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On the topic of corrupted gems, in the episode Monster Buddies, we see the centerpeetle nearly turn into a humanoid form. I was wondering what you think the gem would look like if they weren't corrupt?

Okay, so

so I’ve been thinkin about this for a while so I finally sat down and did it

I know it’s only a theory, but I’m really keen on the idea that this is Jade, so I’ll roll with it. 

I think they will soon have an episode where Steven WILL successfully un-corrupt a gem. In fact, I think Jade is already good for it. It exhibited emotions and caring for Steven, but was destroyed. I think in the next re-generation, it might come back as a humanoid? Or at least more tame than before. 

I’m really looking forward to what the writers will do. C:


Not an edit, but you know a video game villain is bad when you realize that quotes from obscure Disney villains fit them frighteningly well.



  • 1) back squat: 3x100kg 2x140kg 1x160kg 1x180kg 1x190kg 1x195kg 1x200kg (miss)x203kg
  • 2) deadlift: 2x100kg 1x140kg 1x160kg 1x180kg 1x190kg (miss)x200kg
  • 3) deadlift, off 6in blocks: 1x190kg 1x200kg 1x205kg 1x210kg 1x220kg/484lb
  • 4a) incline bench: 4x(ME)x55lb
  • 4b) band pull aparts: 4x10
  • 5) slow eccentric leg lowers: 3x10

At long last, the sojourn away from the land of relatively heavy weights is over. While I felt a little rusty after a mere five days of deloading, I still worked up fairly heavy. I honestly had more in me on the squat, but I misgroved on 203kg. The bail was less than fun as well as I was quite quick enough, so it kind of rolled down/nicked my back as I jumped out. 

Deadlifts actually felt really good as well, but I made too big of a jump after 190kg. I decided to pull off the blocks after, as my sticking point is about 2-3 inches off the floor. I was curious as to what I could just lock out. I honestly surprised myself with an admittedly less than pretty but still manageable 484lb pull. I think I could have gutted out a horrendous five hundred BUT I already got rounded over with my top set so I played it safe. I finished with some pump work. I will say that between the weird bail and the block pulls my back felt a little stiff (not hurt, but just tired) so I ended up doing a lot of rolling out and stretching after. 

I chatted with Gary more about doing a Powerlifting meet today. He’s taking his kids to one in November, but I’m hoping their might be one I can do in the summer. I just need something else to focus on and channel competitiveness into, because some part of me just gets stabbed everytime I see someone I used to be ahead of pass my numbers while I’m over here power cleaning 35kg. I know that reeks of self-pity, and I’m not proud of the part of me that feels that way, but it’s the honest truth. It’s just driving me nuts.

On top of all of that, I had a grind of a weekend ahead of me. It feels like, while I really do my best to stay ahead of all my school work, everything has just come to a head and piled on top of each other. My fake thesis (amusingly titled my  “f-eces by my girlfriend) is due this week, I have multiple exams, quizes, short essays, a presentation to prepare for, programming to write, a summer packet to finish, etc. It’s not unusual for me to busy on the weekends (it’s when I get everything done normally anyway) but this one feels particularly overwhelming. 

Listen up.

Raylan is only Semi-active,  I won’t be on him a lot, just enough for replies & maybe some random memes it all depends on if I’m feeling like being back & forth active that do or what not. So if you want to play with me, guarantee seeing me on your dash more often then you’ll have to follow my OC. He’s TWD based but I can toss him in to any fandom because HOLLA, he’s an OC.

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my friend said a really interesting thing the other day.

“i kinda don’t like it when girls wear super short shorts that exploit their body, it won’t give me anything to look forward to when the time comes. like i’m used to seeing everything now. there’s no point.”

this really got me thinking. back in the day knee-long dresses/skirts were considered scandalous, and now a days they’re considered to be for “ninny’s.” summer time is coming up, and my whole twitter feed is pictures of girls taking mirror selfies in something so small they call a bikini. 

what my friend said, really hit me hard. we’re more used to seeing nudes get leaked than we are seeing girls in a full length dress. i guess that’s why sex has become more meaningless and irresponsible, too, - i guess that’s why teens are forcing themselves into it so early (compared to other generations). wearing shorts that show your booty lines was once considered to be racy, and now it’s a typical outfit for everyday girls. pornography rarely used to be accessible, and now it seems to be all over the internet. kids see these things and get the idea that they need to be doing it too, and man some of the things i’ve seen people do just to lose their virginity is fucking ridiculous. 

masuda toshiki @ tourabu event (150426)

Twitter updates

@masuda_toshiki: Today I’m wearing clothes in Kashuu Kiyomitsu’s style. Whether you’ll be at the venue or watching the livestream broadcast please look forward to it ‘kay.
I - will - do - my - best.

@masuda_toshiki: The Touken event has finished! Thank you very much!
Although it was only for an hour because a lot of people watched it it felt ve - ry - ti - r - ing. Please continue to support Touken!

@masuda_toshiki: Also I would like to apologise to everyone, during the broadcast just now when I was saying the lines after the Sparring had finished there was a part which I got wrong, I’m very sorry about that. Please look forward to hearing the correct line in the game, please look out for it.

At the event Massu was wearing this outfit, complete with red nail polish just like Kashuu!!

And at one point when they were forging swords he went with the formula 500 for all the resources and came out with Ookurikara! give me your luck

(Screencaps via 1 & 2 for now. I’ll update with my own caps later once I’ve finished watching the livestream)

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I'm really interested to see what will happen once A is outed and everyone knows who they are. Will they go to jail? Radley? Will they end up dead? Will they ever really be caught or will they get away? How will the liars and their families deal with it all? Will they be hurt? Relieved? Shocked? Satisfied? What about A's family? And the A team members? Mona? Ali? How will the general public react? And most importantly, what will us fans do when the mystery is no longer a mystery?

Wow wow wow ummm I think it’s going to be a full on roller coaster of emotions. I think maybe the person will be prosecuted or maybe someone kills the person. But yeah a lot of good questions that I look forward to seeing answered. And when there’s no mystery, I think we will look back at all the things we missed.

  • What Bangtan said:we'll be having a comeback on the 29th
  • What the fandom heard:Cypher part 4, Cypher part 4, Cypher part 4, along with our newest song, Cypher part 4