be with Mon-El than Kara herself. In almost every single episode she comes up with a list of things that show how they are not good for each other, but every single time she ends up ignoring her own instincts by the end of the episode.

How do people find this attractive? Mon-El’s jealousy in this episode was terrible, fighting for Kara’s hand as if he has any right to actually make that decision.

“You can’t force love.”

That’s an actual quote from tonight’s episode, and I laughed so hard I started choking. How can they write something like that and then force this relationship between Kara and Mon-El? Mon-El was extremely douchey in this episode, Kara called him out on it more than once, but in the end they still kissed. What the hell?

And exactly how was all of THIS a Sanvers episode? It STILL somehow managed to revolve around Mon-El. There was more chemistry between Winn and that alien than there was between Kara and Mon-El in half a season. How is Mon-El apologizing for being a jerk in almost every single episode considered character development?

I just…I just don’t get it. How many times are they going to make Kara speak her mind and then completely erase everything she said during an ending scene with Mon-El because he smiles at her? How is this at all empowering to women?

one of the best parts of today’s episode, and possibly the best highlight over all?

Casey Jones straight up murdering a man, and saying “Whoops.”

his whole expression, his tone of voice, my god.

I don’t know who animates for him specifically, but let’s give them a slow clap everyone. because this part right here, this split second scene? it gave me more emotional impact than any other portion of the episode, and actual chills down my spine.

Casey Jones attempted to kill a man, and probably didn’t feel anything but pure hate for him. god damn.

Defending Miles and Kerry...

Okay, so Miles and Kerry aren’t actually that bad at writing. At least I’m pretty sure they aren’t because they’ve now made it to being world famous with a Japanese voice dub. I mean you could also get to that point with less than perfect writing, like with the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. And I think it’s just that, it’s good writing. But the fandom for the show seems to constantly claim that the show is extremely poorly written and that the fan fiction is better.

Now let’s see a few of the common criticisms that I see.

Jaune is Mile’s Luna’s Self Insert

Monty created both Jaune’s appearance and base character. Most voice actors will bring a portion of their personality to the character, though that doesn’t make Miles and Jaune the same person. By that logic, Monica Rial is Anna from Shimoneta, I’ve met her, been hugged by her because I drew Shiro (Deadman Wonderland) really well for an autographed picture. She’s probably the least egotistical person I’ve ever met.

I honestly get this feeling that people hate Jaune because he’s a white, male, character. Same goes for Sun and Neptune. I mean Neptune is a bit of a playboy.

There are Very Few Canon Relationships

A lot of 15-year-olds would love to have RWBY just be another one of their romance anime, or action anime where everybody ends up in a relationship by the end. Well, it’s not. And honestly, you guys will just have to learn to deal with it.

The only relationships we really have right now are between Ren and Nora, and Ghira and Kali.

The only one I could potentially see happening at some point in the future is Bumbleby, and that’s only due to my own personal headcanons about why Raven left Team STRQ and how that would relate to where Blake and Yang stand in comparison to that group. At the same time that completely relies on something I made up in my head, that isn’t canon as of yet. There was also a small quip that Sun made in the last episode we saw him and Blake regarding Yang.

On the other hand, White Rose will never be a thing. Weiss is straight and has never shown any attraction to women. And Ruby has only ever shown an attraction to weapons, though that’s been more of a joke. At this point I don’t think she’s all to worried about getting into a relationship and is more into just having familial or friendly love rather than romantic.

The same can be said for any of the smaller groups. CFVY have a very small part in the series, Velvet actually plays a much larger role than the rest of the group, but I’ve actually heard people complaining that they didn’t just make Velvet and Coco a canon couple.

The same goes for Neo and Torchwick. Ozpin and Glynda. Various other ships. Honestly, it’s just a bunch of people pissed off because their headcanon isn’t actually canon.

The Fan Fiction is Better

No it’s not.

Rule #1: If you state a main characters name in the first sentence of the story don’t give the full name. Take this into consideration:

Original: “Summer Rose knew she wasn’t going to make it out of this situation alive, and it killed her”

Re-write: “Summer knew she wasn’t going to make it out of this situation inside. It killed her inside knowing that she wasn’t going to see her daughters again.”

I do editing on commission, I went to college for it.

Changing it to that extent doesn’t change the original voice but it adds a bit of emotion to the opening sentences and takes out anything unnecessary.

This is a common mistake I see.

Rule #2: 

Have a direction that you want to go with it other than “adhering to my ship”. I personally think that unless your writing a historical piece about a homosexual couple going against the system, then relationships shouldn’t be the first thing you’re talking about. And let’s be honest, if you’re writing RWBY fan fiction, you’re not writing a historical piece.

Rule #3:

Write less, not more. This is a basic rule of writing.

Rule #4:

Your first draft is always your worst draft. Re-write it at least twice.

Rule #5:

Know the world of your story inside out. When writing something based off of something else you have to recreate it, effectively making it your own. This goes doubly so for adapting.

Pyrrha’s death was a cop-out


An excuse designed to shirk responsibility.

So killing off a character who’s name is basically Pyrrhic Victory, is a cop out. Not killing her because fans like her would be a cop out.

NEVER WATCH “A GAME OF THRONES” IN YOUR LIFE. You can’t take the death of a fictional character so you lash out at the writers for killing her off.

Now please, shut up about how terrible you think they are. You’re lashing out because you think you could write it better when you really couldn’t.

