wang eun.. my precious son, the former source of happiness in the shithole.. is no longer happy.. THERE’S LIKE NO HAPPY SCENES EVER. what is happiness?? APPARNTLY SOMETHING THE WRITERS OF MOON LOVERS HAVENT HEARD ABOUT :)

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I just came across your nurseydex text convo posts again and I was wondering if you could make more? Any situation idk I just love them and miss nurseydex so much what they up to R they ok!! 😩😭💔

(u type like chloe! omg but sure??)

DMN😌, 3:30am
do u want Denny’s

kill will 🚨❤️, 3:33am
it’s 3am and i’m in maine.

DMN😌, 3:35am
oh that’s so weird i’m also in maine
what a coincidence :)

kill will 🚨❤️, 3:35am
you’re such a weirdo i can’t believe it.
i’m coming outside.

DMN😌, 3:36am
expected more resitance on this

kill will 🚨❤️, 3:36am
i’ll yell at you in the morning
right now i wanna hug my boyfriend

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(ghostlylegendrider; Pokemon AU) "A-And den dey waffed at me 'cause I didn't wanna battwe 'em!" Eiichi bawls, hugging his Riolu.

“Whewe awe dey?! I'ww beat ‘em up!” Akiko said.

I literally wanna give Dolph a hug right now, that speech was everything. He’s always had my respect and that certainly has not changed.

Excuse me now, while I go find the nearest box of tissues 😢💔

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The “Describe Yourself in 3 Characters” thing:
(which is a lot harder but this is what I came up with)

Vash the Stampede - Trigun (Because I’m a giant dork. I’d rather hug you than hurt you. I also wanna support and help people when they’re feeling down!)

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Vasquez - Aliens (ok maybe I wish I could be this B.A. Totally loyal, would defend friends.)

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Cid Highwind -Final Fantasy 7 (….Well, It’s the mouth honestly. And the penchant for telling it like it is.)

No regrets.

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Can we all agree that Liv needs a hug? I do realize that I am almost a week late, but like I just wanna hug her and make her not blame herself for Mike's death.

I think that the new showrunner (Rick Eid) has to clean up some messes that the previous one left. So all these call backs to Mike’s death are something he has to do otherwise some fans will wonder why it wasn’t addressed in this new season.

Which is why I think Eid did his best to resolve that storyline in one episode and let Liv say “I’ve never been happier” at the end of 18x01. Plus we saw MommaBear!FuckYouIWorkForThePeople!Olivia Benson come back which was so, so good to see again.

So I have high (probably too high) hopes that we’ll get our characters back this season. But if by May 2017 I’m completely wrong about this, don’t quote me because I’ll already be angry and disappointed with myself.

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I keep on thinking about how many parallels Ruby has to Pearl (Like having a significant other of a high ranking, willing to sacrifice self for their protection, the going against ‘what they’re made for’, how their own experiences with love went to opposite sides of the spectrum, etc, etc) and it’s paINFUL

Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