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[News] ‘We Broke Up’ Premiere

1. [+5054, -126]  For a second I thought they were actually dating…

2. [+4214, -178]  Sandara Park’s such a total baby face

3. [+2791, -154]  Sandara Park’s really pretty…….

4. [+2302, -113]  Wow, both of them are so cute and fresh!!!

5. [+1845, -222]  There was something like this…?

6. [+426, -12]  It’s so fun to watch!  Apparently the actors will do a street performance in Hongdae if it reaches over 5 million views!  Pleaseeee I hope this hits daebak!

7. [+393, -11]  Kang Seung Yoon was so adorable… he’s just like the original character.  It’s too bad it was so short.  Can it be Wednesday already?

8. [+376, -8]  I like the original webtoon… hope the drama becomes daebak too!

9. [+341, -7]  Kang Seungyoon’s acting is so natural… I loved it!  It was so fun

10. [+312, -8]  Dara and Seungyoon’s chemistry was overflowing…. it’s becoming more entertaining

11. [+313, -6]  Kang Seungyoon’s a good actor and a good singer.  Won Young’s daebak ㄷㄷ

12. [+292, -7]  Sandara’s so pretty… her skin’s amazing.  Seungyoon seems to have gotten even more handsome?


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i'm sure you've answered this before, but how did you come to terms with being bisexual?? like, how did you Know that you were? because i'm still really questioning if i am or not and i think hearing someone else's story might help me figure things out. (if you don't want to answer/aren't comfortable that's fine, though.)

i think Knowing and coming to terms with it were two very different things for me. figuring it out was simple enough. i watched orphan black and realized how interested i was in the cosima/delphine story and there was one specific moment when i thought “wow i’m like Obsessed with the gay stuff in this show– oh god fuck”

i kinda figured it out all at once in a single night and i did a Really Nerdy Thing. i took advice from a fanfic. i read this fanfic forever ago where this guy tries to figure out if he’s gay by watching some clips on youtube of guys kissing and then i think he slowly worked his way up to watching gay porn but we all know lesbian porn is for the most part disgusting and produced for the consumption of straight men so i avoided that route. anyway i watched some girls kiss on youtube and i spent about a month considering what that all meant and then i figured out i was into guys and girls (cause i did still like guys)

but coming to terms with it took like a year since i spent a lot of that time feeling like it wasnt Real. like it was a phase or something in my imagination or something society wouldnt let me be. i succumb to peer pressure easily so i sort of figured once i was out in the Real World i would just be straight again but after a while i realized that wasnt gonna happen and im good with it now. i think.

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Sorry this is probably the dumbest thing you'll ever see, but even though I'm not autistic, I would love to see spoons jewelry that had a dragonfly charm that worked like Sparx's health colors. The thought made me smile and I had to share with you.

Oh my gosh I absolutely love this idea so much???

Thank you for sharing this because this is such a wonderful idea actually wow I would love that!! Like really that’s such a great idea?? Omgg,

  • Gold Sparx = lots of spoons!
  • Blue Sparx = good amount of spoons
  • Green Sparx = low spoons
  • Red Sparx (like in A Hero’s Tail) = really low spoons
  • Transparent/White Sparx? Since in the game he’s gone = no spoons

That would literally be the cutest thing I’m smiling a lot over this omg.. You could have it on your blog as a little pixel that you could change the colors of or you could have it as jewelry that you could switch around depending on which Sparx/how many spoons you have!!

I wish I was creative enough to make stuff like this or I totally would oh my goodness

As many of you guys know, I switched Max to raw diet a few months back and just wanted to share our experience and impressions thus far.

He was always very lean and fit, but a lot of people have pointed out that he looks even more in shape than ever, and when I looked, I thought, wow, he really does look like he doesn’t have an ounce of fat on his body, just pure muscle. His eyes and ears are clearer, I haven’t had to clean out any ear wax build-up in over a month; and his teeth are a lot whiter, I even stopped brushing them.

The one thing I remember a lot of people saying, that didn’t happen for Max, is that he’d shed less, he sheds sooo much, all day, every day.

