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i was running late for school, but I’m glad the public bus came on time. it was quite empty — just the driver, me, and a hot guy. singapore has this bus which some seats are facing each other. so I purposely chose the seat that had a perfect view of him. with my iPhone in my hand, I snapped a pic of him. AND THE FLASH WAS ON!! the hot guy was shocked. immediately, i brought my phone to my ears, acting like the flash was alerting me that i have a call. in my mind, i thought i was smart. but the guy started laughing at me. why? because I had my earphones on…


Okay so a lot of people are talking about how they met Dan and Phil and I thought I’d share my story too.

It was Saturday morning and I wore this Sharknado shirt and a red blazer just for the ironic YOLO and so Dan and Phil would laugh because they were in that youtubers react episode. And I met up with my online friend and we were three hours in advance and about 40 people from the front of the line. Keep in mind this was a four hour meetup so we knew we were guaranteed in. All of a sudden the security guards started telling that there was a fire hazard and everyone had to evacuate the building. I didn’t want to lose my place in line so me and my friend went and hid in the bathroom. We came out 5 minutes later and the security had formed a barricade around a group of girls that were to meet Dan and Phil and no one was allowed in. I was extremely upset because they were the main reason I went and I had just been waiting two hours all to be literally shoved by huge guards out of line! I was crushed and everything seemed hopeless. I knew Dan and Phil didn’t walk around because of the mobs of fans and I wasn’t staying in their hotel so I couldn’t even try to catch them in the lobby. I tried three different things on Saturday and nothing worked. I truly believed I would never get to see my heroes. Then on Sunday night, by means I am not allowed to say ;P I got into the hotel lobby that was all top secret! I was talking to another of my favorite youtubers, craigtdillon, when I spotted dan and Phil’s figures. I quickly said goodby to Craig (I had met him 3 time already) ad rushed towards dan and phil as they walked out the door. Then it happened. I heard phil say “where are cat an Joey?? We are supposed to be meeting them for dinner’

I tapped on Dan’s back and said rather quietly "dan?”
He turned around quickly in surprise and looked at me. I was suddenly very embarrassed because I was not looking my best but he then broke out into a huge grin. “Hi! He replied and without me asking pulled me straight into a hug. I was so happy that I just started saying things. After Dan hugged me I went straight to Phil and got a hug from him. Then I said "I’m so glad I met you guys! I lost hope after the security thing happened.” I assumed they had already heard about how crazy it all was but oddly enough both of them looked confused. Dan came closer and urged me to to go on and Phil half confused and half angry said ‘what security thing?’ I explained to them what happened but then a huge crowd of girls found us. Even thought they were all screaming phil still looked me in the eye and dan was giving me his full attention even as girls were brandishing phones and sharpies. After I finished phil said “oh that’s awful! I’m so sorry! I’m so glad we met you!” *btw I had already taken the group selfie*then the other girls pushed me aside and started taking pictures with phil and he kept looking over like he was sorry so when I asked for a picture with him he went straight to me and hugged me. Then I noticed Dan kept looking back and I asked for a selfie really quick and he came over to me too. And before I lost my courage I asked Dan for a hug because I had to go because the girls were crowding me against the wall and security was coming. And then Dan looked surprised that I would actually want a hug from him on my terms and then he blushed and giggled I REPEAT DAN HOWELL GIGGLED and said 'well of course you can!!!’ And then he bent down and gave me an extra long hug and it was the best hug I have ever had.

Dan smelled so good. Most youtubers didn’t really smell like anything but Dan smelled like angels and chocolate not going to lie. And they weren’t as huge as I imagined. I was surprised Dan was so shy and cutesy while phil was confident and mature. (Lol a girl can dream that Dan was acting nervous because he thought I was cute, right? ;P) an Phil is so like attractive and so honest and down to earth and ahhhh.anyways they are so down to earth and loving and kind to all of their fans and they made everything better. It was great meeting them and even though they probably don’t remember me I’ll remember them forever.

