Ok so

As someone affected by Jen’s con cancellation, I gotta say this to others in the same place.

Please do not hate on Jen. She loves us, and she even said she was gonna try to juggle everything so she could be there. But it’s not her play and she doesn’t make the rules. She tried and it didn’t work. Acting is her job. And her passion. And something she fell in love with came up and she landed it! That’s so great for her! And I’m so proud and happy for her.

That doesn’t mean I’m not absolutely heart broken. I am devastated. I so wanted to meet this precious ray of sunlight and I SO was looking forward to it. Like. So much… :(

But I’m not for a second angry at Jen, nor blame her. She took an amazing career opportunity. Yeah the cons suck for not offering refunds on the day she was headlining but Colin is (at this time) still attending.


I mean I’m hella excited to meet this amazing person.

So please, be sad and upset. I am. But never ever for a second think it’s ok to express anger towards Jen! Especially on social media! It’s NOT ok! She’s living her life. And I’m sure she’s sad that a lot of people are sad. Do not spew negativity her way. Just don’t. Don’t.

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Your art is incredible :D Love all the details /colour palettes you use - I'm in a real bad habit of just blending the skin until it's baby smooth, but your art reminds me that hints of texture can really go a long way - and help a piece look more gritty and realistic overall, looking forward to seeing more pieces from you ❤ thyy for the inspo!

Hey there :D 

Thank You! I’m happy You’re finding my works interesting :] And it’s propably the nicest thing an artist can hear - that their work is an inspiration - so I’m smiling really wide right now :D

In return I can share my current inspo for (a lot of things) painting in general, skin textures included. You know, there are serious REASONS I’m losing my head over Dishonored so much and one of them is art, especially art by Cédric Peyravernay and Sergey Kolesov

Just look how these guys are interpreting skin, just look:

Damn, so much still to learn…. O.O

Thanks again and cheers <3


at long last here’s my ‘this is what i’ll look like on saturday at anime boston!’ post, that picture is literally a year old but klavier hasn’t changed and i was already packed by the time i thought about taking a new one

on friday i’ll be Plain Ol Me but feel free to say hi anyway if ya see me, i’ll be wearing my gavinners shirt~

looking forward to having a good time and seeing some real quality friends. just some 10/10 people heck yea

Folie a Deux, pt 7

I wanted this to be longer, but if I don’t post it…I won’t have incentive to keep writing. Technically, this should be the last part of chapter six. Listen, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if I finish this beast before next Christmas, it will be a miracle. Thanks as always to @okaynextcrisis for the prompt, even if she did try to kill me with that Civil War mini-fic.

He needed to be nicer to Carolanne, he decided. After a full weekend with just him and the boys, he was exhausted. How the hell did she do this all day, every day?

“You look tired,” his ex whispered in his ear.

Hell, yes, he was tired. He was awake far more than he’d been asleep last night, tossing and turning on an increasingly uncomfortable couch. Just when he finally managed to find a position that didn’t kill his back, he was woken by two sets of eyes staring at him.

So he made them pancakes at 7am, argued them into packing their bags and wrestled them into clothes that (in Zac’s case) just barely matched. Their mother would be picking them up at the studio at 11am, and if he ever wanted a weekend with his kids again, he’d better have them ready.

And a good thing too, because Carolanne had been 15 minutes early. She claimed it was because she missed the boys so much, but he suspected she was checking up on him.

Bill tried not to be hurt when the boys dropped his hands and went charging into their mother’s arms. He gave his ex-wife a thin smile, one that she returned. Maybe living this far apart was good for them, he mused. It was the first time in years her smile hadn’t looked like a wolf baring its teeth.

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I just KNEW they were gonna kiss after they talked everything over . Like it just felt like it would've fit perfectly into that scene . But they were pretty cute though

Anonymous said:                                                                      Stef and Lena’s fight was… fantastic? It was realistic, understandable from both sides. They both came to an understanding and made up. And then I was all smiling when Stef offered to fold the laundry. How can I enjoy an argument from one of my OTPs so much?             

Anonymous said:                                                                      I love that they gave us a second wedding but it’s annyoing that they basically give us 1 big episode and think that’s it and we’re satisfied. I mean all the casual kisses are still missing. We had plenty of kisses on the cheek but only on the mouth in the wedding episode.             

I loved the fight very much. That felt like a realistic fight that happens all the time, something that like I told Bradley can erode a marriage. I like the way they talked to each other, it definitely felt like their therapy actually paid off. They acknowledged each other and the work they do and even came up with solutions on both sides. Stef would try harder and the kids should help more. I am not going to complain about kisses so soon. I am just not. I can’t live unhappy with this show. Their relationship is good. Would I have loved a kiss, sure, but that wasn’t even close to what was bothering me this episode. It’s the lack of cohesion. The seasons have felt disjointed and focused on plots no one gives a shit about.

Who cares about Martha? is anyone actually worried Callie will end up in jail? And now, given Peter’s fucking spoiler, I know exactly what to expect in the finale. I just feel bored by it. It’s not interesting at all. Who cares about Drew and Mr. Stratos teaming up. Why should I care if it turns into a private school, Charter schools are quasi-private anyway. No one cares that Monte was fired. I think their fondness for actors and their characters is much greater than the viewer’s involvement.

Anonymous said:                                                                      lol mariana saying gabe could stay reminds me of a simpsons episode where bart told a complete stranger bride who was an adult she could stay at her house after her fiance left then marge was like “bart remember our talk about volunteering our house?”                                                                                                                                                                                         Anonymous said:                                                                      Who oh why would Stef and Lena want Gabe hanging around their kids? He was 18 and drugged up an under age Ana and got her pregnant. And they try to make him misunderstood? ugh. Looks like he’ll be around more. Here I was hoping he was moving away. AJ knows how to do construction. Why can’t they just ask him for help? Mariana and Emma also both seem capable.            

