Kiwi: Part Ten

A series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album.

A/N: This will be the second-last chapter of this series, excluding a possible epilogue. Thank you all for your patience regarding this chapter, as always, all the love to you. xx

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Harry’s pillow smelled like vanilla.

A few days ago he’d ran out of his own shampoo, so he’d started using hers that she’d brought with her when she returned to his place. It was vanilla-scented and made his hair feel soft and silky, and there was nothing she loved more than to play with his hair as his eyes drooped shut at the end of a busy day.

Calliope was sitting on Harry’s bed, hugging his pillow to her chest with her legs criss-crossed on the mattress. She had Harry’s phone beside her and was listening to his album.

His album. He had been so proud of it when he burst into the room and announced to her that he was finally finished.

“Calliope!” He shouted from down the hallway, causing her to look up towards the bedroom door. She’d just gotten out of the shower— her t-shirt was sticking to her skin where she wasn’t dry enough, and she was in a pair of underwear covered in purple teddy bears that she’d owned since high school. Her short locks of hair were still dripping a little as Harry bounded into the room like a racecar, a huge grin on his face.

“What?” She giggled, running her hands through her damp hair as a form of brushing it. She was sitting on her side of his bed, but now pushed herself up to rest on her knees as she waited for his response.

“I finished the album,” he exhaled in an elated manner, as if he’d just run a marathon. She’d never seen him smile that wide, and it just about split her in two. “It’s done.”

“It’s done?” Cal repeated, her voice going up two octaves. He simply nodded in response, lifting his hands to tangle his fingers through his hair in almost disbelief.

“It’s done!” He laughed, and she squealed simultaneously. Excitement surged through her body as she pushed herself up so that she could stand on top of the bed mattress, bouncing up and down a little bit as she yelled.

“Oh my gosh, Harry!” She laughed, and squeaked a little bit as Harry hopped onto the bed with her. He clambered on clumsily only to stand up and take Cal’s hands, the both of them bouncing up and down giddily. He bounced over to her and slid his arms around her, pulling her down onto the mattress.

Calliope wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck as a surge of pride rushed through her chest, curling up in his lap as she pressed her lips to his in a succession of small kisses.

But within seconds, something shifted the mood. Harry was no longer smiling against her lips, and his arms constricted around her body a little bit tighter— usually that would be a sign that he cared, but that day it felt more like a warning signal.

“I’m done…” he muttered, and his voice almost took a sad tone. “I’m done. That means I’ve got to go.”

Calliope stopped breathing.

She knew that this was going to happen. Cal and Harry both knew that he was only in Jamaica for a handful of weeks and was then to go back to his life. But that was before…well, that was before they’d fallen in love.

And in that moment she wondered, would she have done it all over again if she’d known it would end so soon?

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eaturveggiesbby  asked:

hello, i was wondering if i could get a scenario please!! can i get a bakugou, kirishima, and shinsou scenario w/ a short, chubby female s/o dancing to music while the boys are gone (to work/ school / store) in one of their shirts, and the boys walk in on them?? what would they do, join them or watch?? sorry if this is too descriptive haha, thank you in advance !!

No problem friend, I like doing descriptive requests ;-)

Bakugou Katsuki:

Originally posted by kurodemon

Tapping your nails against the kitchen counter, you sigh in boredom as you check your phone for any messages from your pro hero boyfriend.

Nothing. You decide to send a message, too anxious from waiting in the deafening silence of your empty apartment.

To: Bakubae

When will you be home? I want to know when to start dinner <3

You exit your messages and tap on the music app, flipping through your library to find a good pop song to dance to. You might as well cheer yourself up, you wouldn’t want to be a frowning mess when your tired boyfriend gets home from work.

Selecting your favourite song, you grab a whisk from the counter and start belting out the lyrics into it, your hips gyrating side to side with the beat.

As you bring a dinning chair close to you as a dancing partner, you are scared out of your fantasy by the sound of something being thrown.

