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that biphobic/panphobic post you reblogged makes me legit want to cry. some days I feel like the only support we can get from each other and it sucks so much more because the people who should be on our side basically tell us to go fuck ourselves.

I’m sorry you’re so upset, Nonnie. *hugs you* 

I feel you, there’s a part of the LGBTQIA+ community that is just as gross as the straight bigots out there. The difference is that we expect hate from heterosexual people, but seeing that coming from inside what’s supposed to be a safe space? That fucking hurts.

There’s no het-passing. What exists is being afraid, is erasure, is being on the closet. If I’m in a relationship with a man, I’m bi, if I’m in a relationship with a woman I am bi, if I’m in a relationship with some other gender I am still bisexual. 

My sexuality isn’t a step, it isn’t a phase, it isn’t confusion, it isn’t greed, it isn’t a a dial that goes from “straight <-> gay”. My sexuality doesn’t change with the gender of my partner. I am bisexual. Period.

I hate it, I hate that bisexuality is often forgotten, erased, demeaned or conditioned to be accepted. I’m bi and I’m proud, and those biphobic trashbags can fucking go lick a lamp post for all I care.

Yo I’m going to make this as non-sappy as possible but basically all of you folks in tumblr’s Star Wars fandom are super cool and rad and I just want to give all of you a big hug.  It’s not exactly a secret that I’ve been dealing with a rather crippling depression relapse for a while now, but being able to express myself creatively through headcanons, fan art, etc. in the Star Wars fandom has helped me greatly to purge any unpleasant emotions and keep my mind out of dark places.

And I’ve made so many friends on this site just by laughing, crying, and sharing Star Wars jokes, feels, and so on with you guys and y’all are just amazing to interact with

So yeah keep being cool and let’s continue to be friends and wallow in Star Wars feelings together >:D

(Don’t worry I have friends and a family and a job and a life outside of tumblr I PROMISE I just wanted to share my appreciation for you wonderful people)

The signs when someone is crying

Aries: *Stares* “are you ok?”

Taurus: Umm, shall I fetch you a tissue?

Gemini: “It’s alright, don’t cry” *Leaves*

Cancer: “Come come my child, let me be your mother hen, I will slaughter the person who made you feel this way”

Leo: *Wipes their tears* “Your crying face is horrible, you will get wrinkles, I love you though”

Virgo: *Bye*

Libra: “nonononononononononnono lemme give you a hug”

Scorpio: *Offers them food* 

Sagittarius: “Ahhh fuck, do you want a hug or something?”

Capricorn: *Holds them*

Aquarius: “Crying is a waste of time, don’t cry” 

Pisces: “If you cry….I cry” *Holding each other whilst crying a river* 

You know what I want in s11? I want Dean to find Cas alive, still bleeding being really weak, but alive. And I want Dean to hold Cas’ face and cry while he says he is going to take care of him and that Cas will get better. I want Dean to apologize for everything while he sobs and hugs Cas. And I want Cas to smile, because he can see that Dean is Dean again, not a twisted version of his soul, crying of happiness, because Dean has come back to him.

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Different anon, but I wanted you to know as a child of refugee immigrant parents working in factories and nail salon who now attend one of th most prestigious universities in the world, your advice made me want to cry in a way I can't articulate if it's good or bad. Do you have advice for college? Do the confusion, the imposter syndrome / inadequacy, and the guilt ever go away? How?

First things first: I am sending you a long-distance digital hug. Breathe, my love, because I am going to tell you the one guiding truth of this okay?

They are already so fucking proud of you they could explode. You have and are seizing opportunities they never had, and as long as you can be happy, they are going to be happy, too. They may not even know this. They may think that you should be a lawyer or must be a doctor or a computer scientist, but the abstract driver in their willingness to work horrible jobs and endure and continue to meaningfully or accidentally put pressure on you is this bone deep need for you to be happy and have chances they did not.

The best way to conquer the impostor syndrome and the guilt is to earn it. You are influenced by people who have not had anything handed to them, and you are keenly aware of the ways you HAVE been cosseted by your family. This is so so so fucking hard and sometimes painful, because your life has given you an amazing capacity and insight into how fortunate you are, and that can be…overwhelming. Am I being grateful enough? Am I working hard enough? This isn’t good enough, not when my family worked so hard to get me here.