PS their hair and eyes are even better in person

amazingphil danisnotonfire


I got my friend to start playing Dragon Age origins whenever she came over to my house and let me tell you it was one of the most funniest things I have ever experienced. All of her choices would lead to harder choices in the future and it was so hilarious just to watch her be like “Eh, okay I’ll do this” and inside my mind I’m laughing my ass off because of future consequences. For example when she chose to romance Alistair as an elf. I was dying to see her reaction to when she wanted to marry him but couldn’t. And when she chose to keep him as a warden I couldn’t wait until she had to choose whether to save him or Hawke. When that choice came up she chose to kill Hawke and stood in one of the fires in the main hall and whined about the decision for the rest of the day. (It didn’t help I was teasing her the whole day too) One of my favourites is in Inquisition when she just wanted a chill romance and she chose to romance Solas. (I have to confess though, I convinced her to romance him. She was on the fence about either romancing Solas or Cullen and I told her to romance Solas. Evil, I know)

I didn’t even care I wasn’t playing. Watching her play it was hilarious. And she hated me for not telling her about the consequences of her choices while I laughed in her face.

Animal Crossing AU where everything is the same but Commander Peepers is your secretary. 

EXO reaction when Their GF says something innocent but they take it in a dirty way and start laughing really hard and she later realizes it and feels embarrassed

Such a long title omg I’M SORRY!!! ~ 사랑해 <3 Chas

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*You started talking about how Chanyeol was teaching you how to play the drums recently*

You: “We were banging all night.”

Others: *Busted out into laughter* “Too much info guys!”

Yeol: “You shouldn’t have worded it that way.”

You: “I’m leaving. You are all pervs. Oh my god.”


*You both decided to hang out with his crew tonight for a dinner and it was all just laughs and for fun until a story came to your mind*

You: “You know my neighbor? Yeah, so the other day I was just really surprised by how big his package was. Like it was really big! I always wandered what he had in it.”

Fan: “Wait what?” *Started laughing really hard with the others until leaning over to you* “Think really hard on the reason why we are laughing.”

You: “OH MY GOD!! NOT LIKE THAT!!! He ordered something online and the package that was delivered was pretty tall! OMG.”


*You all started talking about Subway*

You: “I was expecting maybe four inches, but he gave me more like 12.”

Hun: *paused for a second before giving you a look while trying not to laugh* 

You: “I hate you.”

Hun: “I love you but that was hilarious babe.”


You: “There is this co-worker that is having trouble with something. He tried everything but just couldn’t get in.”

Tao: *Starts bursting out in laughter*

You: “You have got to be kidding me. He was having trouble with getting the paper in the copying machine you perv! Leave the poor intern alone!”


*Your friend called you while you and Jongin were cuddling on the couch*

You: “Do you want to come in the front door or the back?” *Your friend started laughing along with Jongin beside you*

Nini: “Babe! You’re with me not her!” *He jokingly said*

You: “You both are sick.”


*You started to talk about your co-worker to him*

You: “I’m sure he’s tired; he spent all day on his knees.”

Minnie: “Wait what? Think real hard about what you just said while I laugh right now.”

You: “You have got to be kidding me. The boss made him clean his office floor by hand because of a stupid prank he did. Omg. I hate you.”


*You started talking about the road trip you and your friend went on and that the ride back was just too much*

You: “We were only riding for maybe five seconds before we were desperate to get off.”

Baek: “Whoa what??? With a girl?”

Others: *All laughing their asses off*



*Started talking about food*

You: “I love sausage.”

Han: *Stops and just stares at you before bursting out into laughter*

You: “What? WAIT!!! NOOO! Lu! I hate you! You’re such a perv. Omg.”


You: *Started talking about a cute couple you seen on your walk in the park* “She took his head in her hands and stroked it.”

Dae: “Why would they do that in public?” *Started to hide his increasing smile behind his hand*

You: “What are-ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! 


