Just Friends

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Lewis x Reader

Warnings: Bad jokes, break ups fluff.

(I tried writing it from a new perspective. Tell me what you think. ‘Stop there and let me correct it I wanna live a life from a new perspective.’ I’m sorry I’ll stop.)

(Y/n) sat in the corner of the room.Tears stained her pale (s/c) face. Who knew how long she had been in the corner, it could have been weeks, months, even years. At least that how (Y/n) felt how long she had been there. It didn’t even matter in (Y/n)’s book anymore, time was irrelevant. Time wouldn’t stop the pain she felt. Neither would the tears nor the forgotten pale of melted mint chocolate chip ice cream on the other side of the room. It was almost like she wanted to feel the pain, to feel her sadness more than she already had before. It wasn’t fair for her to feel the pain of something that wasn’t her fault, but this was her way of coping.

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People that need glasses/have sensory issues/don't have a lot of money!!!!

ok so a lot of people have been asking me where I got my glasses so I’m just gonna make a post about it.

so yes, they are prescription and I only paid 30 dollars for them. what???? that’s it????

yes. I am a broke little queer so I went out on a limb and bought glasses off this website called eyebuydirect.com and they are perfect???

some lovely benefits of this lovely website:

-put in ur prescription and boom! glasses. it’s so easy. I have astigmatism and it didn’t even cost extra. they also do bifocals but those do cost extra.

-u can customize your lenses! choose how thick, what sort of extra stuff you want included, etc! you determine ur price based on what you do/don’t want it’s gr8

-you can get them blue-tinted like mine. which means that harsh lighting is toned down and you get far fewer headaches and it’s basically the biggest savior ever for ppl with sensory issues or ppl who are prone to headaches caused by visual stimulation. yes. so cool.

-for ppl with sensory issues that don’t need glasses you could even get non prescription glasses (plain glass) with the special blue tint thing like wow so wonderful

-they deliver super fast!???? I got mine a week from ordering them. that means they made them and delivered them in that time.

-so many cute styles. so wonderful.

-for ppl who are impulsive/need change often? get a ton of pairs. they’re so cheap. go nuts. for the cost of your normal hundreds of dollar glasses you could get so many of these.

-they’re also gr8 quality. I don’t even wear my more expensive glasses anymore

also eyebuydirect if you are reading this please sponsor me. I talk about you guys all the time. I love your glasses. look at this free promotion. I could be a great asset. think about it. call me.

“If I had not left you alone with that girl that you adore,

Would you still laugh with me now?”

"If I had paid close attention to you and watch out for you,

I would’ve made sure that nothing can hurt you anymore than life has.”

"If I had come out and supported you from the start,

Would you smile more..?”

"Why didn’t I—”