Invisible, Chapter Eleven

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

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word count: ~1600

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Klaine fic - “All the Beautiful Pieces” (Rated NC17)

Blaine Anderson is spending the summer after graduation flipping houses with his brother for Cooper’s total home renovation show. The show features the worst houses Cooper can buy, with Blaine playing the role of lackey so that Cooper can torture him in front of his viewers. The last house Blaine has to renovate is an original Victorian House in San Diego, CA, which is in terrible condition. But this house turns out to be more than just another job. It was once owned by a famous Vaudeville ventriloquist by the name of Andrew Smythe. It houses a very interesting collection of items - among them, two life-sized puppets. Blaine isn’t sure exactly why, but he’s drawn to them - especially to the one with the beautiful blue eyes. He convinces Cooper to give him the puppets, and Blaine starts to restore them. In the course of the restoration, Blaine finds out that neither puppet is simply a run-of-the-mill puppet, and Andrew Smythe was hiding a secret that will be the key to saving two lives.

Okay, so, as many of you people know, this was my Reverse Bang story from way too long ago. I had it completed, but as I was uploading it, my computer crashed and obliterated this plus a ton of my other stories, which I have been writing back from memory these many years. I had this one almost down except for the last three chapters, which have been lost in the void of my brain. So, what I’ve done is start over from the beginning. I haven’t been changing the story, just freshening the language, and then I will add those last three chapters. But I’m posting it here one chapter per week so those of you who would like to can get reacquainted with the story. Of course, you could jump ahead to AO3, and cheat, re-read all 17 original chapters at once, but you’ll still have to wait for the ending, and only chapters 1-7 have been redone. Anyway, this story wouldn’t even exist without @freakingpotter who is an amazing artist and an even more amazing friend <3 Give her lots of love <333

(Warning for character death that happens in the past, hoarding, and anxiety.)

Chapter 1 (6515 words)

Blaine stares out the windshield of his rented Honda Odyssey, his jaw dropping open, stunned out of his senses at the sight of the disastrous house in front of him. His hands grip the steering wheel for support. His knees knock together, completely out of his control. A low, pitiful whining noise rattles around in the back of his throat. The house to his right, nestled incongruously behind a manicured lawn, carefully pruned rose bushes, and a well-established Mulberry tree, is so incredibly awful that he can’t stop looking at it. It’s like a horrendous traffic accident – lots of blood and twisted metal, but try as you might, you can’t make yourself look away.

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anonymous asked:

If not too much for ask, would made clear what was Sam's arc in season 10 and 11? It's for a fanfiction purpose

Hey - congrats on writing a story! *happy dance*

The thing is, as you can see from my ‘sam winchester’ tag, I’m not sure I understand Sam very well, and it may be snobbish of me, but I have a feeling it’s their fault, not mine. Like, since Sam’s background is more similar to my own, he should be easier to write than Dean (language, register, bookish interests - all these things are a lot more relatable to me than everything Dean is) and yet, like you, I struggle with him because we simply don’t know all that much about him.

Here is what I understand - I just hope it’ll be useful to you.

S10 was the big redemption season for Sam. Since the very beginning of the show, he was the brother who could do it on his own - the one who could live alone and make friends and have a stable relationship - and even when he and Dean were reunited (or, well, when Dean crashed into his life), Sam continued to be a lot more rational in his affection than Dean was. He was Mr It’s my choice and also Mr It was their choice, and this created a lot of tension with Dean because Dean doesn’t love like that - Dean loves like a parent does, and that means sometimes he goes against what other people want (and especially what Sam wants) because he’s convinced he knows better and he’s doing stuff for their own good (in this sense, it’s highly significant he allowed Claire to be dosed with that thing and basically kill herself). This means that sometimes they have trouble with each other, because Dean feels unloved and Sam feels smothered and disrespected. Now, coming to S10 - normally, when Dean dies/disappears, Sam fails to get him back. After S3, Dean literally found him in bed with a prostitute and sure, Sam had tried to save him, but Cas’ very presence made clear how useless those attempts had been. Sam would not have been able to rescue Dean from Hell - angels had to do it instead. Then we had the infamous S8 thing - Dean fell into Purgatory and Sam - gave up? It’s still not clear to me what happened to him and why he did what he did, but when he was confronted by both Dean and Kevin it was obvious he felt plenty guilty about it. And next there was that big Gadreel fight, and at some point Sam even stated, quite clearly, that no - if their places had been reversed, he wouldn’t have saved Dean - he would have respected Dean’s wishes instead. All this means that, normally, when Sam woke up to find this message -

- he should have backed out and left Dean to his demonic destiny. Instead, Sam doesn’t. He gets determined and stubborn and cruel, even, and shuts off his moral compass almost as completely as Dean did because he wants to get his brother back. So I would say that S10 marks the beginning of a new phase for Sam - he’s no longer fighting his life, and he’s not longer trying to get out, and he’s no longer hoping for some magical quick fix (like closing the Gates of Hell). He now knows he’ll be a hunter forever, and he’s starting to be okay with it, and he’s trying to find ways to fit a bit better into this lifestyle - to reconcile who he is with what he does, because he finally recognizes both these things are important. The first step is letting go of his convictions and try to be the person Dean would want him to be - which sounds awful, but it’s not. Like, Sam knows by now that Dean doesn’t get it - that in Dean’s book, allowing people to do anything, even sink to the bottom, because they’re adults and can make up their own minds - that’s not respecting someone’s choices, but giving up on them. So by pursuing Dean so ferociously, Sam is not doing what he himself thinks is right, but what he knows Dean would want. This journey, despite its horrendous consequences (ie, that Darkness business) is coded as positive because it ends in a reversed martyrdom scene - like it happened at the end of S5 (and S8), Sam tries to give himself up, but this time it actually works - nobody dies, Dean is cured, and the bond of love between them is stronger than ever. In fact, they start S11 on equal foot - just as Sam’s taken a step back and tried to see the world from his brother’s point of view, Dean loosens the reins a bit and finally starts to accept Sam is his own person. This time, when they separate, is not because they disagree, but because they trust each other. And, sure there are bumps here and there, but Sam also gets stronger and stronger - emboldened by the fact he’d been right in S10 and had, in fact, understood Dean better than Dean had understood himself -

(and, perhaps, more importantly, he’d been able to help and support his brother better than his supernatural allies (Crowley had misjudged the situation gravely, and Cas had almost gotten himself killed) - and this is important, because it’s something Sam had resented in the past, remember? That Dean preferred other people’s, other creatures’, company, because Sam didn’t get it and wasn’t strong enough?)

- he continues to act as his brother’s conscience as Dean is pursued by Amara - he reassures Dean, he’s there for Dean, and he believes in Dean when Dean is very close to not trusting himself any longer. 

Also, S11!Sam evolves in other ways. Most significantly, after a long pause from romantic entanglements, he gives in to joyous, casual sex with a pretty nobody and even considers the possibility to settle down with someone - incredibly, someone who knows about the life, not a partner for whom he needs to become someone he’s not. With Jess, he’d been a completely artificial person (she didn’t know about the hunting, and okay, but she also didn’t know about his terrible childhood, or Dean and John); with other partners, he’d sort of accepted their worlds into himself, thereby erasing himself almost completely (he fell back into the role of bookish student with Sarah Blake, he became daring and wild and ruthless with Ruby, he fit so perfectly into Amelia’s life many of us speculated she wasn’t even a real person at at all); but now, all that is over. Now, Sam ‘either/or’ Winchester wants to find a middle ground, thinks he’s good enough that someone should love him as he is - that’s huge.

So, sorry - I don’t know if all this makes sense, of if it helps you with your story. I guess the bottom line is - after a few seasons of general misery and being adrift (I’m not sure how much of that was the character and how much the writing, but anyway), I think S10 marks the beginning of Sam’s final phase - perhaps a first step towards what many of us want him to become: the new Bobby, perhaps a sort of head of the American MoL. A scholar, an expert, maybe a witch. Someone who’s comfortable with, and accepting of, himself and his choices, someone who lives with a partner who loves him and is finally over his traumatic past - Azazel, Ruby, Lucifer, his perceived and real status of freak and outsider. In short, a happy person.