*You started to talk about your friend’s basketball practice that you got to watch*

You: “He really needs to work on his ball handling.”

Soo: “Why would you know that?” *Leans over to explain the situation*

You: *A huge blush appears on your cheeks as the others started laughing* “I am so sorry about that wording.”


*You both started talking about space because you were studying it in one of your college classes*

You: “I always wondered what happens to nuts in space.”

Xing: *Pauses and tries to hold back his laughter* “Babe, I think you should have rephrased that.”

You: “I don’t- Really Yixing? Oh my god. I should have rephrased that!”


*Started talking about the rocket launch you both seen today*

You: “The power of the thrust was really remarkable.”

Myeon: “Don’t say that please.” *Trying to hide his laughter*

You: “I cannot talk to you guys right now. You sick pervs.”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

I’m forever cursed at accidentally starting new pictures. But, am not too sure if I want to finish this one anytime soon… :’D

Mainly started this as I imagined Egoraptor as a hyena (because of his silly-great laugh <3) and Danny as a poodle (… ‘cause jewfro. <33). Then I thought I’d build up on that idea and do the entire (current) grump family, including the fairly recent addition of Kevin! :)

Was confident in making Ross a kangaroo for what may be obvious reason, but the others I sort of winged at! Fox automatically came to mind with Suzy, a ferret seemed to work with Kevin, and as for Barry… something was screaming at me to draw him as a rat, I’m not sure! (But I didn’t want to go with a unicorn, 'cause that may have been too easy!) :’D


It’s funny because yeah, Jensen as a lot to do, when he’s away he misses his wife and daughter, and a lot happens at conventions.

Yet, something always happens. As soon as panel with Misha starts, it just goes away. It looks like something just flows over him and makes his mind come in peace. 

This year, Jared went home before the con even started, he needed his family at home . And Jensen was worried, he missed Jared, and he showed it. 

And then Misha came on stage with him. 

And he laughed, he danced, he showed affection to Misha, literally everything he did said I’m comfortable with you, and I think that’s a great thing. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy watching cockles panels so much. 

(FYI I ship the hell out of Cockles, but this can be seen the friendly way too, I mean, look at their panels together)

Teach Me (Jungkook x Girl x Hoseok)

*I had started this then my laptop decided to fuck up and shut down so I lost all the intro. Sigh I don’t want to redo it but I said I would post something so*


You were siting on Jungkook’s couch his lips pressed against yours. You had came over today to spend time with him. You had decided to wear a short high wasited black shirt with a black crop top that had holes through it. In this outfit you were able to see her green lacey bra that matched her green lace panties. 

Everything had had started out good in your mind. You guys were watching TV laughing and cuddling when suddenly he got quiet. And he would flinch at every move you made. So you called him out on it asked him about it and it resulted in him smashing your lips together. 

Jungkook was beyond turned on. He wanted you in every way possible. He fucking craved you. Needed you. He had felt his black skinny jeans get tight around his member at your outfit but both of you were inexperienced so he didn’t think you had done it on purpose but hell that was part of the reason he wanted you over here today.. He wanted to fuck you and he would do so. 

The door opened and both of you broke the kiss looking at Jungkook’s hot ass roommate Hoseok. He smiled at you both after he took off his hoodie revealing nice arm muscles and a toned body tat was poking out underneath that tank top. Jungkook look back and forth between you both sensing the sexual tension before he cleared his throat. 

“Hyung you remember when you said you would do anything for me?” He asked hope softly with a smile on his lips. 

“I do kookie what’s up?” Hope replied looking at his roommate with love and adoration. He loved that boy like he was his own flesh and blood. He’d do anything he asked. 

“Well.. Hyung I want to fuck — but I don’t know what to do.. Teach me? But demonstrate step by step on her.”

