wanted to draw a DjWifi comic but got carried away too much (mostly with coloring, omfg) 
its also partially Volpinino? (or how is it called??) i guess…. this awkward moment when you think that one superhero is as hot as your girlfriend and you hate yourself for it

*goes away*

ah, no, theres bonus:


GET TO KNOW ME MEME [1/5] Favorite Friendships Vaneza Oliveira & Rodolfo Valente

↳ “That’s why in real life we also don’t like each other.”

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My man my man what about supercorp buying furniture for their home and gotta compromise or sth domestic like dat

hoe boy im no good at these domestic prompts but i gave it a shot lol. enjoy!

Lena grumbled as Kara laughed into her neck.

“Just a little more to the left!”

“I swear to god if I have to move this one more time-”

“Come on Lena! We’re almost done!”

Lena heaved a sigh of relief as she dropped the mahogany table down with a soft plonk on top of the carpet as Kara beamed at her from across from it, not even breaking a sweat. She clapped her hands together. “Now for the lamps!”

Lena groaned and instead, sat down heavily onto the brand new couch that was in the centre of the living room. “Can we please do it later, darling? I’m not Supergirl, I can’t lift heavy objects with ease.” Kara flushed at her comment but sat beside her heavily and placed her head on Lena’s shoulder. “We have to finish moving everything eventually. We can’t have boxes in our new house.”

Lena laughed and began to play with the hairs that had fallen out of her girlfriend’s ponytail. “A home’s a home no matter what it looks like, darling.”

Kara smiled and hugged Lena. She kissed her neck. “I’m still going to need your help moving everything in.”

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i havent started Goblin yet so maybe im missing some details? but it makes me so angry seeing people rant about the age difference (even though shes not a minor) when they're the exact same blogs who loved IHYV. its just so damn hypocritical and even the gap between the actors is only 2 yrs bigger than IHYV.

You are absolutely right, and I was definitely in the majority that enjoyed I Hear Your Voice (for more than the romance, of course, but the romance was still there). But since then my opinions have changed so much, and maybe these people’s opinions have changed the same way? Though I don’t know exactly who you’re referring to because I wasn’t online when the episodes first came out.

I didn’t see age gaps before, because I didn’t see the problem. It took me so long, and now I look back at a lot of the dramas I enjoyed thinking “What the fish was I doing?”. Soo Ha was a 19 year old boy, and I would never have looked past that fact if the drama was airing today.

A minor being in a relationship with an adult is dangerous, and here’s why: The power dynamic. The chance of the older partner controlling the younger partner in the relationship. The minor thinking such behaviour is normal. The relationship never coming to an end. This particular example applies for the age gap in Goblin. Eun Tak is not a minor in South Korea, and she isn’t in Norway either, but she is so young. There is so much knowledge and strength in Eun Tak, but she is still so very young.

The recurring trend of younger female characters being paired with older male characters drives me crazy. I wonder why they couldn’t wait and show an older version of Eun Tak. Why does Goblin’s Wife have to be a 19 year old girl? What are the intentions behind such a portrayal, and what is the purpose? I had the same problem with Doctors.

I don’t want to bring this up because I don’t know if it even makes sense to others, but I will. Not all actors look like Gong Yoo at the age Gong Yoo is right now, which is 37. Appearance has a lot to do in these situations. When an actor is looked upon as handsome, I think it is easy to look past things such as age gaps. If Gong Yoo looked a lot older, and less like himself, would more people have reacted to the age gap? I actually think they would have. Though Gong Yoo’s face does give away his age, there’s no denying that. Maybe he looks two years younger, but no more.  

Lastly, noona romances with minors or high schoolers haven’t been produced as of late. And I think that’s why people forget that they exists, until they’re reminded. The reason viewers are over protective of young female characters is because they themselves are young, or know what it feels like to be at that age (or can simply sympathize). They know what comes with being a girl, a woman, and how difficult it can be to even walk down the street due to fear. 