God knows he deserves it.


Dean has suffered more than Sam?

And does it actually matter/is it something we can even measure?

I take issue with many of the points OP brought up. I would never criticize the person who made this post, but I do strongly disagree with the content, and I’ll try to address the reasons why below. Thanks to the fantastic @eruthiawenluin, who brought the post to my attention. 

It’s near-impossible to quantify suffering. Both brothers have suffered; suffering is not a badge of honor but a fact of their lives. I’m not going to try to measure the levels of suffering each character has endured, because suffering can only be accurately measured by the person experiencing it.  We can only present facts, so I’m going to address the points of OP’s argument and why I disagree.

Beware: Potential fandom- and Dean-criticism.

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Possibilities for S13...

There is absolutely no point in me calling these ramblings predictions because I have no frigging clue as to what will actually happen.

That said, with the picture tweeted by Mark of Misha dressed as a plain old civilian, the implications could be human!Cas. Or it, very well, could not be. It could just be M2 fucking with the fandom, as they are wont to do. I do not possess the knowledge of Misha’s wardrobe that some of you devoted lovelies do, but it has been pointed out that it looked as though he was in plain old private wardrobe. Whatever reason they had for putting make-up on him in his plains, we may never know. Or what am I saying - we’ll know in May. *gulp*

And as far as these speculations go, I can only look at what I would want to work with in S13 if I were a writer on the show. My biggest issue with the thought of a separation for Dean and Cas has always been that we’ve partaken, so keenly, in this very scenario before. Actually, we’ve seen Dean worry for Cas twice - first when Cas was possessed by Lucifer, and secondly when he disappeared to Heaven without a word - so rule of three dictates…? I’m looking at this as Dean’s story, mind, and so his worrying journey is paramount to every decision made about plot and supporting cast. Sorry, Sam and Cas, you do fall under that heading, no matter how strong your individual arcs are.

In either case, here’s me spewing my ponderings on the possibilities for S13 onto this dash o’mine. Thoughts, reactions, discussions are more than welcome! I’d like to flag down @tinkdw, @postmodernmulticoloredcloak@floralmotif, @mittensmorgul and anyone you guys want to flag (if I dare be so bold) because I really would love to interact with you brilliant and observant meta-mothers! If my thoughts grab you and make you go hey or ho or WTF, that is. That said, everyone’s input is, of course, welcome. Please never feel as though you can’t ask me to clarify, ask me to elaborate, ask me to dial back (never will) or tell me to generally fuck off (though in which general direction is helpful as I may otherwise end up somewhere completely random and I will hunt you down and hug you, which will, you know, negate the fucking off).

The Seasonal Arcs

Let me start by saying that part of what I’m basing this on is that I’m thinking about the writers well-established use of dual seasonal arcs, where they have repeatedly used one season’s overarching plot line to set-up the truly Big Bad to come in the following season. They did this, and do excuse my simplification of these arcs, with Cas’ bad choices in S6 ushering in the Leviathan threat of S7; with Cas trusting Metatron in S8 causing the angels to fall and setting Metatron up as main villain for S9; with Dean’s salvation from the MoC at the end of S10 bringing in The Darkness in S11; and now they’re doing it again with, as I read it, the World as We Know It vs. the World as the BMoL would have it. I’ll dig deeper into that in a minute.

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“Heaven, hell—I don’t care who wins. I just want it to be over. This isn’t about a war. This is about two brothers that loved each other, and betrayed each other.”

Witchy The Bitchy

Request-Hello! I’m currently reading the ‘That Boy Is A Monster’ imagines and I wondered if you could write a separate imagine but with all the characters where the boys send her on a hunt and she gets cursed by a witch and she returns to the bunker being able to bend the elements. They all try to find a way to get rid of her powers but they somehow find out (by Cas) that she’ll stay like that forever since she is a very powerful with and her boyfriend comforts her and she finds a way to live her life with her new abilities. They train her and she turns out to be more badass than she already was.

Word Count-1386

Tag- @evyiione​​​​

Master list   Prompt list THIS IS NOT PART OF THAT BOY IS A MONSTER :)

A/n- HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! If you would like to be tagged in future stories feel free to send me a message <3

“Here Witchy Witchy.” You whispered turning a corner and holding your gun tight. You were by yourself for this hunt your boyfriend James and your brothers stayed back and kept informing you on what they found when researching. Also you wanted to prove to them you were able to go on solo hunts, you weren’t a baby any more. As you turned the corner you saw a thin woman with blonde long her flowing down her back. Carefully you walked up closer.

“Ahh little Winchester.” She cackled and turned to face you. When she faced you she gave you an evil smirk and her eyes soon fell on your gun.

“Look your young I get that.” You say lowering your gun slightly. “I’m willing to let you go if you stop all this.” You lied. Of course you were gonna kill her. “Please just put the herbs down.” You say becoming more conscious about her using her powers.

She looked like she was thinking about it till she shook her head, causing you to tense up. “I’m gonna be nice and do a very special spell.” She says waving her hand your gun flew out your hand. Trying to run you found yourself stuck to the ground. “This won’t hurt a bit.” She says walking up to you and throwing some herbs in your face. You heard her mumble a few words but you couldn’t tell what they were. Slowly you felt yourself falling to the ground and the last thing you saw was the witch throwing her hands in the air.

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Dean had only been living in the city for a month now, long enough to finalize the treaty and arrange living quarters for his new husband. He and Castiel certainly got along all right, but there was a distance there. He hoped it was just because Castiel was getting used to everything, and not because he was unhappy.

That being said, he could see the signs that his family group in the city was beginning to get close to their cycles. He knew he would sync up with them eventually, probably sooner rather than later, but for now it was almost lonely to watch as everyone began showing more affection. His scent hadn’t changed, because he was still synced up with his battalion back in the countryside, and so his family group unintentionally ignored him most of the time in their affections, though he could tell when they were thinking about it, because they would make a point to come over and run a hand down his arm or brush their tail over his.

Nevertheless, he was feeling a tad left out.

Dean was moving down the hall towards the kitchen when he saw Sam. He started to call out to him, before he noticed that Sam was leaning over Castiel, talking quietly. Cas’s wings were relaxed and down, a thing Dean had learned meant he was comfortable and very interested in what was going on. He hadn’t learned everything about wings yet (they were so expressive! They moved so much!), but he was working on it. Hesitant to interrupt whatever was going on between his husband and his brother, he stayed back, watching. He wanted them to get along, after all, and Cas had tended to stick close to him at first, since he was the only one in the Naga city that Castiel knew. It was nice to see that he was branching out and comfortable being alone with Dean’s family.

He was just about to move into the room when Sam reached down and lifted Castiel up into his arms. Cas wrapped his legs around Sam’s waist and settled his head comfortably on Sam’s shoulders.

That… oh. That was… His brother was holding his ma– his husband. He wanted to hold Castiel like that. Have him wrap his legs around his waist. That’s what…

Dean backed away. All right. He could handle this. Castiel’s marriage to him was one of politics, and there was never an expectation of actual mating or… or anything else. He could even probably find a way to allow the two to officially mate, and still retain the treaty. It would be what is best for his brother and his… his husband. He could be happy for them. After all, Castiel is alone in the Naga kingdom, and it’s good that he found someone to love him. And Sam, well. Sam deserves the best in life.

Over the next three days, Dean couldn’t seem to avoid finding Sam and Castiel cuddled together somewhere. Most often it was with the whole family group, and he would be invited to join, but he just couldn’t. He couldn’t lie there and watch as Sam gently petted Castiel’s wings, or arranged Cas’s head better on his shoulder. He knew this was just prolonging the time it would take for him to sync up with his family group, and that his family would soon grow concerned about him, but. He wanted to be the one who could lift Castiel into his arms at will. He wanted to lie back with Cas curled against his chest. He wanted to be in the middle of his family group, settled gently with Cas wrapped around his torso and his family completely accepting their relationship.