Your cheeks heated up at the suggestion want and embarrassment in your eyes all at once. Hoseok had ask Jungkook if he was sure he even looked at you seeing a nod of your head. Before you knew it hope was picking you up carrying you down the hallway to his room. He threw you on the bed softly watching your skirt fly up a smirk on his lips. He waited for Jungkook to come in before he began. 

“So first you want to kiss her. Make sure it’s deep and loving and make sure she want’s and gives into you.” Hope said crawling over you. He leaned down connecting your lips together softly at first. 

You moaned feeling his plump lips swallow yours up and before long he was swiping his tongue across your bottom lip asking for entrance. You gave it to him letting his tongue play with yours as he moaned into your mouth sucking on your pink muscle. All to soon he was pulling away with a smirk looking at Jungkook. 

“Give it a try.” He said and Jungkook took his place leaning down kissing you just like hope did. You moaned more encouraging Jungkook to deepen the kiss opening your mouth for him shivering when he flicked his tongue across the roof of your mouth. Hope watched feeling his pants get hard. He bite his lips before stopping the little make out session.

“Next take off all her clothes slowly caressing her body. I’ll do it this time so you will know next time.” Hope said a bit to eager to get his hands on his roommates hot girlfriend.

Hope stripped you down slowly marking hickeys on your neck and collarbone finally leaving you naked and panting under him the sheets slick with your sweat. Him and Jimin had taken turns to do whatever they could to you. It was becoming quite the hassle for your wetness that seeped onto the bed. 

Hope had show him the ‘proper way’ to suck on your breast resulting in both mouths attached to a nipple sucking for life as both slowly trailed fingers up and down your wet soaking slit. 

Hoseok had made Jungkook kiss down your body guiding his head with your hand. Hope had spread your pussy lips wide licking you teasingly as he keep his eyes on  you Jungkook stripping down to nothing. You whined with your head back panting as you felt one tongue work at your clit the other sucking at you entrance. You looked down seeing Jungkook thrust his tongue hard and fast inside of you giving you no time to think as they tongue fucked you. 

You arched your back feeling a release about to happen but once again Hope was dragging him and Jungkook away from your pussy your body writhing on the bed as you whimpered with want and need so frustrated with the both of them.

Hope smirked watching you as he stripped off his clothes slowly. This was going to be his only time being able to fuck you he might as well made it memorable.

“Last but not least fuck her until she is crying out your name.” Hoseok said winking at you as he grabbed his dick with one hand and spread your legs wide. He slowly rubbed his cock head up and down your quivering pussy tapping it against your spread lips before he slowly pushed into you a groan on his lips. 

“F-fuck –! Y-your so tight.” He groaned biting his lips as he willed himself not to pound into you. 

You opened your legs wider rolling your hips up after a few minutes of adjusting a moan leaving your lips and Hope got the hint. He started to thrust into you slow but powerful leaning down kissing your lips sloppily. You groaned pulling at his hair as he rolled his hips expertly into you hitting just the right spots inside of you. 

He was so big inside of you and you could feel every detail of him even his veins that popped out of his cock. He broke the kiss as he sped up his hips pounding into you. 

“SHIT!” You moaned out watching his face contort in pleasure as he closed his eyes giving you all he had to give. You couldn’t even buck your hips up you just laid there and took it. 

“Y-your so l-lucky Jungkook is my roommate or I’d fucking cum inside of this tight little pussy. But I fucked you first. Remember that.” Hope groaned lowly kissing you hard before he pulled out of you with effort missing your tight walls. 

“Jungkook I need you.” You whined to the male when he just stood there unsure of himself. When he heard those words he climbed over you spreading your legs wide hooking his hands under your knees. 

He pushed inside of you slowly both of you moaning together as he started to thrust in and out of you keeping a steady rhythm going. He slipped in and out of you easily due to how wet you were from all of the teasing. He grabbed your hair roughly drawing a gasp from you and Hoseok both as he made you watch him slide in and out of your pussy. 

