My Son Has Been Talking to The Walls

Author: hayong

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My father went missing when I was 19 years old. It was after a week-long argument with my mother resulting in my father being there the night before and gone by the morning. I was home during the summer break of my freshman year when it happened, and I have never felt so betrayed my whole life. He was supposed to be there to see me graduate college, to be there when I was feeling down and I needed to talk to someone, but all of those hopes were sliced away when I found out he took the easy way out.

It really wasn’t any different not having him around though; throughout my childhood he would go back and forth from Korea to America. He would be with us for a couple of months before finding another “great opportunity” and having to fly back to Korea. So when he decided to run away from our home I decided the best thing to do is to forget about that man in general.

When I went back to college I focused on my studies, and after three years I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. I met a lovely lady my sophomore year and once we both graduated we decided to get married. After we got married we settled into a cozy 2 bedroom apartment and lived our lives happily for the next 2 years.

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Mafia Boss (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 30

Posted January 5, 2017

This weeks update ended up being the most fun one that I’ve written in quite a while. Ah, I love drama (when I’m the one writing it) hahaha. I hope you’ll like it, people and enjoy~

WARNING! Those who don’t handle violence and strong language well, be ware. This is not, I repeat not, a series suited for young and sensitive readers.

All characters in this series, aside from the members of BIGBANG, are fictional. Any resemblance to real life people, in name or otherwise, are purely coincidental.

Summary: Min Jae refusing to leave you alone pisses you off. That he’d also end up getting in your head, by telling you something that you didn’t know whether to believe or not, was not what you had expected, though.

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Move |2|

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|genre| fluff+angst

|plot| girl next door au [jungkook x reader]

이사 ; seems like it was just yesterday, we grew up a lot

a/n: its been too long since i posted!!

Originally posted by tbhobi

Your heart was bursting with excitement- 2 years have passed since you last saw your college roommate. And, behind the man in the dark clothes who had her trapped in his cage-like arms, you instantly recognized your friend, still looking hot as all hell.


Moving was the theme of your life. Your dad was a salesman with a gambling problem, which led to unhappy loan sharks from whom he had to run away, sometimes uprooting the your entire life. Ulsan when you were born, Busan when you turned 6, and Daegu when you were 11. It was hard and tiring, always getting used to a new environment then leaving special relationships altogether. But, finally, when your father lost one last chunk of your college fund, your mother detached you, and herself, from the poison and settled in Daegu. 

And Daegu is where you met Minji. 

Jung Minji was your best friend in high school and, eventually, college. She was intimidating, beautiful, and very confident, at first glance. She walked with a radiating resting bitch face, tall posture with an arched back, and curves in all the right places. She was the interest of all the guys in class, and was always doted on by everyone.

When you were assigned the seat next to her on the first day in your new school, your usually perky and bubbly personality sunk into your lungs. You felt like day-old garbage, compared to her. But classes forced the two of you to interact and help each other out. You helped her with most of the language assignments, and she was always fast to learn the math problems and didn’t hesitate to give you a hand. After just a few weeks of awkward conversations, the two of you became an inseparable, giggling, constantly chatting pair- always a package deal.

So that night, upon hearing the first syllable of your voice, she broke free of the flirt and ran towards you, whilst shouting “Good Luck” to the unlucky man.

And once she grabbed you and squeezed you in her arms, you forgot about everything else in the world. Hugging her back, you sighed, “Oh, god! I missed you so much!”

“Not as much as me!” she screamed into your hair.

After the emotional greeting, Minji pulled you back into the bar to grab a drink. But even the sight of the tall stools drained your energy, and you whined for the comfort of your couch. “My apartment is literally around the corner, can we just drink my wine and catch up on my couch?”

“Only if by couch you mean carpet floor. And by wine you mean sangria.”

After three hours of catching up and Minji downing countless glasses of your sangria, you brought the unconscious girl to your bed and poured yourself another glass.

As usual, you found yourself on the balcony, where you’ve been practically living since you moved here. The happiness you had in your life at this moment, as all the things that you worked for come into place, amazed you. You didn’t know you could be so content. This was the perfect apartment, you got the perfect job, and soon your entire life would be perfect.


The rattle of a bottle on the rail of the balcony next door caught your attention. There stood the last neighbor you had yet to meet. From afar, you could only his silhouette, lean and muscular at the same time. But as he turned his head, the light from inside his own apartment shed at the perfect angle, and you saw his face.

There were no tears, but for some reason, you felt his pain and sadness. You saw the tension in between his eyebrows, desperately seeking what was his. You saw the exhaustion in his dark eyes, tired of trying over and over again but failing each time.

He turned his head towards you, but you weren’t sure if he noticed you. Did he see me? Does he know I’ve been staring at him? Do I say hi?, you contemplated to yourself.

Going with your gut, addressed yourself and took the opportunity to give him the last fruit basket that you had prepared to greet your neighbors with. But as you delivered the gift and wrapped the scarf around his neck, he just stared at you. You blamed it on the stench of beer that coated him, but his eyes gave away hint of confusion as he tried to examine every detail on your face.

He was probably just really out of it.

At this point, Jungkook had a killer hangover routine set in stone. Chug a gallon of water, get a venti ice coffee, and pop a pill for the headache. And just like that, he was revitalized again, dressed in his suit and tie, ready for work.

Okay, maybe the remains of a headache lingered in his temples on this particular day, but he still lugged himself out of his apartment.


Unable to recognize the familiar energetic jogger coming out of the neighboring door, Jungkook racked his brain to match her face to a name.

“It’s Y/N, we spoke last night?” she explained to his confused face.

“Oh, that explains the fruit basket,” he replied, still exhausted. But then, the name rang in his ears, bringing back the same misery he faced last night. “Y/N,” he whispered softly. Y/N, probably not my Y/N, right?, Jungkook questioned silently as he pressed the elevator button, No, come on. There are probably 10 other people with the same name in this building alone. This hangover’s really getting to you.

“Are you off to work?”

He cringed at the elevator talk, but answered, “Yeah, 10 to 10.”

“Wooow, what do you do?”


“Damn, that’s intense,” she said with sympathy that actually might have been genuine. But the high pitch and volume of her voice only intensified his headache and his face writhed at the sound. “Do you ever have time for lunch? Dinner?” she continued.

Eyes now closed, Jungkook desperately tried to get her to shut the fuck up, “I don’t eat much.”

“How about I cook you dinner? Tomorrow night? Whatever time suits you best-”

She was beautiful, youthful, definitely someone he would take home if he was at the bar. But there was no way Jungkook would get involved with someone who lived down the hall. With a sharp turn of his head, Jungkook replied with a bite to his tone, “Look, I don’t get involved with my neighbors. Especially the chatty ones. So you can just-”

“Oh, no no no it not like that!” she said, repulsed at the mere thought, “I just get intensely depressed when people don’t have access to home cooked food. Do you want to see me intensely depressed?” 

Hesitant, Jungkook sighed. “I really don’t come back till after 10.”

“So my apartment? 10:30?”

Essentially trapped in her web, Jungkook agreed with a quick nod and left her in the elevator, waving like an overexcited child.

In the next cab that drove by, he settle down in the comfort of the seat. With a chance to process what just happened, he laughed. No one has ever gone to that extent to feed him in his life. Maybe just once he would break his big rule.

“Come in! Come in!” you shouted at your door as you covered the sizzling pan with a lid. Poking your head towards the entrance of your apartment, you smiled with excitement as Jungkook entered.

He slipped in the door, with hardly as much excitement as you. Remnants of his hangover faded, but he still looked exhausted from a day of work. And there was something else- something was different. Unexpectedly, he greeted you with a smile. Quite a weak one, just enough so that his sleep-deprived eyes were pushed into the endearing crescents.

In contrast to the cold personality he showed during your last encounter, walked up to you very casually, eager to help. “What are you cooking?” he asked as he took the opportunity to loosen his tie and unbutton his sleeves, sliding them up his forearms. He smiled politely as his sleep-deprived eye bags pushed his lids into a cheerful crescent, contrasting his obvious physical state. 

Your motherly instincts kicked in as you set everything aside to put his things on a table and bring him to the sofa.

“I’m fine!,” Jungkook laughed off with a charming smile as he reached for your arm, almost making an effort to have physical contact, “Here, I’ll help you cook.”

The sudden change in his personality and the unexpected boldness rubbed you the wrong way, but you pushed him back and glared him down, “Nope. You’re staying right there.” The pupils of your eyes remained on his tense figure gaze until he surrendered, but returned back to your usual happy self as you finished up the meal. “Have you been at work all day?” you asked. He had already given you the answer before, but it was still hard to believe that a person had to work for such long hours.

“Yeah,” he said, simultaneously letting out a yawn. “Today ended a little late, I would probably be sleeping if I wasn’t here.”

Keeping an eye on the kimchi jiggae, you continued to talked to him, to get to know him. “So do you just work all the time? No friends? No girlfriend?”

With a chuckle, he answered, “Nope. No girlfriend.” Neither of you knew what to say, how to revive the conversation from an awkward subject. So the tumbling boil of the soup, the low sizzle of the searing fish, and the click-clack of your chopsticks against the metal filled the room. “Besides,” he spoke softer, “I don’t want anyone else, but her.”

You didn’t know if you were supposed to hear his very vague confession, but you did. So you let the kitchen clamor fill the space again and acted as if you couldn’t have heard his voice.

Minutes passed, so you decided to finish cooking before asking him any more questions that violated his privacy.


Abruptly turning around, you saw Jungkook standing by the table, setting up the utensils that you had kept in the container on the side of your dining table.

“I got bored,” he said as he walked up to you, peeping over your shoulder, “Can I taste?”

With his body a little too close to yours, you could only fulfill his wishes like a robot given commands, your mind now mostly concentrated on his towering height as he leaned over you to look at the boiling pot. After a taste, his head tilted in an eh fashion, as if he’s had better. “You know what makes amazing kimchi jigae? A little bit of the kimchi juice. It’s my mom’s restaurant’s secret.”

And that’s when you knew. You had to turn around and face him, confirm the odd hunch that had been been a looming presence ever since you found out that your neighbor’s name was Jeon Jungkook. 