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If you had to rank your favorite and least favorite Pokemon seasons (excluding Sun & Moon,), what would they be? Personally, I love the Advanced series but I wasn't too hot on Diamond and Pearl

Imma put Sun and Moon on here anyways cuz can braddah man LOL

Sun and Moon, Original Series, Advanced, DP, Best Wishes, XY

(under the cut for reasoning)

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MLP Families + Rainbow Dash’s Family, Sunset’s, and Starlight’s (A.K.A. Marvel doesn’t know how to write short posts anymore)

We’ve gotten to know everyone else’s families, and all of them have been so wonderful and so immediately telling of what the girls’ home lives were like– just by showing who these characters are now.

Rarity’s Family

We haven’t seen much more than a single scene with these two talking, but almost as soon as they open their mouths, we instantly understood everything about their family dynamic.

The way their designs and their mannerisms juxtapose Rarity tells us so much about her and what it was like growing up with parents who are clearly very loving, but also probably extremely embarrassing for a pony like Rarity.

You don’t have to see a single scene of Rarity being embarrassed to get that– it’s so cleverly designed that you can instantly read into everything you see. Even Sweetie Belle to some extent (although we’ve actually been able to get to know and develop her character, so it’s different); we know despite the fact that they argue and bicker, Sweetie’s always looked up to her sister, and later wants to get from under her shadow.

That show, don’t tell type of writing is brilliantly simple, and so effective.

All the girls’ families are actually like that and it’s so freaking great.

Pinkie’s Family

Bonus headcanon: this isn’t based on anything, really, but I always love the idea that Pinkie’s  “Granny Pie,” the one who taught her to laugh at her fears, was a lot like her– hence why you have this really different personality in a more reserved family (it skipped a generation and manifested in Pinkie)

Pinkie’s twin sister needed her to “do the talking” for her, so Pinkie grew more talkative and her sister grew more quiet. Her big sister Maud could’ve easily helped Pinkie develop her ability to stay so cheery even when someone’s emotions are hard to read.

Limestone is pretty interesting, too, because she comes the closest to a rockier relationship (@yourchangelingoverlord what up). Watch the episode back and you’ll see their pretty loving with each other, but Pinkie actually kinda huffs when her sister’s grumpy about holder’s boulder. It makes you wonder what Pinkie growing up with a grump like Limestone would’ve been like.

The cakes essentially adopting her into their family is super sweet. I don’t have any analysis on that, it’s just great.

Fluttershy’s Family

Again, Fluttershy’s family tells you a lot about her just by being who they are.

Both of her parents are exactly as meek as she was, so it’s more than easy to see how that would’ve influenced her personality. Then there’s her little brother, who kinda took advantage of his pushover family just by being his bombastic self.

There’s also Rainbow Dash, who grew up alongside Fluttershy and seems extremely familiar with the family– she even reminisces with them when they’re having lunch together.

It’s just vague enough that FlutterDash shippers are happy that she knows ‘her future in-laws’ and I’m happy that Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash grew up like sisters, and neither of us have to be mad at each other! Now that’s some good writing. ^^

Twilight’s Family

At first glance, I thought Twilight’s family was the one exception to this rule, but nope. Still awesome.

See, I thought Twilight’s parents were a bit bland, but then I really thought about it. Twilight’s pretty anxiety-driven, or at the very least neurotic. A calming, loving, and supportive influence would’ve helped her not crumble under the pressure of being Princess Celestia’s student.

Shining Armour becoming more and more involved withe royal guard (since he became captain) might’ve also made Twilight progressively more focused on her studies. I mean, even more so.

Which is where her teacher/mother-figure comes in– someone who nurtured her and always wanted her to see her own worth, but could never erase Twilight’s idolization of her– even to this day.

Then there’s my baby boy Spike who’s always been there for her (I wrote a post about his special talent here, if you want more dragony sweetness). He’s such a sweetheart, and their brother/sister relationship makes me so happy.

What I find interesting is Spike’s relationships to Twilight’s family. Does he know her parents well? Does he know Celestia better than them, or vice versa? And what about Shining Armour? Do they consider each other brothers?

The last one might be true, at least, to some extent. They haven’t had a ton of interaction in the show, but we know Spike wanted to throw Shining a bachelor party (even though he didn’t understand it should be held before the wedding), and that Spike plays Ogres and Oubilletes– a complicated fantasy roleplaying game (D&D) that he didn’t learn from Twilight and that Shining Armour used to play as a teenager (in the comics).

#BestBros4Life, #ThereAre3SparkleSiblings

Applejack’s Family

Again, we instantly know this family’s history just by looking at them. It wasn’t until season 5 that we got explicit confirmation that the Apple siblings’ parents aren’t around anymore, but their absence clued us in in season 1.

And knowing that, the fact that this family is so tight-knit is so much more meaningful. We can tell the tragedy made them the close family they are now as they regrouped and redefined their roles in its wake.

Applejack is who she is because she had responsibility thrust upon her at a young age– and that was never said, but we all know it, don’t we?

The huge extended family just makes the emphasis on the importance of family that much more obvious.

Here’s hoping we’ll get to meet the two missing members someday …

But, in the meantime, Applejack also has another family, doesn’t she?

This applies to all the girls and Spike, too, of course, but I still maintain that it’s a special kind of meaningful for AJ. Knowing how much family means to her, when she calls someone family who’s not a blood relative, I think it means so much.