There is this idea in Chinese culture of your measure of pain and difficulty. Nobody will be able to avoid their universal share; life is pretty good at this accounting. So yes, you are living the easy life compared to what your family went through, but you will have your own massively difficult challenges, your own heartbreaks and turmoil. I had to do a lot of things very alone while very young, because in the way only first generation immigrant kids can really get: you are the only one who can do it. You do not get to lean on your parents for things so many people never consider–sometimes they had to lean on you. That’s a lot of pressure already, a lot of maturity where you may not want it, but you took ownership of it then and you will take ownership of it now.

You deserve your success, you will continue to deserve your success because you are going to keep working hard. You are going to be great. You are going to make your family happy by being happy in your success.

…Although like, let’s not take this too far and be shiftless hippies okay because we are not bourgeois, confusing white people.

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moop moop, anon love time! ill be honest here, i have no idea who the fuck you are or what youve been through, but the fact that you are alive right now is a miracle. the fact that you can get up each morning and face the amount of shit the world throws at you is amazing and worthy of praise. have a nice day, amazing person!!! *moops awaaaaaaaaaay*



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can you please please do the "you’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “i’ll go” i feel like we might as well be married" prompt? thank you!!

Oliver startles awake to his baby’s cry. The bedside clock reads three am in bright red block numbers. Oliver sighs deeply. He can’t remember the last time he slept soundly. Probably not since he brought little Lily home from the hospital. Definitely not since his ex-husband left him three days later.

“Don’t act like you don’t have a thing for Walsh.”

“That was years ago.”

“Then why is he calling you?”

“He’s a friend. He’s allowed to call.”

“Why did you even marry me, Oliver? And you brought a child into this.”

“Lily is our child.”

“No. She isn’t.”

Honestly, Oliver wasn’t that sad to see to him go. Worse, was that he had been right. Oliver isn’t sure why he bothered to marry him. Well, alright, he had some idea. His ex had been a rebound. Oliver finally wanted to be with someone who wouldn’t leave him. Someone who wouldn’t cheat. Someone who wanted a family.

Oliver had been wrong on all three counts.

He rolls up in bed, feet touching the floor, when footsteps sound down the hall, coming closer.

“Don’t worry, Ollie,” says Connor Walsh standing in his bedroom doorway. “I got this.” Then he disappears down the hall toward Lily’s room.

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I read that post you reblogged about anxiety and wow, i can relate to that so much. I have anxiety and everyday is a war between my fear and my true self. I got help and now luckily I'm getting better , but there are still ups and downs. If you also have anxiety, I want to tell you that you're a warrior, and we're gonna get through this at some point so keep going ^^ ps sorry for my bad english!

Oh my gosh anon, darling, thank you so so much! ; ;

I do suffer from anxiety myself as well - I’m sorry to hear you’re the same but glad that you’re getting help and feeling better.

I’ve also gotten help and I have lots of good days.

Thank you again, you’re the sweetest, let’s both keep on fighting this♥ 

What if… Steve doesn’t cry at his wedding, come on, he can finally call Danny his husband, from that day on he can smugly tell everybody /exactly/ how long they’ve been married, to the second. More importantly his best friend agreed ‘til death’ and Steve has a nice record of keeping Danny alive, so huge grin and laughter all around. Then Clara goes 'Heey,’ *finger-wiggle* 'I can call you son now! Do you want me to call you son?’ at which point, yeah, ok he starts crying when she hugs him.

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i want your lips on my mouth. your hands on my back. our bodies intwined. i want to sit outside with you when we can't sleep, smoke and talk about the time we both got fucked over. we can go places. kiss. hug. love. touch. feel. we won't give a fuck about what other people think, you and me, in our own little world. baby lets cry together, il hold you so tight your pain won't hurt you anymore. il protect you from all the bad shit in the world and tell you how you're the only good thing in it.

i melted a little bit omg who are you why arent you next to me

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"Return from the military, twist that Lucy is a pilot for the navy coming home to her natsu." Nalu. (Your writings are AMAZING! Keep up the fantastic work!)

