“Everyone will be happy” they say.

Yeah, she got adopted. Yes I’m happy for that because she has a family. But no, I’m not happy about the fact that Brallie is over now.

How the hell can you have sex with someone that you’re in love with and then see them as your sibling right after? I don’t see it. I can’t see it.

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i actually really like Lunael tbh sounds like a Garth Nix Abhorsen series name lmfao but yeah i'm gonna use it cause it's PRETTY just like raycheal ( - shhcutscene)

it is pretty, isn’t it? miles’s whole name is pretty, lbr. miles antony luna. so pretty. just like miles.


since i just came back from my break + i haven’t written anything in about a month, i want to write a bit for you guys!
i’m going to the beach all of next week, so i won’t have time to write imagines and stuff, and then school starts; blahblahblah. let me write for you cuties now.

therefore, as mentioned before, requests are open! 
you can ask for a blurb, imagine, preferences, text au, anything x :) 

love you guys!


The Sorting Hat sensed that Sirius Black was just as cunning as any Slytherin, and that a part of him wanted to be sorted there to appease his family. However, it also saw a rebellious streak, and morals that pitted him against the teachings of those who raised him. In the brief second after calling out “GRYFFINDOR” and before it was removed from the boy’s head, the Sorting Hat sensed a flash of joy across the mind of Sirius Black and it knew that, as always, it had made the right choice. 

A short time later, the second brother arrived. The Hat could see plenty of bravery and a sense of kindness welled up beneath teachings of privilege and ambition, but when it tried to act on them, Regulus begged it not to. He concentrated as hard as he could on his proud, pureblood family and the hat respected his wishes, though it noted that the youngest Black had spent his entire Sorting repressing thoughts of a certain noble older brother. 

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"How'd you get this?" The little boy asked softly, big blue eyes blinking up at her. ~from Child Jack at subjectwyk

Diane swallowed the lump in her throat. She couldn’t explain to Jack what happened that night. How people could hate each other enough to do something like that… it wasn’t something a child should be told about. He looked so innocent; she didn’t want to be the one to take that away.

But she couldn’t pretend that the scars weren’t there, or that they were nothing. Not even all the makeup in the world could hide them.

“Well,” she said, willing her voice to stay steady and her eyes to stay dry, “sometimes people do bad things that hurt a lot of other people. That’s how I got these scars.” She was one of the luckier ones; too many people lost their lives in the blast and in the chaos that followed. (Or, as she was starting to think more and more, maybe living made her the unlucky one.)

“But there’s good men working very, very hard to make the city safe, so nothing like that never happens again.”

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I’m not sure what happened, Star sorta explained, but do you want me to go kick their ass?

Hahaha. No, it’s okay darling ♥ It’s hurtful. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’m not hurt about the stuff that’s being spread around. But I know the truth, and that’s enough for me? I love writing. And I love roleplaying.  c:

So after months of conflicting feelings, I’ve decided I never want to see her again. It’s just too painful. It’ll kill me


                             &. cute starter sentences.

                 “Do you wanna——— TALK about it?”

            Tony pulled his eyebrows together, forehead creasing under the weight of his thoughts, as he looked anywhere but Steve. Holding back on words wouldn’t have been the right term, when he didn’t t know what to say to begin with. Something that didn’t happen too often, because usually he didn’t want to be honest in response to questions like these.
           After a certain amount of time pretending, being pretentious came as easy as breathing. A clever remark or a joke and people thought you were utterly unimpressed. Too childish, too self-absorbed to care. Tony couldn’t complain about something that had been his own design.
      “Do you wanna ——— HEAR about it?” he mimicked Steve’s way of asking, head turning and eyes flickering up to his face. “Or are you just asking to BE NICE? Because that would be awkward for both of us. — More you than me, but still.”