“I don’t give a fuck what he said! I better be the only one fucking the tight cunt only my cock can be buried inside of you. Is that understood you little slut?” Jungkook asked with a growl and you shut your eyes his dirty talking feeding your approaching orgasms. 

Jungkook started to roll and snap his hips in different angels smirking as you yelled out for him to keep hitting there. He gave you all he head pounding into your pussy hitting your spot over and over making you see nothing but white. 

“S-shit I’m close baby!” You warned and Jungkook nodded. He started to roughly tap and hit at your clit with the pad of his fingers sending you overboard your orgasm taking you. 

“JUNGKOOK!” You shouted out as you saw yourself squirt and then cum. You groaned laying against the sheets when he let your hair go whining when he filled you up slowly. 

“Open your mouth.” Hoseok said and you did as told moaning when he jerked his cum into your mouth and you swallowed it all. He smirked kissing you one last time as he got up to get dressed kookie laying beside you to tired to move. 

“i’m going back out for a bit. I’ll be back later. Oh and Jungkook anything else you need me to teach you I’d be happy to help as long as I can use her to demonstrate.” Hope said winking at you leaving you flustered and Jungkook rather shocked. 


“I did say a few years didn’t I?” Howard mused, flashing the crowd one of his infamous grins. His gaze briefly wandered the crowd and landed on you before he started speaking again. “Thanks to everyone who came out tonight, please enjoy the rest of your evening.” 

You’ve barely made it to the next attraction, before your greeted by a familiar face.

“Hey there doll, I saw you in the crowd and I just had to tell you I think you’re absolutely stunning.” Howard charmed, flashing you a flirty smile as he grabbed a drink from a nearby server’s plate. “Care for a drink?”

You raised an eyebrow and stifled a laugh. “I’m alright, thanks.”

He seemed almost surprised at your refusal, but he shook it off rather quickly. “Alright, mind if I ask your name then?”

Your eyes scanned over his face, before you let out a hesitant reply. “Y/N.”

“Beautiful name for a beautiful dame.”

You rolled your eyes, before a smile twitched onto your lips. “Ah, Howard Stark, you really are living up to your reputation.” 

“How about I buy you a drink and you can confirm that reputation for yourself?”

Peter Pan Imagine/Jealous

You get very jealous over a new lost girl! 

Everything seemed to be going great you really liked Peter, like really liked him but you weren’t sure where your friendship was going, I mean you guys spent a lot of time together and never left each others site, but this all changed when she arrived.

This new girl Olivia, nobody knew where she came from or how she got there, but Pan seemed to think she needed his help, which you didn’t mind at all until she started taking your place.

“Y/n?” sitting on a rock far away from camp.

“Oh hey Felix.”

You and Felix were best friends you told him everything and he gave some amazing advice.

“What’s wrong bud?”

(Sigh) “You know me too well, I just miss him. I miss making him laugh, staring into his eyes, taking long walks together, holding hands-”

“You guys held hands? Oh I knew it ! You guys totally have the hots for each other!”

“Then why is he all the way over there with Olivia?”

“Oh come on! He is helping her out you know that.”

“I haven’t talked to him in 2 days.”

“Then go talk to him duh!”

Felix was right just because he was with Olivia didn’t mean you couldn’t talk to him.

You spotted them at the river he was teaching her how to catch a fish.

“Hey Peter!” you yelled waving.

He saw you and waved back happily. You walked to him and her.

“Hey guys whats up?”

“Oh nothing I’m teaching  Olivia here how to catch a fish!”

Olivia looked at you up and down and all around, then after smiled, “Hi , yeah so Peter tell me again how she got on here too.”

Uhh why did she need to know and why does she care? You thought.

Interrupting what Peter was gonna say “So Peter, I really miss our walks, can we start that again? I know you’ve been busy and all but-”

“Oh y/n I am terribly sorry, I miss them too.” he grabs your hand and you look at him.

“How about tomorrow?” you suggest.

Olivia interrupts “You’re supposed to teach me how to pick out wood for the fire tomorrow Peter!”