(*tackles anon with hugs* Thank you for the lovely message ^_^)

“I’m so excited to see Lu-chan,” Levy exclaimed, holding Gajeel’s hand as she jumped all around.

“I get to hug her first!” Natsu shouted.

“We know Natsu,” Gajeel groaned, rolling his eyes, “So Erza, Jellal, Gray, and Juvia went to the restaurant already?”

“Yep saving our spot…I think most of them just don’t want to cry when they see her,” Levy responded. 

A whole 2 years Lucy had been gone, off over seas fighting for their country. It’s how her mom had died when she was young, but she wanted to continue her mom’s dream.

“Fighting isn’t peace Lucy.”

“But I’m going to fight for our freedom and more importantly save people.”

That conversation stuck in his mind, she truly was brave, her main reason for going though is so she could help the civilians instead of fighting. She originally was a pilot but transferred to being a medic because she refused to hurt anyone.

Natsu didn’t know how many nights he had just stared at the moon for hours, counting the stars and wishing she was with him. No matter how many nights that he’d lie wide awake it wouldn’t change how alone he was without her.

But she was coming home today, she got released with honor for her bravery when she requested discharge after being ordered to kill someone and refusing. 

“Natsu did you hear the announcer?!” Levy said, grabbing his shoulder.


“The plane landed, passengers are exiting now,” Gajeel responded, “Pay attention idiot.”

Watching her brown eyes widen when he made eye contact he sprinted to her, no doubt knocking a few people out of his way. She dropped her bags and opened her arms with a wide smile on her face, beckoning him to hug her. 

Crashing into her his arms wrapped around her waist, burying his face into the crook of her neck and hearing her laugh as she returned the hug. Her laugh was truly a beautiful sound and he had missed it so much.

“I missed you so much,” Natsu mumbled.

“I missed you to Natsu,” she replied, feeling his tears on her skin as her own fell from her eyes.

He pulled away, before crashing his lips against hers closing his eyes tightly, savoring the feeling of her lips against his. Pulling away when his lungs demanded oxygen he rested his forehead against hers.

“Welcome home.”


Today was a blast. So many people came up to me and hugged me and asked for pictures. The first 2 pictures aren’t me in suit but a friend

Second to last picture?? Oh yeah that’s just Torch’s wearer GIVING ME FURSUIT CHEEK KISSES!!!! I flipped when I found out it was him :) I fangirled everywhere and started to cry haha. It was a very emotional and hot day.

PSA to everyone who goes tomorrow: stay hydrated. We don’t want the ambulance to come out again. We also care about your safety. We love you all

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ayato, uta, and shiro!neki seeing their s/o in the hospital because of an accident?

(( b/c u werent so specific…this one counts for shiro!kaneki, my poor baby ))

Ayato’s always been prone to hair loss whenever he gets far too stressed–which made him stress out even more because he wasn’t even that old yet. So when he’s told his partner’s finally conscious after several days, he hauled his ass into their room. He isn’t going to lie that he wanted to yell profanities at them, but the moment he saw them lying in the hospital bed he started to cry instead, running over to them and hugging them tightly. “Ayato, you’ll break my ribs if you hug me this tightly–” They breathed and he let them go, rubbing at his eyes.

“Sorry–” Wait, did Ayato Kirishima, the most stubborn person alive, apologize? His partner grinned evilly as it dawned on him on what he said earlier. “Fuck–I take that shit back!” 

“Too late, you finally apologized to me! How’s them nuts!” They cackle, pointing a finger at him before throwing their arms up in the air. “I win! Ayato finally apologized to somebody and he cried! Amazing! I feel so alive and so much better–!” 

“Shut up!” He flustered.

Although Uta didn’t look like it, he was extremely anxious for his partner to wake up, practically almost moving into the hospital. Every time he visited he always brought his sketchbook to draw as he patiently waited for them to wake up–it was near the fifth day that they’ve been asleep and already they had get well cards, balloons and gifts stacked up for them in the corner from their friends. He had taken the time to sketch out portraits of their sleeping face, but the moment their eyes started to flutter open, he slaps on one of the scariest masks he’s made and sat there, staring at his partner. 

