I MADE ANOTHER EDIT, I meet “Flo” from Pitch Perfect and we have a heart-to-heart… I think… Why is she so obsessed with Malaria?

GUYS CHRISSIE JUST RETWEETED THIS!! She also retweeted my other video that I made. She left the comment “thanks for this talk. It filled me with so much ma…✨”.

I love her!! She is so awesome!!


eros mode initiated

ok but au where bitty and jack are married and bitty has a bestselling cookbook out and jack is still in the nhl and someone tweets bitty “@omgcheckplease i went on amazon to buy a blender but I bought your cookbook instead” and bitty’s like “DM me your address im sending you a blender” followed by someone else saying “I went on amazon to pay my college tuition but bought your cookbook instead”

“you’re gonna have to hit jack up for that one”