Pairing: Richard x Reader
Words: 1975
Requested by Anonymous:  Richard x reader where the reader is pregnant and feels fat so Richard tries to make her feel beautiful. Smut or fluff or both

Warning: Fluffy smut!, pregnancy

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site. Do NOT take credit for my work. Do NOT copy and paste.
A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.
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           I stood in the doorway and just stared at her. She was six months pregnant and the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was perfect. And she was mine. I couldn’t believe I had married the girl of my dreams. I couldn’t believe she was carrying my baby. I was the luckiest man in the world.

           And then I heard her sigh. It wasn’t a good sigh as she stared at herself in the mirror. It was definitely an unhappy sigh.

           I walked into the room and up behind her, putting my arms around her to rest them on her belly, “What’s wrong, Beautiful?” I asked.

           “Not beautiful,” she groaned, “I’m so big.”

           “Sweetheart, you’re pregnant. You’re absolutely gorgeous. You’re glowing,” I said, rubbing her belly.

           “Rich, look at me.”

           “I am,” I met her eyes in the mirror, “I see my wife, the mother of my unborn child, the most beautiful woman in the entire world.”

           “I feel fat,” she insisted.

           I sighed and turned her to face me. I put my hands on either side of her face and kissed her forehead, “You are beautiful.”

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Boy Talk

A/N: Sorry this took so long. I was battling back in forth on using their stage names or birth names. And decided on birth names. Because if they were all friends you would use their birth names and not stages names. So yeah…hope you like it. Also, slanted the text is flashback/storytelling.

Jay smacked my ass and gripped my cheek as he pumped into me one final time. His weight fell on me has his warm breath tickled the back of my neck. I felt his moist lips on my neck as he slowly removed himself from me and fell back into his office chair. His warm seed seeped out and down my leg as I continued to regain my strength. With my panties around my ankles and still bent over his desk, Jay smacked my ass again.

“Clean up before you leave.” He seductively whispered in my ear before leaving the room. It wasn’t often that we had sex in his office. We actually tried to keep our urges under control until we were in a private space. Sounds of a high five and some whispers of cheering sounded through the closed office door.

“You got it like that?” Chase questioned. Their effort to keep quiet was no use since the walls weren’t that thick. It dawned on me…if I could hear them, then they heard everything.

“You guys are loud.” Hyuk-woo shyly said before sitting on the couch. Jay grabbed a bottled water and joined the guys in the lounge area.

“Sorry if we disturbed your lunch.” Jay chuckled and took a sip of his water.

“I thought you guys were supposed to be having a lunch date.” Seong-hwa commented.

“We were but…”

Jay sat at his desk finishing an email on his phone. He barely acknowledged me when I entered, even though we hadn’t seen each other in a few days. I usually could go without sex, but I had been so horny lately and the vibrator wasn’t doing the job anymore. I needed the real thing.

I sat the food down on the table and walked over to his desk. He glanced up at me and stuck a finger up to signal me to have patience. I pouted before dropping to my knees in front of him.

“I want attention too.” My hands ran up his thighs and to his belt.

“Babe,” he slapped my hands away, “I gotta finish this email.”

“So, finish the email, while I get this started.” He seemed conflicted, but went back to his email. I bit my lower lip and rubbed my hand over his heat. Jay shifted in his seat, but continued to stare at his phone.

“You’re telling me, she’s on her knees and you continued your email?” Chase asked in disbelief.

“It took everything in me to not bend her over my desk right then and there. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her…”

His bulge began to form, but he still refused to look at me. When was he going to finish that stupid email? I pouted again as I removed his hard member from his boxers. He sprung up revealing its beautiful veined length. Jay cleared his throat, but kept his eyes on his phone.

I licked my hand before embracing him gently. A small groan escaped his throat and a smile appeared on my face. He wasn’t going to be able to ignore me for much longer. I swirled my thumb over his tip, smearing the precum in the process. I leaned in and breathed him in deeply.

“I love the smell of your cock.” I whispered.