As early as season 2, Applejack called the girls her family. They’re honorary members of the Apple family, but the girls and Spike are a found family in their own right at this point (a found family being exactly what it sounds like, family you choose).

As someone with both honorary family members and a found family of friends, I can tell you when it’s not genetic or through adoption, this is something that’s earned, especially when it’s from someone like AJ who holds family in such high regard.

Basically, this moment was a bigger deal than people make it out to be for AJ’s character and I love it so much.

Rainbow’s Family

So, finally we get to my little all-star unintentional asshole, Rainbow Dash. The only member of her family we’ve ever seen is this blue stallion the majority of the fandom has taken to assume is her dad (and some, her big brother, which is cool, but we don’t have an only child among the mane six, so a little variety would be nice).

Now, there was a pony in the flashback with pink eyes near to them that you could argue could be hear mom, but aside from having a non-distinct design, she wasn’t invited to Hearth’s Warming, so she’s probably unrelated.

So, I should state, that just because we haven’t seen her mom doesn’t mean anything about her (we’ve learned that lesson a surprising amount of times), but the fact that her dad was invited to Hearth’s Warming this year, but the fact that no one even resembling someone that could be Dash’s mom was there leads me to believe, at least until proven wrong, that there’s a reason she’s absent.

Now, there’s a few options I can think of.

A. Divorce - we don’t have a pair of divorced parents in the show yet, so I could see the writers taking advantage of this to tell a kind of story young kids can relate to somewhere down the road. This would also highlight Rainbow’s loyalty, and explain why despite being the Element of Loyalty she sometimes still has trouble choosing between loyalties.

B. Straight-Up Death - Rainbow’s a tough kind of character (or at least, puts up a tough front), and I’ve said before speaking on this subject that because of it, I could see her experiencing loss in her past. 

A bonus to this option is a special kind of bond with Applejack. All the girls relate to one another in different ways, and so far with AJ and RD it’s mostly been competitive (or, just recently coaching together … or ). This would deepen their buddy-buddy friendship and build off the fact that they’re already two strong characters (who might need to be vulnerable every now and then).

C. M.I.A./Just Plain Abandonment - I currently hold the headcanon that Rainbow’s mom was in some form of military (be in the Wonderbolts, the Guard, or something else), and just went missing in action.

This includes all the benefits of having her die (wow, I’m dark), and also adds yet another meaning to why Rainbow Dash wants to be a Wonderbolt– one of which already being that seeing them fly makes her feel less alone. Having a mom flying among them would explain that nicely.

There’s also the option that she’s off doing her own thing, which again, speaks volumes given her Element of Loyalty daughter.

All of these options and I’m sure more tell you something about why Rainbow is the way she is, and even if none of them are right in the slightest, I’ll still be excited to see what subtle, clever way the MLP Crew introduces them.

Bonus Families! Because why not!

Sunset Shimmer’s Family

I’ve been answering asks and speculating with some awesome people about Sunset’s family, but I totally forgot that we actually have an answer.

According to the EQG Holiday Special comic, Sunset tells Applejack she was never really close to her family, even when she was back in Equestria.

It makes sense with how ambitious Sunset was. She would’ve lived in the castle, focusing on her studies– and unlike my theories for Starlight, she pulled away, not vice versa. She’s estranged.

Dear Twilight,
My second slumber party with the girls, and already I feel so much closer to everyone! I haven’t felt so loved, so accepted, in… well… ever! I feel like I finally have a family again. Without all of you to help and support me, I’d be—Well, you know what I would be! Anyway, I should get some sleep. But I want to let you know, before I do… that I love you all.
Sunset Shimmer

~ Sunset, The EQG Holiday Special comic

Sunset’s told Princess Twilight she finally feels like she has a family again in the girls, so I don’t know if she’s going to try to unestrange herself anytime soon. We might never know what they were like, or if there was even more of a reason Sunset got herself away from them. I guess that part’s left to the imagination.

But now that we know Sunset didn’t have much of a family in her biological relatives, it makes her mother/daughter-in-all-but-name relationship with Celestia that much more poignant. And, her backstory that much more understandable.

Sunset was super entitled, impatient, and eventually power-hungry, which is the main reason for her fights with Princess Celestia happened. But even beyond that, Sunset’s anger was probably partially motivated by hurt that Celestia continually told her she wasn’t ready for the destiny she’d seemingly promised.

Celestia’s approval is a HUGE motivator for Twilight, but I think you can argue even though Sunset is much more ready to question her ex-mentor, her approval and love is still hugely important to her, too. Especially if she was the mare who raised her almost entirely.

Starlight’s Family

Ever notice how in Starlight’s flashbacks she always seems … alone? I don’t mean Sunburst leaving her, I mean her parents aren’t really there.

And again, it might not mean anything at all, but just imagine for a second that Starlight’s family was ‘there,’ but distant with her. More focused on their careers, maybe, but also just emotionally distant and unable to really connect with her.

The type of mom that tells a kid to smile because they look nicer that way without caring whether they feel like smiling. Sort of fake, if you know what I mean.

So with that in mind, think about her losing Sunburst again, because if this was true, she wouldn’t just be losing a best friend, she’d be losing her only emotional support. 

Now it makes sense that she’d develop a fear of him rejecting her again, and why his love and approval was incredibly important to her– hence why no going to visit him, hence drawing away, and hence building a society later in life where everyone is always happy and ‘can leave whenever they want’ but never choose to do so– and hence, a superficial understanding of real connections and real happiness.

