nailed it

Stan has an axolotl

didn’t he also have a dog

there was a post about a whiillle back (i got like 20000 likes, there’s no way am I finding it in that pile)

then I remembered I did doodles of Stan with a dog


OMIGOSH Okay, so umm… I tried drawing Mabel last night. xD;; The one on the left is the third time I tried drawing her in GF style, (I threw the first two attempts away, lol.) I think it came out pretty good, considering I’m still new at it, though there’s lots of room for improvement. ^^ The one on the left is my first time drawing her in my style. I actually really like how it came out. =)

Tiny PSA

Just a friendly reminder to never out people who tell you what their sexual orientation is. That’s a lot of trust they are putting in you and for some it’s super high risk. Please don’t be an asshole and possibly ruin someone’s life because you think it’s ok. Ask them first to be sure they’re comfortable with you sharing the information (and possibly with whom they can share the info to depending on circumstances).

If you know someone who didn’t post selfies yesterday (pansexual visibility day) or any other visibility day -don’t pressure them. Please politely check with them first before jumping to conclusions.
Okie? Okie ^¤^♡

the steven universe fandom is like “this hiatus is so long! how will we survive?!!” and im sittin here like

But the truth is, it’s not the idea, it’s never the idea, it’s always what you do with it.
—  Neil Gaiman