He would be happy for them later. When their family’s cycle was over, and everyone, especially Sam, was less affectionate. For now, he stayed away.

Castiel watched Dean slink away for the third day in a row, and buried his head in Sam’s shoulder. “I don’t think he likes me being here,” he said softly.

“I. I don’t know what’s the problem, honestly. He might just be missing his soldiers. He’s been with most of them for years now, and it can be hard to come back into the group. You’re not the only new face for him. Charlie’s gotten a new mate since the last time he was here, and so did Benny.” Sam sighed, giving the angel a gentle squeeze.

Castiel had come to Sam three days ago asking quietly why everyone surrounding the Winchesters was suddenly touching not only each other, but also him. Castiel didn’t want to be rude, but he was confused. As far as he had seen or read, Nagas were a very standoffish people, needing a large personal bubble and preferring to never actually engage in physical affection. He’d been very careful, then, around Dean. Barring one incident after dark, when they’d gone out for a walk and he’d become overwhelmed with how very dark and unfamiliar the whole place was, he’d not touched his husband at all.

But three days ago not only had he noticed everyone touching and sliding tails together, but he found that he was being included in this physical affection. He’d originally thought to go to Dean, but he wanted to look knowledgeable in front of his husband. Cas desperately wanted Dean to… well, to like him, and he felt that asking a question that might be considered common knowledge would end up reflecting poorly on him.  So he’d quietly pulled Sam aside in the kitchen and asked him what was going on. Sam had explained that when Nagas went into heat or rut, they tended to do so as a family group, and that barring couples intent on conceiving children, it was considered a time of family bonding, and that everyone in a particular family group would spend their time being as physically affectionate as they could.

Castiel had thought this odd, but wanted to be considered part of Dean’s family, so he had agreed to actively participate. Sam had offered that if Dean was unavailable, Cas could stay primarily with him during these group cuddles, both to bond with Dean’s brother and also to have someone he was comfortable with and knew well (or as well as he knew anyone after a month here) to cuddle with. Castiel had been grateful for the support, because compared to the Nagas he was small and delicate, and especially once he saw their cuddlepiles, he was worried that without the support of Sam he would have been accidentally squashed. He was grateful that Sam was looking out for him.

Cas couldn’t help but be upset, though, every time Dean refused to join the pile. Was it him? Had he made the wrong choice in deciding to join their family bonding? Perhaps Dean was upset because they were only married, not mates. It was only a political match, after all, and perhap Dean did not intend for him to become so close to his family.

If it weren’t so very difficult to extricate oneself from a pile of snakepeople discreetly, Cas would go to his room. But he had Sam partially wrapped around him, with Charlie and her mate nestled under his wings and gently stroking them, and he wasn’t sure who else curled up around and under him. Tomorrow he would stay in his room, and allow Dean time to bond with his family. He wasn’t, after all, real family to anyone here, and it wasn’t fair to include him if it meant Dean excluded himself. Decision made, he settled in for now.

Dean didn’t see Castiel the fourth day, but he was still hesitant to join the cuddles. It took Sam bodily pulling him in before he submitted to their demands. He had to admit it felt good to curl up with his brother and their family group, though he wished Castiel… Well. It was good to be here.

“Where’s Cas?” Dean asked, winding his tail around his brother’s and leaning up to look him in the eyes.

“He said he’d prefer to stay in today,” Sam said. “I think this is all a little overwhelming for him.”

“He… He didn’t want you to keep him company?” Dean hated himself for asking, but couldn’t seem to control his mouth.

“Apparently not? Though honestly I’d assume he’d rather have your company than mine.” Sam shrugged.

“You’ve seemed awfully close the last few days. I just figured he’d gotten… Well, I mean. You know I want you happy, and if he does it for you, then…” Dean trailed off, beginning to pull away. He’d already said too much.

Sam wrapped his tail tighter around Dean, preventing him from escaping. “What do you mean? Dean, did you think…? I would… he’s your husband, I would never take that from you. He’s just so small and fragile looking, and I wanted to make sure that if he bonded with us, someone was making sure that he was safe. We’re all so much bigger than him, after all.”

“But I… I saw you two in the kitchen… It was just you two, and you picked him up…”

Sam blushed, and Dean immediately looked away. “Dean, I… Well, he offered that, but also I was… curious? About how an angel would fit with a Naga, I mean. I… I wasn’t sure with his physical features… I mean, his legs… that he’d be able to participate at all. I mean, I like him, but as a brother, you know?”

Dean finally looked up at his brother, and for a moment just searched his face, trying to decide whether or not to believe him. Eventually he nodded, and leaned back into Sam’s embrace.

“You should go talk to him, you know,” Sam said after a moment. “He thinks you’re mad at him. He’s afraid you didn’t actually want or plan to include him in your family group, that he overstepped his boundaries, and that’s why you wouldn’t bond with us before.”

“That’s not… I mean…” Dean stumbled to a stop, and Sam uncurled from around him and shoved him away.

“I know, dumbass. Go talk to him.”

Unappreciated Destiel Fics Recs

While browsing AO3, I’ve found many works that really didn’t get the amount of attention and kudos they deserve. I decided to make a small list of fics that have 200-500 kudos on AO3, but totally deserve more. I bolded the ones I find the most impressive in any way.  The list contains some PWP fics, some quite long fics, one really cool Sabriel and many things more :) Give love to this works.

1.My heart is beating from me, 50k

After Rexford, Castiel tries to live a normal life and Dean tries to let him go… But nothing’s ever that easy. S9!AU

2. A Man May Change, 7k

Sam wishes he didn’t hate the person his brother has become. He really does. Destiel, College!AU. 

3. Bite, 4k

When Dean is injured on a hunt in a rather sensitive area, he’s too embarrassed to let Cas heal him. Sam tries to patch him up as best he can, but when things get too much he calls in the angel. However, complications mean the healing process won’t be straightforward, and may require activities that Dean never imagined himself enjoying.

4. The Stardust Prince, 47k (!! mostly Sabriel)

Sam Winchester is the owner of a humble village bookshop, and when his newest customer turns out to be a charming golden-eyed Prince who beckons him to the castle with promises of gold in exchange for a story read every night, his life takes a turn that no book in his shop could ever compare to.

5. Harbor in the Tempest, 19k

Ever since Dean bought Turner’s Tavern, he’s kept his doors open every night - rain, snow, whatever. After all, you never know when someone’s gonna stumble in needing shelter, right? Well, tonight, it’s a soaking wet, trench-coated stranger. Who also happens to be incredibly hot.

6. Found In A Land Of Make Believe, 18k

In the weeks leading up to a confrontation with a vengeful spirit, Dean Smith meets a man who makes the corporate life a little more interesting.

7. Five Winchester Kisses to Happily Ever After,10k

A kiss. Four lips, a couple of seconds. It’s a strange request, but not really that much to ask. He’s kissed guys before, it’s not about that, and if Cas thinks it’ll help … He nods. “Yeah, okay.”

8. Thursday’s Child, 114k

Thursday’s child has far to go.

9. Waiting outside your door, 18k

Dean is the unlucky virgin sacrifice, Cas is the dragon to eat him.
Except, of course, Dean is not a virgin and he soon learns that Cas doesn’t eat humans.

10. Annoying Neighbours And Blue-eyed Strangers,18k

A new neighbor has just moved into the apartment next door and he’s annoying as hell but Dean’s too busy thinking about the amazing guy he keeps meeting in his coffee shop to care.