EXO’s reaction to you wearing their clothes

silver-galaxygirl-starwotics said: Can you do a reaction when your in their clothes (like a shirt and your underwear) and they see you?  Hehe I think that would be cute.   >-<

I totally fangirled by the thought of this xD Thank you for the request!


Baekhyun: You come out of the shower drying your hair with a towel.

Him: “Oh wow Y/N? *gif* *sits up again* uuh, you look really good with my clothes on…. and no pants!” getting very flustered.

Chanyeol: He’s sitting on a bar chair in the kitchen when you walk in. He sees you and looks very surprised but also very pleased. He stares at you, and you see it but he thinks you didn’t. You smirk at him from the back, and go up behind him and start running your fingers through his hair. “I really like this shirt” you whisper to him making him even more turned on.

Chen: He is coming out of his office when he sees you. He sneaks up behind you but you notice him before he can scare you, and he just laughs and ruffles your hair a bit. “Why the hell are you wearing my shirt?” *smirks and laughs*

D.O: On the inside: *amused and turned on*

On the outside: *embarrassed but turned on*

Kai: You have been sitting besides him for awhile, thinking he didn’t notice you wearing his shirt. But he suddenly slams a pillow on your lap shouting: “You cannot wear my shirt like this! It turns me on too much!” and you giggle because of his cuteness. “I can’t function!” he says with a laugh.

Kris: “Hey uh, Jagi? Why are you wearing my Christmas sweater?“ he asks you with a smirk. When you smirk back, being sassy and not answering him, he just pulls you closer to him, placing his lips on yours - chuckling while making out

Lay: “Aww Y/N you look so cute!” he says, not getting turned on, but definitely liking it.

Luhan: He’s getting ready in the bathroom when you open the door and ask him if he’s ready soon. He sees that you’re only wearing his shirt and your panties. He keeps cool until you close the door again, and then he breaks down in a giggle - dying from your hotness.

Sehun: When you walk past him in his shirt, he can’t keep his eyes off you, and when you turn around and look at him you ask with a smile: “Hey Sehunnie! Do you like what I’m wearing?” and you point at his shirt. He gets flustered, but contains himself from exploding. “Hmm I don’t know, maybe”. He’s not able to look at you cause if he does he’s gonna get way too turned on.

Suho: *peaking at you, and at your butt. Subtle Suho is subtle”

Tao: “Omg Jagi, you look gorgeous.”

Xiumin: *Sees you* *gif* *dirty thoughts*


This is maybe the First time, I ever knew a seiyuu, who promote OTHER SEIYUU work, in the message to fans 0___0″ like… I thought at least Kiiyan will promote Natsuki?? WOW!!

Reminds me when Kiiyan said his favorite type (male) is Miyano Mamoru -”- now I know how serious he was….-__-” or maybe not? I don’t know either….

So its 5 years today since i auditioned for the xfactor the second time, wow how the time has went by. Would never of thought i would of got this far when i walked into that room. I remember it like it was just yesterday. It deserves a celebration right? Getting quite emotional reading some of the things people saying. I love the support means so much. 

also to add on i got a liam defence squad going on twitter, its overwhelming really. 

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Is there a way for a explicitly designated man to wear a dress and not have it be harmful in some way in current society? I can't actually see it because its either lol man in dress or wow how cool this man is to stoop to wearing a dress!! He's so radical and sparkly. I honestly can't think of a way it wouldn't be harmful unless it was a surprise you thought I was a man because you suck but I'm actually not, fuck you.

I think literally the only way that a man in a dress scene could really avoid transmisogyny is to have a guy that’s just happy to wear a dress, is just having a great time or trying it out and is like Wow These Clothes Are Great!

Like a purely positive slant on it, with positive contexts.

And like you’ll still get shitty audience reactions who will treat it as a joke and you’ll get others who will pretend that’s more radikewl than existing alive as a trans woman.