This had to be the Jungkook. This had to be the Jungkook that you grew up next to, the Jungkook that seemed so quiet, yet was such a special and gifted individual. You were always in awe of the seemingly limitlessness of his abilities, and the unexpected thoughtfulness that contrasted his usually indifferent attitude, something he showed only to those he truly cared about. Somehow, he was the one friend that would help you in all things and the friend that you fooled around with all at once.

After a brief moment of shock, you turned around to look at his face. The distance between the two bodies seemed to shock Jungkook a bit, as he pulled his face away, but you didn’t even realize. You just continued to study his face as he continued to minimally freak out at your weird actions. “Jungkook,” you said after a period of silence, “Did you grow up in Busan? In a bricked house with that huge backyard, always playing with your soccer ball?” Not even giving him a chance to react, you continued, “Did you mom run that homey restaurant where we always hung out in when there wasn’t much business?”

“So,” he asked hesitantly, “It is you?”

A smile stretched across your face, all the way to your ears, as you hugged the man’s torso with all your strength. His body was stiff at first, but it quickly melted and he carefully wrapped his hands across your shoulders.

“My mom is going to freak out!” you said, ready to release him from your bear hug. But now, he was the one unaware his actions, as he continued to hold onto your head, almost as if he was afraid he would lose you again.

“I, I never thought I’d see you again,” he said in almost a whisper. His grip eased, but he couldn’t find his words. Facing you with his hands now barely touching your shoulders, he just followed his heart.

He inched closer to you, eyes halfway closed, heart beat coinciding with yours. And, as you realized that his lips were brushing yours, you pushed him away. Well distanced from him, you didn’t even look at his face as you instinctively spit out the truth. “I have a boyfriend Jungkook.”

Then, for the next thirty seconds, he only stared at you. He tried to find the words to take back his kiss, to make things normal, to bring you back into his arms. But he couldn’t.

Then it clicked- it was you. The girl he was talking about. “I didn’t know I was that girl,” you said. “I didn’t know I hurt you like that. I’m so sorry Jungkook. I-I’m so sorry.” You hesitantly reached for him, but he flinched away. Now avoiding eye contact with you, he rapidly grabbed his coat off the couch and walked out of your apartment without saying a word.

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On Location Pt. 4 - The Public Eye Pt. 2

Characters: Reader, Single!Jensen Ackles, Jared and Gen Padalecki, Misha and Vicotira Collins

Pairings: Reader x Jensen

Warnings: language, fluffy fluff

Word Count: 2,000

Summary: The guys convince you to join them for a fun night in the city. You have something in mind that will ensure everyone have the best time. They are all stunned completely stoked when you drag them to a place that has laser tag, go carts, bumper cars, and so much more.

Things to know: I am hoping this meets yours guys’ expectation. I’m not sure. I love it because… well read it and maybe you’ll understand why!

You rounded the corner and there were two choices. You could take the direction that would lead to the bars and all of the fanciest places to eat. You turned and looked the other direction. That way would lead to the more family friendly side of the strip. You glanced back and forth, biting your lip as if you were making a decision when in reality you had already decided which way you were going. Jared, Misha, and the girls started heading toward the bars when you changed direction and started running down the opposite side of the strip dragging Jensen along.

Jared turned around and laughed at your childlike enthusiasm, “Hey! Where do you think you’re going Y/L/N?”

Gen seemed to get the idea and she grabbed Jared’s hand and dragged him along behind her. The sight was comical simply because she was so small, and he was so not. Misha quickly followed Gen’s lead and he and Victoria took off running in your direction at the same time. The two of them were so cute, you could barely handle it.

You finally reached the destination you had intended to start the evening. The bars would be a good way to wrap up the evening. Jensen looked up and read the sign aloud, “Adventure Landing?” He smiled and laughed. “I thought we left the kids at home?” he inquired.

Misha and Jared laughed. You replied, “On Saturday evening at 10 they close to families and it becomes basically a giant adult play place, drinks and all!” you smiled proudly. “You’re not going to believe this, but there is even a club on the roof,” you stated as you tossed your head back in laughter.

“No way!” Jensen said, stunned. You slapped him on the shoulder playfully and grabbed his hand. “Way!” you said back pulling him along you.

You could hear Misha behind you say, “This is fucking awesome!” You couldn’t help but laugh to yourself.

The six of you stepped into the line and Jensen leaned in to whisper into your ear. “This is perfect,” he said smiling against your ear, his hot breath lingering on your neck.

You turned and pecked him on the check and said with a smile, “I know.” 

He laughed in response. “And that confidence,” he said in your ear, gently nipping it, “sexy as hell.” 

You turned and looked up into his bright green eyes and smiled. You stretched up on your toes and your lips met. The connection caused Jensen to grab your back and pull you roughly to him. You gasped in excitement as your arms wrapped around his shoulders. His tongue danced with yours, and he tasted amazing. You pulled away with your eyes still closed and breathed shakily into his mouth because he didn’t pull away. You looked up at him again and said, “Thanks!”

At that point, you had reached the front, and the bouncer cleared his throat. Jensen turned to look at him and you saw recognition cross his face. “You’re those guys from that show,” he stumbled over himself. 

At this point Misha and Jared were whispering in each other’s ears like high school girls. You turned around, and they burst in to laughter.Jensen took the bouncer’s hand in his, and you could tell there were a few bills in it as he said, “What guys from what show?” Jensen asked as he pulled his hand away. 

The bouncer looked down at his hand and then glanced back at Jensen. “You know, I must have been mistaken. I bet you guys get that a lot,” he said with a low chuckle. 

You smiled. Jensen was good. The bouncer lifted the rope and let you in. He looked up at Jared as he walked by and said, “Cover’s on the house tonight guys. Enjoy!”

Jared took his hand in his and shook it firmly as he slapped the muscle man on the back pulling him in to a brief bro hug. “Thanks man, that’s awesome!” he said as he pulled back with a big goofy smile on his face. 

As you walked through the door, you couldn’t help but notice Jensen’s jaw drop as he looked around. The lights were dimmed and the place felt more like a club then a kids play place. You spotted the diner in the corner and at that moment Jensen was pulling you toward it as he had noticed it too. 

“Food!” you heard Misha call from behind you. Jensen glanced back at him and laughed. 

The six of you had been seated quickly in a private corner booth. For not being “those guys from that show,”  you guys were getting the VIP treatment. You couldn’t help but laugh. You had forgotten what the city was like. You hadn’t had the time to come over in quite some time. 

The menu had a host of delicious diner foods which made Jensen smile wide. He ordered a steak and a beer, and you followed his lead. When you ordered, he cocked an eyebrow at you curiously. “Girls gotta eat,” you said patting your stomach and laughing. “And this girl knows good food when she sees it,” you added with a wink. 

Misha and Jared had grabbed their drinks that they had ordered the moment you all sat down and raised them. “Here, Here!” Misha said clinking Jared’s glass before downing his drink. 

You smiled proudly at the two of them as Gen laughed. “You are gonna fit right in with this crowd,” she said as she leaned to talk to you over the noise in the room.

The six of you sat around and talked for what seemed like hours. Jensen asked about what it was like teaching high school students. “You’re way braver than me!” he said as you told him you’d always had a thing for taking care of kids. 

“But seriously Y/N. What made you go into teaching?” Misha asked as dinner was wrapping up. You had glanced at your watch just moments ago, shocked that it was 11:30.

“Well,” you said as you pondered his question, “I’ve always wanted the opportunity to impact a kid the same way I was impacted in high school. There was one teacher that believed in me, not just liked me or encouraged me, she pushed me to be the best that I could be. She really invested in me and made me believe that I was really capable of something great. I was a super nerd in high school,” you said with a laugh. “ I know, I know,” you said in mock dismay. “You’d never know it now,” you laughed as you placed your hand on your chest, feigning shock.

Jensen folded over in laughter. “Look around you, sweetie,” he said with a smile. “You dragged a guy on a first date to a place where you can be a big kid. I’m pretty sure that nerd in you never escaped, and damn am I glad. It makes you a million times more intriguing,” he winked and leaned close to whisper in your ear. “Not to mention that much more sexy,” he said as he pressed his lips firmly into your neck just below your ear. 

You couldn’t help but lean into him, and let out a low moan. You looked him in the eye. “You’re in to that whole nerd/geek thing aren’t you? I should have known. Dean comes across a little more nerdy than he should sometimes. That must be your inner nerd crying to escape,” you said against his lips. His lips immediately captured yours, one hand in your hair, the other trailing down your side, resting on your hip. You moved closer to him, running your hands through his hair and slowly over his shoulders desperately trying to pull him closer. 

Someone cleared their throat from over the back of the booth. “Hey, Jensen,” Misha said with a laugh holding up laser tag gear. You hadn’t even realized they had disappeared. “Are you gonna sit here and make out all night or are you going to come help us kick the girls’ asses. Everyone knows girls are terrible at laser tag,” Misha said to you with a wink.

You immediately climbed over the back of the booth, grabbing the gear from Misha’s grip and throwing it on. “Oh it’s on, Collins. You boys are not going to know what hit you!” you said with a laugh as you tightened the laser tag gear around your waist.

Jensen looked at you indignant as he climbed over the back of the booth as well, grabbing at the gear you had just strapped on. “Get your own!” he said as he pawed at the buckle trying to get the gear off of you. 

You squirmed out of his grasp and snatched the gun from Misha and bolted toward Victoria and Gen who were sauntering around the corner, guns thrown over their shoulder looking like Charlie’s Angles. You couldn’t help but laugh out loud as you caught a glimpse of them. “RUN!” you yelled as you dared a glance over your shoulder only to see that Jensen had managed to get his hands on some gear in a matter of seconds, and all three boys were advancing on you three. 

You darted into the maze and looked at Gen and Victoria. “Rendezvous at Black Rock,” you yelled as you bolted around a corner trying to get away from the boys. As you ran, you realized they probably had no idea of the meeting place that you had just suggested but you headed there anyway. 

You hid behind an obstacle as you waited for Gen or Victoria to find you, so you could formulate a plan to take out the boys. Just then, your gear alarm sounded. You looked down at it and gave it a punch, thinking it had malfunctioned. You heard a low rumble of laughter come from around the corner. 

You turned around to see who it was, and Jensen stepped out from the shadows with a smug look on his face. “Look what we have here,” he said with pride at having caught you. 

