I always tried to be nice, really… but right now I’m pissed off.
Why the hell when dearies and rumbellers have issues with Rumple it’s totally okay for people but when some of us have issues with Belle so many people thinks we are terrible and haters ?!?!
I get used to it… but when I read few minutes ago that some of us “ washed our hands of Belle “ just because we think she was ooc and have issues with her banishing him… I just had enough. Fucking double standards.

every day at 8am a bunch of construction workers come over to literally destroy the outer wall of our house cause they needed to fix the balcony but something somewhere has rusted so it needs a complete replacement… I just am so exhausted from that and from having a cold, I just can’t get up at times like this, I function best in the very late evenings, and no matter how much sleep I get, I don’t function well in the early morning :I I just.. I’m really pissed off and I have no energy during the day because of this shit

So I’m almost finished watching the very final episode of Dexter (about time, I’ve been watching it on and off for years) and I swear to god I feel like Deb is gonna get stabbed or something and I swear if she dies I’m gonna be so done. I’d say id stop watching but it’s the final episode so that’s not really a threat, but I will be very grumpy if anything happens. I just have a feeling I’m gonna be really pissed off with the ending…


The show is about ‘profilers’, FBI agents who hunt SERIAL KILLERS by studying their behavior.

Oh super serious isn’ it? NO. HELL NO.


look at penelope garcia, she is the Technical Analyst THE PERFECTION HERE IS ASDFGHJKL. “On a show that is full of death and horrible things that human beings do to each other, Penelope is a colorful bright spot.”





and how amazing derek morgan is with his friends. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HIS FRIENDSHIP WITH GARCIA

oh such a funny show full of happiness OH YEAH THINK AGAIN

and the ships, oh MY HEART


and can we please talk about the CAST

look at them


okay guys sorry for the long post but IT WAS NECESSARY




TALK DIRTY TO ME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xeoCwBD8JE

people who feel the need to attack and be assholes to REAL people over liking something FICTIONAL, whether they think they should or should not like said thing need to chill out, reconsider their priorities and stop being terrible maybe

there’s this post goin round that’s a reply to someone saying ‘gerard was nominated too’ or whatever and the reply is just a really long rant about poor little frank who isn’t noticed at all compared to the Evil Gerard Way and his shitty album and i just it really pisses me off 

stop comparing frank to gerard all the fucking time. they’re two different musicians with two different styles, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other, it’s a matter of opinion. also, neither of them won, so the was absolutely no point whatsoever for that, imo, very rude reply. you’re creating an argument over absolutely nothing.

this fandom has a habit of babying frank and demonising gerard and it needs. to. stop. they both put out albums that are so different, why are you so pissed off with gerard about it?? yeah, gerard’s the name people recognise, but i highly doubt frank really cares about that, he’s not Poor Baby Frank being overshadowed by the Mean Old Gerard. if anything, no matter what their relationship is like right now, frank probably doesn’t like it when you shoot down his former bandmate’s new solo album like that because, shockingly, it’s completely unnecessary and really fucking rude.

that post ends asking people to pull their heads out of gerard’s ass, but i think you and people reblogging that uncritically need to pull your head out of frank’s.


So, I just discovered that the youtube link I posted to Tao’s album is useless now, because once again SM has had the videos deleted. -.-

Anyways, you can listen to it HERE if you haven’t already.

And just for convenience purposes, HERE is the MV.

…if I’m this mad, I can only imagine how annoyed Tao is right now.

If I have to watch one more video of “10 things girls shouldn’t/should do”/”Things girls shouldn’t say” and scroll down to see girls commenting, not on how actually really annoying those fuckboys are, but how they’re “different” from other girls and nothing on that list applies to them, I will throw up. way to enforce the belief that being a girl is shameful. 

yo stick up for your own gender- if someone insults women, have their back! don’t try to distance yourself from anything considered “girly” because guess what? I look fabulous in those new pants I just went shopping for and the reason I worry about being fat is because you’re constantly pushing down my throat that being fat is the worst thing you can be. Shopping and playing video games are both valid hobbies and if you can go around talking about your game play and we have to laugh and pretend to care else we’re bitches, I will talk about this great nail polish I found and I will, in return, also expect you to act like “proper lady” (aka being really vapid and agreeing with everything. laugh at that stupid joke and look good gdi!)

check yo ego I’m out

After reading the comments on the gifset in which Tom answers the questions about Tumblr (and imo just looks somewhat embarrassed and not annoyed), I really hope he never comes to this toxic place.

Tom, if you’re reading this, get out while you can!

"Why in the...does a doctor schedule an appointment for 2:40 and keep my ass in the waiting room for at least 30 minutes?"

A doctor friend of mine posted this on Facebook today and it is INFURIATING.

Basically what it boils down to is “my time is worth more than your time because I’m a fancy doctor” but in language that also manages to emphasize self-importance.

My favorite part is “it would nice to think that your $20 copay is paying for my ‘bigger McMansion’” before making some excuse about how many hours she works. A) Bitch please. The last doctor I saw charged me/my insurance company OVER TWELVE HUNDRED AMERICAN DOLLARS for a mammogram/ultrasound that took less than an hour and for which I never actually saw an MD. Let’s not pretend you’re only making the amount of my copay. B) We all work long hours. And I have an equal amount of student loans to yours. And I felt bad about not being able to spend the amount of time I’d like to with my clients, who were also going through real shit, but the fact of the matter is that people are paying for my time while also giving up their own and my time is not worth more than anyone else’s.

I will never stop being annoyed by doctors who think that we should just sit around and wait on them. My dad stormed out of a doctor’s office a few months ago and demanded his chart so he could go elsewhere after waiting for THREE HOURS. There is no excuse for that. I don’t care how important you think you are.

anonymous asked:

wait a fucking moment. you were bitching about mark being over sexualized and then you reblog that nsfw drawing shuploc made? hypocrite.

are you sending this to all people that reblogged the picture because i fucking swear jess-iplier just got an anon message like this

but in case it wasn’t clear

the only reason i reblogged that fucking drawing was to support shuploc and because i liked the art style

Seriously though, people are allowed to like and hate different things, but it’s INCREDIBLY hard for me to picture anyone actually liking TDAS as a whole without any criticism whatsoever. 

I mean, excluding the rampant mischaracterization that plagued this mess of a season, there is literally no way to excuse All-Stars for its horribly ableist writing in terms of Mike’s character and what they did in regards to his DID.

The way his mental illness was treated even during Revenge of the Island was distasteful, but erasing it altogether with a simple press of button just to allow him and Zoey to get their ‘happily ever after’? That was so incredibly wrong and offensive to anyone neurodivergent - especially to those with DID.

Mentally ill people have a right to hate this season, and calling them ‘idiots’ (You know who are) for hating something that might as well be a huge fuck-you to people like them automatically makes you an asshole, sorry not sorry.

I would go into how badly written their own characters were, but that’s a completely different can of worms I’m not ranting about right now.