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i was puttering around ao3 and found your 'our red scarf' fic, and despite not even being a fan of BTS, i read the whole thing in one sitting, and completely fell in love with your characterizations of them! you've spurred my interest in BTS now, but i don't even know where to start other than listening to their albums. is there a tv show i could watch to get to know the members more? love your fics, thank you!!!

Hi Rose!

First of all, let me welcome you to the BTS trash can. It’s the trashiest of trash cans but it’s magnificent and amazing and entry if free of charge but just don’t expect to ever leave. Also, thank you so much for reading my trashy fic. ^^ But believe me; BTS in real life is a thousand times better than the way I vainly attempted to put them into words in my fic. Be prepared for BTS to amaze you.

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BTS: the most adorable dorks to ever dork.

This ask makes me so happy you don’t even wanna know. One of the reasons BTS is so easy to love and relate to are their various appearances on TV shows. It’s also why BTS is one big shipping fest because you really get to see their individual personalities and just how much they adore each other.

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Their love makes me weak all the time

Like, where do I even start? You can either divide the shows they did into cringe-worthy (Weekly Idol, American Hustle Life) or absolutely glorious (BTS Bon Voyage, Run BTS!, BTS GAYO). However, I guess chronological order is really nice because you get to see them grow both personally and musically. It’s just that they have done a LOT of shows, so you better build yourself a pillow fort and lock yourself away for a weekend. XD

I think the shows to definitely watch (from oldest to newest) are Rookie King (2013), American Hustle Life (2014), Run BTS! (2015), BTS GAYO (2015), BTS Bon Voyage (2016). Weekly Idol is always a good show to familiarize yourself with K-pop groups but their first appearance is a bit painful to watch because the hosts were even more savage than usual. It personally made me feel like a momma bear wanting to maul Doni and Coni for mistreating my adopted children. BTS NOW (Thailand 2014, Europe 2015, America 2016) and their Summer Packages (Kota Kinabalu 2015 & Dubai 2016) are also so much fun and you get to see them all pretty because of the photo shoots. <3

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Look at me shamelessly promoting my favourite ship. But they sure are pretty.

And then you also have BTS China Job (2014), Go! BTS (2014), BTS Lucky Draw (2015), Yaman TV (2015), Namjoon’s appearance on 4Things (2014), Taehyung’s and Jeongguk’s Celebrity Bromance (2016) appearances, all their Bangtan Bombs, Eat Jin (why eat alone when you can eat with Jin?), Hope on the Street (why exercise if you can just watch Hoseok?). Yoongi does album reviews and his voice is a literal gift from God. Also, Jimin did these Satoori shows (with Taehyung) and whenever he speaks Satoori a part of me dies. They (or certain members) also appeared on Star King, Running Man, Hello Counselor, Beatles Code and several After School episodes.

Omg, I feel like I totally went overboard. I just really love them a lot and they make me a little crazy. XD Maybe start with BTS Bon Voyage because it’s the most recent and you really get a good feel of their personality. They seemed really comfortable on this show and comfy and happy BTS is my aesthetic. Watch it and come back to me later and we’ll cry about BTS together.

XOXO Mirre

PS: @trash-can-child. Are you taking notes? We’re gonna watch it all together when I come visit you in Japan. XD

okay but watching tos has made me wanna cosplay so many of these like one episode ladies you don’t even know:

like ofc the original vulcan babe t’ping -

this romulan babe commander??

mirror verse babe??

the NUMBER ONE babe

watching the olympics is infuriating because i want to watch all the competetors do their thing but they only ever show footage of the top 3 or 4 and refuse to show anyone else. like i was so excited because it showed mai murakami getting ready to do her vault and i was like finally!! i get to watch someone new!! but then it suddenly switched cameras so instead i could watch the russian girl take the tape off her feet and watch the canadian girl hug her coach for the fourth time. like. why. show me someone new. i wanna watch them all