You slowly stood and backed into the wall, a small smile forming on your lips. Jensen slowly approached, backing you in a corner with each step. Finally the two of you were toe to toe, Jensen looking down at you with a smirk. “So, I win. What exactly is my reward? Did you really think that Victoria or Gen could find “black rock” faster than me?” he said with a chuckle, his face leaning closer to yours. 

You were breathing heavy, the tension between you palpable. You bit your lip as your gaze wondered to his lips. He didn’t miss you eyeing him. He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled flush against him. Your chest now heaving against his. His left hand at the small of your back, holding you firmly in place. “How about you’re my prize,” he said with a mischievous grin.  

You’re body was feeling the electricity created by his touch. Your mind was going foggy and all you could mange was, “Yeah. Okay.”

Jensen smiled as placed both hands under your ass and lifted you up. You instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist, and he had you pinned against the wall.His hands found their way under your shirt, and his touch was burning your skin everywhere it went. He nipped at your neck as you threw your head against the wall behind you, running your fingers through his hair, his name escaping your lips in a moan. He was no doubt leaving his mark on you for everyone to see.

Suddenly you heard someone running up the corridor and came to your senses. You gently pushed Jensen away as he reluctantly dropped you to the floor. You stretched up and whispered in his ear, “How about we go somewhere a little more private.”

He kissed you fiercely before answering. “Yeah, that’s probably a really good idea,” he said with a smile as he grabbed your hand and dragged you out of the maze.

On Location Pt. 5 - Rock Your World (Single! Jensen x Reader, SMUT)

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Orange Breath (Iori Enjo- Soulmate Swap Series)

OH MY GOSH. I am so pleased to have finished this finally. This is like day 4 of working on it (well… day 3 if you don’t count my nap day with hubby yesterday) I lost a good chunk of it after I got distracted and started internet browsing and closed out my browser. So i had to rewrite the beginning. The old beginning had a lot more behind the history of the swap and such, and since I was so pissed I lost it that I didn’t rewrite too much involving the pesky history fluff background details the second time around. Also. Iori kept autocorrecting to Tori, and Nagito kept autocorrecting to Nugget. By the time this was finished I was so annoyed with them I wanted to clobber the two. 

This is for mrszala who requested AGES ago (omg I’m sorry) another version of my Soulmate Swap fix featuring Daichi. (if you’re interested you can find it here)

To mrszala: I hope you like it :) I messaged you back about a character but tumblr must have ate it :( and then i forgot about it for awhile but no matter it’s all done now! If I remember correctly Iori was one of the top, so I hope you don’t terribly mind I chose him. Enjoy!!

Here’s the prompt that inspired the first story (but you definitely don’t have to read Daichi’s to understand this one)

Prompt: at a certain age/one night a year everyone swaps bodies with their soulmate and have a limited time to leave hints/clues.

*one last note. Some of you (aka prolly nobody) may notice the age change difference with the swap. Since Iori’s character isn’t as dependent as daichi’s is on an significate age difference, and having a 7 year difference between MC and Iori would be kinda weird with no just reasoning I upped the swap age to 25.

(okay this intro is really long. omg I’m sorry. I’m shutting up now)

“FINISHED. NOW STAY AWAY ORANGE BREATH.” These words have haunted your thoughts these past four long years. Tonight was finally your one chance to uncover their meaning. But of course life couldn’t be so simple. Your next screenplay was due in two days and you were way behind. Your 25th birthday would involve a constant flow of caffeine, minimal amount of sleep, and lots of writing. Miss this deadline and your ass was so fired. Your name blackmailed all across Tokyo ruining any possible future opportunities. You should be stressing out more, your whole livelihood was on the line.

But something more was already stressing you out. It was your 25th birthday in a matter of minutes. Tonight was your turn to swap and find out why your soulmate already despised you. Was it even possible for a soulmate to loathe their other half? They hadn’t even met each other yet though. How could he even dislike you that much before knowing you? You pout as you frantically keep typing away. You didn’t even have time to stop to sleep and eat right, it was bad enough that you were already losing a couple hours to the swap. You wouldn’t have him here to help you this time, as he did with his own swap those four long years ago.

You had been a senior in college. Well almost. At least you would be after you hand in your last research paper for the semester. The topic you chosen was all about celebrities and their newfound vast sphere of influence. The paper turned out to be much more difficult that you believed it would be. Thus you ended up procrastinating until the night before its due date. Even with all your caffeine intake you somehow managed to still fall asleep about midnight. You awoke a couple hours later in a frantic panic attack. Your class was seven hours away, precious time wasted, your paper was… done…?  Was it possible to sleep write? You read the paper over with care, your brain still fuzzy and confused from the long nap. The first half you easily remembered, it had your cheerful positive outlook. Celebrities founding charities and supporting fundraisers. Visiting sick children in hospitals to create awareness of rare illnesses. After which it soon darkened. This you definitely don’t remember. This made celebrities sound so… evil and conspiring. Especially slanted against the women! The falsified scandals. The secret under the table deals. Sleeping around with superiors. Doing anything possible to stay in the headlines. This just couldn’t be your writing. Then you spotted something new that wasn’t there before. An orange was sitting next to a copy of Revance’s latest album. A popular band that debuted almost 6 years ago. Your friends were gaga over them, but they weren’t your taste in music, so you definitely wouldn’t have one of their albums. A yellow sticky note stuck to the album, odd… it was your handwriting:


Sleep deprived, confused, and with a forged research paper you did the only sensible thing. Took to the internet. You searched awhile with no results and almost gave up when you found a reddit forum compiled of similar events all around the world. People waking in places they weren’t before. Notes that they don’t remember writing. Directing them to people they didn’t know. Things around them disrupted as if someone had been looking for something. The only similar circumstances was that it was everyone’s 25th birthday. More confused now than ever, you had no choice but to leave it for now and sleep finally. After sleeping minimal hours lately since it was finals, your body was craving some much needed rest. And to be honest, you were grateful for the finished paper, even if it wasn’t what you would have written. Now you could sleep before your last class of the semester.

The next day you fretted as you handed in your paper. For sure the professor would be able to tell it wasn’t your work? Would you forced out of university? Your parents would die of shame.

Your stress was all for naught. Your professor praised your work. Pleased to see you finally embracing the ‘reality of life instead of idealized fantasies’. They were a fool believing such nonsense over common sense. But you weren’t stupid enough to fight them. You passed! You wouldn’t be out on the streets a haggard beggar, all alone in the world.

You confronted your friends before you all left campus for summer break. It was possible they managed to mimic your handwriting, and the whole event was a joke. Laughter. Even louder laughter. Oh yes and now tears and laughter. What was so hilarious about suspecting them of finishing your research paper… oh. Never mind. You definitely should have kept the orange breath tidbit to yourself though. To this day your nickname was still orange breath. They knew you had a slight orange juice addicted when you stocked up after the store had that ridiculous cheap sale. Okay yes, perhaps you did go a tad overboard buying so many, your room had so many high stacks of boxes leftover. You’d have to lug them all back home for break. But still, they didn’t have to tease you with that dumb nickname!

You glanced at the clock still furious typing away. 11:59pm. You were frantic to complete your current train of thought before who knows what would happen. The soulmate swap as it was now referred to, and it was finally your turn. Your heart swooned at the potential before you. Your soulmate had to be four years older than you, a trait you definitely found appealing. A sexy older swoon worthy gentleman? Yes please! Your hope soon darkened as you remembered the reality. He must have found you appalling. Why else would he tell you to stay away? Well no matter, unless he had voodoo up his sleeve he couldn’t hide tonight. At least as far as you knew. Oh you hope he couldn’t stop it, you were quite anxious to finally get some answers.

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I hate you

Request : 

I want a yoongi fluffy smut where me n him are enemies. We hate each other. We curse each other how we wont get anyone love us. Then we both decide to join online dating site. Ended up we “date” each other then we truly fell in love. Thx!

Thank you so much thedawnsky​ for your request! It took so long because I want to write a nice FF. It will be more then a chapter! 
This is the first one so I hope you like it :) 

Ask box is open

Part 2 

Group: BTS
Warnings: –
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: FLUFFY, Smut

“I think I better go.” I interrupt the guy in front of me, without a second to catch his breath he talked about his personal life, his work life and his past relationships throughout the evening without giving me the opportunity to communicate as well. I smile taking the bag and getting up from the table to leave the restaurant; the guy follows me with his eyes and then he blocks me holding my wrist “I thought we would have concluded something tonight” he whispers looking at me with a grin on his face drawing circles with his thumb on my skin, I reply leaving a smirk on my lips before shoving off my arm “life is always full of unexpected surprises, dear”. I turn my back walking away and leaving the good-looking boy in his seat trying to strike up a conversation with the waitress.
I snort throwing the bag in the passenger seat and removing my shoes, I massage my feet looking in front of me, it’s 11 pm and everything I had done up for all the evening was to find out how I fit into the career of psychologist; I did nothing but repeat the same phrases smiling like a fool hoping for a change of the evening. My reward? sore feet due to the heels and a headache.
I turn to take from the rear seats shoes suitable for driving, I attach the seat belt and I turn on the car to go back home; at this hour I can’t organize anything, so I decide to end my romantic evening in front of a movie with myself.
As I get home I groan, finally that horrible evening ended; I change myself wearing my pajama, removing my make up and without thinking twice I throw myself on the sofa turning on the television deciding to zap through the channels until I’d find something interesting.

I can’t understand how it is possible all men with whom I went out are not suitable for me, I wonder if I am the problem. Maybe I expect too much, but I would just avoid superfluous relationships, I’m not the kind of person to have sex on the first date, but it seems that I can only find people who expect me to open my legs after eating at an expensive restaurant.

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Today was my first Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family and I honestly don’t know what I was expecting so here are some highlights:

- The crazy old lady next door ran outside screaming about pot smoking and one of her guests had to call the police

- My mother tried to solicit a random man off the street to come remove a dead mouse from our basement; My cousin eventually agreed to do it for us out of pity, and this enraged my grandmother who referred to us as “wimps” for the rest of the night.

- My aunt went into detail about the mummified squirrels they’ve been finding in their backyard, offered to go get one to show us.

