“The symbolic awakening of hibernating snakes took place around February 1. In Scotland a serpent was supposed to emerge from the hills on Imbolc, The Day of Bride (Brigit) (”Today is the day of Bride; the serpent shall come from the hole”). On that day effigies of snakes were made.  Carmichael notes that one of the most curious customs of Bride’s Day was the pounding of the serpent effigy and records and occasion when an elderly woman put a piece of peat into a stocking and pounded it with fire-tongs while intoning:

This is the day of Bride,

The queen will come from the mound,

I will not touch the queen,

Nor will the Queen touch me.

In Lithuania, this is the “day of Serpents” (Kirmiai, Kirmeline from Kirmele, “serpent”) when “serpents come from the forest to the house.” On that day, whose present Christianized equivalent is called Krikstai and is celebrated on January 25, people would shake the apple trees in the orchard so they would be more fruitful and knock on beehives, waking the bees from the winter sleep.  The awakening of the snakes meant the awakening of all nature, the beginning of of the life of the new year.

There is a very interesting text from the 16th century by Maletius which relates to the ritual feast “at a certain time of the year”; probably the Day of Serpents.

Honoring them as deities, at a certain time oft he year they invite them to the table with seer’s prayers.  “Crawling out (from out of their sleep) they lie down  on the clean cloth and make themselves comfortable on the table.  There, tasting a little every dish, they slither (to the ground) and return to their hole.

With the retreat of the snakes the people happily eat the dishes that have been tasted by them confident that at that time (i.e., in the coming year) everything will go ell for them.  And if, in spite of the seer’s prayers, the snakes don’t break away (from their lair) or do not come to taste the laid-out dishes–then they believe that in those years a huge misfortune will befall them.

The tasting of the food by the serpents signified their blessing, which guaranteed the successful continuation of the year.  The significance of the beginning is a predestination: the success of the entire year depends on how it starts.

–Excerpted from “The Language of the Goddess” by Marija Gimbutas

A bit of an early Valentine’s Present for my babe @asecurefacade

I listened to this on repeat while I was writing and drawing this lmao

“Y-you..you want me to..dance?” Scott repeated, eyebrows furrowing as his face fell, “R-Ryan c’mon. I can’t..I can’t dance.” He thought that was obvious enough. How was he supposed to? 

Especially with only one arm.

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Tonight at practice we spent the majority of our time working out Actor Doctor, deciding to add an intro, minimize all guitar in part A, and add a off kilter waltz-like-fill half way through the song to shake things up. At one point Sam, a music teacher by day, started clapping his hands at Grahm similar to the instructor from the film Whiplash (2014). I pointed out that he was “whiplashing,” and tried to catch it on video but the moment was gone. Earlier, while looking for the towel Grahm usually lays under his drum kit we found this child’s blanket shaped like a slice of ham. I laid it on the bass drum and brought up the rum ham episode of It’s Alway’s Sunny in Philadelphia (2005) but no one else had seen it. I’ll bring the blanket to the show at J&J’s in Denton tomorrow night and hopefully find another ham fan.

I can also record my GBA screen because I can put the GBA on the keyboard drawer and put the camera on the glass (it just shakes less basically. I’m not making this a thing)

have footage of me losing to the hard computer on a game for 3 year olds

chenjiringu asked:

"Aww don't be a li'l bitch about it, y'kno ya missed the banterin'" His smirk remained regardless of the other's words, but upon seeing the pack of cigarettes and how he ruined it, Fuji retrieved his own. Grabbing a single cancerous stick from it and offering the pack to Honda. "Denial ain't suit ya, shudda been honest while ya still had the chance buddy. Ya do realize I gots ya recorded right?"

☽ ☠ ☾ Placing another cigarettes between his lips, the blond was about to lit it when that bomb fell onto his head. He almost burned his hair due to it. ‘’YOU DID WHAT?’’ Almost shaking, he jumped from the chair and grabbed onto a bottle of beer. Without a second thought he threw it Fuji’s head. Unfortunately, he knew that the raven had the necessary skills to dodge it or throw it back. ‘’I WILL FUCKING WRECK YOU IF YOU DON’T DELETE IT RIGHT THIS FUCKING MOMENT.’’ 


The start of the year was pretty in the middle for me. Half of it was great, while the other half I either struggled with getting acclimated to new anxiety medication (which I decided to stop) or with some pretty painful and frustrating friendship stuff. 

I also posted a selfie on Instagram and didn’t die, ate shake shake for the 2nd time and decided it’s my favorite burger place, expanded my record collection, finally bought myself a beautiful Fender Strat and wore shorts in the middle of January. Also, seeing the word butt spray painted under what would have been a very nice, inspiring quote will never not be funny. 

Love is real
It is not just in novels or the movies
It is fact
And it is standing here right in front of you
So if you open your eyes
Oh what a sweet discovery
There is hope, and there is joy, and there is acceptance
So now let all of the light that collects on your plants
Keep you warm, make you smile
And I will be there with this pen in my hand
To record all the while
You’ll be laughing so loud
That the house would shake with sound
And everything will be as new as the day it was found
—  Bright Eyes, ‘Kathy With a K’s Song’
Date night.