But at the very least it strips out the transmisogyny in the act itself (to an extent, I mean if there’s no trans women in the entire media thing itself, then putting a dude in a dress is a slap in the face to us, that people are willing to dress up guys but not willing to have a trans woman character, so it would help to also have explicitly trans women in the thing too)

Top Shelf ~ Jungkook Oneshot

‘Can i have a oneshot/scenario where jungkook keeps calling his girlfriend shorty and like teasing about her height Fluff fluff fluffff please thank you :>’ ~Anonnie ❤️

I’m not really short, so I really don’t know what this is like… But I’ll do my best, Anonnie~! This definitely isn’t something I do to my sister -nervous laughter-

Member: Kookie
Genre: Fluff, wow.
Length: Medium


You and Jungkook were perfectly suited for each other.. Your personalities matched completely, your looks complimented each other beautifully, you thought in exactly the same way… But, there was one thing. One thing that was quite notably different between the two of you.


Yes, the boy towered over you like the goddamn Big Friendly Giant, and God, he wouldn’t let you forget about it. Let’s just say that this cheeky foetus had a plethora of teasing names that every now and then he threw at you, just during everyday situations because he liked the way you looked when you were mad with you - the way you slapped his arm playfully, how he loved that small bit of physical contact, no matter how tiny. He’d never admit it, but he loved your smallness, it added to the feeling of him wanting to protect you and feeling slightly more manly than usual due to always being teased for being the youngest. You were petite, as you preferred to call it. But this constant teasing had a little bit of an effect on your relationship, not a bad one in some ways, but let’s just say you’d do anything to show your height wasn’t an issue. 'Just ask Jungkook to grab the biscuit tin from the top shelf?’ Ahah. No. That’s never going to happen, you’ll goddamn parkour your way up to that top shelf, challenging death along the way just to prove you didn’t need babying.

Speaking of challenges, this was one of these particular days. Either Jungkook was just in the mood for pissing you off and winding you up or you were just extremely sensitive today, you didn’t know.
“What was that shorty? I can’t hear you, you’re gonna have to speak louder from down there…” He giggled, holding his tongue between his teeth as he held his hand over his head - your pen, that was needed for studying, grasped firmly in his palm
“Jungkook, I swear, give me the pen.” You whined, doing your best to stretch yourself as you leant against him on your tip-toes,
“Aniyo~ The pen’s up too high sweetheart, there’s no way.” He scoffed, looking up towards his outstretched arm before looking down towards you and patting your head with his free hand. He then cocked his head to the side and flashed that particular bunny smile - what cheek,
“Jeon Jungkook, do you want to bet me there’s no way I can get that pen, back?” You whispered, narrowing your eyes as you shot daggers at him. He laughed loudly, your small stature attempting to be even slightly threatening was hilarious,
“How do you suppose you’d do that my cute little mouse?” He asked, genuinely interested in your methods,
“I have my ways and means.” You cracked your knuckles and rolled your head from side to side,
“Impossible. There’s no way you’ll be able too.” He scoffed, placing a hand to his mouth and grazing his fingers over his lips,
“Fight me.” You laughed, “stay here, you can’t move.” You smiled, moving yourself to the side of your couch and then clambered on the arm of the sofa. Jungkook looked scared and rightly so, you snatched the pen from his hand as you jumped to the floor.


You yelped in pain and fell to the floor, using your hand which had the pen firmly gripped to fall to the floor and support your weight as another snapped down to your ankle and held it harshly.
“Yah Y/n. Stop playing.” Jungkook laughed as you stared up to him, biting your lip as your foot throbbed in pain. It was then that Kookie’s face dropped as he knew you were serious, he panicked and dropped down next to you, “what? What’s wrong?” He asked, voice laced with worry as he steadied your shoulders, you groaned and rolled your neck, keeping your eyes closed tightly. His eyes trailed down your arm and then reached your foot, “is it your ankle, honey?” He asked as you mustered a sound and nodded your head slowly, “stay here, stay here… I’ll get some ice, and some painkillers. It’s not broken, right?” He furrowed his brows and placed his hand on your stomach, unfolding his knees from beneath him. You shook your head, dropping your forehead to push against your knee, subduing the pain slightly. The sensation was constant aching, like a vice was tightening on your bone, ready to snap but just not doing so. With that he nodded, standing up and quickly rushing into the kitchen.