“There’s no way she said cock.” Kiseok shook his head.

“Yeah, she’s too innocent.” Seong-hwa chimed in. Hyuk-woo shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“As they say, it’s always the quiet ones.” Chase commented.

“Exactly. Anyway…I felt her lips on my balls…”

I sat back in his chair, listening to him retell our story. Why am I getting turned on again? My hand slipped down to my still sensitive opening as I continued to listen.

He moaned as his balls slipped into my mouth. My tongue rolled over them and sucked him in more. Jay moaned and his thighs tensed up. I released him from my mouth and smirked. I teasingly kissed his shaft and he twitched.

“When are you going to finish that email?” I whispered against him.

“Soon.” He mumbled trying to steady his breath.

“Mh.” I acknowledge before licking him from his base to his tip.

“Fuck.” He whispered and shifted in his seat again. A chuckle escaped my lips. My tongue swirled around his tip teasing him and tasting him. I loved the way he tasted and I wanted more.

“So she fully takes me in—“

“Which is like nothing since you have a tiny penis.” Seong-hwa teased, making the others laugh.

“You want me to pull it out? Cause I will.” Jay stood to unbuckle his pants.

“No!” Kiseok pushed him back down onto the couch.

“Anyway, I’m hitting the back of her throat and she’s moaning…”

I kept a steady pace bobbing my head back and forth. A loud smack shocked me making me pop him out of my mouth. His hand was suddenly in my hair and I caught a glimpse of his phone on the floor. He urged my head back down to take him in once again. Jay’s fingers tangled in my hair while his other hand gripped the arm rest on his chair.

“Fuck, baby.” He moaned. His hand took control and guided my head to a speed of his comfort. I moaned and tried to remember to breathe through my nose. His member twitched in my mouth and I took that moment to pop him out once again. My hand immediately replaced my mouth and kept the pace.

“Did you finish your email?” I questioned breathlessly.

“Fuck the email.” He lifted me up by my shoulders and bent me over his desk.

“Jay!” His movements were so sudden, but turned me on more.

“She likes when I tease her and I like it when she begs.” Jay smiled proudly.

The boys listened intently and mentally took notes for their own future personal experiences. Hyuk-woo, being less experienced, tugged at his pants.

“Damn, I’m jealous.” Kiseok commented.

“What do you mean by tease?” Seong-hwa asked.

“I mean not giving her what she wants until she’s whimpering.”

“Don’t all girls just want an orgasm? You’d eventually give her that by teasing her.” Chase chimed in.

“Yeah, she wants an orgasm, but she wants my dick even more.”

He was right. I wanted his warm hot dick inside of me, even now. I curled my fingers inside my warm wet heat listening to him.

Jay lifted up my skirt and smacked my ass. His moist lips left trails along my cheeks before he took a bite. A moan escaped my lips and I rested my head on his desk.

“Baby, you’re so wet.” His tongue slid up my clothed slit. Jays warm hands slid up and down my legs as he buried his nose in my wet heat.

“Jay.” I moaned lifting myself off the desk.

“Stay down.” He placed his hand on my back pushing me back on to the desk. “You want daddy to give this to you right?” He rubbed his throbbing member over my slit.

“Daddy?!” Chase and Kiseok laughed.

“Don’t knock it till you try it.” Jay shrugged.

“Maybe we should stop. I don’t think Hyuk-woo can take anymore.” Seong-hwa teased.

“I-I’m fine.” Hyuk-woo buried his face in a throw pillow.

My hand slid up kneading my breast. I removed my fingers from my core and brought them to my lips. His taste still lingered inside of me.

“So, she’s bent over the desk and wiggling her ass against my dick…”

“Yes, daddy. Give it to me.” I moaned.

“Not yet.” He whispered against my ear before pull himself off of me. Jay’s hands slowly removed my panties down to my ankles. “Damn, baby,” he slipped a finger over my slit and brought it to his lips, “you taste pretty good yourself.” I was met with his warm tongue, circling my clit and sucking on it.