Come on, everypony, smile, smile, smile.

Her abandonment issues a whole lot of sense this way. A scary amount of sense.

I don’t care how long this got, it was worth it. The way they treat family in this show is remarkable and wonderful writing, and I hope even if my headcanons are super wrong, we’ll continue to see more excellent introductions like these.


Hello Miraculers! I’m Lyrl! Pleased to meet you all! This is my first proper contribution to the fandom on tumblr haha (though it’s still sketchy): I’ve been lurking since the 1st of september and after almost 2 months I’ve finally emerged! I’m still not used to drawing ML characters, so pardon me! More comments about the comic rationale under the cut :) There’s some spoilers there, so approach with caution ;)

Edit: Tumblr butchered its quality, so full view if you can! (well as long as the words are visible it’s okay without full view too… since it’s sketchy…)

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Michael After Midnight - Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

FINALLY. Look, I do not care how much shit this gets me, but this is one of my favorite Star Wars movies – moreso than Episodes VI or VII, even. And I’ve loved it ever since I first saw it in theaters with my dad. Looking back, it really makes me wonder how I managed to be such a pretentious snob about movies for so much of my life, because this movie is coated in as much cheese as any other one of the prequels – this time, though, the cheese tastes a lot better, and lends itself to making this a genuinely good cheesy movie, akin to something like Flash Gordon.

Here’s the story, and it’s one I actually give more than one shit about this time: it’s the final days of the Clone Wars, and shit is about to go nuts. Obi-Wan is off to end the war once and for all by killing General Grievous; meanwhile, Anakin gets seduced to the Dark Side by Palpatine, who – GASP! - was really Darth Sidious the whole time! What ensues next is something that will change the galaxy’s history forever… will there be a happy ending here? HA! There’s still several movies to go, so you know there ain’t!

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Ok, so me and a few friends were talking about 31 and how it hurts soo bad, especially for Lysnader route girls like me ( talk about a sucker punch to the gut ) and for all Lysander girls right now we kinda feel like the rebound chick ( I know I do )…doesn’t help for Candies like me on Lysander’s route WHO LOOK SIMILAR OR EXACTLY LIKE ROSA! I’ve mentioned it before as funny, because I never intended it, but now that thought hurts me. I obviously know It doesn’t matter or apply to the actual episode itself, and I am no higher or lower than any other Candy, but it stings, because who more to really feel like a rebound than us Rosa look alike Candies who love Lysnader…anyways to all fellow Lysnader lovers, Let’s hope for our happy arc ending for 32 😣💔

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hii, can you explain what the wyonna earp show you've been blogging about is about? also, is it similar to VM in any way? [or to izombie if you have seen that] xx

Okay. Basically. Wynonna Earp is the descendant of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. Wyatt killed 77 people (bad guys) with his gun, the Peacemaker, and those 77 people became demon type things after they died, and it’s up to the heir to the Earp family name to send those demons back to hell after their 27th birthday when they become a wizard, Harry. I mean. When their Earp powers activate. 

It’s a lot like Veronica Mars in that the protagonist is a flawed heroine with SUPER SASS POWERS, which is one of the reasons I love it so much.

It’s not, like, “great highbrow entertainment” or anything, but I’m loving the shit out of the cheese and the characters and the actors so far, and I’ll take that over “great highbrow entertainment” any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Really, it’s… it’s kind of a mix between Jessica Jones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Frozen, and Supernatural (except so far female characters have actually survived more than one episode, soooo….) with a little Veronica Mars thrown in.

Plus, Waverly Earp and Officer Nicole Haught are SUPER GAY INTO EACH OTHER and their ship name is “WayHot”, if that does anything for you.

Okay here’s all I’m gonna say on the matter. Ships/romance is not what gravity falls is all about. It’s actually a very little part of it, but it still addresses it and I respect that. With that said I am about to launch into a very long paragraph about a decision I recently made about ships… Bare with me.

I have watched both seasons to many times to count and for the longest time I couldn’t decide what I liked more, Dipper with Wendy, or Dipper with Pacifica.
I was honestly split! I love all three characters and so I settled on liking both whatever way it goes. How ever waiting for the next episode has gotten me scratching at the walls so I’ve decided to sit down and get myself together. And I’ve come to the conclusion that i ship *pause for effect* Dipper x Wendy ☺️

I really like Pacifica’s growth and she is a major character but unless the writers plan to do more than just that one episode… I don’t feel like it’s enough. And it’s clear that Dipper helped Pacifica grow into a better person but I don’t see any future growth from Dipper out of that relationship.

However, Dipper and Wendy are the classic ‘guy has crush on girl that’s way out of his league’. So by definition (in every other story) he learns that his crush was not actually love and finds someone else or moves on. This story is a little different. Instead of guys crush being this mythical creature that doesn’t know of his existence, she is right by his side and is actually a very close friend. Not out of pity either, but that she genuinely enjoys being with him. She makes him not only happy but she never reminds him that he’s too small, too young, or too weak like mostly everybody else in town does. And being friends, they have the exact same interests. Both outdoorsy, both love to discover, Dipper and Wendy have already been on several adventures together. She has picked Dipper up when he’s been down, has pushed Dipper and Mabel to be a family again, and will fight for both of their’s lives. Dipper knows this, he knows she’s not just someone who’s fun to spend time with she cares about her family and friends. He admires her strength and her strong mind. He respects and loves her, and because of that he has decided to grow into a man worth loving. Not in a 'I have to change myself for my crush’ kind of way, but she inspires him to be a better person.

