Favorite Harry Gifs #13 

Special Edition - T O N G U E 

The eating ones get me like the way he sticks his tongue out before taking a bite of food no please put that back in your mouth fuck you thank you

How do i say this?
  • Junghan:*teaching kindergarten minghao korean* see and you have to be careful bc u dont want to say someone is delicious if theyre cool u feel
  • Minghao:*touching his small chest* i feel
  • Junghan:*smile* anything else u wanna learn?
  • Minghao:*furrows his lil brows, bites his lips, pulls his knees up to his chest* i dont kno hyung, its kinda stupid
  • Junghan:*scoots next to minghao, puts hand on his shoulder* its ok
  • Minghao:*feeling better* ok, so, how do i say "thank you very much, friend, youve been very caring like a brother"?
  • Junghan:*smiles* you don't say that, silly. You show it. *hugs minghao*
  • Minghao:*hugs junghan*
Thank You: 300+ Followers

thank you to you guys for following our blog!!! we’re genuinely so ecstatic that you guys enjoy our chaotic feed haha :)) we also really appreciate (or hope lol) how you guys are able to understand that it takes a lengthy duration of our time to finish the requests we receive because of school work and other activities we do. i also want to note, just in case, that you guys can feel free to ask anything whether it’s advice questions, personal questions, or if you just wanna get to know me and admin n more, anything really. just don’t be scared to ask, we dont bite :$ with all that said, i will end this thank you post by granting you guys our love and utmost admiration


So like should anybody decide to messege my kik, please be respectful of my friken life. Like.. you found my kik on a blog i have with my baby… i dont know why you think its cool to message and banger me about being my little. Or call me sexy or tell me im turning you on (all of these just happened to me) if u decide to message because you need advice, please do! If your caregivers away and your lonley and u want to message, please do! If you just want to ask me a question or you wanna be friends? Please do!! If your looking for a dom please dont! If your looking for a hook up or nudes, please dont! Prettywings1224
This has been a rant- Kay Growls. You heard my mommy. It is 100% not ok to do any of those things and I will bite anyone who does. My mommy. Growls. *holds onto Kay’s leg*- char On second thought plz do, i kinda want to see Char bite some low lifes…


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Who would you like to see plots with? :)

u listen to me RIGHT NOW u cute little nonnie.

hit me the fuck up.

i want plots with
every single person in this group. do i care if i don’t know your character??? nOPPITY NOPE NOPE. tell me ALL about ur little cinnamon roll && once we get some ideas, lettuce plot. there is not a single person i don’t want to plot with. bc i wanna plot with everyone. 


LITERALLY COME INTO MY INBOX AND BE LIKE “BITCH LETS PLOT” and i’ll do it okay i don’t bite promise.

okay das it penne pasta out.

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About; my name is nox and i like to carry aroundt a pack of 80 crayola and my colouring book because i have the best drawing skills. i also like dogs and ponies because horses are scary. um... i like to eat chocolate and im totally randomz haha yeah that's about it and if you wanna know more about me you'll have to find out for yourself. i dont bite ;)

write an about me for my muse

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Im sorry man :( its just that youre so black and yellow and im so not black or yellow or any other good color tbh so ya know :///// gotta keep my feels safe. Dont want to disappoint you.

im never disappointed im either right or pleasantly surprised honestly you dont know if youre black and yellow to me so honestly who cares?? like i said i dont bite or anything just come off anon itll be a good time trust me itll be aight


Ridge & Charlie; dvkii
     ( || OTP: if we only die once i wanna die with you ; doll & the dog || )

King & Kitty; dvkii
     ( || OTP: how i met your mother || )

Raiden & Ren; dvkii
      ( || OTP: i never wanted you ; i never wanted to love you || )

China & Nova; dvkii
      ( || OTP:  my body’s covered in teeth marks ; your bite’s worse than your bark ))

Tyyne & Alexander; faanged
      ( || OTP:  the danger is i’m dangerous ; and i might just tear you apart || )

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Sephina you're so cute I wanna be friends with you ; v ; we can freak out about Bigstar's comeback together * - *

whoever this is come off anon lol i dont bite,i swear~ :3

i found mmfr dog tags and i wanna order the one that says “WITNESS ME” but i impulsively chew/put every necklace in my mouth that i wear and i havent died yet but i dont wanna poison myself . does metal poison you
actually its made out of aluminum and i just looked up if aluminum is safe to put in your mouth and i got like 50 damn articles on “why does it hurt to bite aluminum foil”. like yeah reasonable question but why have so many people bitten fucking aluminum foil in their lives what situation would you have to be in to do that

im in a mood where i want to snap and bite and everyone’s heels and make them trip and bleed and suffer for being near me. wanna spit venom and cruel words

i want to gut and rip out the earth and destroy and hurt and scream 

maybe it’s just one of those mood i need to feel and wait out

i guess they have a point

dont needa be okay all the time. sometimes you just feel unhappy (lor)

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Cream & Orange

asdfghjkl anonie bb pls dun be shy i don’t bite, but i kinda feel you, there are people I wanna talk to but too scared that i annoy or like i dont know how to start and such but asdfghjkl talk to me anytime bb<3 You can literally just go into my ask and say “ poot” I’ll still be happy and poot back ahahhahahahh~

Leave a colour in my ask

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anonymously tell me how i feel about you - i dont really know you because we've never talked but i absolutely adore your blog! <3

<33333 Tallk to me if you wanna, I dont bite :D thankyou!!