This morning daddy was really sleepy. He barely got himself out of bed. I felt sorry so while we were on Skype, I started to hum the song he sings to me to help me fall asleep (you are my sunshine) and he closed his eyes and smiled, so I sang it to him quietly and once i was finished, he smiled and said that was his lullaby as a baby. Then I sang Hallelujah, which is what his grandfather would sing to him. After telling him to go to bed early (normally, daddy goes to bed past midnight), he agreed and allowed himself to fall asleep. Long story short, babygirl lulled daddy to sleep tonight and it was the most incredible experience ever 💗


there are so many things I could say about yesterday. I want to forget about the awful people who kept pushing, and the fact that I couldn’t see anything. all the things that actually ruined one of the best day of my life. I want to remember the amazing people I met though, the sklique who got worried when I told them I wasn’t feeling good, and mostly I want to remember Tyler and Josh of course. the show was amazing, I’m proud to say I sang every song. Car Radio especially. I was crying in that moment. I was sad, disappointed. I had waited for that moment for months, thinking I could spend the whole concert with my amazing friends but unfortunately I was wrong. When I saw Tyler so close to me I finally smiled. I sang louder than ever and I kept looking at him as if he saved my life more than once. Well, he actually did. Thank yøu. #tylerjoseph #joshdun #blurryfacetoureurope

highlights from the grizfolk concert (1/22/16)

-when Billy looked up and noticed us, then laughed

-when Adam and I made eye contact

-when Adam and I made eye contact again while he was singing “waiting for you” and we briefly sang to each other

-every time Adam double checked that he wasn’t going to step on our hands when he stood close to the edge of the stage

-when Billy threw his drumstick directly at me

-when Adam was high-fiving people at the end of the show he grabbed both of my hands  and looked me dead in the eyes and said “thank you so much for coming” 

-the next day when Adam reposted my photo of him and tagged me in the caption