You whip around and are mortified to see a smirking Katsuki.

“Why didn’t you answer my text!” You squeak, throwing the whisk on the table and pointing an accusatory finger at your boyfriend.

He gestures to the takeout Chinese bag he’d thrown on the counter, effectively answering your question and leaving you humiliated from being caught.

He suddenly strides toward you, coming flush against your front, wrapping his thick toned arms around your waist, his hands coming to rest on your ass.

“Look at my sexy little girlfriend, dancing around in my shirt with your ass out for me…”

You offer a pitifully embarrassed groan in response.

You squeak when his hot hands dig into your ass with bruising force, a hot feeling pooling in your gut at the sensation.

“Buuut, I’m fuckin’ hungry right now. So let’s eat first”

“Bakugou” you groan, sagging against the kitchen table.

Shinsou Hitoshi:

Originally posted by allenzwalker

Since your relationship had begun with Shinsou Hitoshi, you had gotten into the habit of coming home with him after school and doing your homework together in his bed, while wearing his loose fitting clothes.

You two are both comfortably cuddled in his bed, separately reading through your textbooks and notes.

“Oh no” Hitoshi groans, shuffling his papers around, looking for something.

“What’s the matter babe?”

“I left my revision notes in my locker” he sighs out, leaving the warm confines of your body and his blankets.

“I have to go get them”

You pout, not happy about the loss of your boyfriends body against yours.

“I’ll be back in twenty minutes, okay?”

Hitoshi frowns at your groans and protests, leaning down to kiss your lips and quickly exits.

You sigh, lying back and staring at the ceiling.

The minutes seemed to tick by in slow motion on Hitoshi’s bedside clock. You needed something to do to pass the time.

You twiddle with the knobs on Hitoshi’s radio flipping between the stations, most are staticky and only news. You finally land on a rock station, jumping up in excitement when you hear your current favourite song.

You hum out the lyrics, swaying your body around to the beats of the song, completely forgetting to check the clock for Shinsou’s arrival time.

You are broken out of your own little world when you hear Shinsou loudly clear his throat from the door.

He’s chuckling, a humorous grin adorns his usually stoic face so you don’t feel too embarrassed about being caught.

“How much of that did you see?” You groan, turning off the radio and falling onto his bed.

“About five minutes”

Kirishima Eijirou:

Originally posted by nishincyas

You hummed to the song you were currently dancing to, broom in hand as you danced around your apartment sweeping up anything that looked dirty.

Your boyfriend Kirishima Eijirou had left to pick up some cleaning supplies from a combini, leaving you alone in your shared apartment.

You manoeuvre the broom around you, pretending it was your dancing partner as you dipped and twirled it.

“Nice moves babe!” Kirishima laughs, he drops his shopping back and strides toward you.

You laugh when he takes the broom out of your hands, glaring at it jealously. Kirishima wraps his arms around your waist as you wrap your arms around his neck. You both sway back and forth to the music, two identical goofy grins plastered on your faces.

“Am I better than the broom y/n?”

“Pfft sorry Eiji, I think Mr. Broom has you beat”

Kirishima playfully scoffs, “Fine then, give me my shirt back you jerk!”

You squeal when your boyfriend pulls his shirt over your head, you didn’t bother to wear a bra today.

“Eijirou give it back!” You cry as he runs to the bedroom waving his shirt like a captured flag, cackling like a madman.

73. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”; 14. “Take.it.off.” (Joji)

Anybody up for Harry Potter AU? ARE YOU PUMPED FOR THIS?! sorry


The cheers were getting a little bit too loud for your taste and, after so many hours of partying, you decided to just call it a night. It was late and tomorrow you had classes—not even winning the Quidditch championship could deter you from missing those. You didn’t want to wake up with a hangover and feeling like shit; and you ran out of fatigue potions. That reminded you that you had to create some more in your free time…PLUS, your partner in crime disappeared somewhere and the party has started to become boring afterwards.

