I didn’t know schools did this - I didn’t know schools were allowed to do this. 

Obviously schools have dress codes, but in elementary I always found ours peculiar. We couldn’t wear spaghetti straps, or any kind of straps that showed our bra straps. 

But in my friends school, if your bra straps were showing, they made you paper clip them together. And I don’t think the students did it, I think teachers did. Sounds pretty uncomfortable, too, like you’re really being punished for wearing a bra/having boobs.

And in her friends school, one principal would stand in the hallway in the morning and, “make the girls show him the three finger measure on any shirt to verify they were wide enough and stretch their arms down to check hem length”. Because he had nothing better to do with his time, other than embarrassing young girls and probably making them late for class? Of course that’s just one principal, but still ridiculous to me.

Sexualizing girls bodies from the youngest possible age by the school system.