sorry lance but i’m my own favorite space bisexual ✨

Michael having to restart Jet Black Heart twice before he was ready to sing (tumblr won’t let me post a link so here’s the credit until I can fix it on my computer tomorrow! https://twitter.com/hazyhemmings96/status/770478966251655168)


The Last Shadow Puppets’ final act: Rock En Seine 2016

most hilarious/amazing moments

“So take care of yourself.”

reading admin lana’s latest updates made me kind of a little concerned  👀 i’m not good with words but i wanted to show my support somehow, so i thought i’d use tsukki convey my message! this goes to everybody who feels overwhelmed by school. even just for a few seconds, i hope this takes your mind of your homework, good luck!! (also i hope it’s okay to submit this)

Omg, no bloody way. I can’t-oh goodness. I’m just so-woah. I’m at a complete loss for words at the moment. I have never been filled with such love and happiness than I do now. It baffles me as to how I have such amazing people in my life that genuinely care about me, and even take the time to check up on me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much for this. It’s such a beautiful work of art, and it means a lot that you even took the time to do this for me! I love you so much, and I hope that you are happy and healthy because you deserve the world. <3 (This is my new screensaver btw.)

-Admin Lana

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Hunk slowly starts to fall in love with Lance during their time at the garrison+voltron and desperately hopes that Lance has a small chance of being at least Bisexual (or an even smaller chance of liking him back). One day they're just lounging around and Lance is talking about a girl and Hunk brings up the question casually "Have you ever thought of guys in that way before? Just curious man." and Lance thinks about it and then says "Not really, seems gross to me, what about you?" (1/2)

and Hunk feels his heart crush and there’s pressure behind his eyelids but he smiles anyways and shakes his head. Lance starts talking more “I mean I have no problem with people that do? It’s just not for me.” Hunk’s heart hurts but he keeps up the happy facade so Lance doesn’t worry. He tries to get over him the following days but it’s so HARD because Lance is so touchy and handsome and he can’t handle the pain/longing he feels for him every time he glances at him. This goes on for months.(2/2)

I have no words. I’m speechless. This actually brought me to tears. 


Robron Awards: 4. Most Heartbreaking Scene

You said you loved me too remember. Remember? So you were lying then.. If you loved me you wouldn’t put me in this position.

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