- A turkey-vulture tried to abduct my six year old cousin

- One cousin showed up in an inflatable T-Rex costume, told us of his plans to go to the Jurassic Park exhibit at the museum while wearing it

- We were all almost too full for dinner because we fucking gorged ourselves on wine and cheese in a pathetic attempt to feel like classy people for once in our damn lives

- One relative decided they were mad at the Eagles and cheered for the Cowboys all night when that game was on; Tensions were high.

- My Grandmom, unprovoked, told us “I was nineteen when I first killed an animal. Baby on my hip, broom in my hand, screaming at the top of my lungs in my apartment. And I was in Georgia!”

- My uncle briefly pulled up his pant leg to scratch his leg, and his wife looked at him in horror and asked “Why are you wearing my pantyhose?” to which he looked equally horrified and said “I have no fucking idea.”

- My uncle accidentally revealed that the two pies he brought were from his drug dealer. He said he got looks when people saw him go into an alley and come out holding desserts.

- My uncle, upset about loosing money from Kanye’s canceled shows, accidentally opened up a debate about Yeezy; Luckily, we at least all agreed that his earlier music is superior to his newer stuff.

- My favorite baby cousin is now a foot and a half taller than me and his voice has changed; Upon realizing this, I literally collapsed out of my chair.

- My aunt told a riveting tale from the 80′s that involved my then teenage uncle in daisy dukes, a wet and soapy car, and the previously mentioned crazy old lady next door checking him out.

- When we were going around saying what we were thankful for, my cousin deadpanned “Our new overlord Trump” and then chugged his wine before saying “God save us”.

- Way too many stories about mice terrorizing our family where exchanged.

- My aunt told the exploding rabbit story for roughly the millionth time.

- Someone checked facebook and noted my cousin Jesse saw Hamilton last night and threw it out there. My mom, across the room, yelled “WHAT THE FUCK THAT BASTARD!” in response. My mom really wants to see Hamilton and feels personally betrayed by everyone she knows who goes without her.

- My 13 year old cousin Jenna communicated with the family solely through eye rolls and scoffs the entire night, before locking herself in her room for three hours under the guise of brushing her teeth.

- My 70 years young uncle has acquired a leather jacket; Please send prayers and condolences.

- My one uncle was very excited to get to carve the turkey; his excitement died when my aunt and grandmother stood behind him the entire time telling him how to do it. At one point I heard him whisper “I’m 43″ in a defeated tone.

- My 11 year old cousin who was wearing shorts threw his leg up onto the table in front of me and said “Wanna feel?”

- We successfully managed to avoid bringing up politics all night, until after dessert when we somehow managed to get in a huge debate about the Hamilton cast’s message to Mike Pence.

- By “huge debate”, I mean my three screaming aunts versus me and my exasperated cousin Abbey. My mom halfheartedly tried to defend us but apparently we don’t know what we’re talking about because we’re “too young” (we’re adults and she has her own business). My cousin Griffin clearly sided with us but decided to make trolling joke comments instead of actually getting involved, which lead to his mother (the Main Screaming Aunt) threatening to not buy him anything for Christmas, to which his only response was “I’m thirty.”

- “I’m gonna make love to this stuffing”

- My one cousin never showed up so we took the opportunity to yell about her awful decisions when it comes to dating.

- We all got bitter upon discovering my great grandmother’s ex-husband literally invented the machine that slices bread but didn’t get a patent so he never got any money for it.

- One cousin started playing the song “Christmas Shoes” on her phone and my mom locked her out of the house.

- An intense debate about whether or not Legally Blonde the musical is better than Legally Blonde the movie. Despite having never seen the musical, my grandmother will not be swayed. Got very mad when I started singing “Bend and Snap”.

- It was discovered that literally every woman in my family wants to hook up with Christian Borle.

- My one aunt kept getting the times wildly wrong- at 4:45 she yelled “Why aren’t we eating! It’s almost 7!” and just kept getting higher and higher from there. Around 6:30 she said it was almost 11 so we told her it was past her bedtime.

- My uncle got upset that the dessert I brought went fast and almost no one touched his drug dealer pies.

- My mom left without me and it took her entirely too long to notice.

Happy Thanksgiving, guys. 😂

anonymous asked:

I'm going to college in a few months and I was wondering if you have any tips?

mostly under the cut because I tend to ramble

1. Plan. Plan. Plan.
It doesn’t matter if you’re taking electrical engineering or you’re taking underwater basket weaving. The college deadlines are eventually going to catch up with you, so as soon as you read the syllabus and you have time, input the syllabus into a deadline or calendar system so you can plan accordingly. I highly recommend using Google Keep for multiple reasons: it syncs with Google calendars, it’s pretty organized and gives your notifications, and has the ability to do part two.

2. Make a checklist
Make a checklist for what you have to do each day, week, month, and semester. It’ll keep track of your goals and what you have planned, and you get the satisfaction of checking off whatever you accomplish. The other reason I highly recommend using Google Keep is because you can make checklists with deadlines. I find that this and number three saved my last semester.

3. Physically writing deadlines
As an engineering and pre-med student, I find that both putting my deadlines with a notification system in my phone and planning out the day by physically writing them reduces my anxiety of how and when am I going to finish assignments. I recently started using the studyblr technique, which I think really works for me because it gets me looking forward to planning out my week and gives me a break with doodling/drawing and just generally giving me a much needed breather. I stumbled across studyblr through @studytildawn which is honestly an inspiration for so many of my spreads. You can track a lot of things through here, such as budget and water/food intake, so it’s an amazing support and organizational tool that you custom-make for yourself. Here’s one of mine from earlier this week:

4. Budget
Keep in mind how much you have to spend per month. If anything, overestimate your food and grocery budget so you have room for error. Budgeting is important in college, especially if you’re strapped for cash. Consider your income or scholarship and loan money, and then understand the main things you have to buy each month to survive. If you have money left over, save most of it and spend on wants. For example, my current budget per month is $100, and I live in the dorms, so my meal plan cost is included in my overall cost of living. There is a market on campus that takes my dining money for stuff like laundry detergent and the like. However, there are some restaurants and stuff right off campus that I would have to pay for, and I like to buy fruit off-campus because it’s better and lasts longer. I usually spend about $60 for food groceries and other necessary expenditures per month, $30 for off-campus food in restaurants, and I keep $10 as a buffer and to spend for something I like, such as gel pens. 

(more under the cut)

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Misunderstanding (Calum)

{ when calum’s proposal goes wrong }


Relationships were never your thing. When you were younger, the thought of having a significant other just made you roll your eyes. You never expected yourself to find someone that would change your mind, but you did.

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The Study Date Part 2

Chapter 2

PART 1 - http://gilinskygang.tumblr.com/post/89868079030/the-study-date

Jack’s Point of View

I felt my sweat making a path down my neck as I focused my eyes on the target. My hands were covered with thick red gloves and my feet were bent at the knee to keep me fast.

Breath in.

Uppercut and hook.

Breath Out.

Repeating this action on the punching bag, I keep my concentration on delivering a strong enough punch to impress my coach.

A simple nod from Coach Ted dismissed me,  “Okay Gilinsky, you’re done for the night.” 

The locker rooms greeted me with the usual stench of sweat and dirty shoes but, I was used to it by now.

As I was grabbing my workout bag from my locker I saw Sam enter the locker room. 

“Held back late huh?” I teased as Sam just scoffed and pushed past me.

“Whatever, man. I was late for my session tonight.” Sam muttered angrily underneath his breath as he aggressively pulled out his towel to take a shower.

“Why are you late anyway?" 

"I’m fucking failing English…” He says shaking his head, “English of all things can you believe it? Fucking ridiculous.”

I begin laughing, “English? Thats the easiest course, you literally just read and write!”

“Thats not the worse part, I need a tutor for English now and the teacher recommended this girl in my class because she’s apparently the best,” Sam began making his way to the showers but while still talking to me, “She kept me an hour after our tutoring session so I could write a proper essay on ‘The Great Gatsby’.”

“You’re screwed man, she sounds like a freak.”

“She is! Thank god I ditched her last Sunday at the library, I couldn’t have handled her bitching around about format structure and-”

“Wait, you ditched her last Sunday?” My mind travels back to when I was in the library and I ran into her being stood up, “Sam, who exactly is tutoring you?”

“Some girl in my English class.” Sam yelled from the roaring sounds of the shower.

“A name would be good.” I yelled back.

“Clara Something." 

I smiled to myself, “Clara as in the up-tight, spunky and slightly hot girl?”

The sound of water stopped as Sam poked his head out of the shower with an eyebrow cocked up as he reached for his towel, “Don’t tell me you have the hots for Clara…”

"No way, she just seems like a fun pastime.. if you know what I mean." 

Sam gave out a loud snort, “Never in a million years would she go for you.”

"Are you doubting my skills?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, and the fact she completely dispises jocks like us,” Sam shook his head, “For the fun of it, I’d like to see you try Gilinsky.”

“I accept that challenge Wilkinson, prepare to eat your words.”

And Clara, you are in for a ride. 

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Clara’s Point Of View

I threw my bag and jacket on the empty bench beside the bus stop, the pole with the schedule on it read that the next bus would be here at… 11:40. I looked down at the phone in my hand and checked the time, 11:45. 

“Shit.” I realized I literally just missed the bus. 

Desperately, I scanned the bus schedule for the next closest time.


“Why does this always happen?!” I slumped back on the seat and huffed out.

If I didn’t have to stay back at school and help the incoherent Sam Wilkinson out with English, maybe I would have been able to get some sleep tonight. Helping him wasn’t even worth the extra credit Mrs.Tyler promised; first he stood me up at the library and I had to unfortunately encounter the one and only Jack Gilinsky, then he doesn’t want to do the work I set up for him. I mean, I only wanted him to write a rough draft of the theme in ‘The Great Gatsby’, it’s not like it was rocket science or anything. After the torturous 3 hours of teaching Sam what exactly a 5 paragraph essay is, I had to go set up the banners for Winter Formal… only to find the banners weren’t done and no one was there.

“This seat empty?” A voice brought me out of my rant in my head, I looked up to see the person I had been dreading since our last encounter.

“And this one will be too if you sit down.” I closed my eyes, not needing this from Jack. Not now.

“Then I’ll just stand.” I could hear the smirk in his voice.

“Jack, can you please just leave me alone? Not having a very good day… er, night and I don’t need it to get any worse." 