Jungkook quickly hurried around the kitchen, grabbing all the necessary items you needed as you lay in the middle of your living room floor. He felt guilty, like his teasing had forced you to prove something to him… And in doing so, you’d hurt yourself. Fumbling hands grasped each item harshly as he did his best to not drop or spill them, but get back to you quickly. He hurried back into the living room, crouching down and placing the bag of ice wrapped in a tea-towel against your ankle. He picked up your hand and placed it over the ice,
“Hold this.” He muttered, facing away and grabbing the water and tablets from behind him. Shuffling over to you, he set up his knee behind you, allowing you to rest you weight against him. He then handed you your tablets and held the water towards you, ready for you to gulp after the white ovals had been placed into your mouth, “let’s get you somewhere more comfortable…” He whispered, wrapping his hand around you waist and another around the crease of your knees, be extra careful as he got closer to your injury. With a huff, he picked you up, laughing to himself a little, “see you’re small, this is why I can carry you around everywhere… You’re lucky.” He smiled down at you as he sat down on the couch, keeping you in his lap and his arm laying steadily around your stomach, fiddling with the hem of your t-shirt,
“I’m sorry honey…” You eked out, leaning down and kissing his arm, leaving your head and lips resting against his arm, holding your head down in embarrassment and shame. He laughed a little, kissing the top of your head,
“Y'know all of my teasing is in good nature, right? I don’t say anything to hurt or that’s meant to hurt your feelings. I’d go as far as to say that your crippling smallness is one of my favourite things about you. You’re cute… I love that.” He muttered, a light blush spreading over his cheeks as he stared at the TV, presuming you were focused on your ankle and not his flawless face.
“I know, Kookie-yah… I love you.” You smiled against his flesh, and he felt it - the beating in his heart growing faster and faster due to the feel of your upturned lips,
“Rely on me a little more. Just because you’re small or should I say 'petite’ doesn’t mean you can’t ask me for help when you need it, you have nothing to prove to me, your smallness doesn’t mean you’re weak, and I know that.” His face softened as he focused on the moving picture of the TV, your eyes widened at how he knew your feelings exactly,
“That sounds great… It really does.” You muffled your words against his skin as you continued to hold your ice to your foot,
“Ask me to get things from the top shelf…” He whispered, a laugh caught in his throat as he did so, you laughed lightly shaking your head. He grabbed your chin, and twisted your neck to face him. He smiled at you gently before kissing your nose lightly, blushing lightly as you giggled and pushed your neck back against his shoulder.

You sucked in sharply, feeling a pain in your foot once again,
“Is it still sore? Show me, is it swollen?” He questioned as you removed the cold compress, he flinched slightly as your foot had swollen and turned a slight purple. He sighed lightly,
“Hey though… Look on the bright side, for a week or so, you’ll get to look after me. Isn’t that what you wanted?” You asked, closing your eyes and smiling at him snarkily. He groaned, scoffing a little,
“Ah, I’m starting to regret it already…” He smiled at you, “don’t think you’re getting out of helping me cook tonight.” He shook his head, raising his eyebrows as you whined, slapping his arm,
“Can’t I have a break, just this once?” You asked, flashing your best puppy eyes and Jungkook dropped his head,
“Na uh uh, little one. Just because you’re injured doesn’t mean we can miss out of food.” He replied,
“What about a takeaway though?” You tempted as Jungkook sighed,
“Okay then. I suppose it’s more time to cuddle then. Oh! We could watch a movie, if that’d cheer you up.” He asked, handing you the TV remote as you flicked through the channels lazily. He rubbed his thumb against the skin beneath your shirt as you did so, before settling his warm palm against your hip bone. You hummed lightly as you settled on a TV show, spinning your body a little and pressing yourself into him, he smiled and kissed your forehead before relaxing himself against the sofa.

