I needed cover art for a Darkpath playlist so I drew this up for it, because I have too many songs and I needed to put them somewhere

Also since Hiro gets his mask slashed so much he finally just gave up (later in the story) and only wears half of it. Can’t say I blame him. Poor guy.

Anyway, click for 8tracks playlist if music is up your alley!

Tracklist - 

Make Me Real - She / Unity - Shinedown / The One Who Laughs Last - Downplay / From Roots to Needles - If These Trees Could Talk / Rise (ft Skylar Grey) - David Guetta / Novocaine - Fall Out Boy / Another Way Out - Hollywood Undead / Twilight RX - She / See What I’ve Become - Zack Hemsey / Gone - Daughtry / Not Strong Enough - Apocalyptica / War Paint - Kelly Clarkson / I’ll Be Good - Jaymes Young


“Men are born to sin…What does matter most, is not that we err, it is that we do benefit from our mistakes, that we are capable of sincere repentance, of genuine contrition.” 

The Sunne in Splendour

Kai’s still holding her knife, and he only gives it back once they make camp, just along the rim of the city. Jinora breaks down as she takes the hilt, and Kai pulls her into his arms and let’s her cry. “I didn’t mean to,” she swears, barely audible through her cries, her breathing laboured. “I swear I didn’t-”

“I know.”

He holds her until she falls asleep, and then gently sets her down in the sleeping bag and takes the first watch without complaint.

Two steps forward, one step back. She hits the wall on her third step back. He watches her eyes go wide, waits for the roll of her surprised laughter. Her dark hair, wet at the ends, caught in the collar of her shirt. He reaches for it, and she slips away. Why are we doing this anyway?

Dance’s exercise, he says. Her laughter, again. Moonlight high in the window. Not when we don’t know what we’re doing.

Always determined to lead, he mutters under his breath. She pulls him along, spins him underneath her skinny arm, and he lets her.

                                         Lucent In Tenebris

          you’re in my cross hairs 

                                                                                     better run

Victom Age Gap AU

            Maybe it’s {intuition} 
                     But some things you just don’t question
                              Like in your eyes
                                     I see my future in an instant
                                          and there it g o e s

I think I’ve found my best friend

I know that it might sound more than

a little c r a z y but I believe