I actually love Eridan yeah hi

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Not my favorite but certainly not a bad one! TBH I ship them ash, with Gamzee auspisticizing Eridan and Sollux, so I’mma chat about that? Gamzee values his friends, loves them dearly and all, and wants a cohesive environment that he fosters in any way he can (see, the hornpile, offering faygo to anyone regardless of whether or not they asked, etc). Eridan and Sollux are well… uh… yeah. So naturally Gamzee would get upset by their constant infighting and want it to stop, and Eridan and Sollux, while both powerful in their own right, are not actually scary enough to frighten Gamzee away. Eridan’s very SHOWY and Sollux is a depressed lump of antagonism, neither would actually hurt Gamzee, and upon being solicited neither of them would really want to hurt Gamzee’s feelings either, and would therefore allow Gamzee to auspisticize them, even if they’re not gonna be entirely happy about it. Gamzee would be good at hitting that mark of “I care about both of you, so please stop it,” and Eridan and Sollux would be good about “I appreciate that you care about me this much and I care about you too, so I’m going to respect your decision to mediate and allow myself to be mediated.”

As far as pale/flush/pitch EriGam goes, like I said: I like it, but not too much. Gamzee is very spacey and Eridan is someone who requires a lot of attention and emotional upkeep, and I don’t feel that Gamzee would be fit to the task. Meanwhile, Gamzee really needs a partner who will focus on him, instead of just allowing Gamzee to focus on them with his endless eager-to-please-attitude, and Eridan is fairly selfish when he’s not being kept in check (and if they’re moirails, Gamzee would BE the one supposed to keep him in check, so it doubly wouldn’t work out). 

I enjoy content with them, sure, but I don’t ship it myself and don’t really see it working out, save in ash, where Gamzee needs to put in effort to keep them apart, certainly effort goes into it, but it’s less a “constant upkeep” thing and more of a “as needed” kind of affection.

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Ppl were mad at eridan but like, who didn't murder or try to murder other people, plus wasn't killing really common and accepted in troll culture?? No other character got so much hate even when others did worse, I feel

oh boy let me tell you. 

karkat and equius are the only trolls i remember that NEVER tried to kill another troll (i stopped reading around the reset where terezi tells john to go back and plant messages for them so IDK what tf after that point) 

also i think a lot of people forget that he killed in place of feferi, who was SUPPOSED TO BE DOING HER JOB OF FEEDING HER LUSUS AND KEEPING IT FROM KILLING ALL THE TROLLS but instead placed all the weight of that on eridan without help bc she didnt want to kill even when it was necessary for a whole entire race to live. 

and then she told him she was breaking it off with him, and yeah he was devastated but he still backed off?? idk where this whole thing “eridan is clingy and desperate for attention” thing came from but OMG in the troll society it was mate or be killed and so yeah he wanted a relationship???? every fucking troll did???? why was he the only one considered clingy and desperate??? bc he was the only one with 2 quadrants filled and more successful before they started playing the game???   

also: eridan literally only killed in self defence, he didnt kill sollux when challenged to a duel only knocked him out and blinded him, but the only time he straight up killed anyone is when feferi and kanya were coming at him (though admittedly kanya attacking was his own fault bc he blew up that orb thing for no reason other than he thought they were all going to die)  

and GOD gamzee and vriska got more love and they ACTUALLY MURDERED MORE PEOPLE WITHOUT PROVOCATION. vriska murdered whole dream bubbles if i remember correctly? and gamzee is a piece of shit lets not even go there 

but YEAH I GOT A LOT OF OPINIONS ON ERIDAN idk whats going on in homestuck anymore but eridan is still one of my favorite characters of all time