He ignored my request and continued to talk.

"A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be out here at night… especially not alone.” I opened my eyes to find Jack leaning against the post of the bus stop with his arms crossed on his chest, “You’re just a recipe for disaster aren’t you babe?”

“I’m not your babe.” I huffed as I grabbed my bag and jacket off the seat beside me and shuffled past him, “‘Night.“

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to his body and his hand tightened around my hips. My bag and jacket fell on the floor as I tried to balance myself and I grabbed onto Jack’s shoulder.

I squirmed underneath his touch as I let go of his shoulder immediately. 

"No babe, keep your hands on me… as we all know you just cant keep your hands off.” Jack enunciated as he moved my limp hands back on his torso, “Let me drive you home tonight.”

“No…” The scent of his cologne wafted in my nose with a mix of something musky and woody.

“Why not?” His hand travelled down my hips and landed dangerously close to my ass.

“Because of this." 

"Don’t think you can keep your hands off me?” He said as moved his lip to my neck.

I could feel his breath on the side of my neck, his soft lips barely caressing my skin. I had two options now, to push him away more with futile attempts or… to play him. I closed my eyes tightly and made the choice.

“Hmm, I don’t think I can,” Shocking him with my actions, I began running my hands up and down his hood clad back before landing them on his hair.

“Shit what are you doing Clara?” Jack’s eyes rolled back in pleasure, his hands froze on my ass.

Jack moaned as I began massaging his hair, my fingers lacing through his thick hair. He moved his lips back onto my neck and began to lightly nip at the sensitive skin there. His hands loosened on my body and I took that as an opportunity to move my hands to Jack’s chest and push him back, away from me. 

“Don’t get too cocky Gilinsky, now how about that ride home?” I bent down and picked up my things before walking away, making sure I exaggerated moving my hips.

“Or I can give you something else to ride on..” Jack said in a flustered tone as he tried to regain his ‘man-status’ back. 

“I Wasn’t Actually Hungry, I Just Wanted To See You” Chapter Two

2488 words

Miraculous Ladybug

Summary: As the heat wave continues to sweeps through Paris, Adrien finds himself stuck at a photo shoot under the burning sun. Lucky for him, Marinette’s bakery is right next door.

A/N: Second chapter! Read the first chapter: Here                               Original story prompt given by @thelastpilot

“Alright I’ll be straight up with you I don’t want anything to eat I just wanted to see you”

Read it on fanfiction.net: Here

Last week’s heat wave had broken temperature records in Paris, according to the weather news Adrien had seen as he flicked through the channels on his large tv screen. While it was cooler today than it had been then, the heat still
rolled through the streets, keeping many people either indoors or at the Paris-Plages along the river Seine.

Splayed across his bed with only a pair of shorts and a thin, white t-shirt on, Adrien cursed against his day’s plans.

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Word Play

Claire has something very important to tell Owen and she uses Scrabble to do it. Pure fluff and totally cliché. My life is no longer my own. 


“Echo! E-C-H-O…” Owen grinned as he placed his tiles on the Scrabble board. “I am killing it!”

“That’s very good babe,” Claire said, rolling her eyes but still smiling at her husband.

Outside, rain pounded down in thick sheets as lightning flashed, illuminating their dark living room. Thunder followed a beat later, making Claire worry her lip between her teeth.

She hated thunder.

The midsummer storm had knocked their power out a few hours ago. With little options left to them, they were spending their Friday night playing board games by candlelight.

Owen was winning for once, as Claire was far too on edge to focus on the game. 

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MEET & GREET! Submit your meet-and-greet stories to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. They are posted throughout the week.
I want to start this off by letting you know that I’m from Sweden and I am fully aware that most people have no idea who this band is since they’re a “local” band. The band’s name is Outtrigger. My name is Louise btw, haha. :)

I’ve seen them 4-5 times this year and I have a hard time choosing.

(14/3 – 2014)
The first time I saw them wasn’t a meet&greet. I was about to have a singing lesson with the vocalist, Simon, in their rehearsal place. It was just a quick hi to everyone and then I spent over an hour with Simon. Fun times!

24/5 – 2014
The second time I saw them and it was the first time I saw them live, an acoustic set at a mall.
It was a signing, I got the whole family to eat and go to that mall in under an hour, due to that I had a concert I played on before where I played their song called “Blame On You”. So after they played the songs Awaken Me, Blame On You and Echo, it was a signing. It was chaos cause there were no real line. So when it was my turn I was closest to Simon.
He said hi while preparing for signing my things. I said hi back and he looked up at me and guess what HE RECOGNIZED ME! Then he had asked about how the concert I played went and some of his band members looked up and was like “oh, yeah”. (I had told them about it) So… I was going to buy a shirt and there was no shirt in the right size… which lead to a awkward moment of silence. I told them to watch my cover which I had uploaded in a special group on Facebook. The day after the had a livestream where they layed my cover in and I got very embarressed and didn’t know how to react…

30/8–2014 HX – Festivalen Outtrigger + Helsingborg’s Symphony Orchestra
This day was special. By about 13:30 I was sitting in a hotel lobby waiting for the band’s manager and other fans. It was a surprise for the fans that could come. When it was 14:00 we went into some kind of business room at the hotel.
We, the small group of fans, that got the opportunity to join this , was going to hear their new album that wasn’t released until 25/11, called The Last Of Us. We were asked to write down feedback, but I were to caught up in the moment to write much.
So that was fun. And I was shaking for like 1h & 30min. Afterwards, feeling like my knees would give in. There were too many emotions running through my mind at the time.

After that we had a few hours to kill before the concert started and my mom, sister and I went to meet up with my aunt and ran into my cousin and her dog.
My mom, sister, aunt and I watched their soundcheck/last rehearsal.
Then we were walking around the festival for a bit and bought ice cream and stuff.
We ate dinner with my aunt on Subway before she went home.
We waited outside a nightclub for the other fans when Simon, Timmy (guitar) and Joakim aka Jocke (bassist) walked passed and said hi.

The other fans came and we went up to front row and rocked out to every song.
Afterwards it was unclear if it’d be a meet up . We waited for answer, and yes, there were going to be a meet up.
We went to another hotel to wait for fans and the band.
We met their manager, Andreas, who’s very nice.
One by one the fans came in and at last the band.

It was many hugs and then we had to push everyone together to fit on the small couches in the lobby, which resulted that I was sitting with my legs pressed up against Simon’s and my sister’s then after some small talk I switched place with my sister who adores Simon. And then with my mom so I was sitting by Joakim. He asked how I was and for some reason we started talking about school and he asked which grade I was in. I answered that I was in 8th and he said “then you must be 13” I corrected him by telling him I’m 14 and I said my birthday was August 7th and he said belated happy birthday to me and we kept talking. He asked what I was going to choose in High school. I answered by telling him I wanted to study music.
He said he didn’t regret studying music and encouraged me to do so.

Then we took a group picture.I was standing in front of John, the drummer, and Joakim who held my sister.
When we were going to take the picture I was standing a bit away from John and he laid his arm around my shoulders and kind of dragged me to him and I almost fell.
After a while of hanging out my mom, sister and I had to go home. We said goodbye and went home.

20/9 – 14 Kulturnatten – Höganäs
Just me and my mom were going this time. I was of course standing front row.
When they were playing Blame On You, Simon came over to the side of the stage I was at. And we were having a little moment by singing the song while having eye contact. :) In fact this happens at every show I go to except the acoustic gig.
There was a signing and my mom and I was in line and asked the girls in front of us if they were in line too and they said they weren’t. I saw that one of them was a TV icon from a summer show she’ve hosted for a few years. Turns out now, that Simon and her are dating. After a while of standing in line, the other girl comes up to me and asked if my name was Lovisa, which I told her I wasn’t, but that my name was Louise. She thought for a moment and then asked if I had done a cover of Blame On You. When she found out that I was, in fact the one who did it, she said it was really good and that she liked it. I thought she looked familiar and turns out months later it was Joakim’s girlfriend.
When my mom and I came to the table we joked around and talked to the members.

11/10 – 14 The Tivoli, Helsingborg
Me and my mom once again met up with fans. We sat and talked about everything and then we went to wait for the doors to open. A guy, I don’t remember his name, he’s a fan of the band, came and said that he had seen the guys in a window so the whole group sneaked and tried as “discreet” as possible peek in but they were nowhere to be seen so we went back to the line and after a while the doors opened and we went in. It was an hour till they were going on satge so we watched another band called Mörbultad (all lyrics by them are in Swedish)
The vocalist accidentally hit me in the head with the cord to his microphone. They were pretty good.
Then we went into another room and went waited for Outtrigger to go on “the big stage” (MainStage )
When they came out (a bit late) they gave a really good concert. Simon also managed to accidentally hit me in the head with the cord to his mic.
Afterwards, I talked to Joakim, Timmy and Simon. I couldn’t get the attention of John and Adam (guitarist).

For this X-mas, my mom contacted them and bought me a hoodie that you can only buy at signings…
It’s really comfy but incredible warm. :)

After meeting them, talked to them on Facebook, I have managed to get to know them a bit and in all honesty, I miss them. Can’t wait to meet them again. :)

Out of my League

Chapter 1

Note: This is a Jonnor AU fanfiction. I hope you guys like it. Comment on what you think and you can request if you’d like. Thanks for reading. I do not own these characters.

Jude Adams Foster was a 17 year old boy who lived in California. He stood at 5’ 10 and had a skinny build. He was adopted with his biological sister at the age of 11 years old by their 2 mothers. He went to a school called Anchor Beach. Jude was about to start his senior year of high school.

His biological sister, Callie, moved away to college 2 years ago along with his foster brother Brandon. Brandon was one of his moms, Stef Adams Fosters, biological sons. He moved to New York to attend Juilliard. Callie was attending a college here in California about an hour away. Jude had other foster brother and sister, who were twins a year older then him, Mariana and Jesus. Jesus went to a pro wrestling boarding school while Mariana took a year off college to figure out what she wanted to do. She and Jude were the only two siblings living at home.

Stef and Lena were his two moms. Lena Adams Foster was the Vice principal at his school and Stef worked as a police officer. They were very loving to all their children and Jude loved living in a place he can call home.

