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rogue one anniversary week: favorite character 

     - jyn erso

In her short life, she had seen relentless hardship and become hard herself. But her fire shone bright. It’s become fashionable in some quarters to claim Jyn Erso went to Scarif intending to die a martyr—that she realized she had lost everything and chose her path by its inevitable end. I will dispute this claim until my own dying days. I think Jyn fully recognized who she was and sought a way to channel her best and worst impulses, her darkest moments and her brightest, toward a cause worthy of her true incandescence.
In a kinder universe, she would have walked away from Scarif. I cannot imagine who she would have become, but I think she would have been extraordinary.  (Mon Mothma’s unpublished reflections on Jyn Erso)


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Wishing a very happy birthday to Fefe @ohhsenshine​ (01.12) ♡ ♡ ♡

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Confession time: You've probably heard this before, but when Voltron came out you were the first artist to draw it, and Keith looks really similar to your version of Nico. So for at least a week I thought it was some sort of Space version of PJO.

“when Voltron came out you were the first artist to draw it”