11. Like Shooting Stars, 41k

In a society where magical talent defines who you are, Castiel Novak has none. It might not be so bad if his family supported him for who he is, but public opinion is everything, and Castiel is bad publicity. His only real support comes from his twin sister, Anna, until the night he meets Dean and his brother, Sam. Despite the brothers’ dark pasts, Castiel finds in them the friendship and family he’s never been allowed to have, and the strength to begin a life of his own.

12. Good Times, Bad Times, 15k

Dean gets transformed by a witch’s spell. Cas and Sam have to figure out how to change him back before it’s too late.

13. Walk the Line, 245k

At just 26, Castiel Novak thought he had it all, or at least as much as he could ask for. He was on his way to finishing his doctorate, had recently married and now embarked on the challenge of becoming a homeowner. Taking the neighbor’s kids under his wings had not been part of his life’s plan. Neither was having to face the truth about his sexuality and finally confronting his family. But most of all he had never expected to find friendship and solace in the form of the older brother, Dean Winchester, who had his own demons to fight. Before long their unlikely friendship was threatening to lead them down a dangerous path as feelings got involved.

14. Sing and I Will Hear You, 30k

Dean had always considered himself more of a dog person.

15. Making Plans, 24k

Dean Winchester is presented with an ultimatum: Either pass all of his senior classes, or drop out of high school. But once he finds out that his student tutor is Castiel Novak, he’s willing to give dropping out a second look. And it doesn’t help that Castiel feels the same way.

16. The Runner, 7k

Dean stops breathing. There’s another knock on the door. Dean can smell the four-week-old ketchup stain on the motel couch; he can smell the toast burning in room four; he can smell the faint traces of rain in the air, promising showers overnight; he can smell the salty tears from the girl fighting with her boyfriend in the parking lot. And he can smell the pure electricity and honey that is Castiel.

17. Tale as Old as Time, 4k

When Sam recommends that Cas should start watching Disney movies to help with his insomnia, Cas decides to ask Dean to join him. Beauty and the Beast seems like a good story, but there’s one thing that Cas is sure about - it can’t end happily. A strange creature, terrifying and yet lost - he obviously stands no chance with the beautiful Belle. For who could ever learn to love a beast?

18.the things I love, 5k

He sees it as soon as he sits down in the terminal waiting for his flight to board. It’s his book cover staring back at him where some poor dude in a suit looks like he’s having a coronary. Dean grins to himself and looks down at his phone, debating whether or not he should say something.

19. Finally Done Right, 9k

Dean and Sam search for a unique birthday gift for Mary and in the process, Dean wonders how in the hell he’d managed to miss out for so long on the nerdy beekeeper with the nimble fingers.

20. The Note, 30k

Dean Winchester is cocky, arrogant, and could care less about relationships. He has girls at his feet willing to give him what he needs, whenever he needs it. His world is turned upside down when an anonymous suitor leaves a note inside his locker, causing feelings Dean never felt before to come to the surface. Dean is desperate to find his suitor, but how will the very straight older Winchester react when he finds out the anon who wooed him turned out to be none other than a male?

21. About an angel, 38k

When Castiel is hit by a de-aging curse the Winchesters find themselves face to face with a whole lot of problems. Such as: what’s happened? Who did this? Why did they do it? How do they break the curse? And why the fuck is Dean finding Cas more adorable than strictly okay?

22. That Place Which We Called Home, 35k

Dean Winchester is well acquainted with loss.

23. Its Too Cold Outside, For Angels To Fly, 62k

When a lone, battered omega shuffled into the soup kitchen a few days before Christmas, Dean had no idea how much that one man would change his life.Neither did the omega.

24. I’m A Fool, 10k

Castiel Novak, record-breaking distance runner and notorious goody-two-shoes, realizes that of all the people in the universe, he finds Dean Winchester the prettiest.

25. Some People Would Call This Romantic, 5k

Castiel enjoys sunsets, long walks on the beach, and Dean.

26. Famil(iarit)y, 15k

Deep down Dean always knew, from the moment that skinwalker bit him all those years ago, that this is how he’d end up: a stray, unwanted by dad - who stopped seeing him as anything else than a watchdog for Sam a long time ago -, and unwanted by Sam - who wanted him to be anything but.

27. Tush, 5k

Dean’s still not exactly clear how he got here, but it’s not so bad, actually, it’s pretty awesome modeling panties on Tumblr.

28. Super Target, 1k

Dean loves his new domestic hobbies. Cooking, grocery shopping, picking out Hello Kitty blankets?

29. This Is What Dean Wants, 4k

Dean Winchester is a tickler.

30.  No Such Thing, 2k

Prompt: Pain!slut Cas enjoying Dean’s dick breaking him open and in places it shouldn’t be in his body. Dean coming so deep inside of Cas that when Dean pulls out, no come has made its way out.

31. Treats for Bratty Boys, 3k

Shota!Castiel comes home from school really horny. Dean is a strict dad, though, and makes sure that his boy does his homework before he gets any treats. Castiel is insistent and stubborn, though, and Dean has to try his best to show who’s boss around here. He has trouble.

32. Our Life Through Your Eyes, 7k

They’re 4 years old when Dean tells his mother he’s going to marry Castiel.

33. To Ride Around In Circles  , 5k

Dad left them here two weeks ago, with enough bills to cover the motel and a bit of food, and while he checks in regularly, the last call Dean got was him saying the hunt is taking him longer than expected.

34. Worlds That Never Were, 30k

When Dean loses everyone he’s ever known and loved in the Mutant war between Michael and Lucifer, he finds himself in a parallel universe, where his loved ones are alive, but the world is much, much worse. What happened to make the Castiel of this world so different? Did he ever love Dean at all? And can Dean find what they once had again?

35. It’s Not Easy Being Dean, 49k

The Winchesters are given a mission: they have to save Castiel. The trouble is, Castiel isn’t really Castiel any more…

36.  What Makes A Man, 73k

Dean realizes two things as he watches the man kneel next to the dealer he’s just beaten within an inch of his life: one, that Castiel is undoubtedly the most terrifying, powerful man he’s ever met or even conceived of; and two, Dean is an absolute fucking idiot for pissing him off.

37. Chances, 7k

Dean is a university student, and Cas is a grad student teaching a course. Dean makes an unfavorable impression like always, and the two meet again over a decade later. A story about might-have-beens.

38.  It’s A Human Thing, 4k

Gabe teaches Cas about human customs that he didn’t know about. Like, holding hands is a sign of trust; go grab Dean’s hand, he’ll love it! (with a hint of Sabriel)

39.  More Than Slightly Problematic, 15k

Dean is trying his very best to resist his feelings for Cas because he is sure they’re unrequited. But when they get snowed in together in a cabin in the mountains, will all of that change over the course of a long weekend?

The Devil’s Spawn Is A Little Angel

From this request: a oneshot or whatever where you’ve been with Lucifer for ages and the reader ends up getting pregnant and Luci is just all cute and sweet?



Lucifer smiled as he placed his hand on your stomach, feeling the tiny flutter inside.

“Hello, little one,” he said quietly. “How are you today?”

You couldn’t help but smile as you watched Lucifer. He was so genuinely happy about this pregnancy, talking to your bump every day, kissing it every night. Ever since you’d found out you were pregnant, he’d been nothing but caring. He took over all the household chores, not wanting you to exhaust or hurt yourself. He gave you massages whenever you asked, got you whatever food you were craving.

There was just one thing that he hadn’t done.

“Lucifer,” you said quietly, drawing his gaze to your face. “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course, sweetheart.”

“Are you… ever going to tell your brothers about the baby?”

Lucifer sighed slightly. “I… don’t know.”

“They should know, Lucifer. They’ll be thrilled for you.”

“How do you know?”

“Because they’ll see how happy you are.”

Lucifer stared down at his hand on your stomach. You knew he was probably staring deeper, staring through your skin to see the tiny creature inside. “How… should I tell them?”

“Invite them to the baby shower.”

“Aren’t those typically just for women?”

“Humans aren’t typically impregnated by angels.”

Lucifer couldn’t help but laugh. “Touché, Y/N.”

