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Do you think we should be worried about GPF being in France???

It’s hard to say. I mean, France has been good to Tessa and Scott in the past. They scored well at TEB when they competed there, and also well at Worlds 2012 (which they won with Funny Face!)

The thing is, and this is good, that the judges and technical pannel aren’t solely French. These people will be representing countries from around the globe, and hopefully the fact that a crowd can be loud, won’t sway them. I will also throw in that on the subject of audience preference, that TS have fans worldwide, so I have no doubt the audience will love them.

The south of France is Tessa’s favourite place, so how special would it be to win their VERY first GPF there…….I have no doubt that they can pull it off :)

Trust in their talent, it has and will continue to take them far! And as they say, skate so well that no one can deny you the win….and they do just that.

Here’s hoping the “curse of the GPF” ends a week from today!


Here the part ^^ ♥ Enjoy! (sorry for the hitch in the audio ;;)

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