I know a lot of people say that the ship is sunk/dead after “Into the Bunker” and I think that for a long time it will be, of sorts. Dipper told her, and Wendy being his friend said that she was just too old for him, but that she will always care about him and that if they ever stopped beings friends 'she would jump off a cliff’ haha. It’s clear that telling her didn’t make Dippers feelings go away he just learned to cope with them more. The message that I got out of it was this, it was simply the wrong time. Dipper and Wendy will both grow up and mature and someday age won’t make a difference. But like all romances (especially friends-to-romance) it takes sometime…

So in conclusion, I’m sorry for clogging the dash with my opinions. And I completely respect others opinions. Again, just like almost every aspect of the show there is something that is not only familiar but relatable to me personally. That’s why my love for the entire shows runs so deep. Regardless, to any of you Wendips out there, I just wanted to say I’m on your side ☺️❤️

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What is your favorite Spongebob episode?

WOW how can u actually ask that question i cant give you ONE episode i love more than any other theres too many i like

like wet paint, rock a bye bivalve, survival of the idiots and a lot of others i dont remember the names to

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why do you like amedot? lapidot is so much better.

See, this is the hate I’ve been trying to avoid. I don’t mind other ships, one of my real life friends ships Lapidot and I ship Amedot, but we’re still best friends(though I’m a little upset with her at the moment for other reasons). I have nothing against any ships, I just prefer my Lapidot platonic. 

And, as for why I like(love with great obsession) Amedot so much, well, sit back and relax because this is gonna get looong. 

First of all, when I got into Amedot, it did start from “Too Far” just like many other fans. I squealed “EEE!” and my best friend next to me(we were roommates at the time) just gasped. We ended up having a study session that night on how it could work. I pointed outs things how Peridot is still learning and she stated, “I want to understand…” and Amethyst was made on earth and Peridot was from Homeworld. Now, they knew nothing of each others worlds and could so learn from each other (with Steven too, of course). Also, there colors are so cute together. 

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Yes, Peridot did hurt Amethyst, and Ame did sorta provoked Peri into it(Amethyst just being Amethyst), but our precious little green alien was genuinely sorry afterwards. 

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And, it literally broke my heart when Amethyst found out more about about her past and what she could’ve been(You’re perfect, Ame!), and Peridot laughed at her, but Peri had no idea what that she was doing wrong, nor did she think she should care afterward. Oh, but Peridot did cared, she seemed so dejected when Amethyst ignored her. It was a funny, yet very serious episode with great character development. And, Peridot actually risk her life to whisk her off her feet knock Amethyst  out of the way of a raging drill. 

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Breaking her leash which was shown earlier in the epsiode she had a hard time breaking. 

And, let’s not forget the imfamous…

Originally posted by mercyandpierre

Yes, just look how detailed their faces got, and everything I’ve watch(I’m a Animation Major so I’ve seen about everything :T) with moments like these just aren’t gonna go on ignored. I wouldn’t mind at all if they did go on to be something more, I’d think they’d be great together, platonically or romantic. They have things they could still learn from each other, plus it’s obvious they have been spending a lot of time with each other. And, I think you know where I’m going. To that famous Lapidot episode, “Barn Mates” which is coincidentally down by the same(and my favorite storyboard artists) as “Too Far” which are Hilary Florido and Lauren Zuke.

Originally posted by charnamefic

Peridot had a couple of moments were she sounded like a certain purple someone (*cough* Amethyst.. *cough*) and surprisingly I was actually first watched this episode with my Lapidot friend when I was there visiting. But, even she laughed her head off and pointed out the same thing. She doesn’t mind Amedot just as I don’t mind Lapidot. 

Anyways, my point is that Amethyst is obviously having some influence on Peri and it makes me happy that they have all these cute little moments. I just think they could learn from each other in more ways than one. and, it’d be nice to see a relationship growing on the show other than Conniverse(love them). And, it could be any ship, I just like a good story even if I prefer Amedot. Plus, they are kinda opposite, and I love opposites attracting, it’s my favorite.
Peri is techy and seems to think everything through(most of the time), while Amethyst seems to be more go with the flow.

Peri is loud, over thinks, childish, hot tempered, and tends to not what to goof off as Amethyst seems more chill(not as much as Garnet though), and meh about things, goofs off, but is also childish in a different way and can be hot tempered at times.

And other things, but this thing is getting so long. Their are many other reason why they could make it as a couple, and moments in the past episodes since “Too Far” that you can really notice in the subtexts that other Amedot blogs pointed out that do help push their relationship. 

I think they could make it, even if this long wordy thing makes no sense to anyone, or doesn’t prove why I like this ship.

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What were the specific moments when Farkle and Maya were emotionally adopted by Corpanga?


