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Once you get this, it'd be super rad if you'd share 5 random facts about yourself. then, pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers :D

okay here you gooo! 🤖

1. i used to listen to gon’s char song ‘Smile Houteishiki’ on repeat when I was like 12 or 13 hahaha. i didnt get into the show, then, but i always, always thought he was sooo cute! OMG the ‘i know’ part though !! (srry im listening to it right now for nostalgia purposes)

2. i once saw a UFO up close during a meteor shower :o

3. i used to be that kid that would push boys off their bikes when they talked shit.

4. i passed Physics with a 100% in high school ;)

5. my first kiss was during spin the bottle omg

I can’t wait to get back home and eat food ahhh. I hella knocked out when I got home after spending my whole day with my loml Isabel sobs lmao it was so fun!!! I should tell yall my day yesterday. Not that anybody actually reads my personal post or care except like two of you but!!! Ahh it was fun man. But yeah I’m still at school waiting for my next class and debating if I should befriend this guy. He’s cute and speaks his mind out. I really like that in a person lol but idk I’m gross and shy but who knows!!

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I have isolated myself. I dont talk to anyone other than my old teachers. I have no real friends. I tried killing myself it didnt work. Ive done somethings that ppl dont do until theyre like older, and im only twelve. I smoke pot, i drink, party, sneak out. I feel like i could die and no one would care

Darling, you’re only 12 years old! You have a long life ahead of you. Can you get help from anyone? Is there a counselor at your school who you could talk to? Or your parents? If you can’t speak about it, then write them about it. Everybody does mistakes. That’s how we learn and become better people. There is ALWAYS hope. ALWAYS. And I assure you that there ARE people who care about you. I know I do. And those who know you, they care about you too. We impact the lives of everyone we meet. Nobody’s life would be the same if you died. Stay strong, lovely. Don’t you dare let this world get to you! I’m here for you.

Okay if i look at this mathematicialalwuwebfhhvhvfhfv math-like 

Iceys are 979 SC each. I have 831 sc. I need 3916 for 4 iceys, (i have 6 and i want them ALL.) I ALREADY HAVE 831. 3916 - 831 = 3085. that would mean it would take 20 weeks to get there (saturday is tomorrow, thats 931 so basically 20 weeks). IF I BOUGHT 1000 sc, I would have (technically) 1931, lets just round that up to 2000. It would take 12 weeks to get to the balance I needed.

LONG MATH PROBLEMS SHORT: If I DIDNT get SC, it would take me 20 weeks to get where I need to. IF I DID, it would take me 12 weeks. What should I do?!

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It's kinda weird for people even out out of high school to be running a dance moms account too tho like wyd with your life man. Running a blog about 12 year olds who don't give a shit. It's fun for kids but what's the point after that really like what about moving on

tbh yeah its definitely not the most normal thing, tho i would say its a lot MORE normal bc like theres defs a squad of older people who are just like FUCK EVERYONE aka like me and caroline and alex

the only reason im still here is bc i get a fuckload of attention from this blog lmao, like if i didnt get dozens of asks a day and shit and just sat around reblogging pictures i would last maybe an hour before getting bored and abandoning it lol  

and like btw i dont know if uve seen my blog but its like 10% about dm and 90% about the dm fandom so does it even qualify as a dm blog or is it a dm fandom blog #QOTD


the way you know we were having a rough spell is i just went back and tagged OVER A MONTH of untagged posts that came out of the queue on our fandom/main

i had to go back 65 pages

i was up until 12:30 i think it took me over an hour

we are exhausted today but i have CONQUERED

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1 through 12

1. Would you have sex with the last person you text messaged? nah
2. You talked to an ex today, correct? nope
3. Have you taken someones virginity? nope
4. Is trust a big issue for you? yes Lol
5. Did you hang out with the person you like recently? not in person
7. What happened tonight? i was on skype and didnt write an essay
8. Do you think it’s disgusting when girls get really wasted? no 
9. Is confidence cute? ya
10. What is the last beverage you had? water lol
11. How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust? 1
12. Do you own a pair of skinny jeans?  ya

send me numberz

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So like, I'm actually incredibly impressed by you. I'm just turning 13 this year, and you can draw like heaven's angels. I'm also quite scared of letting people know that I'm just 12 so like, how??? You seem so firm how do you do it

Literally practice, everyone says it and I use to be like “but i’ll never get better practice is dumb” but it is the answer, although Ive been drawing since I was really little so I have a lot of practice, (my nan told me when I was like 1 I drew a smiley face with permanent marker on her kitchen floor and a beach on a seat so I didnt really get into drawing i just did it?) but yes PRACTICE, also encouragement, make friends with people who encourage you but also know how to point out areas you need to improve in and draw what your interested in

(I hope this is what you were actually asking for, just message me or something if it isnt)