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Use your metal fingers Bucky

Pairing: Bucky X reader

Request: I love your writings creative and sexy. I was hoping I could request something(quite shy abt it) anyway I want a smut that focuses on Bucky’s metal arm where the reader wants him to stuff to her w/it. I believe you can write it best. X kitten.

Authors note: aww thanks you don’t have to be shy about requesting it. I’m planning on doing a second part and turing it into a Bucky/ reader/ Steve threesomes if that’s alright.

Part 2: http://marvelismylife.tumblr.com/post/141103220252/use-your-metal-fingers-bucky-part-two Part 3: http://marvelismylife.tumblr.com/post/141345944582/use-your-metal-fingers-bucky-part-3

Warning: smut

Bucky’s pov.

Ugh this mission was such a pain in the ass, I can’t wait to get back to my apartment to shower and see y/n. Although she’s also apart of the avengers I get assigned the mission with Steve. We’ve been apart for three weeks and I just can’t wait to lock us away from everyone for the next couple of days. I got back to the apartment just before 6:00pm and I was greeted by the smell of my favorite food.

“Y/n I’m back”

“Bucky ! ! ! ! ” y/n ran towards me tackling me into a hug.

“I missed you buck” I noticed the sexy black dress she was wearing.

“I missed you too doll” I replied pulling her into a kiss. Just as I was about to slip my tongue in her mouth y/n pulled away.

“I don’t want to be rude but you stink baby. Why don’t you shower while I finish dinner. Is Steve coming over?”

“No he said he was too tired.”

“Ok well like I said get your stinky butt in the shower. You have no idea what I have planned for us tonight” y/n whispered in my ear while pressing her body onto mine.

Y/n pov.

“No he said he was too tired”. yes I get to have alone time with Bucky tonight. Don’t get me wrong I love Steve but being away from Bucky three weeks was torture. It’s been the longest we’ve been apart since started dating and it’s also the longest we’ve gone without having sex. I actually kept harassing Maria into telling me when they were going to be back so I can plan tonight perfectly. Bucky and I have a pretty wild sex life if I’m being honest and we aren’t shy about it either. More than a few times other avengers have walked in on us and instead of getting embarrassed we just keep going at it. We’ve done every positioned in every location we could think of. The one thing we haven’t tried no matter how much I try was using Bucky’s metal arm. He says the main reason is that he doesn’t want to hurt me with it. That’s why I’m doing this, cooking his favorite food and wearing the trashiest bra and thong.

“Is this better” Bucky asked walking into the kitchen in a black shirt and jeans.

“Much better. Can you set the table for me please?” I give him a quick kiss before turning the stove off.

“Sure thing doll”

As we are eating he’s talked about his mission. Him telling me how Steve was an ass about doing the mission his way.

“And I was like Steve you do it your way and I’ll do it my way. If you don’t like it tough you’re going to have to deal with it.”

“Oh my gosh what did he say ! ! !”

“Nothing he just gave me a dirty look”

“Haha I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who could sass Steve and get away with it” I replied playing with the top of my dress and showing him part of my lace bra.

“Yeah I’m the only one who can put that punk in place.” Bucky was staring at my breast licking his lips as he replied to me.

“I’ll bet” I reached over and grabbed his hand

“What are you up to doll?”

“Nothing Bucky, can’t I cook dinner for my loving boyfriend after he’s been away for weeks?”

“Not when you keep flashing me that sexy bra of yours”

“Oh so you don’t want to see these?” I pull down both straps of my dress down reveling my bra to him. “Or these ?” I stand up and let my dress fall revealing my soaked thong.

“Oh doll you’re stunning” Bucky was about to get up but I pushed him back down.

“If you want to get these off you’re going to have to clear the table and meet me in the bedroom.” I teased while kissing his jaw before leaving the dinning room and going towards the bedroom. I could hear plates clattering and water running.