  • Okay so Cory gets emotionally attached to Maya fairly quickly
  • Mostly because he’s the designated Play Date Chaperone so he sees her all the time but also because he’s like!!!! My daughter has a friend clearly she’s great!!!! And then of course once he gets to know her a little better he thinks she’s adorable/funny/feels bad for her because of her parents situation
  • And we know Kermit didn’t officially leave until she was like 7?? So they had already known her for a little over a year at that point. So after Kermit takes off Cory’s just like “…Fuck I’m the only male role model in this kid’s life aren’t I?”
  • In fact he was!
  • And he took some childhood development classes and all when he was studying for his degree so like. He knows she needs a positive role model omfg
  • So he just made himself more available so to speak, you know, like when an aunt or uncle or older sibling tends to “step up” to help if a child’s parent dies
  • And for the looooongest time Mini Maya thought he was just acting like he cared out of sheer pity so she’d fight with him all the time to see if he’d give up on her. That’s why in the pilot episode she was so positive Cory was going to make Riley stop hanging out with her, she thought she finally pushed it too far. But after he didn’t is when she realized he actually cares about her and started warming up a lot more.
  • With Topanga it was just the more and more she got to know her she lowkey fell in parent love you feel
  • There was also a part of her that identified her with Shawn (because tbh I think Topanga’s head is shoved up BMW Assumptions’ ass farther than any other character in the show, but that’s a rant for a different day lol)
  • Also Topanga still hasn’t entirely worked everything out with her own father really, and since she was getting the story from Maya’s pov, she probably had a lot of problems with Katy in the earlier years and that’s why she’s always aggressively in mom-mode for Maya
  • Also on a very lowkey subconscious level, perfectionist fix-everything Topanga sees a little girl who keeps referring to herself as broken? I’m just saying
  • But yes so with Maya neither of them really had a moment where they were like ‘oh shit we just emotionally adopted a child’ like it was a very gradual thing that felt natural and they can’t really pinpoint.
  • F a r k l e
  • Okay so the second they found out Farkle was the spawn of Minkus and Jennifer Basset they were like y i k e s
  • There was a lot of conflicting emotions in that first playdate right after the kids had first met lol
  • But the kids are already too close and too adorable it’s too late for either couple to do anything without Romeo and Juliet-ing their children omfg
  • But anyway, Farkle starts spending a lot of time at the Matthews’ place, mostly because that’s just the apartment the kids prefer to hang out/have sleepovers in, but even when they wanna go somewhere, Cory’s the only one who’s job let’s him have weekends and summers off so it just makes more sense
  • Both Cory and Topanga are very polite to Farkle, because the kid is completely adorable and delightful but they’re lowkey waiting for him to show signs of being crazy like his mother lol
  • Okay so it’s summer time, the kids are 7, Topanga’s super fucking pregnant but refusing to take time off from work because she’s stubborn. Jen scheduled a vacation in the Hamptons with her friends unknowingly at the same time Stuart had to rush off to Australia for a business deal. So they’re completely desperate and the Matthews agree to watch Farkle like a week and a half.
  • So both his parents jet off and Cory’s only had these three kids for a few hours before they start up with the “we’re BOOOORRRRED” stuff, and Cory knows if they whine anymore they will wake up/set off his hormonal time bomb of a wife and he doesn’t want these little kids to die, so he decides to take them to the park lmao
  • And there weren’t really any good ‘playgrounds’ by their apartment at the time but there was a normal park and Riley had skates, Maya had a skateboard and Farkle had a bike so he figured they could keep themselves entertained right
  • Poor Cory he really tried omfg he triple checks everyone’s padding and helmets and orders them to only stay where he can see them from the bench and made Maya promise to not cause trouble or try to instigate races and made them all swear to not talk to strangers like he does the whole spiel
  • But then he sits down on the bench and takes out a book because he really needs to be getting work done to plan out his syllabus and lesson plan for September
  • The SECOND they’re out of ear shot obviously Maya starts trying to talk Farkle into racing her omfg
  • She starts off with ‘only losers ride bikes’ and goes from there and poor little Farkle is just like…stop,
  • But she won’t and instead of stopping her, Riley is just in full ‘But daddy told us NOT to race!!!’ mode even though everyone knows she’s gonna take off the second Maya does. So this leaves Farkle alone to defend his and his bikes honor but he’s not exactly the best with confrontation lmao
  • So she eventually wears him down because she goes ‘Aren’t you a scientist? Don’t you wanna PROVE your bike is better and faster than my board or Rileys skates???’, and Farkle is just immediately like…it is ON.
  • remember that their seven
  • So anyway peer pressure wins out so now Riley’s game for this too lol and they agree where they’re going to race to and CORY’S GLANCING UP EVERY NOW AND THEN BUT STILL VERY ENGROSSED IN HIS WORK so the three of them take off!!!!!
  • I t s  B a d
  • Riley was actually in the lead but Farkle was in fact kicking Maya’s ass but then he just. Crashes his fucking bike
  • He hit something on the path that made the bike jump, he goes over the fucking handle bears, hits the ground with all his momentum, and rolls very hard off the path and down the little hill, into a tree, where his bike then lands on top of him t h i s  c h i l d
  • What a dramatic way to die,
  • So once he snaps out of the immediate breathless shock obviously he’s crying because everything hurts and he’s literally a baby
  • The girls are f r e a k i n g the fuck out and Cory heard him yell when the bike first hit something so he saw this whole thing and runs over omfg
  • Cory is in a PANIC which isn’t reassuring the girls at all because they’re positive Farkle is gonna die omfg
  • So now Cory’s got three sobbing children and one bleeding that might have broken bones f u c k omfg he’s trying to get the girls to quiet down and check to make sure he can safely move Farkle at the same time it’s a mess
  • Okay so Cory is actually pretty good with first aid so after looking him over he’s pretty sure he can get him cleaned up back at the apartment and would only have to take him to the hospital if he shows any signs of a concussion
  • So he picks Farkle up and this poor kid is still sobbing omfg and he makes Maya get his bike so she can walk it back to the apartment. Riley keeps her skates on and grabs onto one of Farkle’s hands so she can easily move at the same speed as her father the whole walk and ask him a million questions all boiling down to ‘is Farkle gonna die???’
  • “Riley why are you so morbid oh my God don’t say that in front of him he’ll be fine”
  • But Cory’s got two panicked crying girls, one bloody kid sobbing into his shoulder and he’s basically internalizing the fact that he’s also a mess rn omfg he’s doing the whole ‘he got hurt on MY WATCH’ thing and Farkle’s clearly in pain Cory is weak and his heart is breaking omfg
  • So they get in the apartment building and Cory tells the girls to run to Mrs. Svorski’s apartment to borrow her first aid kit in case he’s missing anything
  • And he heads up to the apartment without them and Topanga is deadass just coming out to leave for work and she’s FLIPPING SHIT when she sees them because who expects to open their door to see their husband covered in the blood and tears of an injured child like
  • So Cory’s just trying to calm Farkle down because he’s still a bit hysterical and Topanga’s in worried mother mode like omfg this angel child doesn’t deserve this @God why you doing this
  • But Topanga’s now running late for work so Cory convinces her he’s got in covered and the girls run in right when she’s leaving
  • So Cory sits him at the table and gets him all cleaned up (with the still very worried Good Little Nurses Riley and Maya hand him things) and Farkle does eventually calm down a little omfg
  • He had SO MANY cuts and bruises omfg but luckily nothing seemed broken or needed stiches. His glasses were completely shattered and since he was still there for the week Cory had to dig up his pair and hope the prescription was close enough (and they were way too big so he had to tie a string around the ends for if they fell off his face o m f g)
  • So he’s finally done but everyone’s still lowkey crying this was a very emotionally taxing event omfg so Cory just put some kiddie movie on and they all crash on the couch omfg.
  • He’s still holding Farkle omfg after a while when the kid officially calms down he starts feeling really embarrassed about his reaction and everything (bc you know how boys can get) and he said something like “Mr. Matthews you can let go of me now” and Cory’s just like “yEAH NO IM NOT READY TO DO THAT YET” “OKAY
  • Because now Cory’s letting on how freaked out the whole thing had him so that makes Farkle feel a little better omfg
  • Like listen bring this event up to present day Cory and he might still tear up while the kids laugh at him omfg
  • But anyway Topanga gets home a few hours later and all the kids are asleep on the couch as Cory is very intensely staring off into space and when he realizes she’s there he points to her huge baby bump and he’s just like “…We have four kids now.”
  • “Cory, oh my God.”
  • And Topanga knows there’s no shaking him and as she gets to know Farkle a little better over the week he’s staying with them she’s just like…oh no now I’m getting attached too f u c k
  • However, she doesn’t fully commit and get completely emotionally attached until 5th grade when Farkle tells them about how his parents fight all the time then she’s READY AND EMBRACING THIS omfg she knew she always had good reason for hating Jennifer Basset
  • So yeah basically if you ask Cory and Topanga how many kids they have while they’re distracted, they’ll tell you 4 omg
  • losers