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what kind of soup incidents did you have

apparently when i was a baby i burned my face rlly bad, in recent years ive spilled soup and it was hot but like. not major burns tho

more importantly tho when i was 12 i sliced my hand open while opening a soup can. it was bad and they told me i would need stitches but i didnt get stitches bc nobody took me to the hospital

i remember being about 12 years old or so and desperately wanting to have blonde hair and blue eyes. like, it bordered on something close to obsession for a while. i asked my mom on numerous occasions if i could dye my hair and get colored contacts and looked up polls to see if blonde women and girls were viewed as more attractive overall than dark-haired women and girls. now i look back on it and want to slap my younger self and get those eurocentric beauty ideals out of my mind and to love and embrace the dark hair and eyes i inherited from my dad and his family 

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usually on his birthday, dean would get a text from cas right at 12 pm but he didnt this time. when he woke, sam had made his favorite pie but dean was a little disappointed tbh. why didnt cas text happy birthday and call when he knew dean was awake to sing it like he usually does? he tries to shake it off but sam notices. sam: hey! dean... u ok? dean: uh yeah i mean i thought i was getting cas' regular dumb bday text, guess not. hes been a little off since the cage...


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oooo i didn't realize you'd already reblogged the ask thingy! answer them all (ง ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)ง

u bitch hoe

ok ill answer all the ones molly didnt send

2. your town fruit?


which is ironic because i hate cherries

9. favourite pwp?

i actually like the benches and campsite !

10. least favourite pwp? 

tht giant tower is unnecessary 

12. least favourite furniture series? 

the balloon one. bought a slingshot for NOTHING

14. least favourite animal species?

them chickens creep me tf out tbh

15. Are your satisfied with your town?

not yet its a MESS

16. Do you have more than 1 character?

nope !

17. What does your mayor look like?

like me but cuter and primarly barefoot

18. What theme is your town?

trash; and lots of flowers

19. What’s your town tune?

the default tune actually. i was never good at making tunes.

20. What does your town flag looks like? 

kind of a gradient concept; its a sunset fading into a night sky!

24. Which song do you like best of the soundtrack? 

whatever music plays around 1am. v relaxing


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baby, skin, stars, and smile c:

baby- do you want to be a parent


skin- do you want any tattoos

yes but i dont know where i’d get them or what i’d get

stars- use one word to describe space


smile- how was your day today

it was p good :D i didnt wake up till like 12 which was gr9 and then i mostly have just . not done a lot. youtube n video games n nerbs calls. just like summer. its lovely.

anonymous asked:


12. “three favourite books”
-i am number four by pittacus lore (this shouldnt be here i never actually finished it. years ago when i read it and was near the end i was like “i dont fucking want this to be over” so i stopped reading it and never picked it up again. i should tbh)
-hitchiker’s guide to the galaxy by douglas adams
-the girl with all the gifts by m.r. carey (same kinda deal as ianf, but i didnt even get halfway through the book. i was like “ok this is too good and i need to stop before i get too invested” so i stopped. i seriously gotta read this one again)
-binge by tyler oakley
thats 4 bc i didnt finish 2 of them ;)))

13. “three favourite artists”
as in…. musical artists? ill list bands too if thats alright.
-passion pit
-mother mother
-owl city

14. “three favourite shows”
-orange is the new black
-my mad fat diary
-two broke girls
i decided to only include live action shows

22. “you are able to go back in time with one mission only: to give a historical character a modern object of your choice. who will you meet and what will you give them?”
oH GOD hmm id give… mozart a keyboard (as in the electronic piano) so history will be completely changed and the shitty keyboard choir sound effect will be studied in great detail by music students all around the globe. i hope he uses airhorns in one of his pieces.

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Name: stephanie

Nickname(s): steph

Sun sign:cancer
Height: 5′3

Favorite Color(s): yellow, green, pink, mint

Time Now: 1:20 am

Average Hours of Sleep you get: 8 or less on weekdays and like 10-12 on weekends

Last google search: master shifu animal (i just watched kung fu panda 3 and mames didnt believe me when i told her shifu was a red panda)

Blankets you sleep with: one

Favorite Fictional Characters: The salvatore brothers, peter pan, Kai omfg

Favorite Book: idk anymore

Favorite Band: i dont have one

Favorite Artist: Jb

What am I wearing right now: pjs

A Fact About Me: i like when people fall down

When did you create this blog: uh February 21, 2011

Current Amount of Followers: 177

What do you post about: like plants, apartments, art, and me complaining 

Do you have any other blogs: nope

When did your blog reach its peak: what does that mean

Who is your most active follower: no clue

What made you decide to get a tumblr: dude i dont remember 

Do you get asks on a daily basis: nope

Why did you choose your URL: i wanted it to mean something cool in another language but also sound like something weird so mahpari means fairy of the moon in persian but in Guam people call their friends pari so mah pari is like eyy mah friend idk im stupid

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Drugs?….well I might be going to cassie ’ s house tomorrow I dunno yet..what about friday?