'Ask me to get things from the top shelf…’


What is this. I’m sorry.

Member!anons please~~!

im so happy this picture exists

No yOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, THIS LIKE MY FAVOURITE PICTURE IN THE UNIVERSE. There’s also the full body version which is even more glorious because just LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT THOSE LEGS. I JUST

Throwing them a surprise party

Jin: Wow! You didn’t have to! I’m so full of emotions rn. Thank you !!

Rapmon: You know I don’t like parties… Today I’ll probably break things, burn something down and maybe I’ll acciedently kill someone… cuz of my clumsiness *sighs but really happy tho*

Suga: Oh wow I wasn’t excepting this…. well I was. It turned out better than I thought!

J-Hope: *whispers to you* wait what is he doing here? You know I don’t want any exes or people I don’t like here

Jimin: Awww it’s so sweet from you *-* Do I get presents too? :3


Jungkook: Wow. I’m amazed… I don’t even know what to say 

(Gifs are not mine. CR. to their owner!!)

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Cataglottism - Jack/Gwyn - Rise of the Guardians/FTV

Ooooooo wow I haven’t thought about this pairing for ages!

Cataglottism - Kissing with tongue.

(AU, let’s just pretend that everything wrapped up neatly halfway through FtDWR, leaving Gwyn and Jack free to be friends. Sort of friends).

I’ll take ‘things that are a complete accident’ for a hundred dollars thanks, Jack thought.

It wasn’t like he’d planned it. One moment Gwyn had been going on and on and on about battle strategy, and the next, Jack decided to just see what would shut him up. It hadn’t helped that he’d been thinking about kissing the guy for some time. It definitely didn’t help that Pitch had made it painfully clear that not only was he not the jealous type, he was also the ‘I’d be curious to see how Gwyn responded to you’ type, which absolutely hadn’t given Jack any ideas.


Certainly not any ideas that he was following through right now.

Because it was definitely a complete accident.

Uh huh, Jack thought. 

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one time this guy was fucking me and i told him to stop bc i had to pee right and he was like "no its ok youll squirt" and i was kinda hesitant but i let him keep going bc it felt good but short story short i didn't squirt i peed all over his bed and he thought i just had a really powerful orgasm and he looked so proud of himself the rest of the night and i told my friend and she goes "wow sounds like urine trouble"

Originally posted by bricesander

Send me your slutty confessions

I thought I’d have enough spare time to draw a better example of my headcanon Mr. Palmer. *sigh* well, I think this example looks nice too)
No one knows how Nightvalians really look like, and my headcanon about Night Vale and Cecil himself is very complicated, but in short - he might be partially an alien carnivorous plant, more or less (depends on his emotional state), partially some chthonic entity, but enjoys being human (possessed, though) a lot :)

(Send Me Your Cecil) 
//Oh WOW the detail in this is epic! Thank you!

Dallas Winston Imagine- "Daddy Kink" for Anon!

WARNING: Smuttyness ahead. If you don’t like it, skip it. Thanks!

Wow, I really did it this time, you thought to yourself as you sat on Dally’s bed, waiting nervously for his return. He caught you flirting with Thomas Warner, Tim Shepard’s right-hand man. But you had to. You’d threatened Dally before, he looked at other girls so often and you had to prove that you were just as ruthless as him. You didn’t know whether to be proud or terrified.

The door slammed open and Dallas burst through, blood spotting his t-shirt. You bit your lip as he glared at you, something off in his eyes.

“You stupid broad!” he cursed loudly, gritting his teeth. “You stupid, immature little girl… Stupid, stupid, stupid…” He groaned and took a glance at you to find you were just as hard-set as him. It was a little intimidating.

“Dally, you always look at other girls and I’m done with it! If you can flirt around, so can I!” you protested. He grimaced in spite, then in a flash, he had pounced on you, his hands all over your body.

“Yeah, but the difference is, you belong to ME,” he hissed animalistically. “I don’t belong to nobody. Understand, little girl?”

