What I wouldn’t give to have J2 make a cameo on TWD once Negan is introduced. They don’t even have to say a word. I just want them in the background among Negan’s dudes, armed with a pair of Winchester rifles, so I can nerdy-snort-giggle at the ref.

We need "down to hug" signs

I’m in reality a touchy person, but I’m very awkward around nice people since my height is probably seen as intimidating and not everyone likes physical contact, so I wait for someone to initiate hugs and such.

If I befriend you at a con, I’d like to ask if you’re down to hug. That should be socially acceptable.

I keep seeing that “you can’t change the volume of the voice in your head” but I can? I also usually have two or more seperate voices talking about two different things or sometimes two or more voices having a conversation and even sometimes one is singing or humming while another is talking

I mean I don’t think I should get this checked out because all the voices are me but with seperate voices… or is that a problem idk :/