They shriek in fear, only to hear Uta’s low snickering–and realized it was him. “Uta you jerk!” They cried. “You almost gave me a heart attack!”

“Sorry for almost putting you into another coma.” He laughed as he slipped the mask off. “It’s about time you woke up anyways. I figured this would be the best present out of all the others stacked away in the corner over there.” He shrugged, leaning back in his chair casually. 

They frowned. “Gimme a kiss–” They whine. “Payment for being a big dumb jerk.” 

Rolling his eyes, Uta leaned in and gave them a gentle kiss on the lips.

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Congrats! And CS + 29, if you want. I really love your writing, even if the angst is very painful. ily <3

Thank you! Ily too anon <3

So this is a sequel to 44. If you die, I’ll kill you

29. I thought you were dead

Whale sighed heavily and looking at Emma’s shocked and tear stained face came beside her. He patted her shoulder soothingly as he said,

“Time of death 8:03 p.m”

Emma froze, her hands gripping the side of his hospital bed as the nurses started to dispatch his medical equipment.

A sharp pain sliced through Emma’s heart and she felt her entire body shiver. She was shaking and her chest was physically hurting as Whale stood beside her, hugging her from the side and running his hand soothingly over his friend’s shoulder.

Emma wanted to cry, to scream, to do anything, but the only thing she could do was stare at the lifeless body of the devilishly handsome Killian Jones.

I can’t lose you too. Her worst fear came true – he left her just like everyone else did. But it had never hurt this much; she had never felt so hopeless and devastated beyond repair. As if she could never move on.

He was gone.

No more smirks, no more words that touched her heart, no more kisses that scorched heat throughout her body, no more innuendoes, no more shy smiles, nothing. Just absolutely nothing.

I never told him I loved him, not once.

Well, she eventually had. But somehow it didn’t feel enough now – she wanted everything with him. Rings on their fingers, his last name joining hers, a house by the docks, maybe little blond hair and blue eyed children, and finally them both dying when their old and gray – still bickering about his age and flying monkeys. Everything.

But now all she got was nothing.

Suddenly something in Emma’s head clicked.

If one of you cast the curse, how are you both here?

Emma separated from Whale and placed her hand on her chest, wishing Regina was here to do this. With a quick this better work, Emma pushed her hand where her heart is supposed to be. Once she felt it, she held it and pulled her hand out, biting her lip to not scream in pain.

“What the hell are you doing?” Whale asked her, horrified.

Honestly, Emma didn’t even know what the hell she was doing and why she wasn’t scared or have any doubt about this. All she knew was that this had worked for her parents and it better work for them.

Killian was her True Love, which had been apparent when he saved her from going dark and restored her title as the Savior from the Dark One. They had been kindred spirits since the moment they journeyed to that beanstalk, so surely they could be halves of one heart?

She grasped her bright red heart and squeezed it lightly, just enough to separate it. Once both halves were in her hands, she pushed one half into his chest, and the other back into hers.

She waited, her eyes widening in anticipation and hope but nothing happened. Killian still lay motionless on his bed.

Maybe we aren’t as powerful as Snow White and Prince Charming.

She lowered her face till it was inches apart from his, “I love you Killian” she whispered before she kissed him. A breeze of air and a white light surrounded them, pushing Whale and the nurses backward as the lights flickered in the room and the ground shook slightly for a moment. Apparently the half heart procedure needed to be activated with True Love’s Kiss.

“Ah, love, I don’t think that quite worked. Shall we try again?” his voice came, a smirk forming on his face, but his eyes were crinkling with happiness.

Emma burst into tears as she let her head fall to his chest. He tangled his hand in her hair, whispering assurances in her ears. Once the tears stopped flowing she turned her face, her chin still resting on his chest.

I thought you were dead” Emma whimpered, her lower lip trembling from the few moment of utmost despair she went through.

“How many times do I have to tell you, love, I’m a survivor” Killian said, smiling at her as he brushed her tears away and bringing her lips up to kiss her again.

Not only were their souls made of the same galactic material, but now they truly were two bodies and one heart.

Send me a number and pairing and I’ll write you a drabble!