Jude was about to begin his senior year in high school. He was captain of the baseball team and popular at school. He was also a very good student academically. He was expecting to go to a very good college. The only thing Jude did not have in his life was romance. It’s not that he didn’t have the opportunity, Jude hadn’t found anyone that could make his heart leap.

It was Sunday night before the first day of school and Jude was sitting on the couch downstairs watching Star Wars. He was prepared for school, as he usually was the day before school started. He had all his summer reading done and had a baseball practices be routine ready for his team.

Mariana came downstairs and sat next to Jude.
“So Judicorn, are you ready for school tomorrow?”
“Yea, I’m always ready. Are you ready for work tomorrow?” I asked.
“Ready as I’ll ever be,” she replied with a sigh.
Mariana was working so that she could save up money for college or whatever she chose to do the following year.
“Are you excited about your first day as a senior!?” She asked excitedly.
“Not really, it’s going to be like any other day. It’s always boring. There’s nothing new that happens.” I reply wearily.
“That’s sort of the spirit.” She responded.
Mariana was his closest sibling other than Callie and he could talk to her about anything. They would always talk to each other about their problems.
“Want me to paint your nails for tomorrow?” She asked out of nowhere.

Last time I had my nails painted was in middle school and I remembered getting bullied for it. I had not thought about painting my nails for a long time. Now that I, once again, got offered it hI thought about it. I wanted something new to happen. For the past four years, I’ve had the same routine, school, baseball, home. At school I was only popular because of baseball. I loved playing baseball though, it was one thing I could do well. I really only had one good friend and that was Taylor.

She has been my best friend since middle school and was always there for me.
“You know what, I actually would like you to paint my nails Mariana” I replied after thinking.
“Oh yay! Hold up let me get the right color!” She replied excitedly and left the room.

She got back she had a dark blue nail polish in her hand. She came up to me and started putting it on.
“I’ve always loved this color,” I say as she puts it on.
“I know Judicorn, that’s why I got it for you” she replies concentrating on her work.
After she’s done, we talk for an hour about the new school year and our hopes for it. Lena walks into the room.
“Hey guys, what are you up to?” She asked as she has a seat on the ottoman.
“Nothing mom, just about life and this next school year.” Mariana replies.
“Well aim high because you guys are both very capable!”
“Are you ready for school tomorrow honey?” She asks me noticing my nails.
“Yep, are you ready mom?” I reply simply.
“Yes honey, I’m ready. I can’t wait to get back to work”
“Well I, for one, can’t wait to have a break” Stef says as she comes and sits next to momma.
We all have some small talk and head off to bed.

As I lay in bed, I’m hoping that something new happens tomorrow. I had always had change in my life when I was in foster care, but once I was adopted by momma and mom, I had stability. It was a good thing, stability made life easy. The thing I missed about my life before was the sense of something new happening. Sure it was scary, but now I longed for change. Jude fell asleep with these thoughts in mind.

The next morning, I awoke at 6:30 and got ready to go. I chose to wear my brown cargo shorts and blue Padres shirt. I came downstairs to eat breakfast. Mariana and mom had already left for work. Momma had made pancakes. I got the syrup and drowned the pancakes in them. After I ate momma asked if I wanted to go with her to school. I agreed because I was too lazy to walk this morning.

When we got to school, momma went to class and I went to my first period class, AP calculus. I had the class with Taylor. I go and sit next to her at the back of the room.
“Hey Jude” Taylor says with too much enthusiasm.
“Hey” I say tiredly.
As everyone walks in, we talk about our summer assignments and our favorite TV show, vampire diaries.

The bell rings and Taylor and I look at the front. The teacher wrote his name on the board and began reading the syllabus. I look around the room and to see who all is in the class. After almost 6 years here, I knew most of the people.
As I look around I see someone I didn’t recognize. I could see the side of his face. He had dirty blonde hair and I had no idea who he was. I stared him for a good 10 minutes trying to make sure I didn’t know him.

The teacher now moved on to his lecture, I got out my notebook and started writing notes. As the class progressed, I kept thinking who this new mysterious person could be. After first period, I had varsity baseball. I came to the locker room to give the coach the practice schedule that I made up. I then went to go change into sweats to practice. Everyone was probably already on the field. I got ready and went out.

I walked to the baseball field and stood next to my team mates. I then notice the new face that was in my previous class. He is tall, my guess would be 6'2 and was muscular. He had hazel/brown eyes and was standing alone at the end of the benches.

Coach then came out, “alright you girls, I want you to take 10 laps around the baseball field. First one to finish is off the hook tomorrow”. We all groaned and started running. I had always won coaches contests because of my stamina. I was the fastest one on the team and everyone knew it.

I was in the lead as usual at the final lap, while everyone was dragging behind tired. As I come close to the finish I notice in the corner of my eye, something moving very fast. I turn around and see that it’s the new kid sprinting towards the finish. Facing utter shock and panic as he catches up, I start running faster, however his speed is remarkable. He overtakes me at the last 5 yards and throws his arms up in victory. I finish next trying to catch my breath and staring at him in disbelief.
“Better luck next time” he smirks.

In the next minute everyone else finishes. I then here them commenting on how the new kid beat me, “Woah guys, did you see how he overtook captains’ speed I didn’t know anyone could do that.”

Coach came up to us, “Congrats Stevens, you won’t have to run tomorrow” he states. He then turns to everyone and says, “Everyone, this is the new kid Connor Stevens, he will be joining our team this year.”

Coach then points to me, “Stevens, this is our team captain, Jude Adams Foster, you get the practice schedules from him”. After that awkward introduction we held practice for the rest of the period. I was amazed at Connor’s athletic ability and skill. I would venture to say he’s even better than I am at baseball. After practice coach leaves and asks me to tell the team the practice schedule.
“Alright guys, here are the practice schedules” I say as I hand them out. “Our first practice will be after school today from 4:30-6, don’t be late.” As I finish telling them the rest of the schedule, I notice Connor just staring at me. I could not look away from his gaze.

When we went back to the locker room, everyone else started talking to each other about Connor and complemented him on his athletic ability. I was quiet and quickly got ready for next class. As I was leaving I hear, “hey there captain,”

I turn around to see Connor, now standing right in front of me. I had to look up to find his face because he was so tall.
“Yes?” I go not sure what to say but still having an assertive demeanor.
“Better enjoy being team captain while you can man, because that honor will soon be mine,” he states with a smile. He then winks at me saying “Oh nice nails by the way” and walks through the hall leaving me in my thoughts.

You’ll Be Okay

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Characters: Jungkook x Reader/ Yoongi x Reader

Summary: While on a flight to Korea, you meet Jungkook. But you somehow find yourself remembering your time with Min Yoongi. It brings back emotions and leads to unexpected events taking place.

~4241 words

Genre: Angst/ Fluff

Anxiousness and a blanket of despair covered my body. I was moving, yet I felt completely frozen. Part of me was stuck for a while. I thought many times that it was normal to feel lost and empty. But, the hollowness within me only magnified and it began to disintegrate my soul. Until one day, I snapped and left. I abandoned whatever comfort I had and journeyed to a place that was foreign. Ironically, the emotional foreignness within my own body emulated the foreignness of this land as well.  


I wanted to go to Korea because he was there. When he left, that’s where he went. For a while his departure seemed to be a phase that I thought would end. For some reason I imagined he would likely come back at any moment. So, I waited. For nearly 6 months I thought we would see each other again, but he never contacted me once. I was completely broken. Once he left, I was stuck in a painful and sorrowful world that I couldn’t escape.


The day I purchased my ticket was the first time that I felt hopeful. The path that I was taking was my last opportunity to escape the confined world I was locked in.


I scurried past the bodies of people shifting towards the left and right on the narrow walkway of the plane. I murmured quietly “Excuse me” and “Oh I’m sorry.” Usually, the response was an abrasive glance or a confused expression. I’m sure no one wanted to be bothered, especially by a small, petite girl that was lost in her own world. As I walked toward my seat, which luckily was the one by the window, I shoved my backpack into the compartment above. “Come on, just go in. Jeez!” I yelled loudly as the last strap finally managed to enter into the hollow vessel. I exaggeratedly sat down on the blue covered seats, as small droplets of sweat formed on the side of my forehead. Planes weren’t my favorite. If it was up to me I would rather swim across the Pacific Ocean. Yet, the socially acceptable thing to do at this moment was to get over my fear and sit tight for 12 hours. So I put in my headphones and shut my eyes.


“Um, I think you’re in my seat,” the rough voice echoed through my music. I slowly opened my eyes and felt nauseous for a second. I maintained my composure and looked up at the tall figure.

He pointed to the seat I was sitting in. I batted my eyes in confusion.

“What do you mean your seat?”I asked. He chuckled and pulled out his ticket from the back pocket of his ripped jeans, which were tugging his thighs immensely. Simultaneously I got up and maneuvered my way past the seat. My eyes turned bloodshot when I looked at his ticket. I could feel the embarrassment building up.

“I am so sorry. I’ve just been tired and must have not paid attention. I love the window seat so I just got excited when I assumed I was gonna be sitting there. But I completely understand if you’re upset-”

The brown haired boy started chuckling more “Woah, it’s alright. You can sit there if you want. It’s fine,” he explained motioning for me to sit down. I was bewildered

“Seriously? I mean this is your seat. You can kick me out if you want, I would understand,” I replied. Which made him laugh louder.

“What’s your name?” he asked smiling, a perfect array of light beaming from his teeth.

I wasn’t sure how to react. Why was this semi, maybe, very attractive boy laughing at me? I gulped and quietly sat back down. “Y/n.. my name is Y/n,” I answered. He nodded his head in response and stood back for a second as he placed his carry-on in the same compartment as mine.

“Nice to meet you Y/n. My name is Jungkook.” he said while sitting down in the seat next to mine. I grinned awkwardly.

“So Y/n, can I ask why you’re going to Korea?” he mentioned leaning in a little bit closer.

I shifted in my seat and put on my seat belt. I wasn’t trying to diverge from the question, but I also felt uncomfortable talking about the real reason I was going. “I’m planning on meeting with an old friend,” I answered half-heartedly.

Jungkook noticed my lack of enthusiasm. “So, why don’t you seem excited about that?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I guess it’s just been a long time so I’m worried it’s gonna be awkward,” I said telling the truth this time.