And so, Lucifer sent a messenger to the other archangels and one to Castiel (who was your favorite of his brothers).

Michael and Raphael sent their regards, saying they were busy with work. They were, however, happy for the two of you.

But a few weeks later, Gabriel and Castiel appeared at your door.

“Holy crap, Y/N,” Gabriel said, eyes dropping to your stomach. “Look at you!”

“Hi, Gabriel,” you said, opening your arms, welcoming him into a hug.

“Do I smell cake?” Gabriel said when the two of you broke apart, heading into the living room.

“Hello, Y/N,” Cas said. “How are you feeling?”

“My ankles hurt, my back aches, I’m as big as a house,” you said, rubbing your stomach slightly. “But I couldn’t be happier. And neither could Lucifer.”

Cas smiled slightly. “You look lovely. I never understood why people said pregnant women glowed, but now… I see it.”

You smiled at him. “Thank you, Cas.”

You led him inside, introducing him to your friends and family who were milling around. Lucifer watched you, eyes like a hawk, looking for any sign of exhaustion or discomfort.

After a few minutes, he walked over to you. “Come on, Y/N. Sit down.”

You let him lead you over to the couch. He plumped the pillows up behind you, supporting your back.

Gabriel wandered over, sitting next to you. “What’s the deal with the cake? Luci’s guarding it like it’s the crown jewels.”

You smiled. “The inside of the cake is dyed either pink or blue. It’s how we’re finding out the gender of the baby.”

“Isn’t that sweet.”

You looked around the room. Everyone appeared to be at the shower. “I suppose now is the time to cut the cake,” you said, pushing yourself off the couch.

“Whoa, Y/N,” Gabriel said, standing with you, arms around you. “Careful.”

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” Lucifer asked, rushing over.

“Nothing,” you said with a smile. “I just thought it was time for the big reveal.”

“Okay,” Lucifer said. He took you from Gabriel and led you to the cake. “Everyone!” he called over his shoulder. “We’re going to find out the gender!”

The crowd of friends and relatives circled around you as you picked up the knife. Lucifer wrapped his hand around yours on the handle and the two of you sliced into the cake. Once the first piece was cut, Lucifer scooped it out onto a plate, revealing a blue cake.

“It’s a boy!” he said, smiling.

The room filled with applause as you and Lucifer shared a kiss. You didn’t care what the baby was, so long as it was healthy.

Soon everyone had a slice of cake and you plopped down onto the couch again. The baby began to kick, enjoying the cake as well.

“Seems like you’ve got a little bit of your uncle in you,” you said to the baby.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Gabriel said with a smile.

“He loves sugary things. He’s gonna give you a run for your money as to who has the biggest sweet tooth in the family.”

“That’s what I like to hear, little man,” Gabriel said, gently poking your stomach. “I thought I was getting a strong craving for mint chocolate chip ice cream from you earlier.”

“Yeah,” you said, rubbing your stomach. “That’s been the most consistent craving.”

Gabriel smiled at you. “Well, lucky for you, I just stocked your freezer with fifteen containers of the stuff.”

“Gabe! Are you serious?”

“Consider it my gift to you, Momma. Everything else here is gonna be for that little guy. You should get something as well.”

“Thank you, Gabriel.”


Later that evening, you sat on the couch, feet propped up. You began flipping through the channels mindlessly, listening to Lucifer cleaning up.

Soon, he plopped down next to you. He placed a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream on your stomach, the bump making for a very convenient table.

“You must’ve read my mind,” you said, taking a spoonful. “Thank you.”

Lucifer smiled as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders. “When did we get fifteen cartons of ice cream?”

“Today. Gabriel brought them.”

“I should’ve known.” Lucifer looked around at the piles of boxes and bags stuffed in the corners of the living room. “Well, our little man certainly got a lot of stuff today.”

“Our friends and family were too generous.”

Lucifer reached over and picked up the mobile Cas had brought. Stars and moons hung on strings, each enchanted to show a real evening sky, shooting stars passing by occasionally. Cas also said he’d enchanted it to help lull the baby to sleep quickly. “Thank you for convincing me to invite my brothers.”

“Thank you for actually going through with it,” you said with a smile.

Lucifer pressed a kiss to your temple as his hand snaked over to your bump.

“Are you happy we’re having a boy?” you asked.

“I’m just thrilled we’re having a baby,” Lucifer said with a smile. “But I guess now we seriously need to think about a name.”

“I like the name Asher.”

Lucifer nodded. “Asher. Do you know what it means?”

You shook your head.

“It’s Hebrew for ‘fortunate’ or ‘blessed’.” Lucifer looked down at your bump again. “Which is exactly what he’s made us.”

I was chasing a honeybee

Anon Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could maybe write a one shot where the reader and Cas are like together and she stays with Meg in the mental hospital after he took Sam’s crazy and it’s just a moment between them. I’ve never seen anyone write Crazy! Cas relationships and I love your writing so I thought I’d ask. :)
Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Words: 2675 (oops)
Warning: Mention of hallucinations, mental hospital (Tell me if I should add smth)

A/N: Thank you so much for this request! I absolutely loved the idea! It was so hard to write though, but I hope you like it.
Also, to the person about The Flash request, I will definetly write this for you! I have so many ideas and now I don’t care anymore about my blog type, so :) Thanks for the lovely request! 

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Silence, at last. Heavenly silence. Dean Winchester was staring into the ink black night, sitting on a small bench just outside the bunker that he and Sam had called their home for the past year. It had been rather warm inside, and so he involuntarily shivered as he tried to get accustomed to the cool air that was now surrounding him. He was brooding, contemplating. The way he always did, so much that Sammy often teased him about it. But overthinking was just one of Dean’s many trademarks.

Faint sounds of music were escaping through one of the partly opened windows of the well-hidden building, which wasn’t odd, considering that a party was going on in there. After all, a wedding usually came with a party. Dean frowned as he looked down at the black suit that he was wearing. A wedding… If anyone had told him five years ago that he was going to get married, he would’ve laughed them in the face. If they’d also informed him that the person he’d get married to was in fact an angel, he probably would’ve shot them as well.

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Winchester by Association

Prompt request by broken-bullets-to-kill​. This took me SO LONG, I am so sorry!
Prompt: “Marry me?”
from this post
1,743 words
read on ao3

Castiel wants to ask for Sam’s permission first. He knows it’s silly, but he’s grown so fond of human traditions, and since he is now so close to being human himself, he figures he might as well have the full experience. Ordinarily, it would be the parents that one would ask, but seeing as Sam is the only family Dean has left, he seems a suitable choice. So one evening while Dean is in the bunker’s garage working on the Impala, Cas asks Sam if they can talk. They sit at the table with a couple of beers, Sam looking concerned.

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Enjoy the Silence (Wednesday Addams!Castiel/ Addams Family AU part 2)

Castiel meets the Winchester for dinner and Dean gets to know the Addamses a little better. Title from the Depeche Mode song of the same name.Thanks to supernaturallynoble for the reference idea. 
Original prompt by interncastiel

AO3 | Part 1 Here

Dean glances at his surroundings curiously. Stone angels and slabs of granite engraved with names and dates are littered across the landscape. He and Castiel sit side-by-side on a bench in the center of a nearby cemetery. Dean will admit that it’s creepy, but not overly so. The fresh layer of snow over the ground and headstones makes it seem brighter and less eerie.

Dean exhales, watching his breath fog in the cold air. He looks over at Castiel, who is staring strangely into the empty space in front of him. They’ve been going out as it were only a short while, just over a month. Dean has learned much about Castiel, but somehow the boy still remains a mystery to him. He’s a puzzle, but Dean enjoys unlocking him.

Dean watches him quietly. Castiel wears a strange expression that’s not quite a smile, but conveys a sense of peace and satisfaction none the less. It takes Dean a second, but he realizes that it’s the same expression that corpses wear at a funeral.