It shows how much of a child Ana is. Ana asking that of her soon to be live-in lover was ridiculous. Unbelievable. At least Mariana has stupid teenager reason. It’s such an unreasonable request and proves how spoiled these kids have become. Stef and Lena don’t have endless amount of money. They’re struggling to keep their family afloat, and this asshole who can’t even support himself needs help, fuck him. At this point, this is enabling.Gabe is doing god knows what, let’s face it, he’s fucking wreck and a horrible example. Let’s not kid ourselves, this isn’t about construction, this is about the show being unable to deal without fathers. It’s like the biggest crime in the world if these kids don’t have men around. It’s gross. 

Anonymous said:                                                                      I really hope season 5 focuses more on Stef and Lena and less on callie or any side characters

Did you see Brad’s cryptic remark about yes to more new characters and that they would be close to the #thefosters. ugh

Anonymous said:                                                                      You know it’s cool to talk about a 16 year old having sex and have a story about not getting a boner but God forbid two moms have a night together without stressing. Shit can’t they just cuddle and feed each other pizza?  Something?  The wedding kiss was BEAUTIFUL but I think that was just to say try and appease us. Let’s give them this big, romantic moment so they’ll shut up. But let’s have no follow through. It’s so frustrating.            

I know everyone has a “hard-on” for Noah and newJesus, but I don’t find him charming at all. I find it disturbing and gross that a fucking erection is more important to him than health. He’s gotten two girls pregnant, can he stop thinking about sex for a minute? Could he be less shallow?

I love the kiss, and I’ll take that over Stef and Lena talking about getting wet over porn or something. I want them to be shown having a lovely sex life with each other, but I am grateful they don’t come off as Jesus.

Anonymous said:                                                                      I love that you crop or blur out Monte/Annika in pictures. It makes me happy. On a separate note, I’m super excited for your fic! Whenever you post it, it will surely be amazing!!             

Listen, I love lena, but I don’t want to look at that other face. So thank god there’s cropping! And thank you, I hope it lives up to the wait!

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Hi again, Maddie!!! Just out of curiosity, I was wondering what Harry Potter houses the whole ice skating gang would be in? Or rather, what houses do you think fit them best??? Hahaha, my sister and I were having a legit debate on whether Yuuri would be in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Thoughts/Opinions? Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this message, I adore your work and look forward to your new story! (Seriously though, when are you going to publish one of your novels?) Thanks ❤️

OOOO I’ve never thought about that before!!! And thanks so much for saying that you like my writing <3 <3 <3 Here’s what houses I think everybody would be cast in:

  • Phichit - Gryffindor
  • Christophe - Hufflepuff
  • Mila - Hufflepuff
  • Sara - Ravenclaw
  • Minami - Hufflepuff
  • Seung-gil - Slytherin
  • Otabek - Ravenclaw
  • JJ - Gryffindor

I am really bad at my native language. And I think fandom had a big part in that.

When I discovered fandom as a teen, I found it on German sites, in a language I easily understood. But there was limited content and people were talking about the big things beyond, the LJ communities, scanlation groups, fanfiction archives and deviantArt to name a few.

I taught myself English through a mix of school lessons and reading fanfics in one tab, a dictionary next to me and looking up words. I was fascinated by the fannish world I found online, and that world? Spoke English.

It didn’t stop at fanwork. I stopped reading German books. I stopped watching German TV or dubs. I stuck to English media because then I could jump right into the English fandom. I talked to fans globally and while we weren’t all English speakers by birth… We somehow all spoke English when we chatted. It was just the thing you do.

Somewhere along the way, my brain got used to this. I got into the habit of speaking English, thinking English. When I wrote my final thesis in German and had my sister proofread, she frowned at me. “These sentences use English grammar. They don’t make sense in German.” I had to rewrite about a third of my sentences because my brain couldn’t come up with German syntax anymore.

Last week, while chatting with coworkers I mentioned the bad luck I had with my kitchen. A coworker laughed. I hadn’t even realised that instead of Pech (German word for bad luck) I had used the literal translation “schlechtes Glück”. And it keeps happening. If I don’t pay attention, I answer in a jumble of English and German at work. My coworkers tease me about it a lot.

Sadly, this doesn’t mean my English is any better. I am scrambling for words there too and not making sense. It is like my brain can’t decide what it wants to do.

I don’t feel emotionally connected to my native language. But it feels weird, to stumble over your own words. It is like loosing your footing on a street you know by heart.

Disconcerting, but you catch yourself. Try again.


Beyond excited that I get the clear for the gym Monday!
Not being able to workout or move and perform at my full potential is devastating and depressing. The gym is something I look forward to everyday and without it I feel like I lose a part of myself.

boylines  asked:

Do you have any upcoming projects we can look forward to?

Tomorrow is Transgender Day of Visibility. I’ll be celebrating with GLAAD in LA and with the LGBT Center in San Francisco! Additionally, “This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous” is screening at the San Francisco International Film Fest on April 12. Lots of other fun travel and events planned the next few months!! Maybe I’ll meet you soon 😘

I’m looking forward to the years when I stare at the sun kissed walls in bliss. When I remember the happiness tainted with pain and sorrow, but only out of growth. A soft chuckle echoing in these empty rooms, reminding me of how much still remains. I’ll smile with wrinkles upon my worn skin and tears streaming down my face as I remember how much has past, and how much will continue after I am gone.
—  s.f.; a sleeping princess awaken in spring; 26.03.2017