“Oh, yes!” I tried to muffling my moan. Jay’s tongue began to lap up my juices seeping through my slit. “Daddy, I want it now.” I moaned.

“Be patient.” He whispered. His tongue entered me, sending a shiver through my body. I wanted to touch him, run my hands through his hair. Jay gripped my wrists locking them against my back. “If you’re not a good girl, you won’t get your gift.”

“Gift?” Hyuk-woo asked confused.

“His tiny penis.” Seong-hwa answered waiting for the next part of the story.

My fingers traveled back down to my entrance remember what he felt like inside.

“I swirled my tongue around inside of her…”

I tried to stay quiet knowing his crew was right outside. Not that I cared if they knew what we did, it was actually kinda hot if they did hear us. They would know for a fact that his songs weren’t just talk. I bit my bottom lip trying to hold my moans back as his tongue teased my core.

His hand met my ass again causing a once muffled moan to escape. He smirked against me entrance before stand up.

“There’s nothing better than taking a step back and watching her wiggle her ass…”

I could feel his eyes hungrily staring at me as I wiggled my ass begging for him. He didn’t respond to my begging and instead sat back in his chair.

“I love this view.” He said taking his member into his hand.

“Please.” I whimpered. My core was throbbing and begging for him.

“Please, what?” He asked innocently stroking himself.

“Please give me your cock.” I pushed my ass higher in the air.

“I wanna see you touch yourself first.” He sat back in his chair waiting for me to respond to his command. My hand slid to my core as I entered a finger. “Another.” I obediently followed his command and inserted another finger.

“So instead of just fucking her, you watched her touch herself.” Seong-hwa tried to wrap his head around this concept.

“She likes being watched. It turns her on even more. Why do you think I got a new mirror closet in my room?”

“That’s why you got it?! I thought you were just being more conscious of your fashion.” Hyuk-woo shook his head. Jay chuckled and looked towards the door before continuing.

“Were you about to cum all by yourself?” Jay swiftly removed my fingers from my entrance.

“But—“ My head flung back as Jay inserted himself inside of me. He gripped my cheeks and removed himself before entering me again. “Oh my God!” I moaned loudly.

He gripped my wrists behind my back again and continued to thrust himself in and out of my core. Our moans filled the room and escaped past the walls to the ears of those outside. There it was that feeling. My walls pulsed around his throbbing member as I hit my peak. Jay continued his pace helping me ride out my orgasm, while his built up.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He released my wrists and smacked my ass before gripping my cheek. Jay’s warm seed pulsed inside causing me to shiver.

“Hyuk-woo, you need to wear a condom. ‘Daddy’ isn’t teaching you right.” Kiseok teased.

“She’s on birth control, besides I’m gonna marry her one day.” Jay chuckled staring at the door once again.

“Is she gonna get mad if you’re talking about her like this.” Hyuk-woo took notice of Jay staring at the door.

“No, I thought I heard something.”

“Something?” Chase stared curiously at the door.

“Mh, moaning.” Jay said nonchalantly.

My fingers curled pushing me over the edge again. I steadied my breath and reached for the wipes in my purse.

“I need a girl like that.” Chase stated.

“Groupies.” Kiseok and Seong-hwa high fived each other.

I walked out of his office and joined the guys in the lounge. Their eyes all met mine in embarrassment.

“Hey.” I cutely waved.

“Leaving?” Jay stood up to meet me.


“What took you so long in the office?”

“Round two,” I playfully tugged at his belt, “which daddy missed.” Seong-hwa spit his water out after I confirmed Jay’s story with a simple statement. “I also left you a present on your desk. Here’s a hint,” I leaned into Jay and whispered, “I’m not wearing any underwear.” I took a step back and winked. Jay growled and the guys watched us in disbelief.

“The image…it’s all shattered.” Chase shook his head.

“See you guys later.” I laughed walking past the boys. Hyuk-woo’s face was completely flushed when our eyes met and he failed to hide his secret. “Cute.” I pointed at his crotch and walked out the door.