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Best Halloween Ever

 grace-for-sale said: Recently discovered your blog and LOVE IT! Could I please request a SamxReader which they celebrate Halloween dressed as Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett and they freak Dean out by singing all the songs. Something similar to your ‘Chicago’ story? TY!
Sorry I should’ve been more specific! Not all the songs. ‘Just A Lttle Priest’ my apologies! :) Thank you so much! *hands you a pie*

A/N: I hope you didn’t get the pie from that fishy shop of Mrs. Lovett, but thank you! So, the Chicago one wasn’t mine, like, I know which one you’re talking about, but I don’t remember who wrote it. Anyhow, I hadn’t seen Sweeney Todd before because of reasons, so I just wrote this based on what I read from Wikipedia, though I’m definitely watching it on Halloween. I hope you like it!

Word count: 2,306. I don’t even know how it got like this, tbh.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: swearing, singing about turning people into pies.


The bright, white lights of the Dollar General store made you squint as you pushed the door to enter, Sam immediately placing his hand on the glass as to hold it open. You have him a thankful smile before walking in, your eyes quickly adjusting to the brightness.

There were only a few people apart from the store workers, as it was already way past ten. All around, black and orange adornments decorated the store, as well as a few ghost and skeleton pictures and paper figures.

“One day more,” you whispered to Sam excitedly, practically bouncing on the balls of your feet.

There was something about Halloween, something you could never quite put your finger on, that made you love it. Maybe it was seeing happy, little kids running around, without any actual knowledge that the monsters they were dressed as were real. Maybe it was the way that people seemed to come together as a community, greeting each other with a “happy Halloween!”

Or maybe it was the fact that you could use the date as an excuse to eat candy all day long.

Either way, you’d always loved Halloween. But you were definitely sure that this year would easily outrun all your previous ones, because this year you had finally managed to convince the Winchesters to celebrate it with you. Although Dean had made it very clear that he was not going to dress up, you and Sam already had your costumes planned.

You would be Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and Sam, of course, would be Sweeney Todd. You didn’t even remember the moment in which you’d fallen in love with musicals, but the fact remained that you did, so getting Sam to dress up with you in the theme of one of your favorite musicals made you happier than you had been in months.

But the best part was that Dean didn’t even what the both of you were dressing up as, and you couldn’t wait to see his face when he realized what you were doing.

But of course, in the heat of taking hunts and making sure that everybody stayed alive, you had forgotten to buy some more makeup that you would be needing, which meant a quick trip to the store just a day before Halloween. Plus, you could pick up some more candy, and another pumpkin pie for Dean.

“C’mon,” you said, grinning at Sam as you took his hand and dragged him to the candy aisle, almost skipping from giddiness.

“I swear I’ve never seen you be this childish,” Sam teased, chuckling when you gave him a halfhearted glare.

“If you don’t like me being childish, then you can have no candy tomorrow,” you said, keeping your face as serious as possible.

Sam gasped dramatically, faking a grimace as he placed his hand over his heart. You couldn’t help but giggle at his actions, especially when he grabbed grabbed the shelf to the side to “support” him.

“Babe, you’ve wounded me,” he coughed, “n-no candy?”

“Okay, maybe you can have some.” You shook your head in amusement, turning back to look at the candy.

A few seconds later, you felt Sam wrap his arms around your middle, resting his head on top of yours. You leaned back against his chest, enjoying the body heat that he gave you. Carefully eyeing the sweets in front of you, you decided on a bag of Kit Kats and some Hershey bars, since you already had four pounds of candy back at the bunker. As much as you wanted to buy some more, you knew that it would probably be a bad idea to leave any of you with that much sugar.

"So, you ready to freak out your brother, Mr. Todd?” you smiled at Sam as you snatched up the makeup items that you needed and quickly grabbed a pie.

“More than you know, Mrs. Lovett,” Sam said, pressing a kiss against your cheek as you lined up the items at the counter.


You woke up with a grin, flipping over so that you were facing Sam, who had spooned you while you were sleeping. You pressed a light kiss to his lips, watching as he slowly opened his eyes and smiled at you.

“Morning,” Sam said, his voice husky from barely waking up.

“Morning,” you whispered back, the corners of your mouth lifting up. Sam pulled you closer to him, his nose brushing against yours.

Slowly, so slowly that it was almost painful, he leaned down and kissed you, sending shivers down your spine as he ran his hands down your sides. He soon moved downwards, his soft lips running down your neck.

“Hmm, honey, we’re never getting out of bed if you continue that,” you mumbled, your hands against his chest as you reluctantly pulled away.

“I wouldn’t mind that,” Sam chuckled, though he did stop and instead rested his head in the crook of your neck.

“We need to get ready,” you said, quickly pecking his lips before you rolled out of bed.

Your Halloween spirit suddenly intensified as you spotted your costume laying against the chair of your desk, and you jumped excitedly. You grabbed it as you rushed to the bathroom, but not before turning to Sam.

“Better be dressed when I get back,” you winked, giving him the most innocent smile you could, “you know I would simply love to rip that costume off of you tonight.”

You could’ve sworn that Sam almost tripped as he scrambled out of bed, the sheets tangling around his legs. You giggled and continued on your way, locking the bathroom door behind you.

You took your time to get ready, even if you knew that Sam and Dean were probably going to be the only ones to see you, and maybe Cas if he decided to pop in.

You slipped into the very worn-looking dress of Mrs. Lovett, admiring how good you looked in it before starting on your hair. You curled your locks as best as you could before ruffling them up, trying to make them look as messy as possible. Then you moved on with your makeup, applying layers upon layers of it until you finally looked paler than ever before, also making it look as if you had huge bags under your eyes for a dramatic effect.

You turned to the mirror once you were done, smiling crookedly at your reflection. After coming face-to-face with real monsters in your daily life, it was almost impossible for something to seem as scary as it was intended to be. Usually you and Sam would laugh at the cheesy makeup that people had on movies, each of you adding comments about how off they were from actually terrorizing you. But you had to admit that you would most likely be a good makeup artist, because, damn, you looked scary.

Two knocks on the door brought you back to reality, and you quickly glanced at your watch to see that you’d surprisingly spend over an hour dressing up.

"Babe? You almost done?” you heard Sam call, but instead of replying, you opened flung the door open, holding up a bit the sides of your dress as you did a small curtsey.

“So…how do I look?” You did a twirl on your heels, the fabric swooshing beneath you, before clasping your hands together and waiting for his answer.

“You look so scary it’s sexy,” Sam said, his arms snaking around your waist. You smiled at him, fixing the turned up collar of his shirt.

He was wearing the same Victorian outfit as Sweeney Todd, and he honestly took your breath away. Sam might look good on those cheap FBI suits that he wore all the time, but the way the outfit fit him in all the right places just made you want to drool. You’d thank Charlie for that the next time you saw her, since she was the one who made the fittings when she came over.

“You don’t look so bad yourself, mister,” you grinned at him, standing on your toes to kiss him.

However, before you could even touch his lips, your stomach grumbled loudly, causing you to blush and Sam to laugh.

“Don’t laugh,” you said, playfully slapping his arm, though you yourself couldn’t help but giggle.

“Come on,” Sam said, suddenly leaning down and grabbing your legs. You yelped in surprise, wrapping your hands around Sam’s neck as he lifted you up and carried you to the kitchen bridal style.

“Sam,” you laughed, your grip on him tightening as he hoisted you even higher, “let me down!”

“As you wish,” Sam smiled, kissing your forehead before he let go completely of you. You screamed for the tiniest fraction of a second, but then Sam’s arms were around you again, lowering you gently to the ground.

“I swear, Samuel Winchester, one of these days…” You shook your head, trailing off as you smoothed down your dress.

“You’ll what?” Sam asked raising his eyebrows teasingly, but before you could reply, you heard a very familiar voice swearing.

“What the hell are you two wearing?” You and Sam turned around, finding Dean looking at the both of you with a hand over his chest. His eyes widened even more as he took in how scary you looked, and you couldn’t resist to send a smirk in his way.

