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Idk if I'm wrong with this but the way Robert treats Aaron now reminds me of how he used to treat Katie. He was always really expressive about his emotions and gentle with Katie and I feel that he is like that with Aaron now. I've never seen him be so gentle, loving, or expressive with any of his other love interests. He was kind ish to Chrissie but I don't think he truly loved her, I think he cared for her but it wasn't the same.

I can see what you mean. It’s kind of hard not to see the parallels between Robert’s relationships with Aaron and with Katie. They’re the two great “loves” of his life. I do believe he loved Chrissie but it was never that kind of love. It was more about what she could give him (status, money, etc) than her. There’s more soft moments with Aaron and Katie because his relationships with them were based on his emotional love, not material objects. He wanted them for them, not for anything they could give him (besides love and acceptance and maybe finally being chosen over Andy r.e. Katie). 

ok but au where bitty and jack are married and bitty has a bestselling cookbook out and jack is still in the nhl and someone tweets bitty “@omgcheckplease i went on amazon to buy a blender but I bought your cookbook instead” and bitty’s like “DM me your address im sending you a blender” followed by someone else saying “I went on amazon to pay my college tuition but bought your cookbook instead”

“you’re gonna have to hit jack up for that one”