You give her a look, not a mean one, but a confused sad one.You didn’t have the heart to be mean.

“Oh yeah sorry love, i did tell her.” 

Olivia interrupts again “Love? You guys dating?”

Peter turns bright red and you’re shocked.

“What? Oh no uhh no we I mean I mean uh…”

“No we aren’t.” You say. You turn around and walk away.

“Wait y/n maybe we can take a walk some other time?” Peter says.

“I doubt it.” you don’t turn back.

The next day you wake up super early to get to Peter but Olivia is already with him, and she is hanging on his arm laughing and clearly flirting, you ignore it and make breakfast.

She comes up to you “Mmmm this smells yummy.”

“Yup.” you try not to smack her in the face you were so angry.

“So uhm that Peter guy is a real treat huh?” hoping to get an answer out of you.

“I guess.”

“so I think he is into me.”

You turn to him “Peter is into himself , his lost boys, and his neverland, if you aren’t one of those I guess you’re out of luck, now excuse me.”

She goes up to you once more. “Listen Peter likes me so like stay away okay?”

“I’m going to do whatever i wanna like do okay?” 

She rolls her eyes but quickly sees Peter and smiles “Oh Peter!”

Ever since then you and Peter became more and more distance, You weren’t the type to chase after a guy, even though Peter was your friend you just didn’t want to waste your time.

Months went by and you decided you were gonna leave. You walked up to Peter who was with Olivia OF COURSE!

“Peter I need to talk to you in private.”

“Anything you have to say you can say it in front of me right Peter?” Olivia said in confidence.

Peter grabbed my hand and took me away flying on the highest mountain.

“what is it love?” He said. His eyes made you want to melt in his arms but you had to remain calm.

“I want your permission to leave.”

That’s when he lost it.

“what?” His smirky little confident smile went into a frown. “why would you leave ?” 

“Because, Peter I have no reason to be here, and i miss my home.”


Peter has never yelled t you, but he has also never felt this feeling before.

“Peter stop..”

“NO! You don’t get it, without you what am i ?”

“You seem to be doing just fine with Olivia.”

“Olivia?” Love she needs my help.”

“she told me to back off because you were interested in her.”

Peter got very angry. “Sh-sh-she told you that?”

“yes why would i lie?”

“I told her that i was interested in YOU and she told me you weren’t..”

“She lied to both of us Peter.. wait you like me?”

Peter head shot up “Uh well uh well uh yeah love.”

“Awe Peter..”

He smiled and just looked down.

You guys went back down to camp, it was dinner but you and Peter already ate.

You both held hands and walked into Peter tent. Felix winks at you and you wink back and whisper thank you.

Olivia yells for Peter and he turns around “Where are you going ?”

Peter smiles, “To sleep I’m tired.”

“What about HER?” she points to you.

You grab onto Peter, “I’m tired too, come on babe.” you kiss him on the lips and both walk into the tent.

Olivia leaves Neverland and was never heard of again.

Loving You...//(N.M)

*Y/N’s POV*

I woke up this morning with the sunlight illuminating the room. Soft snores were heard form the other side of the bed where Nate was. His hand was over his face and the covers below his torso. I stood up and grabbed a button up shirt Nate took to the studio. The floor cold under my shivering feet approaching the thermostat.

Nate’s yawning is heard but no other movement is evident down the hallway. The lights down the stairway turn on when my movement is sensed by the sensors. Nate said we needed them to catch a robber but honestly I think because he is trying to see if ghosts are real.

The kitchen is filled with plates from lasts night dinner as Nate’s friends came over. Since we started datring the boys allways come to me for advice. I don’t mind since Nate is at the studio or organizing for future tours. Swazz comes for the living room with hairs sticking at every end. I laugh as him advil and a water bottle. He mutters a quick thanks before going back to the leaving. I start cooking breakfast and make a fruit smoothie to go with the meal. I feel arms wrap around waist as i put the food on the plate.