“Aww, did the all mighty Dean Winchester get scared?” you asked, turning your back to him as you went to the fridge, pulling out some orange juice for breakfast.

“I didn’t get scared,” you heard Dean grumble before he cut himself a slice of the apple pie resting on top of the table.

Without Dean looking, you signaled for your boyfriend to follow you. Sam understood what you meant and made his way over, bending down so that he could get the milk from the bottom of the open fridge.

“What is it?” Sam whispered, his large frame blocking any moment of yours from Dean.

“I was thinking,” you started, glancing over to see if the eldest Winchester was paying attention to you or Sam. Thankfully he was too engrossed in his pie, stuffing his face full of it. “What if we, you know, sing?”

“What? You know I have a terrible voice, (Y/N),” Sam said, doing his classic “bitchface.”

“Just one, babe? ‘A Little Priest’ would probably make Dean stop eating his precious pies for sometime,” you begged, giving him your best puppy eyes. It always did the trick with Sam, and they did not disappoint you this time.

With a small sigh, Sam straightened up again, mouthing a reluctant “okay.” You giggled at his expression, and at least the sound of your amusement was able to make him feel better about what he was going to do.

You started humming, taking some eggs and bacon from the fridge as Sam heated up the pan for you. Sometimes it surprised you how on sync the both of you could be, or how he knew you so well. Then you started, quietly at first, the words dripping softly from your mouth.

Seems a down right shame…“ you sang, trying your best to sound like you were from England. You could feel Dean and Sam staring at you, but you continued as if nothing had happened.

Shame?,” Sam asked with a small smile, watching your eyes lightening up at his terrible British accent.

Seems an awful waste…
Such a nice, plump frame
Wot’s ‘is name has…
Nor it can’t be traced…
Bus’ness needs a lift,
Debts to be erased…
Think of it as thrift,
As a gift,
If you get my drift!

Then, Dean’s eyes became wide with horror as he realized what you were singing. You had forced him and Sam to watch the movie version at least once, since they weren’t really fans of going to the theatre. Though Sam had been okay with it, Dean was kind of freaked out by the whole thing, and left in the middle of it.


Seems an awful waste…
I mean, with the price of meat
What it is,
When you get it,
If you get it…

Sam feigned acknowledgment at your words, his lips stretching into a smile.


You laughed a little before continuing singing, enjoying the look of disgust on Dean’s face as he took in your words. He started eating faster, hoping to get out of the kitchen as soon as he could. But unfortunately for him, you were already too pumped up, spreading your arms widely as you and Sam danced around in the kitchen, breakfast completely forgotten.

Think about it!
Lots of other gentlemen’ll
Soon be comin’ for a shave,
Won’t they?
Think of
All them

That seemed to be the last straw for Dean, and he let his fork down with a loud clank. He shook his head at you and Sam, grabbing one of the candy bars bag from the cabinets of the kitchen.

"You two are the weirdest couple I know,” he mumbled, not even glancing at his half-eaten pie as he left the room, muttering something about “crazy musicals” and “Hannibal Lecter.”

You giggled, waving goodbye to his back. There was a sudden weight on top of your head, and you felt something soft tickling your face. Sam’s strong arms held you against his chest as he laughed along with you, the deep, hearty sound filling you with warmth.

“I love you so much, darling,” Sam whispered in your ear, you not minding the awful fake accent.

“I love you too,” you smiled, turning around and pulling him down to meet your height before you could kiss him, neither of you noticing the smell of bacon burning.

Neighborhood Connections Part 7

A/N: This was supposed to be hours ago, but lil ole scatter-brain over here didn’t post it to the right page. I was upset all day because I really wanted to get this out to you guys sooner. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy reading it, I had a good time writing it. Thank you @chaos-and-the-calm67 for being the best beta.

Pairing: Dean x Cas

Warnings: No Dean in this one, Millie and Cas fluff, all the fluff, new characters introduced

Word Count: 1161

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

Originally posted by mooseleys

“Where is he?! Where is my son?!” a woman questioned the nurse at the counter. Cas’ head snapped up at the exclamation, careful not to wake the sleeping 5-year-old in his lap. The yelling woman at the counter had long, golden locks, and she was wearing an eggshell housecoat over a white nightgown.

Must be serious if she didn’t get dressed,” Cas thought.

Next to her were two men; one significantly taller than the other. The man silently rubbing the woman’s back had black, ocean-waved hair, accompanied by a salt and pepper beard and a permanent glare on his face. Cas could tell he was the older one of the two men from the lines that helped form his get-out-of-my-face look. The taller of the two wore a concerned expression on his face, although he was trying to cover it with his shoulder-length brown hair.

“Ma’am, calm down, I-” the nurse tried.

“My son has just been shot and you want me to calm down?!” the lady choked out, her emotions getting the best of her. She leaned into the older man for support, sobbing about how she needed to see her son.

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anonymous asked:

Hey... Do you like destiel?

i suggest you get a blanket and some food and turn on some music because boy you asked for something




and when dean said “cas the la st person who l ook ed at me like that i got laid” and cas. continued. starING AT HIM ,LIK E THAT I SIMPLY CANNOT WITH THESE TW O


ok like this was over heavens command *at least cas thought* and it was just a human and he was willing to take whatever punishment they gave to him for dean even though he’s seen what they did to lucifer, to gadreel, etc. he kNOWS it wouldn’t be a walk in a flower field and he gOES FOR IT

Dean used to not believe in angels. He would laugh at Sam’s dedication, so we know he’s not just talking about cas as a guardian. He needs him. He’s his friend. One of the only ones he has left. [also friendly reminder the scene was originally scripted as, “we need you cas, I love you” but they were like “oh its too homo we can’t]

and guess what




"Ohhhhhh B BO Y Y I ”



DEAn that is so hetero of  y o u tha t i s s so o

hey look dean loves cas so much he’s doing what he thinks is right for cas not what he wants yoU TWO ARE SO IN LOVE


NEXT STOP: third wheel sam (that poor boy) [half of the gifs arent working i’m just gonna explain them and then hope u guys can see them]

THIS TOP ONE is the cutest bc like, dean is trying to do work and cas doesn’t care he wants dean back he misses dean and like

thats so


Ok that was very straight forward of cas sex is a natural thiing its ok and thEN DEAn

Wow u are professional partners with cas and u can’t handle him sharing his personal life shame dean shame on u


sam is v confused considering the fact that dean used to not believe in angels and now he’s like “what is going on in ur thoughts sir u are not my dearest brother dean u are an intruder”

but dean and cas are staring at each other and sam haD TO COUGH TO GET THE ATTENTION BACK ON THE RESEARCH

I like this bc all sam was talkING ABout was syrup and dean gets protective of this guy because he can change his mind and start liking strawberry syrup god s am

sam was in this gif


it’s even funnier when you realize everyone does that to this scene

and the best part is that Jared knows.

Like misha is such a cheerleader for destiel, but jared k nows too, and i think that’s beautiful

Okay now, let’s just point out some important script and character dialogue bC WOW


i feel u, balthy

wOw alright thats v subtle of u, crowley


Wow but meg u kissed hhim oh

speaking of which, I’d like to point out dean’s face in the background of this gif:




tru tho i feel u sam

U mean ur gay for each other

what is this implying?

