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so Ty's had a rough day and everything's just too much and j tries to comfort him by hugging him but he freaks out (sensory overload) and locks himself in his room just sobbing and j's freaking out bc he doesn't understand what's happening

:( ty runs away into his room and sits on the floor trying to calm down and josh is pacing the living room pulling his hair because he thinks he did something wrong and he’s crying because he thinks he hurt tyler but like an hour later ty comes back shyly “josh?” n j wants to hug him again but he’s afraid n ty pouts “c'mere j, i’m so sorry.” n ty hugs him lightly as he explains what happened and j cries “shit tyler, i’m so sorry i didn’t mean it, i didn’t mean to make you run away” n ty kisses his jaw “s'okay joshie! y'didn’t know!”


I just wanted to say thank you to @meddlingmeditator and @mysunfreckle and the anon who’ve been messaging me and leaving comments and honestly today was going crap and you’ve all been so supportive and I honestly feel like crying you guys are the best

(if the anon who said that would like to message me I’m very willing to hug you back)

you ask me about my day and you actually want to know the answer. you want to know the songs i love and you listen to them too. you let me be quiet. you let me say the thousand words in my mind. you tell me it’s okay to be sad. and when the sad is overflowing out of me you catch it. and we laugh at the same things, and we cry for the same reasons. best of all is you tell me you love me and there’s no strings attached. and you see the bad and you still say i’m lovely. you pick me up and it’s the best hugs i’ve ever gotten. and home is wherever i’m with you. and the sunsets are ours. you tell me “i love you” and i was so drunk but i remember how that felt. you don’t want anything from me when you say it. and i don’t have to ask you if you do. and you mean it and i mean it. i love you. i just wish we’d gotten the timing right. my heart breaks knowing i could’ve been happy, we could’ve been happy. so close. almost. we are parallel lines. nearly, almost. almost will have to be enough.

the signs as random dhmis quotes

Aries: (indistinguishable screaming)

Taurus: Do you like cows or goats?

Gemini: (horrified crying)

Cancer: But look a computer!

Leo: We must feed him gravel

Virgo: Green is not a creative color.

Libra:  Food is talking.

Scorpio: DON’T TOUCH MEEeeeEEee!

Sagittarius: Digital style!

Capricorn: You can have a dream about losing your friends, or you can dream about burning your friends.

Aquarius: I don’t want to do this anymore!

Pisces:  It’s 9:30, there’s fish everywhere.

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Omg, how about some headcanons with Soldier 76 when y/n accidentally calls him their dad.

Just gonna go ahead and assume you mean it as a parental figure. In which case. I want to cry

  • You freeze
  • He freezes
  • You immediately start to backtrack, trying to fix it
  • His forehead and the tips of his ears start to flush (he’s still wearing his visor of course)
  • His shoulders kind of shake a little and you get so scared you just fucked everything up
  • “76 i am so sorry–”
  • “no, it’s okay. I didn’t know you felt that way about me” and his voice is even deeper than normal
  • You’re still stuttering because is he crying??
  • And then he hugs you, and he just kinda “i’m so glad you trust me that much”
  • What did you get yourself into
  • He goes and brags about it to all the older heroes
  • And i’m standing by my hc of goodnight kisses
  • He’s just so happy! Thanks for giving this old man a purpose again

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moop moop, anon love time! ill be honest here, i have no idea who the fuck you are or what youve been through, but the fact that you are alive right now is a miracle. the fact that you can get up each morning and face the amount of shit the world throws at you is amazing and worthy of praise. have a nice day, amazing person!!! *moops awaaaaaaaaaay*



I Never Stopped Loving You - Part 2

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Request//  Your blog is awesome I love your fics. One question: Are you goin to continue ‘I Never Stopped Loving You’?? I want to know what will happen!!! Please can you continue it??

A/N// Thank You To Everyone That Requested For A Part 2. Glad You Liked Part 1 And Hope You Like Part 2!

Part 1

The thought of telling Derek made me cry. When he pulled me into his embrace, I let it all out. How could I leave him? Derek hugged me tighter. How could I live without this? He’s the only person who cared about. the only person I could talk to. Now my world has come crumbling down.

“Baby, what do you need to tell me?” Derek asked, not letting me go.

“I’m…I’m leaving,” I told him, saying the words made everything seem to real. More tears fell from my eyes. My heart broke. I know Derek’s did too.

“What?” Derek asked shocked.

