How Yuuri and Victor’s motivations/goals have changed

So I had a lot of thoughts and just wanted to write a bit about something that makes this show truly unique, especially as a sport anime. And that is the motivations and goals of our main couple, Yuuri and Victor.

I’ll start by saying that the usual formula for a sports anime (or probably 90+% of all stories actually) is that the motivations and goals of the main characters are introduced at the start and they stay fairly consistent throughout the entire series. Take some other sports anime for example, character A’s goal from day 1 is to prove themself and make it to Nationals (goal). They want to do that for X reason (motivation). The show then would focus around said character’s journey to the completion of that dream and how their motivations help and/or hinder that journey.

But Yuri!!! on Ice doesn’t do that. Let’s rewind and take a look back at the start. I’m putting this under a cut because it’ll probably get long but please give it a read, I promise it’ll be worth your time.

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I finished chapter 2 of f r a y (my irbb fic waves at me from the corner as i resolutely ignore it) and shit is about to go down so here is a snippet

3:02 pm








“…… Urahara-san?”

“Ah, Kurosaki-san, thank goodness you picked up. If you aren’t busy, I’d appreciate your presence at the shoten as soon as possible.”

“What? Me? Why?”

A pause; Ichigo finds, for no good reason whatsoever, that he is holding his breath.

“Ah, well. You see, that is—”

Between one heartbeat and the next—

“Kuchiki-san has collapsed.”

Aaaaahhhhhhhh…..a twist of love and sadness?? I don’t really know what will the admin says about this later. You know the creator of dusttale sans…But if you read this creators, I don’t mean to give a misunderstanding about Dusttale AU. I just wanted a new perspective if he’s on pacifist timeline..thx

God dammm I am so boned. I fall in love with this skele, Dusttale sans! I just can’t get enough with it! I really work hard on this one. Its totally the artwork that I pushed to the maximum! 😄

Anyway enjoy the lineart while I am trying to finish it which either Copic markers or watercolors.

Dusttale sans and papyrus belongs to Dusttale (?)
Credit if use

December 6th || Day 3: Absence makes the heart fonder

Option B- Most Heartbreaking Moment

When Akihiko realized both of his parents don’t love him. For me, this is too much for a poor 10-year-old child. I think this is where his trauma came from, for unable to ask for love because he felt like he is not worth for. 

So I imagined him curling up into a ball crying in the dark, stuffed bear is his only comfort.