if you got up today and put on a nice outfit, did your makeup, or you were productive, i’m proud of you. that takes a lot of effort and you did good.

if you got up today and put on comfy clothes, did not do your makeup, or did nothing all day, i’m proud of you. you let your face have a break and you had a break.

i’m proud of all of you.

anonymous asked:

how would zen react to having a crush on a dense asf mc. like the mc doesnt even realize he flirts w/them all the time

tbh i’m not sure zen would even like a dense person? it would take a lot for him to like a dense peson

  • zen would be so determined to make them notice his passes 
  • But then if this continues for a while
  • this child will be so depressed 
  • would possibly even given up on his crush
  • unless he really likes her, to the point that he would consider marriage

(chisa incoming to add some moar) 

  • his never-ending love, oh he would express it to you every single day even if you ask him whether it’s the love of friendship. 
  • he would use 100000 crying emojis when you don’t get his flirting 
  • he would still try tho- 
  • “Because I love you so much- “
  • “You mean you love me as a friend?” 
  • // cries // 

jeonamaste  asked:

can you do nct u reacting to you calling them daddy?

Ten : *Answers back not realizing you called him daddy.* Laughs about it for way too long.

Doyoung : Questions why you called him “daddy” while laughing. (He wouldn’t understand the affectionate term of daddy).

“I’m not your dad?” 

Taeyong : He’d be a bit weirded out by it, not really knowing how to respond. A mood killer for him if you just burst it out without discussion before hand.

Jaehyun : He’d be so surprised and turned on at the same, finding a way to encourage you to call him that more often.

(couldn’t find a good gif so here’s a photo of his dimples)

Taeil : He’d most likely be so lost to what you meant. You’d be laughing at his super lost expression.


I find it super cute how the RFA members are Zen’s biggest supporters. Like Jaehee has bought merchandise and all the DVDs of his plays (memorized his lines and went to his shows on her holidays), Seven set up a sns bot that posts pics of Zen, Jumin gave Zen job offers to be a model for his company, and Yoosung….he…uh…uhhhh….. asked for Zen’s autograph?

Don't listen to this pls
  • Don't listen to this pls
  • I'm not Tenka
  • 日本語しゃべてないっていうか喋れない

Lol here’s the other voice meme, specifically a request from this anon (and here) I’m so rr y i t’s just me basically trying to think of what to say and very colloquially so, don’t roast too hard ouch 

I do not accept liability for any mental harm or hearing impairment caused by the horribleness of this voice listen at own discretion

Song in the background - Haiku by Headphone Activist

His scope is always accurate, though. Trigger finger steady. Malfoy wants this man dead, for a reason Marcus never bothers to care about (caring, oh caring – hit men don’t have hearts, silly) and when the red head falls to the ground, frizzy haired companion letting out an inhumane shriek, Marcus lets himself fade like smoke. X

Ahhh I’m so sorry I’ve been out of art lately, mainly because of school and also because I caught a cold :’)), but I couldn’t resist and here you go Hitman!Marcus, because I have a lot of feelings ok? Haha :D Anyway Oliver is probably next, but my hand is random so we’ll see ;) Enjoy! ♥

Fic by the lovely @mxrcusflint


I’m lazy

“you’re alright, kid”

Petra and @fidelundtrommel ‘s OC Gilligan.

As I have it now, Gilligan is one of the first Gunners the twins directly interact with, and I see him being involved in their training when they first come to Outpost Zimonja (the cold af place that acts as one of the places new recruits are sent after completing and passing the initial tests).

He and Petra clash instantly, because they’ve got similar personalities and she can’t stand being told what to do (and he’s not exactly hesitant about putting her in her place). 

But after a while they’d become friends, probably after beating each other up in combat training and getting all the anger out of their system. Then it becomes a regular training session, where they just go at each other until they’re mutually exhausted.

And then they go have a drink, because that’s what friends do.