“My alpha told me that we’re leaving and if I don’t go he will kill me.Which means I have to go” I didn’t know it was possible to feel this broken. When I looked up at Derek, I saw the tears forming in his eyes.

“Why?” Derek asked again.

“I don’t know, he just want’s power. He got 4 new betas. Now I guess he is bored and he has seen me truly happy and he wants me to be miserable. Like him” I told him. Hugging Derek tighter.

“I can’t lose you. Y/N. What am I going to do without you?” Derek let the tears go. We stood in his room both crying. Both not wanting to believe that this is happening.

“When…when do you leave?” Derek asked kissing my forehead.

“7 days” I told him. 

“Well for them 7 days, we are staying together. We will spend every moment possible together” Derek told me.

“I think we should get this movie night started then,” I told him. He looked down a smiled. He wiped away my tears and placed a kiss onto lips. We climbed into bed and snuggled up together. Derek wrapped his arms around me. I soon fell asleep in his arms.

I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in. Derek was still fast asleep. I just lay there enjoying being cuddled up to Derek. Why did I have to have the worst Alpha ever? He always knew how to spoil my happiness. I could feel tears forming in my eyes again. “Pull yourself together Y/N these few days with Derek will be filled with happiness and memories. We couldn’t spend them crying” I said to myself.

“Good morning beautiful,” Derek said kissing my temple. I snuggled into him more and we wrapped his arms around me tighter. Both of us didn’t really know what to say. We both just wanted the same thing.

“So what do you want to do today then,” Derek asked me, as he let go of me and turned on his side so we were laying face to face.

“Stay in bed all day, with snacks and movies,” I said as I couldn’t be bothered to even move.

“Sounds like a plan”. 

The days we spent together were amazing. But sadly they were coming to an end. 3 days left. We were currently at School in math’s class. I was helping Derek work out a question,

“I’m terrible at this, who’s going help me when your gone” Derek asked.

“I’ll find away,” I told him , but when he looked up at me his eyes were filling up with tears.

“I don’t want you to leave me,” He said. I got up out of my seat and grabbed him by the hand and lead him out of the class. 

“Where do you two think you’re going?” The teacher asked.

“Somewhere better than here,” I said. I took Derek outside. He broke down. The tears flooded out of him. I pulled him into my embrace running my fingers through his hair. How could I do this to him?  I could fell the sadness, but it suddenly changed into anger. When he looked at me his eyes his eyes were glowing blue. 

“Derek?” I said, knowing this wasn’t going to end well. Derek got out of my grip and ran. I followed after him but he was too fast. He was headed straight for my Alpha. When I arrived at the building I heard Derek shouting.

“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!” Derek caught my alpha of guard and pinned him against the wall. But it didn’t take much for him to through him to the ground.

“I see Y/N told you” My alpha just laughed. I ran over to Derek, who was now back onto his feet.

“You’re so power thirsty, you don’t care who’s life you ruin” Derek was getting more angrier. His fists were clenched and he had fully shifted. 

“Baby just calm down”I said grabbing hold of his hand. 

“Why don’t you just go back crying to you mommy” My Alpha laughed.

“YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TRUE POWER!” Derek shouted. I pulled Derek away before things got out of hand. 

“Derek he’s not worth it, come on,” I said pulling him out of the building, but the betas blocked us. Fangs showing, growling at us. They really think they scare me. I flashed my eyes and growled louder, they soon moved out the way.

When we got back to Derek’s we went straight to his room. I sat him on his bed and pulled him into a hug. And he began crying again. 

“I’m sorry” He told me between sobs.

“Shh Derek, I don’t care what you did. You told the truth. You braver than me. I wish I never had to leave, but if don’t you know what will happen. But I will do anything I can to come and see you. I’m not giving up. I love you Derek Hale. I love you so much and nothing will ever change that. Even if I am 1000 miles away, I will love you!” I said kissing his forehead and hugging him tight.

The last day//

Today is the day I was leaving. I couldn’t believe the week went so fast. I can’t believe that this will be the last day I see Derek. We woke friday morning cuddled up.

“Were not going school. I have a surprise for you” Derek told me placing a kiss on o my lips.

“What is it?” I asked

“You got to wait and see” Derek teased. “The sooner you get up and ready, the sooner we can go” He told me.

It was around 11:30 when we left Derek’s house. We walked to the destination hand in hand. Derek lead me in the forest.

“Were are you taking me?” I asked.

“Were nearly there” He told me. That’s when we turned the corner to see a beautiful waterfall. With roses all around and a picnic basket on the rock.