You know what, I’m sick of c/exa stans saying us blorkers (I rlly love that name) only cared about the episode because of Bellamy and Clarke reuniting.
Let me let you new fans in on a lil secret. Way before lex/a was introduced there was a show called the 100 that was actually about the 100. A group of delinquents lead the story and faced troubles and war together and we’re always side by side.
Then one day a bulldoze of c/exa fans came barging through the doors and made the show out to be about only cl/xa and if you complained because you were a fan from the start and your fav characters (AKA THE MAIN) weren’t getting any screen time; you were called homophobic and disgusting and trashy and not a good person.

Anyways, I don’t want to get into that dark period of the 100 fandom because it sucked. Lol. My point is, now that the 100 is reunited (and the co leaders of that group are Bellamy and Clarke who so happen to be shipped together by a bunch of us) those who shan’t be named are trying to say we only care about Bellamy and Clarke finally getting screen time together.

Like, ex-squeeeeeeeze the fuck outta me??

We love Monty green. We love jasper Jordan. We love Raven Reyes (<3). We love Clarke griffin . We love Bellamy Blake. We love Murphy. We love Octavia Blake ( even if she isn’t the best right now, we still love her). We love Sinclair. We love Kane. We love Abby. We love Wells Jaha. We love Lincoln (rip bby). A lot of us actually kind of liked Le/xa as well before she was shoved down our throats.

We love THE 100.

So fuck you and your assumptions about us. This episode was the best in a while because of Lindsey Morgan’s more than stellar acting. We were so excited about it because the two main characters were actually speaking to each other again. We loved it because Jasper and Monty and Clarke and Bellamy and Octavia were in the same fucking room for once.

How dare you people try to bash us for getting excited about the 100 reuniting, and also being happy about Bellamy and Clarke mending their relationship.

I will treat any c/exa Stan with the same respect they treat me, and right now I’m not getting any good vibes from most of you salty shippers.

Just get out of here.