Daddy and I went on a date the other night. I was in a cute dress and we had Japanese food. Not to mention Daddy loved how I looked in my dress, he couldn’t get over it. It was tight fitted and cute!! But anyway! We got naked and I jacked Him off and I was sucking on His cock while He was recording it from my phone. Yes, I have the video. Not too sure if I should post it. But His moans and groans were turning me on. He ate my little pussy out and He had me shaking. I wanted Him to keep going. Grrr. >:/ He was fucking me so good I could hear how wet I was. We went missionary and I could feel myself climaxing. With every thrust, I was getting louder as He was hitting my G spot and clit. I came hard on His dick. I was twitching after since He was still inside because I was still feeling it. He fucked me until He came. He pulled out and released His hot load on my body. We passed out and I woke up and so did He. I sucked His dick without hesitation. I could feel Him about to cum because He got harder than He normally is. I kept going until He came and I swallowed every last drop of His cum. Daddy wanted me to cum too so we fucked until I did. So that’s 2/2 for both of us! We could’ve gone for more, but I was sleepy and He had to wake up for work early. :c but yeah

Blue Zoo- Framing and Reference Video

Hey Adi,
Thank you, and thanks for the making a reference video, it’s very helpful. I shall make my own reference video tomorrow when I work out how to record with my camera (I’m not very good at acting so feel free to have a chuckle :) ). I’ll focus on tidying up the frames, and re-evaluate how the first head turn.

What do you think about this new framing?

Toby                  Posted on Jan 27       

Hey Adi,
Finally made some reference videos. While making them I think I should completely remove the first head turn maybe make hand still on the chin while the head shakes, also to leave the right arm restring while turning as it seems more natural.

Don’t judge my acting too badly this was my first reference video. I’ll correct my mistakes and then start splining asap.                  Posted on Jan 28                    


Hi Toby,
Really glad you got down to doing the reference. We’re not actors so we’re excused from putting up a stellar performance. All u need to get out of this is an understanding of your poses, weight, and timing of certain actions. In general while doing a video ref its best to have your camera set up to be as close to the camera in your shot and having audio really helps as well. you dont have to even bother getting the lipsync absolutely right. after 10, 15, 20… attempts you have some nice little bits which feel more natural than others and have a bit of juice in them. You can edit together all the useful/ inspiring bits into one short video - this way you dont have to sift though 15 minutes of raw video to find a specific pose or something you were looking for. Quicktime is great for framing thru your reference to see how things move and relate to each other at a much more manageable speed! On the other hand there are some animators with exceptional acting skills and they make some brilliant reference…lucky them!
I had a very quick fiddle with your maya file, as you can see its not looking pretty but its good enough to get the idea across. So going wider and lower showing the full body makes it much easier to understand the pose (was a bit tricky as a mid shot). It will also allow you to get a nice contrast with the frame being filled with the profs head in the end. I had to move the ground plane back as the camera goes a little below the floor level - this is an absolutely normal level of cheating! its even done for live action at times.
Think its nicer to have the characters turned a bit to their side to get more out of their body shapes - clear silhouette, more interesting pose and more pronounced lines of action. Having the characters facing the camera straight on makes it too symmetrical and linear with body parts overlapping too much and resulting in weaker poses and poor silhouettes.
Having looked at your reference, I feel that trying to get the finger point to charlie, turning and slamming his fist on the knee is a bit too much to fit in this little time. It will be too much of arms crossing over the flying arround - you wouldn’t know what to look at and may end up as a bit of a mess. You really want to hit a pose on the “something” of the “we’ve got something” and hold on that to build intensity. So i’d say, hold on the pose with him twisted towards charlie finger pointing at him, after a beat he can turn just his head back to face the thing and then go into a new pose for the next part.
Would be great if you start putting in all these poses into your shot and then we can get into discussing breakdowns and timing.
Adi                  Posted on Jan 28                      

Jack’s Mannequin - “Everything In Transit (10th Anniversary Edition)”

Andrew McMahon has had an amazing career starting in Something Corporate and then releasing his first solo effort under the title Jack’s Mannequin. The release would be bittersweet as Andrew would undergo treatment for leukemia during its release. The album is a double album that serves as a 10th Anniversary re-release. The second album of the double gatefold is a b-sides record from around that period. I picked this up at Shake-It Records because I’m a fan and so is my wife. We instantly played this after purchasing it. Singing most of the words while cooking. Those are the reasons you buy old albums that you use to listen to.



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Just for the record, Katz is in the background of my photo. I will not shake hand and smile with her until she fulfills her promises. I listened yesterday to the nauseating bullshit Queens State of the Borough Address on Queens Public Television with several barf bags while attempting to digest this crap. Listening to the empty accomplishments of Katz while many communities in Queens quality of…

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flu update : I CAN BREATH !
Seriously though, for lack of sounding like a broken record, I apologize to those waiting on a reply. This flu has been kicking my ass & when I get sick it takes forever to shake off. But know I’ve only been putting replies off for the time so I can give my best efforts rather than something half baked while a good portion of my brain is shut off. I’ll try my best to get to everything I owe within the next 2 - 3 days.