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I just really wanna do the bro hug with my bros bc they all do it with eachother but they all hug me (like your typical boy-to-girl interaction). How do you transition to being like "yo i want you to bro hug me instead"

Exactly that! Just ask them and talk to them about it. If they’re your true friends, they’ll give you bro hugs. If not, I will give you bro hugs. 


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BTS's reaction to you rejecting a hug? (you didn't see it!)

Jin: Fine. I didn’t wanna hug you anyway.

Suga: Wait, did you just refuse a hug? From me?

J-Hope: You’re not getting away that easily. *comes after you*

Rap Monster: Ok. Bye!

V: Aww :( *pouts*

Jimin: You’ve just ruined my day. Now you have to live with that.

Jungkook: *puppy dog eyes* Seriously? Come back here and give me a hug.

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qtyxng replied to your post: so yixing following bunny ig account a…

;_____________; im imagining bunny!xing pawing and twitching his nose and cute ears and worried bcuz he destroyed the flowers and I’m ;___________;

righhtt??!! its such a yixing thing to do. i just wanna engulf him in hugs and kiss his cute bunny forehead. jsdhASKDJHGs jongdae is such an ass and i love it 

i wanna hug you all, but i also wanna make you feel things and break your hearts with headcanons

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i love sky so much i wanna hug her and talk to her in a really stupid baby voice

Haha. She doesn’t deal well with baby voices. Well she’s super empathetic and takes soppy voices for sadness a lot of the time. One of my friends puts on a baby voice to get Sky to lick her to death. Such a soppy/dream dog.