“The problem was that the creatures who had managed to survive the city he’d made were a new kind of misery entirely— Brekker, his Wraith queen, his rotten little court of thugs. A fearless breed, hard-eyed and feral, hungrier for vengeance than for gold.”


Hello all! So, since the year is coming to the end, I thought now would be the perfect time for a Steven Yeun Appreciation Week! Steven has been part of the cast since the beginning and I want him to know how much we all appreciate the hard work he does. So in honor of Steven and everything he’s done, Steven Yeun Appreciation Week will run from December 27th - January 2nd. You can contribute with gifs, edits, text posts, videos, anything you want to honor Steven! Just make sure to take everything as stevenweek15

  • Day 1 (December 27th) - Favorite Interview. 
  • Day 2 (December 28th) - Favorite Photoshoot.
  • Day 3 (December 29th) - Favorite Tweets/Instagram Posts. 
  • Day 4 (December 30th) - Favorite Acting Moment (can be from The Walking Dead or any other of Steven’s projects). 
  • Day 5 (December 31st) -  Favorite Quote. 
  • Day 6 (January 1st) - Favorite Friendship. 
  • Day 7 (January 2nd) - Overall Set. 

Let’s have some fun and spread some love for Steven! 

i won’t even be mad if they suddenly decided to do a remake of the percy jackson movies to fit the books more

Heteronormativity is real and bisexual people (as well as other sexualities) face this issue. But it’s bollocks to pretend it doesn’t happen in “reverse”.

There is a subsection of biphobes on this very site who have talked about me being married to a man (never mind that he is nb) consistently. Something they bring up over and over again. I’m bisexual regardless of who I date but there are absolutely those out there who act like, and make me feel, like I’m not “queer enough” if I have feelings for a guy.

There is a marginalization that happens just because you’re dating someone of the “opposite” (ugh) gender. As though ant problems you could face because of your sexuality now do not exist and you have no issues. But this erasure ignores the violence and stigma that bisexuals face in favour of a bullshit narrative that dictates that if you date someone of a different gender your problems magically melt away.

You know what I got to feel when I fell for a guy recently? An under current of shame, like I was not bisexual enough, like I was letting someone down, like I needed to keep it to myself in order to avoid being mocked.

That is a problem. Bisexual people shouldn’t be afraid either way of revealing the gender of the person they are dating, they shouldn’t have to worry that they are fulfilling a quota.

If you find yourself critical of, overly invested in, or making fun of the gender of a bisexual persons partner then you are assuredly part of the problem and should check your biphobia at the door.

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“Everyone will be happy” they say.

Yeah, she got adopted. Yes I’m happy for that because she has a family. But no, I’m not happy about the fact that Brallie is over now.

How the hell can you have sex with someone that you’re in love with and then see them as your sibling right after? I don’t see it. I can’t see it.

Scales of Gold and Green

Hah. Don’t judge me, I just couldn’t help it. Based on this silly idea of Belle being a mermaid on a deadly mission and Gold being owner of a fishing fleet. YOLO, right? Anyways… this is kind of an experiment to find out how many words it takes me to turn a silly idea into an angst-monster. I have no idea if I’m going to write a part two for this (bc, lbr, this is still totally silly)

Rating: erm. Mature, I guess. There’s nudity and plans to murder someone and talk about the dangers of walking around naked. But you know me, if I write more of this, the rating will go up at some point.


At first, the world outside engulfed her with a cacophony of ugly noises, so different from the quiet where she came from, where the sound of whales in the distance was the only melody intruding the silence, like strings of sound that spun webs through the deep. Here, the wind howled and the waves clashed against rocks and horns blew and engines pitched and those detestable two-feeted creatures shouted, throwing their voices into the wind in an attempt to drown the sounds of their environment. Humans.

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one time an innocent older lady showed me pics of her vacation on her phone and she kept swiping and a nude selfie popped up and she was so embarrassed and i wanted to disappear and ever since i get really nervous when people show me pics in their phone

Just like everyone else, i always pretend i’m in a music video when i have my earbuds on. But then i quickly remember that people are seeing me as some drunk weirdo who just can’t walk straight so i awkwardly fix my clothes, shove my hands in my jacket’s pockets, look up at the sky or stare down at my phone as if i actually got a text from someone.
—  A dancing fish, 15 October 2016