Okay but how did that happen-

I mean

Yes, hello, hi. I noticed you were following me. I um. Wow??

Like, whoa. 1000 people. 1000 people. That’s a huge number for me, and it means so much that so many people like my work! I just–

I’m really not great with words, hahah. All I could say is in the 800 follower post, and even that doesn’t express how flattered I am ;v;

I just??? Thanks for deciding to stick with me and my weirdness, you don’t know how much this means to me!

On another note, since there are so many of us here, and I promised I’d do something if I reached 1000 followers, I believe that we can all finally gather ‘round and have a little bit of

story time.

The story that wins will be told in a comic, with either Chara or Asriel as the narrator. You can still ask questions as the story progresses, but they won’t affect the plot.

I’m thinking of starting this event (??) about a week after the poll ends (this Sunday, 9/10), so I can have enough time to plan out the whole thing.

And that’s all! Haha. Be sure to choose wisely, because boy howdy, are these stories fun.

*Nazgul screech* okay, wow I’ve reached 800 followers. what? how did it happen? I never thought there would be so many of you (like ever?) and everyone is so nice and sweet and caring and I just wanted to say thank you, I am grateful for every single one of you.

I want to thank some very special people:

First of all, the Squidsquad aka booklr Pantheon boneseasonofglass, loquaciouslyliterate, antstepsbooks, thehappybookishdinosaur, theboywhoreadsbooks, ignited-by-books, teaandalotofbooks, amberthebooklion, bookslivresandlibros, paperbackphoenix, mind-constellations, mycupofbooks, thegirlwhocriedbook & moolithebookgeek. I love you all, you are gods and godesses and my preciousssss ♥

charlie-and-books you are so amazing (don’t even try to deny it, you are!) and I like talking to you a lot because we can talk about so much, especially museums and ancient Rome/Greece/Egypt without annoying each other or anyone else. You’re just as sane as I am. also I will knock you off your damn broom :) ♥

Now on to some favourites I don’t really talk to but love anyways:

adarlansassasssin, alibraryismyparadise, allthosegoodbooks, allyouneedisskijumping, alwaysbuythebook // badassbookhugger, beautyofb00ks, bisexual-book-thiefbookloverkat, bookobsesssed, bookreadingjill, bookswithbazzi, books-and-cookies, buchlust // cats-books-and-tea, celaenas-wicked-grin, colorfulbooks // darkwingedcrypticdiekampfkatze, dreamingincabeswater, dreamingthroughliterature // finnthedoctorandjakethetardis, freshface-blankpage // georgesmarvellousbooks // immzies-adventures-through-books, insanityintensifies // literarynightowl, loonylovesbooks // moosefan777 // n0vel-tea, novmbercakes, nowacceptingfirstborns // oh-just-because-i-can // relentlessreading, rj-parker // science-of-deduction-sh, stxrybooks // thewittyromantic, the-shybooks, thewizardthatreads, theworldofabookworm // veronychka // whispersofthesilentwind, williamshezzascott // zaina-banana

I’m terribly sorry if I forgot anyone, but I hope not. And thanks again, I love you all <3