“Derek when did you do this? It’s beautiful” I said hugging so tight.

“I sneaked out last night when you were asleep. I thought it was our last day together, so why not make it special” Derek said kissing me. We sat on the rock next to the waterfall, eating and laughing. We then lay on the rock cuddled up. Until my phone buzzed.

We’re leaving. Get here now!

“Baby it’s time” I said my eyes welling up with tears. Derek and I walked back, to whereI had to meet my Alpha. When we got there he was stood with his arms folded leaning against the car. The rest of the betas were ready to leave.

“How long do you need to take” My Alpha said. I totally ignored him, I turned to Derek and wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. He placed a passionate kiss on my lips and leant his forehead on mine. 

“I guess this is goodbye” I said tears rolling to down my face.

“Just for now, and remember, I will never stop loving you” Derek said kissing me again.


I kissed Derek and hugged him tight. Then I let go of him. Then I remembered something. I went in my bag and took out a notebook. I handed it to Derek and kissed his cheek and got in the car. Tears rolled down my face seeing Derek stood there. He had tears rolling down his face to. He opened up the notebook. It has all the math notes he would ever need. Then on the last page I wrote.

“I will never stop loving you”

Part 3?

HQ Kareshi (First date): Oikawa Tooru

Oikawa: Uwaa-! 

Oikawa: The night view is so pretty!

Oikawa: ….ummm are you still mad…?

Oikawa: I’m really sorry! When I woke up it was already time to meet. I’m really sorry!

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My mom just ripped me a new one and I'm literally in tears. Can I please have some headcanons on how Kurt and Peter would treat you after an awful day? Thanks Karley.

that’s an interaction with my mom i’m all too familiar with. im sorry bub :( i’ll be ur mom.


  • my oh my, kurt is the sweetest kid ever
  • he’ll make sure that you’re positive you want him around, because he knows some people like being left alone
  • kurt won’t push you into telling you what’s wrong, if you don’t want to talk
    • but if you do, he’ll listen to you rant/cry/talk for as long as needed!
  • HE GIVES THE BEST HUGS EVER, and he’s totally the type of hugger that buries his face in your shoulder, holding you tightly against you.
  • after you’ve calmed down a bit, he’ll just be like “i’ll be right back” and bamfs out of there, only to return five minutes later with your favorite flowers and candy!
  • kurt will then let you cuddle into him while you watch your favorite movie, or he’ll take you to the drive in and watch a movie there to help get stuff off of your mind!


  • he’ll pull you into a hug the moment you start to cry, because that has always been his first reaction to girls crying
  • he’ll hold you and massage your scalp while you cling to him, (probably) soaking his shirt with your tears.
    • after you’ve calmed down, he’ll get you a change of comfy clothes and let you change while he grabs some stuff to distract you.
  • he comes back with allllll the comfort food he can find, and a couple records to listen to.
    • so you guys will sit on your bed and eat and talk about past memories, dates, funny moments, anything to get your mind off of the bad day.
    • eventually that leads into getting under the covers and curling up against each other, sleeping soundlessly against one another!

i hope i could make you feel better <3

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I'm kinda excited for those upcoming bon voyage episodes. I don't want to cry of disappointment about that hug or kiss, but that picture of them sleeping together is driving me nuts but a kiss or at least the hug, would be p e r f e c t to my death

haha *cries* I saw some people expeculating about a kiss and the hug, But I tried not to think about because, as same as you, I don’t want to feel sad if a kiss will not happen. Plus, if a kiss happen and is not the way I want — if you know what I mean— , It would be hard too. So I don’t want to think about a kiss right now. About a hug, I hope they show, because it would be the cuttest thing ever. But! Let’s keep crying about that bed picture that will be a video, and that could be our life’s end.. TvT  Also, I’m very excited about taekook+yoongi that I’ve noticed in the preview and pictures of them on the streets.

And there are some pictures of taekook and Jin walking together as well.

If I’m correct, also, there will be some taekook with Hosek and Jimin too. So I’m expecting a lot of shootings with them, together. At least there is this guy filming them, talking while walking.

And!! Not forgetting the taekook babies all happy in  a bus!!!

There are so many things to expect. What if they show more about their video in that lake? Also, what kind of things we’ll get with them in that bathtub?? Ha ha ha I just keep on crying.

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Well... you might meet the prince one day Pap. Just not in the way you'd expect to meet him.


