im suffering bc tythan so heres a quick one shot that i wrote in like 5 minutes LMAO

Ethan was jittery, but not in the good way. His hands were shaking and his vision was blurry, but he had to finish this edit by today. He had been falling behind recently in his editing, and it was showing in his videos. He sighed, looking at the too bright screen before rubbing his eyes. He was going to cry if he didn’t stop soon, but he had to finish. 

It was slow going, but Ethan finished the video at 5 a.m. As soon as he saved the file, he practically fell over with exhaustion. Everything hurt and he wasn’t even sure he could move. His breathing became uneven and his mind was racing. What if he seriously hurt his body? 

Before anything could get out of hand, he was lifted from his chair by strong arms. He looked up at a tired looking Tyler, who just smiled down softly at him. 

“It’s time to sleep baby blue,” Tyler whispered, and Ethan nodded before leaning into Tyler. Tyler carried him bridal style to his room, setting him down gently on the bed. He pulled the covers up, tucking Ethan in tightly. Ethan didn’t know, but Tyler had stayed up with him, wanting to make sure the boy actually went to bed. (he forgot sometimes, and Tyler would find him surrounded by empty coffee cups)

“Wait, stay,” Ethan mumbled, grabbing Tyler’s hand before he could leave. Tyler smiled softly, climbing into the comfortable bed and falling asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. 

Ever since that night, it had become a tradition for the two. Any time Ethan stayed up late editing, Tyler would sneak into the room and keep him company, until he finished or passed out, and the two would share a bed. 

Ethan would often wake up with Tyler’s arm draped over him, or their legs tangled together. And with each passing night, Ethan found the he stopped moving away from the touches and started moving towards them. 

The little shoulder taps and tickles in the middle of videos. The way Ethan would lean into Tyler during the livestreams. Ethan found himself doing it more and more. He loved being in Tyler’s embrace; he loved being close to Tyler. 

He loved Tyler. 

All talk and no trousers: someone who talks about big and promising things, but doesn’t act on them

Cheap as chips: something that is very inexpensive

Do a runner: to leave a place in order to avoid a certain situation

Fine and dandy: when things are going well

Full of beans: someone who has a lot of energy

Make a song and dance: someone who makes a big deal out of something that isn’t important

Not my cup of tea: something that isn’t to someone’s liking

Off on one: someone who is angry

On the cards: something that is almost definitely going to happen (an event or a meet up for example)

Pear-shaped: when things have gone wrong

Pull/Get your finger out: when someone tells you to hurry up

Quids in: to make a lot of money from something

Stab in the dark: taking a guess at something with little/no knowledge behind it

Stiff upper lip: someone who keeps their emotions to themselves

Take the Mickey/Mick: to tease someone

ilikec47s  asked:

D.Va and Junkrat in an uncomfortably fancy hotel run by omnics.

Give me a pairing, setting and I’ll write a three sentence fic.

The location Overwatch had picked for their agents to be posted at in the city of Oasis certainly received a mix bag of reactions; for example, Hana, used to the lap of luxury, felt in her element, but… her opinion was of the minority.

Junkrat, meanwhile, felt completely alienated- this place was far too posh, polished and there were far too many snooty, well dressed robots asking him for his preference on water or if he wanted to hear what was on the menu that evening. 

Eventually, Jamison insisted on heading off to the pool to meet up with Roadie… Hana sighed, but she knew that the sight of her in her new bikini would help Jamie feel considerably better.