He nodded his head. “Ah I understand,” he said speaking in Korean. Jungkook noticed that I was surprised and smirked. “You’re meeting your boyfriend,” he chuckled speaking this time in English.

I waved my hands back and forth. “No! Definitely not!” I replied. But he kept laughing at my stunned reaction.

“Okay..whatever you say,” he said in a sing-song voice. I rolled my eyes at his reaction and put my earbuds in again. Music was definitely needed in a time like this.


I must have fallen asleep because I never noticed that the plane took off at 6 p.m. When I finally regained my consciousness, I saw that it was already 11 p.m. I had slept for five hours! I jumped back in my seat when I looked at the clock on my screen. Jungkook was watching The Avengers 2, but pulled down his headphones when he saw me move.

“Oh! Y/n you’re awake. That’s good. I was thinking of waking you up to eat, but you looked knocked out,” he said casually. My eyes widened. I completely forgot that I had a complete stranger next to me as I slept. What if I was drooling? What if I was sleep talking? Oh no, did I say something weird? I turned my attention back to him and tried to remain calm on the outside.

I laughed awkwardly. “Yeah, flying just exhausts me,”I replied.

“Me too actually. I usually fly around a lot for work, but I still haven’t gotten used to it,” Jungkook stated. I sensed that there was compassion when he mentioned his work. I was intrigued. Mostly because traveling as a job was definitely a perk.

“Woah, what do you do?” I asked. He looked at me for a second and then stretched his legs and arms out. “Would you be able to handle the truth?” he asked seriously, coming closer to my face.

I didn’t move. “Um..I guess?” I answered, not sure of what to say. He leaned back and stuffed his hands into his sweater. “I just work with people and music,” he replied.

I scoffed. “That was the big secret?”

“No.. but for now that’s as much as I can tell you,” he answered back quickly.

I was taken back by his response. He seemed like a genuine person, yet possibly also reserved from his own insecurities. I didn’t know him. In fact, the five hours we spent together on the plane didn’t involve much interaction seeing as I was completely asleep. And, as I thought about the next 8 hours, I wasn’t sure if I would be capable of continuing talking to him. But something came over me. It was true that I didn’t know Jungkook. Yet, I realized that maybe that was a good thing. Since I didn’t know him, he wouldn’t judge. Plus, even if he did, we would never see each other again.  

I let out a sigh. “I’m going to see the guy who broke my heart,” I said intensely.


His expression softened. “Oh..I see.” There was an odd silence that cut the air. Jungkook spoke up again, “I don’t want to seem rude because we don’t know each other but why are you going to meet someone who broke your heart?” he asked abruptly.

I was taken by surprise. His statement made me think about why I actually wanted to go. “It’s a long story,” I mentioned.

He chuckled and scooted closer while placing his elbow on the armrest “There’s 8 hours left Y/n. We have nothing but time.”


I wasn’t really sure what to tell Jungkook,


Who was he? Well, his name was Min Yoongi. He was an exchange student from South Korea. When I began my junior year at university, he was a senior. My school has always been fairly small compared to all the other universities in New York City, so I pretty much knew all the students in my year and the upperclassmen. I wasn’t anywhere near popular, but I was cordial with almost everyone in my grade. I greeted and conversed with my classmates pleasantly. So to my surprise, as I entered my Macroeconomics class, I was stunned when I saw his face. He didn’t dress nor look like the other guys at my school. He wore a black supreme hoodie, faded black jeans with rips along the knees, and Adidas sneakers that electrified a white color. His head was down as he swiped up and down on his phone. Yet, his face was still clearly visible. There was an aura that resonated with him. He seemed intimidating but also reserved. I tried to see if he noticed me as I walked in, but his eyes remained fixated on his phone. Yoongi was sitting at the second seat near the window. Coincidently, that happened to be my seat. But, I’m not the one to make a big deal about things like that. Especially since he was obviously new.


As it got closer to 8:30 am, more students began settling down in their seats. When I saw my friend, Abbie, I waved at her from across the room. She sat down next to me and we both started talking about our summer. From my peripheral, I saw that Yoongi hadn’t moved at all since I walked in. As the clock struck 8:30, my professor strolled in and placed her papers on the desk in the front. She stood for a second and scanned each one of us. When she got to my row, she stopped midway. “Oh, Yoongi right? Please stand up and introduce yourself,” the professor deemed. Yoongi stood up slowly, and my eyes scanned his figure. He didn’t have the typical jock figure, yet you could tell that he worked out.

He cleared his throat and turned toward the class. “Hi, um my name is Yoongi Min. I’m from South Korea and I’m going to be studying for a semester here,” he spoke. Once he finished talking he let out a smile. And for a second I thought he looked down at me. I quickly diverted my attention to the board.   

“Alright, thank you for that introduction Yoongi,” the professor stated. Professor Clark then walked over to her bag and pulled out a big stack of papers. “I’m going to be handing out the syllabus now. So please look it over and ask me any questions you have about it,” she continued saying as she gave the stack of papers to a girl sitting at the first seat. As the syllabus finally came to the last row, I noticed the extensive assignments that were due each week. I let out a sigh and looked at Abbie in desperation. Her expression showed that we were both in agreement. We were screwed. Everyone was quiet for about five minutes until Yoongi raised his hand and spoke.

“Um Professor Clark, for the final project, are you going to be picking the groups or can we choose them ourselves?” he asked quietly. It seemed as if he was curious but also reluctant to ask. The professor shook her head.

“No, the pairing will be random. What I’m planning on doing is writing everyone’s name down on a piece of paper and then picking out pairs of two from the slips. The whole point of this project is to use your individual skills with your partner’s skills to create a coherent presentation,” Professor Clark explained as she walked back and forth. “Do you guys want to pick your partners today or later?” she asked the class. Unanimously everyone said today.  

So, I wrote my name down on a slip of paper and placed it in a container at the front of the class. I was praying that I would get Abbie. I’ve always had difficulty with projects when I didn’t know the group members. As the professor called out names in pairs of two, I squeezed my hands tighter. Five minutes had gone by and still my name wasn’t called. The last four people left were me, Abbie, Yoongi, and a boy sitting across the room from us. “Y/N..and…Yoongi,” Professor Clark read from the slips of papers. My heart sank to the floor. It’s not that I didn’t want to be paired with Yoongi, I was just worried that I wasn’t going to do well on the project. When she called out our names, I had expected him to turn around and acknowledge me, but he didn’t move an inch.

“What an asshole,”I thought to myself. I looked at Abbie and whispered quietly. “Do you think if I ask her to switch she would let me?”

Abbie shrugged her shoulders. “I’m not sure. She seemed pretty adamant about it being random. I guess it’s worth a shot if you ask though.” My expression softened but I was still anxious. I needed to get an A in the class. After first period was over, I packed up my stuff slowly. I wanted to make sure everyone else left before I spoke to Professor Clark.

“Professor Clark, um.. I was wondering if there was any way I could switch partners? I don’t really work well with people I don’t know and-” I started explaining before she cut me off.

“That’s the whole point of the project. I want to see how well you can communicate and collaborate with your partner,” Professor Clark explained smiling.  

“I understand, but I really need to get an A in this class. I’m applying to an internship this semester and I have to bring up my GPA. Is there any way I can work with Abbie?” I remarked sadly. I was praying deep down she would have a change of heart.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I can’t change the rules just for one student. You seem like a smart girl, I know you’ll be fine. Just try to get to know your partner at least,” she answered while putting on her jacket and walking towards the door. As I followed her out, I heard an “Oh”  escape from her mouth. I tried to see who was in her way but Professor Clark’s figure was blocking my viewpoint. “Yoongi, why don’t you and Y/N exchange emails and talk about the project,” she suggested. My eyes widened as I heard her call the figure Yoongi

“Oh no, did he hear everything?..Great now he’s gonna think I’m an asshole,”I thought to myself.

I walked past Professor Clark and extended my hand. “Hi Yoongi. My name is Y/N, nice to meet you,”I grinned awkwardly. He took out his hand from his pockets and grabbed onto mine. I was taken back at the warmth and sturdiness of his hand. My eyes traveled up to his face and I saw his expression was static. “Damn, well he’s definitely pissed,”I assumed.

Three days later I saw him going into the cafeteria on campus. I brought up my hand to wave at him, yet he completely ignored me. Instead, he shoved his hands into his pockets and put up his hoodie. Now I was pissed. I quickly ran over to him before he could make his way onto the line.

“Hey, Yoongi,” I called behind him. But he still kept walking to the buffet table. “Didn’t you hear me calling you,” I repeated as I grabbed onto his arm. His pale face turned towards me and he spoke gently. “I did,” he answered.

I scoffed loudly. “You did? YOU DID? And you thought oh let me just make her look like an idiot? Let me just be an asshole and not say anything? Do you realize it’s been four days and you haven’t responded to any of my emails about the project?” I said aggressively.

He pulled down his hoodie and turned his whole body towards me. “First, I didn’t feel like talking to anyone today. Second, it’s only been three days. And finally, I didn’t reply to your emails because the project isn’t due until the end of the semester, which is three months from now,” he explained in a forward and condescending manner.

I was stunned. Who did this dude think he was? “I..I..” I stuttered unsure of what to say even though I was fuming on the inside. “What’s so wrong about starting now? I just want to get a good grade.”

He suddenly turned the other way again.“Life’s not just about an A in one class Y/N.” Yoongi called out as he continued walking the opposite way.


“Um not to judge your taste in men or anything but he seemed like an asshole,” Jungkook mentioned as I began telling him my history with Yoongi.

I laughed at his remark. It was sort of true. Yoongi did seem like an asshole at first. But I later learned it was his way of coping with the anxiousness and stress he truly faced on the inside. He hated looking weak, so he put up a front.

“So, when did you start liking him? I mean from what you told me it seemed you wanted to beat him with a bat or something,” Jungkook stated casually as he took a sip of his drink.

I began to think about the last month of school.


It was three weeks before the end of the semester and Yoongi and I had only met once for the project. I was beginning to get anxious because I hated procrastinating. While the project wasn’t due until the end of the month, there were still so many components to focus on. I kept emailing Yoongi, but he wasn’t replying..like usual.

I decided to take some action. One of my friends, Kyle, had seen Yoongi in his residence hall so I knew where he was living. I ran over to the hall and went up to his room. I began knocking furiously at the wooden door.