“Did you get a boner!?” Jay teased loudly.

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Can I request some nsfw with Kyoshi after his rehabilitation session, please? *///*

Thanks to Kiyoshi, you were able to come every now and then as his assisting help during his rehabilitation. His grandparents didn’t mind and expressed gratitude every time it was mentioned. As flattered as you were, you couldn’t help but have mixed feelings about the situation.

When Kiyoshi had to do the more painful therapy, your heart hurt for him. Kiyoshi’s eyes would be twisted shut, jaw locked tightly holding back a scream. When he did less painful but just as strenuous ones, he’d lock eyes with you. The pained look he gave you and the shuddering “I’m okay” didn’t effect you like the latter treatment.

It kind of turned you on.

Needless to say, once you had him all to yourself you let him know. “Huh? really?” his big smile didn’t make the situation any less strained. Kiyoshi was in an institution and you were horny, talk about decency. “Yeah really, so can we just…” you trailed of leaning onto his bed. You saw Kiyoshi tense up and swallow, he hadn’t been taking you seriously.

“O-oh, well that was my last session for today so I can go home” Kiyoshi’s voice quieted down as you drew closer. “I can’t wait for home though” you crawled on top of his bed and closed him into the wall. Your lips latched onto his neck and pressed hot kisses up the expanse of it. You felt his Adam’s apple bob as whimpers left his mouth. “____, wait…” he sighed, taking hold of your shoulders.

Kiyoshi pulled you back just enough to kiss you on the lips. His lips parted and allowed his tongue to slip out. He ran the appendage across your bottom lip, prompting you to open your mouth. Your tongue met his in a passionate battle for dominance. Your eagerness clashed against Kiyoshi’s resulting in your win.

You felt his hands grasp your hips and venture upward. He grouped at your clothed body, enjoying the feeling of you in his hands. His hands went south and took hold of your ass. He squeezed your cheeks roughly, earning a delightful moan from you.

You pulled back and rested on his lap. Your hands tugged his shirt upward, bunching it around his shoulders. Your hands found his chest immediately, wasting no time to get familiar with the surface. You pinched his nipples and tugged lightly. Kiyoshi hissed and arched his back into your touch. “I wanna hear you Teppei~” you teased.

Kiyoshi felt a shiver run down his spine at your words. He reluctantly allowed a groan to slip past his lips. It sounded deep, guttural, needy. You could feel yourself salivate at the thought of doing it here in the room. Your hands slid down his chest and made a beeline for his crotch.

Just as you unzipped his fly, a knock was heard at the door. “Kiyoshi-san? are you still here? I’d like to speak to you” a voice spoke out from the other side of the door. Before you could so much as blink, Kiyoshi had you sitting on the side of the bed and his shirt back down. His face was still flushed but he was willing to be caught like that than…well.

You pouted the entire time the physician spoke.

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You never thought you’d be excited for food poisoning. But when the afternoon speaker at your conference was stricken ill with it, it allowed you to catch an early flight home to Niall. You hadn’t seen each other in weeks and he was only scheduled to be home for a few days. Getting to add a few extra hours to that time felt like an early Christmas gift.

You called him right before you boarded, just to check in and make sure he’d be home. You wanted to surprise him. “Just gonna hang out here I think.” You could hear him sigh and you pictured his long fingers carding roughly through the front of his dark fringe. “I can’t wait to collapse in our bed and pass out for about 12 hours babe.  Just wish you were here too.”

You smiled and did a silent little victory dance. He had no clue you were about to fly home.  “Aww I know Ni, but I’ll be home tomorrow. Miss you!”

