ep 9 airport scene background music but with a music box :,)


I need someone to cry and yell about Fairy Tail with cause i just saw trailers for dragon cry today and i am so fucked up;0;

goodytissues  asked:

any witch movie recs?

sure. before anything lemme just say that i am but a simple girl who loves witchy stuff and im actually still beginning to search for these movies so im v sorry if my recs arent the most detailed ever but well… here goes 5 good ones:

- hocus pocus (1993) - must be my fav from all of them tbh i love it so much and i aspire to be the long lost 4th sanderson sister. also i have a big ole crush on sarah jessica parker in this movie lmao
- the witches (1990) - this one is so great, i watched it as a kid and it was so scary for me bc it actually shows the witches the way we always imagined as children u kno. also anjelica huston is always worth it
- the craft (1996) - now even though this one has been around for a good time, i only seen it for the first time this year and i fucking loved it. this movie is special bc its about young witches still in high school and they all have their own personal problems and they are all adressed pretty well in the movie and…idk i just loved it
- the sisterhood of night (2014) - i wont say much about this one in particular bc i dont wanna give anything away but its also about teenage girls and what it means to belong and the dephts that teens will go to feel accepted and liked and the consequences of that desire 
- kiki’s delivery service (1989) - listen idk if u like anime but i do and this movie is so unbelieveable and sweet and the animation itself is so beautiful and inspiring and the story is so touching and sweet and its just so sweet everything about it is sweet


Here come the Men in Black

Galaxy defenders

Here come the Men in Black

They won’t let you remember

Thumbs up if you started to sing it too xD

I don’t remember shit about Men In Black’s “lore”. Isn’t there is something concerning hierarchy?

But now I wanna watch them again! All three! WILL SMITH WAS SO GOOD IN THE FIRST ONE FEORFZSEFJZE!!




Alternative Universe AU Meme 15/17


Get on the base!
I’ll do the rest!