I see people get upset about fictional characters and ships every day on this website and honestly I’ve been noticing something that hits way too close to home.

You remember that there’s a mindset that caused “neurotypical Karen” to translate to “It’s cool to refuse care for mental illnesses” right?

Well a common symptom of so many mental illnesses out there is the inability to differentiate what’s real and what’s not. I actually experienced this symptom myself when I was a teenager, and I tell you it’s not something you want to feed for too long. You become easier to take advantage of. You begin to get angrier at everything to the point where it becomes violent even! Along with that, you begin to disconnect from everything else in your life and develop an unhealthy addiction to whatever fandom you escape to. It’s AWFUL. And this is EXACTLY what I witness on Tumblr daily. Keep in mind that we’ve already had a full scale riot over a cartoon character’s love for a McDonald’s condiment.

I don’t want this trend to continue to the point where someone could be stabbed for playing a video game or watching a cartoon. If you feel like fiction has a lasting impact on the real world at all and feel yourself getting unreasonably angry over it, get professional help. Use your ability to control what you yourself consume if something in fictional media upsets you. I’ve been down this road and nearly ran off a cliff because of it; it’s not a road I wanna see others take as well. 💖

Birthday- a Jasper X Reader fic

A b-day gift for @lemon76 who requested “ A Jasper X reader fic where jasper tries to bake a cake. Shenanigans ensue.”  :)

Ive legitimately never done any kind of reader fic before, so i hope it’s okay adkj

Rating: T (fluffy and SFW for the most part. Rated for innuendos and makeouts)

pairing: Jasper x reader

word count: 1625

You enter the familiar beach estate with a pleased sigh, grateful for the newfound warmth that brushes against your skin as opposed to the bitter chill from outside. The snowfall had decided to pick up tremendously on your walk home from work, and by godswere you reminded just how much you hate winter. Shuffling off your icy boots and jacket, you take a step forward only to blink at the sudden realization that smoke was coming from the kitchen and all but consumed the living room. You blink, and leave the front door open to waft some it out of the house.  “Um…Jasper? Is that you?”

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105! I believe(d) in you

There are things growing up struggling for money that you never get to see in life. You never expect to live in a fancy house, or drive a shiny new car, or see extra money in your bank account. 

Fifty thousand dollars in cash is something that Jack Pattillo never thought she’d see piled on a table in front of her. Her hands were trembling as she ran her fingers across the thick stacks of bills and her eyes flickered from the green cash to Geoff’s blue eyes, bright with excitement.

“We fucking did it, Geoff. Holy shit, it worked!” She cried out, voice barely above a whisper as a smile spread across her face. She’d spent months planning it. Too many sleepless nights, too many breakdowns and second thoughts, and it finally payed off.

“All thanks to you,” Geoff praised, picking up a stack and flipping through it. as if he never doubted her plans.

Jack laughed. “That was so lucky.” Pure luck that everything aligned, that nothing went wrong, that no one was late, that her first heist went through flawlessly.

“I believed in you. That wasn’t luck, Jack. You’re fucking smart, and you’re fucking good at this.” The tattooed man dropped his was of cash and grinned up at her, something wild and eager in his eyes. “It’s all up from here, baby. We’ll own this fucking city.”


Ever since people made cuphead fan characters, I feel like I wanna to do it, too. So sorry if you don’t like it aa

vv His info vv
A crocodile that most likely spent his free time with his three kids. He’s married to another crocodile. Other than that, he sometimes spent his time on playing piano though. He’s not an expert since he has a hard time playing with his big fingers. But unfortunately, because of a misunderstanding incident his wife witnessed, she left him.
He may be a crocodile, even a scary-looking one. But when you get to know him better, you’ll found out that he’s actually a pretty nice guy! Just don’t call him an alligator or you’ll end up dead.
(Sorry for my bad grammar!)


happy late birthday to @vulpes–vulpes