I know I’ve posted about this before but I’m gonna post about it again because

1) The picture in the old post isn’t as in good quality as this one is

2) I frigging ADORE this scene even though it’s so brief

3) In my delusional fangirl mind, THIS was the moment Kou’s feelings for Akane became apparent 


“She’ll keep getting stronger, case by case” (which I translate to also meaning: “I know she’ll be just fine. I believe in her.” )

That expression. That warm smile.I mean, we’ve all seen Kou smile (in several eps, ) but he never smiled like THAT up until that moment right before he decided to leave. And actually, it’s usually more of a ‘smirk’ than a 'smile’ in the other episodes so the fact that he’s wearing a full-blown smile here is just…oh god *grabs chest, fangirling*


He’s usually so damn stoic, poker-faced and so forth…but Akane is able to put that look on his face. She’s probably the ONLY person who can make him smile like that. Also, he was, as I said, talking about HER in this part right when he smiled like that. I’m sorry, but could it be any more obvious???

just take her already, dammit Kou

I-I just….GAHHH X//////////x I can barely handle this scene because of all these feelings

other significant thoughts regarding daredevil:

  • wilson fisk is. ugh. so creepy. but what a well-written (and more importantly, well-acted, the entire character hinges on the actor’s performance) villain.
  • i like madame gao but she’s also horrendous and also the only villain who seems to have any handle on what’s going on. again, i like competency.
  • i wish claire had a bigger part in the show.
  • the one thing. the one thing i cannot get over is WHY DOES NO ONE NOTICE MATT’S MASK DOESN’T HAVE EYEHOLES. like when he’s talking to ben does ben not make the connection “hey, your mask literally has no eyeholes, do you not need to see? wait, i know this blind lawyer who is very close with the people helping me in this investigation. WAIT A MINUTE.” LIKE WHY DOES NO ONE OUT OF THE HUNDREDS OF BAD GUYS HE CURBSTOMPS NOTICE HIS MASK HAS NO EYEHOLES
  • i really, really appreciate how catholicism has been worked in as a genuine part of the character’s lives, neither to tear it down or raise it up but just as part of the world they live in. and yes i am very aware that christianity has an advantage when it comes to positive representation in media. i know other religions, major religions like islam and judaism, have it far worse. it’s just for me personally, after six seasons of supernatural slowly tearing apart christian mythology and making the angels awful and god gone, after episode after episode of doctor who where religion in general is no more than a system designed to keep the gullible sacrificing to the strong, it’s so nice to watch a show i care about and have the show say, “hey, i’m not going to attack the religion you practice.” and it fits in the context of the world, matt is irish catholic, the emotional crux is all about the devil and human morality. would i love to see other religions get respectful, positive representation as well? absolutely.
  • every time they make an avengers reference without actually dropping any copyrighted names it fills me with glee

Olicity Meme: favorite thing about them
*slow burn*

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Line by Line: A Study of Hook's Dialogue in Every Episode - 2.06 Tallahassee pt 1

Continuing my examination of Killian’s dialogue, especially where it concerns prediction or foretelling of future events, being the voice of truth or reason in the face of direct opposition, or just having a greater awareness of events based on his enhanced perception and human insight. These are of course my own interpretations of his dialogue, I’m sure others have different thoughts and I might forget things.

I obviously have ALOT to say about this episode, and he has a lot of very important lines, so I’m splitting this into multiple parts:

Previously: 2.05- The Doctor

2.06- Tallahassee pt 1

Hook: Well, your compass awaits. Shall we?

Hook is once again talking to Emma despite the group setting, and the wording is so deliberate. Your compass. Not our compass, not the compass, not the giant’s compass. Your compass.

This stands out to me for a few reasons. One, the compass is Emma’s, not only does she obtain it originally, but also ultimately.

Two, Hook has no problem immediately deferring to Emma. He recognizes she is in charge and has no ego when it comes to this. This is one of my personal favorite traits. For a pirate Captain who can at times be prone to vanity and who obviously values his reputation, he has no trouble compartmentalizing and stepping aside when necessary.

Three, Hook has no doubt that Emma is going to succeed. As far as he is concerned the compass is already hers they just have to go get it.

Hook: Because there aren’t any more beans. Whatever story you think you know, my dear, is most certainly wrong.

I guess we can call this a draw? He’s incorrect about the beans, several times over actually, but his comment regarding the stories applies pretty to much everything Emma (or the audience) knows with regards to these tales. He is being used to set up the “twist” of this and a future episode. Like most of the tales, what the audience knows and what actually happened are two very different things.

What I find amusing about this is that Hook will end up using more magic beans than any other character in the end. He’ll use 3 in this season alone.

Hook: Sounds like a lovely tale. But the truth’s a little bit more gruesome. The giants grew the beans, but, rather than use them for good, they used them to plunder all the lands. Jack, was a man who fought a terrible war, defeating all but one of the evil giants. The beans were destroyed by the giants as they died. If they couldn’t have their magic, then nobody could. It’s really very bad form.

I was originally going to skip the story about the Giants. We already established that Hook is going purely by what he’s heard, and the story itself is unreliable as confirmed by Tiny later in the episode, but when I read it again I changed my mind. This dialogue actually tells us a lot about him.

His retelling is brief but dramatic, he uses very colorful words: “gruesome”, “terrible war”, “evil”, and he even editorializes a bit.
I really like this extra detail that Hook actually enjoys the story. He gives a rather long winded explanation, valuing the theatre of the retelling, despite commenting on the wasting of time moments later, and demonstrating over and over through the course of the show he is actually a man who likes to get things done rather than standing around and chatting about them. Yet he takes a few minutes to tell a detailed story rather than just give them the facts at hand.

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