okay kids so i’ve been postponing this post for a while now but i think it’s time. unfortunately, and despite how much it hurts me to do this, i’m afraid i’m going to have to close down wishes. i’m just at a place where i feel like i can’t be the admin i want to be for all of you, the admin you deserve, anymore. i can’t begin to explain how sorry i am about this but real life happens and it kicks you in the butt when you least expect it to. please don’t think i’m doing this because activity dropped or because anything other than personal reasons, because i would never give this up if i had the time to run it properly, and i really don’t. i love every single one of you so much it literally hurts my heart, past members and current members. whether you stuck around or left us a while back and are checking up on the page for some reason, please know i’m so grateful you were a part of this short term family, no matter if it was for a day or since the beginning. 

if you’re interested, i’d be down to still continue with our plots back @blakehawt and maybe we can remain a small lil gang with cool af plots. there’s nothing in the world i’d love more than that, i just can’t promise to be online everyday. i’d just hate to lose what i have with some of you guys, both ic and ooc, so please consider this offers if you’re down for a chill, activity check free, plot filled lil private group. like this if you’re down. 

as for everyone else, this is the end of this journey, but it’s not the end of wishes. it’ll be back sooner or later, stronger than ever. lots of love, your Proud Mother™, amanda xx