Star Wars: A New Hope

Imagine Iwaizumi falling in love with Oikawa at a young age, around 11 lets say, and slowly the pressure builds up, it takes him ten years to get the courage, ten years to finally say something to Oikawa.

“I love you Oikawa.”

There’s no responce, the room stays quiet. Iwaizumi stares blankly, the colour white barely registering.

“Didn’t you hear me shittykawa?! I said I love you!”

He starts crying, one hand clutching his chest, the other holding onto Oikawa’s lifeless hand on the hospital bed. He wanted Oikawa to wake up, to finally come out of his coma, but it would never happen. Three years he’d been in a coma, after pushing Iwaizumi out of the way of a speeding car. Iwaizumi blamed himself.

Three weeks later, a phone call from the hospital made Iwaizumi drop his phone…


Get on the base!
I’ll do the rest!

yk when ur sad and wanna watch 1d videos bc you love them so much and they make u happy but u also know they’ll probably make u sadder now bc u miss them so much so ur just stuck in a bottomless pit of suffering

sorry for cutting nate and tara out but this was just such a cute shot

So I can’t stop thinking about Metatron infusing Cas’ brain with the knowledge of endless stories, books, and movies. Beyond being a dick move, as he will never experience these stories as he should, as we all do, there was greater purpose in this happening. Now Cas has all that knowledge at his disposal, we even saw Dean surprised in the end that Cas understood a Star Wars reference. He has pop culture knowledge, and while it is something I would have liked to see him slowly indulge in over time, it is something that will allow he and Dean to relate to each other on a completely different level. Now he will, finally, understand that reference.