My best friend is the love of my life. He always will be. He’s happy and that makes me happy, even though it’s not with me. I just wish him and I could’ve tried harder when we went for a relationship. All he wanted was sex from me at the time. Now I can’t actually be in a relationship because I compare every guy I date to him. I just hope he knows how much I’ll always love him.

 Exclusive interview Globo had with Neymar and Neymar’s father about the DIS case. Neymar and his father have to testify in court tomorrow (February 2nd) in Madrid. Today Bartomeu and Rosell have to. 

Neymar Sr: “We want to put an end to this situation. It is the time to say ‘enough’. If they’re looking for attention, they will get it. We want to put an end to this case and we will do that. We will clear up this issue for once and for all. I wanted the courts to resolve it, but we are tired of this already and want it all cleared up as quickly as possible.”

Neymar Jr: “My father just wants me to focus on playing and on the ball. When you see the person you love being attacked, suffering, people saying things which are not true… then it hurts you. Before speaking without knowledge, telling lies, you must present proof.”

In the same interview with TV Globo, the father of Neymar acknowledges that “There is nothing against us. The judge has called us to know about Neymar’s transfer. If we have made a mistake, there is no problem, but to accuse us of tax evasion I think the red lines have already been crossed.”

Neymar Jr: “When the issue begins to affect the family, it affects you a little. It worries you. However, I am a guy who God has given the power to be focused in what I like to do, which is play football. I focus just on doing what I have to do.”

Note: I had to cut the first bit of the interview off: here X is the full video. 
Also this is a rough translation of some parts of the interview. 

She [Padme] thought it best to avoid a, ah, public scene. And she wished for me to relate to you that she believes the both of you might … avoid a public scene … all afternoon. And perhaps all night, as well.“

"Threepio!” Anakin blinked at him. He felt an irrational desire to giggle. “What exactly are you suggesting?


Revenge of the Sith novelization by Matthew Stover

Some dirty talk from C-3PO

If you know what I mean


happy birthday to this guy right there because he deserves the world!! i’m really thankfull for having him in my life. he is so sincere and he says exacly what he thinks and that’s something that i really apreciate. on the other hand he is kind, funny and he cares a lot about his friends and family, that things are really important, we all should be like him in these things. plus he is so beautiful… taylor is 20 years now and i’m really proud of him and i’m happy that he is on magcon again so that he can meet lots of us and make us happy!! he’s the best, there’s no one like him. caniff i just wish you the best and take care of yourself and the ones that surrond and love you. i will always be there for you, love you babe!!!!

He proved everyone wrong. Everyone who said that he was “too small” or that “Indy darlings never make it” and he proved them all wrong. He had such a genuine connection with the fans, and everything leading up to Wrestlemania 30 was so raw, so emotional, so real.

I wish him and Brie all the best in the future.