~follow fore more soft destiel innuendos~

seriously though




Ok cas ur a fuckin angel and god told his angels to love humans more than him and so ur supposed to think they can do anything and this is saying cas knows dean’s broken and he knows he’s trying his hardest but cas loves him for that and he tells dean what we all knew dean needed to hear god bless

cas supports dean and i think that’s cute bc even though his brother’s furious cas knows dean wants to save everyone and this shows that cas pays attention to deans habits and values







REMember when cas said “we had an appointment” and back with sam, dean was having a fight and cas was there for him and cas was human so he met dean at the appropriate time and look at the sparkle in dean’s eyes look how loved he feels llOOK HOW HIS FACE LITERALLY IS JUST LIT UP LIKE A FUCKING CHRISTMAS TREE

He wants to go in but he hasn’t seen cas in forever and he’s just admiring him from afar this is literally a fan manip but its actually a part of the show hhhhhhhhggffffs



dean wow that was v quick of u good job protecting ur boyfriend and u didn’t eveen get any blood on him how sweet

warning this is gonna get sad as fuck and i’m gonna start crying here so go get ur tissues or scroll fast bc this shit is more heart shattering than anything ever tbh and i cry thinking about it and i feel empty when i look at this here we go

Thank u for staying with me as i pour out my emotions th is is the face of a broken man. This is the face of someone who found out a loved one died. This is the face of a man lost in the world, who has no guide or support. This is dean’s face when he thinks cas doesn’t know who he is.

oh and heres misha’s take on this

This is the face of someone who witnessed the life pour out of a loved one. This is the face of someone who, although not dead, had the life poured out of him too. This is the face you get when you loose your whole world within a single moment. This is dean when he knows Castiel remembers nothing about him. Cas isn’t there. There isn’t a way to get him back. Look how torn dean is. He loved that man. There were so many things he wanted to say that he fears he can’t now.

Just look how worried he is. Look at how his hand slips across his shoulder. Listen to the way his face yells “this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for me. It’s all my fault. Everything’s my fault.” He’s pinning cas’s doings on him because he doesn’t believe cas could possibly ever do anything wrong. In his eyes, cas is perfection. Cas is something to be valued and protected and if he gets hurt, it’s dean’s fault.

This is terribly sad to me. Cas is in there. He has to watch as the leviathans use his very own hands to throw clenched fists at the one he loves. Cas was in there. On another note, dean was there. He had to listen to this. He had to feel the fear, the anger, the sadness, the loss, the all around fucked up feelings that this one line produced. The leviathans controlled cas. He has no idea what they might do to him or cas if he’s in there. He felt the disgusted sense you get when something doesn’t feel right. Not only are they using cas and telling him that he’s dead, they’re saying it in a cheerful way, bearing a smile at him. He had no idea cas was in there, and cas had no idea how to get up and tell him and that kills me and it’s burned into my thoughts and the all around filthy emotions I got watching this will never escape me.

Cas looked at dean for this. He didn’t know how long he’d be left. It’s more of a longing look in his eyes. You know what it reminds me of?

Dean looks at cas, silently begging for cas to object him going away

Whenever dean does something life threatening cas seams to go with him

under any condition

It’s like the only thing cas lives for is dean, and it’s not beautiful. It’s terrible. But it’s true. That’s love. Throwing your life away for another within a matter of seconds. I’m not saying it’s a smart decision, I’m just saying it’s pretty obvious cas puts dean first

Dean would do the same, of course.

Dean’s on the verge of tears. He fucked up. His brother was dying, he tried to fix it, and now some demon is twisting screws into his head. What makes him feel better? Cas.

Sorry for the tears. Here, have this:

remember cas telling dean he’d watch over him,

and he did?

this is love. There’s no other acception, definition, word to describe or label it. If this isn’t love, then I’m pretty sure we’re living in the pits of hell.

“Cas get out of my ass”

“I was never in your-”






yeah i bet u do cas


You’re hot (shit) different

He’s so willing to fix any problem between him and cAS AND ITS SO CUTE DEANN U WORK SO HARD FOR HIM

not a boner not a boner not a bONER


I couldn’t get the gif that went before this i was so mad but he just looked up like “is it ok that I fix ur tie u can push me away whenever” and i thought it was just adorable

Friendly reminder we don’t know what happened after that uwu

Yeah ok dean

u haven’t even had ur own room yet on this point in the show

and u are carefully folding his coat

actually, here’s jared talking about that, and Jensen talking about how important it is to consider scripting on that

And I’m just gonna talk bc I don’t have a gif but remember when, to apologize, cas bought dean porn and refused to leave without pie?

yeah ok that is the cutest fuckin thing i swear i just

and if u r still unsure then here take this:

he fucking licks his lips

“totally not checkin out ur mouth das gay”

~prolonged eye contact~

This is so cute bc it looks like cas is saying “hey bb just checkin to make sure u ok

and dEANS EYES LITERALLY BURST WITH LOVE FOR THOSE 3 SECONDS and then he’s back in work mode and i jusT

U 2 love each other






and u know that personal space stuff?

like this:

well misha was kind of doing it with jensen here

and then

and here’s some links bc I’m cool (x) (x)

Anonymous asked: Cas and Dean have been friends forever but then one day Mary is in the hospital and not doing well. Cas wants to be supportive but doesnt want to put Dean through anymore than he’s already dealing with, so he stays away, which only upsets Dean further. Dean confronts Cas and feelings are revealed, leading to happiness and sadness. I love your writing so much but right now I’m Cas in this and I need your help. I would be eternally grateful if you wrote this! 

Author’s note: This morning I told you I would write it ASAP, and a promise is a promise. I hope that, whatever is going on in your life right now, you’ll figure it out. Stay strong. x 

Castiel’s fingers were trembling as he scrolled through his phone’s contact list. He was restlessly pacing his apartment’s living room while doing so; sitting still was not an option. It was storming outside, and the only sound to break the silence was the rain heavily pounding against the windows.

It was beginning to get dark outside, but Castiel couldn’t be bothered to turn on any lights yet. His eyes flickered to the screen of his phone again, and he started to feel nauseous as he reached the ‘D’.

‘Dean Winchester’.

Unsteady fingers hovered over the ‘call’ button. Castiel knew he had to call, but he didn’t want to intrude. Not while his best friend was busy dealing with something so personal. Not when he was terrified that Dean would tell him off for not giving him the space that he needed.

It had been a week now since Castiel had found out that Dean’s mother Mary was in the hospital because she was suffering from a serious heart condition. Dean had informed him through a text, and Castiel had texted him back immediately to tell Dean that if he needed anything, all he had to do was call.

But Dean hadn’t called, and Castiel assumed that it was a sign that his friend wanted him to back off for a bit. And quite frankly, he could understand, but at the same time it broke his heart that he couldn’t support Dean at the time when his friend needed it most. Dean had sent him a few texts in the past couple of days, but Cas had never been a fan of texting and thus hadn’t replied; he’d figured that if Dean wanted him around or needed to talk, he would simply give a call or stop by.

What made it even more complicated was that Castiel’s feelings for Dean had never been strictly friendly, and now that they hadn’t talked in over a week, Castiel was harshly reminded of that minor detail. They’d known each other since college, and even now, six years later, Castiel loved Dean more than he’d ever loved anyone. He needed to talk to Dean. Call Dean. Hear that familiar voice that always made him feel at home.

He was an inch from pressing that green button, when the shrill sound of the doorbell almost made him drop his phone.

With an annoyed sigh, Castiel made his way to the front door to answer, half expecting his brother Gabriel who often dropped by to plunder his fridge. But when he opened it, he was face to face with Dean. Castiel reflexively stumbled backwards, his heart leaping into his throat.

“You son of a bitch!” Dean cursed gruffly, barging past Castiel without waiting for an invitation. “Guess I’m lucky you’re even letting me in, huh? Or are you gonna kick me out?”

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anonymous asked:

hey i'm searching for a post and i'm like 99.9% sure you had it linked somewhere on your blog. it was a post someone wrote about how at a con Mishas answer to something triggered her and she wrote him a letter about it, gave it to him and he read it later on and apologized to her. i've been searching for the post for days now by myself but I can't find it anymore so I thought i'd ask.

I know that feel because I have gone on the same search for the same post several times myself with the same results. I’ve got all kind of iterations of “misha triggered letter fan” in my Google history now, and that’s one reason I added the links in this post because I kept forgetting to save the link to it.

It’s this post here.

LA Wilson (wileea) wrote the posts in this context:

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