You were kind of petrified by now, like a deer in the headlights. You looked up at him like a scared rabbit, and he growled,

“Call me daddy.”

Your eyes narrowed. This was your chance to get him back, with sex he’d never forget. Why would he want more if he had the best? You bit your lip.

“Mm, Daddy, please, you’re making me hot,” you whined with a bit of a bitchy attitude. Dally only seemed to get more and more aggressive. “Daddy, touch me,” you continued, bucking up your hips. You leaned up and kissed at his neck, licking a line up his jaw until you dipped your tongue into his ear and licked around, earning a content sigh from him. “D- Daddy, please!”

Dally put on his “challenge accepted” face, and pulled back from your adventurous tongue. “Alright, you little whore.” He pulled down your skirt and panties with one flick of the wrist and his fingers caressed your sex. You couldn’t help letting out a moan, and you tried taking his shirt off, but he smacked your hands away and pulled it off himself. There was a growing bulge in his pants as you became a hot, moaning mess beneath him, your juices dripping from his fingers and onto the bed as he touched your breasts through your shirt. Soon you felt a cold spot in your lower region where Dally’s fingers had been, but before you knew it, all of your clothes were nowhere to be seen and Dallas was in a plank above you, naked. He dipped down and started to nip and suck on one of your small pink nipples, grinning in delight as it hardened. It didn’t last long though, soon he pulled back and away to get to the real fun.

“Call me Daddy,” he grunted as he lined himself up at your entrance.

“D- Daddy!” you cried as he shoved into you without even stretching you first. His head dipped down to cover your chest and neck in hickeys as he thrusted harder and faster every second. You were stuck moaning and squirming underneath his weight. He balanced himself with one hand as the other explored your body, his mouth latching to yours and taking your breath away. The sex was hard and fast and unforgiving and angry, everything burned red as you felt your skin slap Dally’s over and over as you arrived at your climax. His fingers reached down to toy with the small, red bundle of flesh that was your clit, sending you reeling.

It wasn’t long before both of you came, you first, and then Dally. Normally you both would have been up for ‘round two’ but let’s admit it, that was some of the most mind-blowing sex that either one of you had experienced in weeks. It was crazy how one word made so much difference.

A deep silence consumed the room, broken only by the music of your heavy breathing. You pushed a strand of hair back from your sweaty face and then tiredly crawled under the warm covers. Dally soon joined you, draping a possessive arm around your waist.

“I’m sorry for flirting around,” you murmured softly, gently caressing Dally’s arm. You felt the bed shift as he shrugged.

“’S partly my fault anyways. I’ll stop looking at them other gals so much if you promise not to do that again, alright, doll?”

“Yes, Dally,” you replied.

“G'night, baby doll,” he muttered softly, his previous accusations forgotten.

“Good night, Daddy.”

Dallas smirked one last time before drifting off into a dreamless sleep, exhausted from his angry endeavor.


//Hope I got this right, thanks for reading! Request anything, anytime, ships, preferences and imagines!

christopher lee died???

wow. i really thought he was immortal. what a supremely talented and gifted and unique man and what a loss. there will never be another one like him, ever.

rest in peace sir.

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I really think that allison and Toby hooked up maybe while the girls were in the doll house and maybe that's what the tension was. I could be completely wrong. Because he said it was finished or done or something like that. Just a thought.

Oh wow I like the sound of this! Because remember that flashback in 4x01, they nearly kissed!

heyo friends. wow i literally woke up and was at 150 even though?? i have barely done any writing here bc honestly owen seems like an easy muse but he’s really as easy for me. he’s not an angsty boy with daddy issues. maybe that’s why. whatever. this is just a big thank you for all of you people who think i’m good at owen. i’ve literally had him for a week amazing. 

but yeah i thought i would do a giveaway even though i haven’t done one of these in like year honestly. 

ends june 27 at 1pm cst ( gmt - 6) 

reblogs & likes count.
must be following me ( raptorsense)
must be a rp blog.
idc how much you reblog it.

three people will win 50 icons & the psd i used to make them 

examples. i can do sizes & coloring & borders that you want