By the time you landed and caught a car service back to the house, it was nearly midnight.  The house was dark, Niall was surely asleep.  You slipped in the side door, carefully toed off your flats, and dropped your overnight bag.  Unpacking could wait until the morning.  You crept through the house in your bare feet and headed back towards the bedroom.  You could see a faint light from under the door, and as you put your hand up to push it open you heard a moan.  You froze, your brain trying desperately to put the sound in context.  You pressed your ear towards the door and heard it again, along with a faint rustling sound.  For an instant your blood ran cold - you knew you were hearing someone having sex.  But in your heart of hearts you also knew Niall would never do that to you, it wasn’t in his nature.  The voices and sounds you heard sounded slightly tinny and far away.  You realized they must’ve been coming from the speaker on his laptop.  Instantly it clicked.  Niall was watching porn.  

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Party Masterlist

Links Last Checked: October 15th, 2017

part two

Adrenaline - lovebuglester

Summary: Dan freaks out and runs out of the party because there are too many thoughts about too many compromising positions with his best friend.

Caught - mrphaniplier

Summary: Dan convinces Phil to sneak away during the Youtuber party and snogging ensues. However, they didn’t anticipate Louise and Joe vlogging inside the unisex toilets.

Happy New Year’s! - oakleysfthoying

Summary: Dan and Phil throw a party to celebrate 2013 coming to a close and they invite a bunch of their Youtube friends.

I’m Two-Quarters And A Heart Down - mairieuxes

Summary: Okay. So there’s a party. A party in which Dan and Phil are invited to. With the other’s hands kept on going to some places and some more shameless dancing.

Just a Beat In Your Heart [And a Taste On Your Lips]

Summary: Phil is at a party, and finds himself playing seven minutes in heaven with someone he’d just met.

Leads To Explosive Consequences - dantiloquent

Summary: “we wore matching costumes to this party and now its bonfire night and i’m lonely and want to see someone (you) so i thought hey why not invite someone (you) round” au.

My Infinite In The Sky - phandommother

Summary: Dan is at a party blowing off steam and takes a drink every time him and a blue eyed beauty lock eyes across the room.

No More Scars - yasuttai

Summary: AU where Dan is living alone, only a few friends, no relationship, feeling sad and depressed, until he meets a stranger at a party who sees right through him the moment they start talking.

Outcast - kittyxuchiha11

Summary: Dan is getting bullied in school and Phil is the new kid and likes him. All his friends say that Dan’s bad news and gay but secretly Phil’s gay too. They go to a party and Dan gets humiliated and Phil goes after him and makes him feel better.

Party - edhasgotphanxiety

Summary: Phil is forced to go out with his friends (Chris + Pj) and best friend/crush to a club. After seeing Dan with a girl, Phil is struck with huge jealousy and drinks a bit too much, causing him to make a huge decision that will affect his and Dan’s friendship permanently.

Sipping Life From Bottles - tinylester

Summary: Dan’s not a big party type, but once his friend drags him to a nightclub and leaves him in the corner alone; someone comes along and definitely manages to change Dan’s mind.

Tastes Like A Sonic Boom - literaryphan

Summary: There’s a house party and there’s Dan and maybe the combination of those two things isn’t such a good idea.

The Party Scene - danisstillnotinteresting

Summary: Teenage Dan gets really drunk for the first time and Phil who is his best friend sees a guy take him into a room and is kissing him and Dan is all like please don’t stop I don’t wanna and Phil gets all angry.

Touch - lacontradictionvivante

Summary: Dan holds back his inner thoughts during the day, but with a little bit of alcohol, he tends to lose control. Phil finally gets tired of Dan’s mixed signals and decided to confront him after a party.

You’re Not A Drama Queen, Just Awkward - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan feels socially awkward around Phil’s older friends, and it doesn’t help when they got to a small party together. Phil comforts Dan and let’s him know everything’s fine, and it takes Dan awhile to realize that.

