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Magnus saying he's a one soul at a time kind of man. Little did he know, Alec's soul is the last soul he's going to love.

Little did he know? I’m pretty sure at this point Magnus knows Alec could be it for him. :)

my bff/co-parent/brings me french fries and a fountain drink twice a week/other half of cuteness squared is moving two states away and i am just a little bit heart-broken r/n

also I just wanna say I’m running out of steam slightly on these cats. I really love doing them but I’m getting those weird guilt pangs now when I don’t do them so I will probably stop soon!! but it’s been very fun.

I’m def going to do Jayfeather and Scourge though since I got a lot of requests for them (and I’ve been itching to draw scourge for a while honestly)))

Tumblr sleepover!

I’m having a rough time mentally sooo

♡ Submit pictures of your pets

♡ submit your art!

♡ ask for advice!

♡ send me an anon about your crush/partner

♡ tell me a secret!!

♡ tell me a story!!

♡ tell me about the craziest thing you’ve ever done

♡ ask me anything! I’m answering everything that comes into my inbox

♡ tell me about your dream date!

Try to keep it SFW, but go wild!! I’ll tag everything as “ # vixie sleepover ” so you can blacklist that if you don’t wanna see it on your dash!

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listen i just want to tell you that I really, really appreciate that post about Lance's flaws because I like Lance a lot, but fandom treatment of Lance kind of makes me resent him tbh. like, it's so frustrating when more than half of the Lance content i see portrays him as absolutely perfect, flawless, can do no wrong and totally ignores how his flaws are what make him such a good character


as a lance stan i see lance content and sometimes i’m just like “…..anyway” bc it’s so ? hmmm….. how do you say… terriblé


title: pretty
fandom: monsta x
member/reader: minhyuk, male
genre/warning(s): smut, FWB!au, semi!public blow job
summary: in which i have like 40 something wips, 13 are requests, a couple are upcoming personal plot bunnies and 17 are minhyuk fics and so i wrote this
a/n: all of my minhyuk fics are always with him in blond bc jfc hero era minhyuk still makes me weak

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I was tagged by @sugasprincesa to do the bias selfie tag. Thanks for tagging me, lovely! 💖

I wanna tag some of my mutuals + recent mutuals (sorry if you’ve been tagged in this before/you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to!) @bandanajin @yoshi-island92 @ahoneyyboy @lesbianblossomjimin @guke @flower-guk @cypherpart420 @cryjeon @toughchim @dolcetae @prettyjisoo @notnochu @sugamuse @gftae @vivacioustaes and anyone else who wants to do this!