I’m sitting on the edge of the bed for ten minutes before Bucky burst through the door. He has this primal look in his eyes letting me know I will be sore tomorrow. Bucky spread my legs then bent down to kiss me. He snaked his arm around my body and unclasped my bra revealing my breast.

“Oh how I missed these” Bucky attached his lips to my nipple while I unbuttoned his jeans. Bucky pulled away to remove his shirt before he attaches his lips to my other nipple.

“Mmm Bucky wait” I moaned as I stop him from pushing me to lay on the bed.


I pulled his jeans and boxers down all the way down in response. He kicked them off to the side as I take him in my hand. I start sucking on his balls before licking my way up to the tip of his cock. I swirl my tongue around his tip before deep throating him.

“Ugh y/n” Bucky groans as he moves the hair that’s covering my face. I look up at him as I start sucking faster. I know it drives him crazy when I make eye contact with him while I go down on him.

“You’re such a little slut aren’t you y/n? Sucking my cock like its a popsicle.” Bucky teases as he starts gripping my hair tighter.

“Mmm"I moaned as I massage his balls trying to make him cum.

“You keep doing that and I won’t last long doll” I take Bucky out of my mouth.

“I want you to cum on my face buck” I start pumping him even faster.

“Oh shit” Bucky cursed as he came all over my face and neck managing to get some in my hair. He’s looking down at me in awe before pushing me down on the mattress. Shuffling us until my head finally hits the pillow. He starts kissing me while removing my thong and running his flesh hand my pussy.



“Please touch me with your metal arm” I whined running my hand up and down his metal arm.


“Please I want you to fuck me with your metal arm” I look at him and give him a pouty face as his cum drips down my face.

“I don’t want to hurt you”

“You won’t. We can try it once and if you hurt me I’ll tell you. You have no idea how much I want these” I hold onto his metal fingers “in me”.

“Promise you’ll tell me if I’m hurting you ok?”

“Ok” I smiled as he moves his metal finger up and down my pussy.

“Mmm yeah that feels good”

“How does it feel ?” Bucky asks kissing my upper body.

“Cold, it feels cold but I love it. Please stick one of your fingers in me. I need to feel it inside me” I begged closing my eyes and moaned as I feel him pushing one of his fingers inside me.

“Oh Bucky”

“You ok?”

“Yeah mmm oh yeah move faster buck” Bucky starts pumping inside me as he takes my right nipple in his mouth.

“Oh Bucky” this only encourages Bucky to move faster.

“You like that doll? Getting fucked with my metal finger. Do you want another one?” He adds a seconds finger before I could respond.

“Ugh yeah oh shit don’t stop Bucky” I grabbed onto Bucky’s hair feeling my orgasm fast approaching.

“Cum doll you look sexy when you cum” Bucky smirked while looking up at me. he kept sucking my nipple while moving his finger faster.

“Oh Bucky” I shout as I came all over his fingers.

“You look so baby” Bucky removed his fingers and sucking them clean “mmm I missed tasting you doll.”

“Oh Bucky that was mind blowing” I pulled him up and kissed him.

“We’re not done yet” Bucky moved himself between my legs and teasing me with cock before moving himself inside me.

“Ahh” Bucky starts moving roughly not letting me adjust to him.

“Oh doll I’ve missed this, I missed being inside you” I grabbed the back of his head as he is moving wildly inside me.

“I know Buck. every time I touched myself at night while you were away o couldn’t get all the way there because it wasn’t you touching me. Only you can make me cum”.

“Oh doll keep talking to me with that filthy mouth of yours”

“I missed your cock ramming inside me from behind and me begging you to let me cum. Can I cum buck? Can I cum all over your cock?”

“Fuck y/n yes, yes cum all over my cock” with that I came.

“BUCKY ! ! !”

“Y/N ! ! !” Bucky growls as he came shortly after still moving inside me.