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I was seeing this guy & we'd already fucked once. I went out with him & his friends that I'd never met. We went back to an after party, we shared a chair & were holding hands under the table and he started to put his hand up my skirt so I started to touch his crotch. He whispered "wanna go back and fuck?" I was like "yes please" so we went to mine and fucked and he handcuffed me and took me from behind, multiple times. All of my flat mates heard and all mentioned it the next day at breakfast.

in honor of zayn beyonce maliks birthday, i have put together a few pictures that make me want to set myself on fire























and this concludes 21 22 pictures of zayn beyonce malik that make me want to light myself on fire. thanks for joining me on this journey, its been awesome highly arousing

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hi i love your writing and your courferre stuff and i was wondering if you could write courfeyrac serenading combeferre? or maybe the other way around, i don't know

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can I request a oneshot where u and harry go to a science museum and mess around like kids but he's also acting really cute? thanx! I love all ur imagines!

“This is boring,” Harry pouted and turned around to begin to walk away from the models of plants that represented the ones from millions of years ago. You gripped his bicep with both your hands and tried your hardest to pull him towards you, but he wouldn’t budge. He began to laugh and you let go of his bicep, but that was a mistake; he began to run away from you, and he had a huge headstart.

You had to follow him though; he could probably get lost and have a panic attack; those took him forever to get over.

God, he ran fast; you were left behind by so far because of his benefit of having such long legs. He continuously sent you glances from behind his shoulder, usually sticking his tongue out and crinkling his nose.

“You can’t catch me!” he yelled from behind his shoulder, only turning around for a split second before moving out of an elderly woman’s way, earning a deadly glare from her.

Both of you had to weave your way through the many passerby, making sure the security guards wouldn’t see you two running, but gladly, it slowed Harry down.

Gaining speed, you finally caught up to him and straddled him from behind, giving him a piggy-back ride. 

“I got you,” you whispered into his ear with a smirk. He hooked his arms under your legs and brought them to his waist, so you could hang onto him. 

“Let’s look at the dinos!” Harry cheers when he spots the giant dinosaurs put together with it’s ancient fossils. He began to run, but he then realized there were more security guards in this room than the others. Slowing down to a speed-walk, he stopped right in front of a dinosaur fossil, red ropes enclosed around it. “I wanna touch the dino,” Harry pouts, looking up at you, still on his back.

“You can’t, Harry; you’ll get in trouble,” you giggle, hoisting yourself higher up his back, as you were sliding off. 

“But I wanna touch the dino,” he complains, elongating the word ‘dino.’

You let out an exasperated sigh, letting him know that he’s getting on your nerves.

“Sorry,” he mumbles, looking down at his boots.

“Sorry?” you repeat, unsure of why he’s apologizing. 

“I didn’t mean to be so annoying,” he says. You slide off his back and move to where you’re standing in front of him. You cup his face in both your hands, forcing him to look at you.

“I don’t think you’re annoying,” you smile. “I love you, I’d never think that." 

You move your hands off his face and let them dangle at your sides, but he quickly takes your hand in his. “I love you, [Y/N]. So much.”

You squeeze his hand and start to leave. You pass by the gift shop while on your way to the door.

"Harry! Look, there are little dinosaur stuffed animals you can buy!” You pull at his arm. You haul him into the shop before he can say anything, and you grab the largest stuffed dinosaur you can find, which is well equal to the size of a six-year-old. You yank at Harry’s arm to tell him to speed up his walking to get to the counter. 

After placing a solid thirty dollars on the counter, you two walk out of the shop and continue your trek to the lobby. 

“Do you like the dinosaur?” you ask Harry, who has let go of your hand to hug the stuffed animal tight. 

“It’s dino, not dinosaur,” he answers, squeezing it and letting it’s head block half his vision. 

“Well, I think you love the dino more than me,” you pout childishly. 

“Maybe I do.”

You let your jaw drop to dramatize the situation and began to stomp away from him, walking faster and faster. But of course he caught up in just a few seconds and took ahold of your arm, pulling you closer to him. He let the dinosaur fall to the floor as he whispered, “I was kidding.” His arms found their way around your waist as he leaned in and placed his lips onto yours. “I love you more than anything,” he mumbled against your lips, and your eyes closed from the second of bliss. He smirked as he backed away from you, noticing what he did to you as he picked up the dinosaur without breaking eye contact.

He grabs your hand and says, “let’s go, my dino.”

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