“Yoongi open up! Open up!” I banged even harder. Suddenly I heard shuffling and the locks beginning to move. I was shocked when I saw a half naked Yoongi standing in front of me in only his shorts. I guess he saw my face turn red because I heard a chuckle escape from him. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” Yoongi said arrogantly.

Whatever attraction I felt at that moment completely vanished and anger enveloped me once again. “What the hell are you doing? I’ve been emailing you nonstop!” I yelled walking into his dorm which I noticed was a single occupancy room.

He sat down at his desk and faced me. He looked as if he had just gotten up from bed. Which he probably had judging by his messy blonde hair and naked body. I scanned him once again. “I guess you haven’t seen a guy without a shirt before huh?” he asked smirking.

I folded my arms across my chest. “Whatever..listen I came here because I wanted to come up with a schedule for our project,” I explained. “You know the one due in three weeks?”

He rolled his eyes at me. “Dude it’s just a project. Why do you care so much?” He asked.

“I don’t know DUDE I just want to pass the class. Maybe that’s why?” I remarked.

“It may not seem like a big deal to you but I like succeeding at something. It makes me feel happy when I get an A. It’s one thing that I’m good at. So sorry to be a burden to your perfect life but I’m just asking for a little help here. I mean if it’s not too much for Prince Yoongi,” I proclaimed.

Yoongi didn’t say anything. Instead he just looked at me intensely. It wasn’t a look I hadn’t seen before from him. He looked focused, but also sincere. “What?” I asked looking down. He still didn’t say anything. I wondered if I had offended him. “What are you looking at?” I repeated as I raised my voice.

“You.” He answered.

My body quickly froze and only his voice kept replaying in my head. I didn’t know what to do or how to react. So, I decided to back away from him. As I did, I bumped into the closet door which was open. “Ow!” I shrieked abruptly as I held my head in pain. Yoongi jumped up from his chair and ran to where I was. He placed his hands on my head.

“Are you okay? Are you bleeding?” He frantically asked as his fingers rummaged through my hair. At that moment his body was so close to mine, that I could feel the heat from his arms and torso.

“I’m okay, don’t worry,” I groaned as I lifted my head motioning for him to stop. He took his hands off and we both just stood there with our heads down.

“What did you mean when you said you,” I asked as my eyes were still looking at the carpet.

He let out a quick sigh. “Um I don’t know. I just got caught up in the moment I’m sorry,”Yoongi answered.

Surprisingly, I was kind of disappointed by his answer. Part of me wished he had felt something more genuine at that moment. “Oh, I see. Well, uh I think I’m just gonna go back to my room.” I muttered as I walked towards the front door. He suddenly jumped in my way.

“Do you want to stay the night?” he blurted.

Before I could react my hand was already on his face. By the time I had swiped past his cheek I was mortified at myself. “Fuck, I’m sorry. But what the hell! Yoongi I’m not gonna sleep with you!” I yelled.

He cupped his cheek and turned his back to me. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have hit you, but why the hell did you think I would sleep with you?? How was I supposed to react?” I hollered. He suddenly spoke. “Um how about just no thanks?” he stated.

I closed my eyes. “I know. I should have. I don’t usually act like this. But you’re just so uhhhh” I replied in frustration. He slowly turned his head and I saw a red mark on his cheek. I placed my hands over my mouth in disbelief.

“Shit. I am so sorry,” I repeated.  

“I’m so what?” he asked referring to what I had said previously. I looked up at him. “I don’t know. I’ve just never met a guy who acts like you. Or makes me act like this. Like a psycho.”I explained chuckling at the fact I was referring to myself as a psycho.

“You’re not a psycho,” he answered. I looked at him in shock. “Did you just forget I slapped you?”I noted. Yoongi shook his head. “Trust me, I didn’t. But sometimes I forget that I act like this. I don’t realize how it makes people feel.” he said sincerely.

“Why do you have to act? Just be who you are,” I suggested.

He looked at me genuinely again. “Maybe now I have a reason to.”


“Well, I give props to the guy. He sure didn’t beat around the bush. I mean I guess he probably regretted asking you to sleep with him after that slap but I admire the assertiveness,” Jungkook mentioned laughing at the story. “But I’m guessing you guys didn’t wait too long before you started dating?” he said being serious this time.

I let out a sigh. “Well. We sort of started dating the following day. He told me how he felt so we just decided to give it a shot.” I explained as I looked down. “Looking back I should have never gone to his dorm that night.”  

Jungkook saw that I was upset. “It’s okay, you don’t need to explain what happened. I know that it must be difficult.”  

I shook my head. “No I’m alright.”

We both remained quiet for a while. I tried to gather my composure, but I felt a lump forming in my throat as I thought about Yoongi.

“So..what happened? Why did you guys break up?” Jungkook finally spoke up. I looked at the seat in front of me. “I don’t know. The semester ended and he had to go back home. He said he was going to call but he never did.” I explained in a monotone manner.  I heard Jungkook shift his body towards me.

“Wait..what? So he just never called or texted you again?” he reiterated. I still looked straight ahead. “Yep.”

“You never officially broke up then?” Jungkook asked. I turned my head slightly towards him.

“Nope,” I uttered.

“Wow,” he expressed in disbelief. 

A/N: Hi! I hope you guys liked this scenario. I’m so sorry for any grammar you saw as you read. I tried to fix as many issues as I saw. But on another note, I was thinking of making this into a short series seeing as it would be way too long in one go. Let me know what you guys think about that! :D

The Clash "Sandinista!' (1980)

This review took me FOREVER. I started it ON THANKSGIVING. Being a triple album there is a lot to get through and a lot that just felt boring and hard to write about, even though I did like a lot of it. You’ll see that I do not talk about every song on this album, not even close. But I listened to the entire thing. So here it is. I finished it. Thank god, we can all move on.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Let’s listen to some Clash! And this album is a feast with 6 sides! Unbutton your pants and let’s do this!

The Magnificent Seven”! Kinda disco-y! I’m like the fast paced beat though. It almost sounds like rapping, especially early 80s rapping, and I feel like they’re totally pulling it off.  I just realized that the title of this album includes an exclamation point. Funny that I felt the need to include on after the first song too. There’s something very exclamation pointy about this song.

Hitsville U.K.”  Feels so celebratory and delightfully 80s. And maybe this is just Thanksgiving night talking, but it almost sounds like a Christmas song. A really good one! With the male and female voices and xylophone. It’s just invoking a jolly feeling.

Now we’re into some serious reggae with “Junco Partner.” I feel like The Clash is the rare kind of band that can pull of three songs in a row that sound nothing like each other on an album, because somehow, they still manage to sound like Clash songs.

Okay, the beginning of “Something About England,” is waaaaay different than anything else I’ve ever heard by this band. Is this like their Pet Sounds album? I like it though, I feel like this album is just confirming what I’ve been saying since review number one- The Clash is a fucking awesome.

On to side two!

Of course side two starts with a waltz called “Rebel Waltz”. I’d like to see a dance performance done to this song. While I am enjoying this album, a lot, I am sort of missing that big hit song feel from the other two albums. So far I think “The Magnificent Seven” is the only one that comes close to that category.

Because “One More Time,” and then “One More Time Dub” is a little much. I think my enthusiasm for this album is waning a little bit.

On to side three! This side feels like a mini reggae album interlude. Something to remember: if you’re in the mood for Clash reggae songs, put on side three of Sandinista! That’s the thing about long albums like this. Sometimes you forget that you don’t always have to start at side one and the later sides barely get listened to because you never last that long. So next time you put on Sandinista!, maybe start on side three.

Alright, we’re halfway there. I’m going to go pee and eat that cupcake I grabbed on the way out of my Aunt and Uncle’s house before putting on side four. Actually I decided to watch While You Were Sleeping and then go to bed. So now it’s the day after Thanksgiving! Let’s put on side four!

Police on My Back” sounds very Clashy. I like the yelling out of days of the week. This is a good one. “Midnight Log,” has kind of a cowboy western feel about it. But then we’re back to some serious reggae with “The Equaliser.” I kind of wish all of the reggae songs were on their own album together, because they’re starting to mess up my flow a little bit. With that said, I like these songs, and think it’s a great album to put on when you’re doing something else. But when I’m just sitting here trying to really listen to each song, the reggae songs kind of take me out of the zone.

The lyrics of “Washington Bullets,” is like a Clash version of “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” or “It’s the End of the World as we Know it.” I feel like I used to think those kind of “history lyrics,” were really cool when I was younger. But now I’m underwhelmed by them. “Broadway,” ends with a little girl singing a cover of “Guns of Brixton.” That was unexpected. I think they should have cut it.

Alright, we’re on the last lp onto side 5! It starts with “Lose this Skin,” which is very fiddle heavy and is almost reminding me of Dave Matthews Band for a second! Because of the fiddle. I just yelled, “who is singing this?!?” Tymon Dogg is singing this. Huh. Who is that? Alex says this song reminds him of Three Dog Night’s “Joy to the World.” You just never know where this album is going to take you, do ya? PS- It’s now December 28th btw. 11 more songs to go.

I feel like this album has hidden mixtape gems. Like this song, “Charlie Don’t Surf,” I feel like this would be impressive to include on a mixtape for someone who would probably be like, I’ve never heard this Clash song before! But then they could move on with their lives and not have to listen to three lps worth of Clash songs that they’ve never really heard of before.

I’ve lost track of what song I’m on, still on side five. After “Charlie Don’t Surf,” it almost started sounding like Pink Floyd to me with “Mensforth Hill.

Oh yeah, side 6! Let’s do this! On this side so far, every song starts with some cryptic talking and then goes into a mostly reggae sounding song. Except for “Silicone On Sapphire,” which sounds like a song from the future. I’m sorry guys, I’m just not feeling children singing on this album. What’s going on with “Career Opportunities?”

Ultimately, I don’t hate this album, I just hate trying to review it. This is a great long thing to listen to when you’re hanging around the house. It lasts for a few hours and some of the songs are really good. The other songs are fine, and might surprise you while you’re walking through the living room to get some more coffee or something like that. But you’re not going to want to talk about every song on here. There’s just too much. Just listen to it and shut up. And don’t feel like you have to start on side one every time.