This is for @watch-and-learn-kid and it’s only a million years overdue. I’ve just been having a hell of a time trying to balancing my life lately, with preparing for finals. Anyways, she’s always reminded me of the sea because of her fluidity with everything that she does. She’s always seemed so elegant, like watching a stone skip across a lake, or watching ripples stretch themselves over a calm  surface of water. What I’m trying to say is thank you, for being here.

(I scraped about 50 different drawing trying to make one good enough for you <3 (also, it started as you, but then hair happened (it’s you with really, really,long hair)))

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oh!! we can prompt things? Can you maybe write something with Bucky and Tony commiserating over their scars? over the fact that their most recognizable bodily attributes (reactor and arm) are things they neither asked for nor want? (over steve being this idealized hero/judge over their head??) can be shippy or just bros being bros!

“You kow, that emergency override that I gave you is supposed to be for emergencies,” Tony said, raising an eyebrow at the figure currently draped over the sofa in his workshop.

“Oh, shut up,” came the answer. “Maybe this is an emergency.”

“A whisky-drinking emergency?” Tony asked, walking over to the opened and already half empty bottle. “Wow, thanks. Could you at least get the cheap stuff when you’re trying to get drunk?”

“The cheap stuff tastes like dying and shit,” Bucky said, staring at the full glass of whisky in his hand. “Wouldn’t recommend it.”

“Wow, someone is in a good mood today,” Tony observed. “Wanna tell me what this is all about?”

Bucky blinked up at him, apparently considering for a moment.

“You wouldn’t happen to have some spare prosthesis lying around, would you?” he eventually asked.

“What, other than this?” Tony asked back, tapping the arc reactor embedded in the middle of his chest quickly. “Sorry, I don’t just habitually let them lying around.”

“I was more thinking about something like this one,” Bucky said, waving his metallic arm under Tony’s nose. “Only, y’know, normal.”

Tony blinked at the statement, before…

“Oh, come on, not you too,” Bucky groaned. “Either people think I’m the actual fucking devil or they look at me with these goddamn pitiful eyes. I can’t stand it.”

“I think you’re really drunk right now,” Tony said.

“Yeah, no shit.” Bucky rolled his eyes.

However,” Tony emphasised. “Pity isn’t something you’ll get from me. You crawled out of your own personal hell. There is nothing pitiable about that.”

“Eh,” Bucky said, and then paused for a moment. “I’d offer you some whiskey, but…”

“Better not,” Tony finished with a bitter twist of his mouth.

“We’re two hella fucking losers,” Bucky said, and then he laughed loudly.

Tony shook his head, but he took a seat on the sofa anyway.

“You know,” he said once Bucky had started calming down, “I can make you one. If you want to.”

“I appreciate the sentiment,” Bucky answered with a final snort, “but probably not. I don’t think I can give up the fight just yet. Isn’t it the same for you?”

Almost automatically, Tony touched the cool surface of his arc reactor. (It was strange that it somehow remained slightly cool to the touch even though it was embedded in his body.)

“I guess for once, we agree,” he answered. “It’s…”

“Does it still hurt?” Bucky asked, interrupting. “I… sometimes, I still feel my arm. I don’t know-”

“It’s not as bad as with the car battery,” Tony slowly said. “The wires sometimes…”

He shuddered.

Bucky grimaced.

“Y’know, I think you win this round,” he said. “I’ve seen some fucked up shit, but hooking up a person to a car battery…”

“Falling into a ravine with a severed arm in the middle of the winter isn’t exactly my idea of a walk in the park, either,” Tony drily replied.

Bucky laughed again. “Well, look at us. We should probably start a group or something.”

“Well,” Tony smiled, “I do have a standing appointment at this nice little pediatric ward every wednesday afternoon at four… and I heard they all have a thing for super heroes… ”

“You crazy bastard,” Bucky murmured, downing the last of his whisky in one gulp. “You’re honestly the worst kind of friend.”

He was, Tony noticed, still smiling when he said that, though.