-“Oh good god no! Papyrus, you are certainly not meeting Asriel anytime soon. Good lord…”


“…No… real reason. Sans will tell you when you’re older.”


Imagine Jimin

You were learning the dance to “Fire” to make your boyfriend (Jimin) proud. You decide to show it for him, but after all you are not the best dancer and you mess everything up. He finds you cute, laughs. He comes to you, hugs you and tells you that for him you are the best dancer in the world and thanks you that you tried to learn this dance for him and says that if you want he can teach you how to dance it well.

it’s so cute and I want to cry, ugh

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Hi! Can I request seventeen's reaction of you crying while doing their fan chants at an award show?

im not sure if they could see you??????? im just gonna go like they saw pics&vids of you crying like they found out later!!! sorry if this isnt what u want :(

coups, hoshi, seokmin: when he found out tho… …..omg that is really my baby crying!!!! no!!!! but shes still doing them fan chants!!! “BABY????” “yes” “OMG I LOVE U SO MUCH” “um okay??? i love u too” “i cant believe u cried at our last night WHY DIDNT U TELL ME” “OMG DID U LOOK AT THE VIDEOS I LOOK LIKE A MESS” “I LOV E UUUUUUUUU” probably be by your side the whole day and shower u with hugs and kisses

jeonghan, wonwoo, jihoon, vernon: he would be like :000000 you were crying????? but you looked just fine last night what he’d be so touched like omg you support them so much and he felt so emotional.. …..youd be in the house doing something and he’d just hug you and mutters ‘i love you’ and youd be ????? what is up, i felt like he wouldnt tell about it “nothing i just love you” and just start to appreciate you more than before which is super cute frick

jisoo, jun, mingyu, seungkwan: would watch calmly and when u start crying he’d be OMG :0 and start freaking out like you cried??? and still doing fanchats??? he’d call you and youd be like “what” and when u see what he’s watching….. “OMG WHAT ARE U DOING???? TURN IT OFF I LOOK LIKE A MESS” “I CANT BELIEVE U CRIED I LOVE U” “im just so proud of u guys ok :( u went through so much” he’d be like aw and hug u and then probably said something like “and yeah u look like a mess here but i still love u” “YAH”

minghao, dino: would be speechless, i dont know if theyll talk about it to you or not bc i can see them doing both like either coups or jeonghan but if they were to tell you they wouldnt be hype or anything but more lovingly :,) “omg i cant believe u cried ok you looked fine when i came back!!” “well i just cant believe it IM SO PROUD OF U GUYS” “thankyou so much for supporting us ok :( how do i become so lucky” 


Week Twenty-seven of the 2016 Sketch Dumps:

1-2: Storyshift Skele-bros, ‘cause if there is one thing I love that makes me cry, it’s angst between Sans and Payprus.

3-4: Altertale is super duper cute and adorable and I just want to hug them all.

5: This is an OC based on my star signs and this post. They don’t have a name yet, because I’m lazy and horrible at coming up with names, but are based on Pisces, Virgo and Scorpio as Sun, Moon and Rising signs.

6: Me, Extra Salty. Especially when it comes to work and my “short weekends”.

7: Because I was still salty on Thursday and becoming more stressed, I needed to draw something cute. So my headcanon for the skele-parents is what occurred.

You Are My Sunshine

When I first saw the boy in green I was little. He was my imaginary friend, well my only friend. I remember a little bit of our time together but I was so young. One day I asked why he was my friend and he told me, “One day I’m going to fall in love with you. And I want you to be safe now so that day can actually come.” As a child I obviously didn’t know what he meant so I just hugged his leg and said “I wub u too Petah.”

As time sped up, he left. He told me I would never be alone and that one day he would come back for me, he just had to wait until I was lost.

If by “lost” he meant sitting in a alleyway with a almost empty bottle of alcohol in my hand crying then yeah, I was lost. I had lost myself and my family in a house fire. Being in and out of foster homes sucks and I ran away. I remembered a song Peter used to sing to me and as I cried I sang it softly.

“You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You’ll never know dear
How much I love you-”

“So please don’t take my sunshine away.” A soothing voice cut in. I looked up to see the boy in green. He was WAY cuter than I remembered, with his shaggy light brown hair, nice build and beautiful green eyes. I slowly got up and ran into his arms and began crying in his shoulder. We sunk down to the dirty ground of the alleyway and he held me tight. “I’m so sorry Y/N, it killed me to watch you suffer but it was the only way.” He spoke into my hair. “Please, just take me away.”