Bucky started to slow down until he finally stopped and laid on top of me before pulling out and rolling over. He got up and went to the bathroom returning with toilet paper and cleaned the cum off my face. He threw the paper away in the trash next to the bed. Bucky laid back on the bed and pulled me into his chest as we are catching our breaths.

“I really missed you buck. Promise me you won’t go on any missions longer than a week”

“I promise doll and if I do get assigned one I’ll demand you be my partner. Steve’s great but he’s not you” Bucky laughed as he kissed the top of my head as I moved my hand up and down his metal arm.

*the next day*

We get woken up to someone knocking on our door. Bucky angrily got up and put his boxers back on before answering the door.

“What ! ! !”

“Oh Bucky sorry did I wake you up?” Steve asked taking in his best friends appearance.

“Yeah you did. What do you want punk” Bucky rudely replied

“I thought we could hang out”

“Babe I thought we were going to spend the day in bed- oh hey Steve” I replied as I walked into the living room only wearing Bucky’s shirt.

“Hey y/n” Steve blushes as he is openly checking out his best friends girlfriend.

“We are babe, Steve was just leaving right Steve?” Bucky gave his friend a “you better say yes” look.

“I uh yeah I was just leaving”

“You could stay for breakfast if you want. I was going to make pancakes.”

“I thought we were going to stay in bed y/n”

“Yeah but we have to eat. Again you are welcomed to join Steve.” I replied I could feel Steve staring at my ass as I start making my way towards the kitchen.

“Hey stop staring at my girl like that punk” Bucky slapped the back of Steve’s head.

“Sorry buck it’s been a while”

“Clearly if you are openly checking out my girl. How long has it been?”

“Too long” Bucky knew what it was like to not have sex for a long time. Reluctantly he’s about to help his friend out

“I make no promises but I’ll talk to y/n and see if it’s ok for you to join in with us today. That girl has quite a mouth I’m sure she’d bring you pleasure.”

“Oh you don’t have to ask buck it’s ok”

“Yeah I do it’s not fun not having sex for a long time. Who knows if she says yes and you satisfy her enough you might be able to join us anytime you’re in a need of sexual release.”



“Guys I have hot pancakes waiting to be eaten hurry up ! ! !” Both men gave each other a smirk before walking into the kitchen. Getting ready to purpose an offer they hoped I wouldn’t refuse.

Again let me know if you be to turn this into a Bucky/ reader/ Steve threesomes

Calum smut- girlxboy

You are dating Calum, and when he’s playing a video game you get really horny and you want him but he doesn’t want to, then you get punished for interrupting his game.

“Babe, I’m so horny. Can’t you just leave your game for a bit, please?” You ask him nicely

“Y/N I’m kind of busy right now, later okay” he tell you

“But I want you now. I need you now Cal.” You tell him your voice sounding too desperate for your liking

“I said later” He said angrily as you were distracting him.

You were thinking about going into your room and having a play with your vibrator, it’ll probably be better than him anyways.

As you get up to leave you get a better idea, if he’s going to be such a dick to me I might as well tease him a bit.

You walk over the right side of the TV not blocking the view but close enough so you’re still in his eye sight. You take off your shirt slowly, and not wearing a bra your boobs bounce slightly as you pull it over your head, you drop the piece of clothing to the floor and look at Calum to see his reaction, he was mostly looking at the TV but did take his eyes off it for a few milliseconds to check you out.

You decide to step it up. You turn to face the TV and you start to unbutton your shorts, sliding them down your legs and making sure to bend over dramatically so he could see every inch of your ass. You stand back up fully and turn around hoping that his full attention was on you but you were disappointed to see he was still playing that stupid video game.

Calum was on the very left side of the couch so you decided to sit facing him so your back was touching the arm of the chair on the right side. You place your left leg on the floor and your right leg was on the couch bent so your foot was on the couch. You played with your boobs for a bit moaning ever so quietly but loud enough so that Calum could hear every single moan that came out of your mouth. He still didn’t take his eyes off the screen, and you had noticed that he had started a new game, what a fucking dick.

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