“Goodmorning Mrs. Maloley” I hear Nate say as he reaches under my arm to grab some bacon off the plate. I smack his hand away making him squeeze me harder.

“Morning Nate” I turn around and peck his lips before I am lifted on the counter. Nate takes my pajama pants from his pocket and starts putting them on me. I giggle as Nate finishes and sets me back on the floor.

“Why did you do that?” I question him as I set the table for three.

“Swazz is here and you are just wearing my shirt Y/N” He says as he takes a seat.

“Nate I know that but I have your basket ball shorts under your shirt.” I tell him a I lift the shirt a little to show him. Nate looks at me before he smiles and shakes his head. Swazz walks into the kitchen and sits down also. We eat in silence before Swazz begins to speak.

“Y/N are you pregnant? I found one of thoses tests for pregancy in the trash this morning” Swazz msays it casually like this always the topic of our conversations. Nate looks at me before looking at Swazz.

“Nate I’m pregnant” Nate stands up and a pulls me out of the chair. He hugs me and tears cascade down his face on to my shirt. I hug him back as Swazz congratulates us  in the background.  Nate falls to his knees and hugs my stomach placing as light kiss before looking up at me through his teary eyes. Swazz says he’s leaving but we don’t notice because we are in our own little bubble.

“I never thought I could love you more than I do right. And each day I fall more in love with you than I was yesterday. So glad I get to call you my wife Y/N” Nate says as he brings me in for a passionate kiss. He carrys me into the living room and sets me down between his legs. We starts going through our childhood photos pointing out what charcteristics we want our child to have from both of us.

“Nate……” I wait for a response and Nate hums and kiss on my cheek. “Do you think it’s too soon to have children?”

“I dont think so even if it was I wouldn’t care becuase I’m starting a family with my beautiful wife and we have been married for more than a year” Nate explains as he turns me to so I can straddle his lap. We stay in each other’s arms for a while before Nate carries us into the bedroom. I start drifting to sleep as Nate and I cuddle under the covers.

“Y/N, It’s to early to fall back asleep…. Baby” I the last thing I hear before I drift off into a pleaceful slumber next to my wonderful husband.

*Nate’s POV*

I watch Y/N sleep in a noncreepy sort of way. I have all her beautiful perfections ans imperfections memorized. I woukld not change anything about her she’s amazing just the way she is. Y/N snuggles closer to me laying her head on my chest. I gently touch her stomach even though she is not even showing. In nine months a mini us will be brought into this world. He or she will be spoiled with love until we die and continuie spoiling him or her with love from the grave. Our baby is a miniture version of which we created from a night filled with love and only love.

“Nate did I fall asleep again” Y/N yawns and places a hand on top of mine on her stomach. She makes me chuckle at her question.

“When do you not fall asleep when we cuddle in bed Y/N?” I question as I see a blush appear on her face. The blush appearing across her face makes her hide into my chest. I laugh as I raise her chin to look up at me.

“Never hide freom me Y/N. I love seeing the same affect I had on since mthe day we met.” I say before giving her a passionate kiss. She giggles before kissing me back on the lips.

“Don’t worry I dont think the affect eyou have on me will ever go away Nate” Y/N says as she tpouches her invisible bump. I touch her stomach as well as I feel new tears surfacing in my eyes. I feel so emotional right now but Just cant believe we mad another human. Y/N hears my sniffles and looks up to touch my cheek with her hand which used to reside on her stomach.

“Why are you crying baby?”

“These are happy tears Y/N. Can’t wait to see what the future has for us after our baby is born.” I kiss Y/N on the forehead before turning her on her side so we can spoon. If I am completely honest this is my favorite position to sleep. I have Y/N securely in my arms knowing she is the woman I have always dreamed of.

“Goodnight Y/N” I whisper before adjusting my head on top of her shoulder.

“Nate its 12 in the afternoon” Y/N says and I know she has a teasing smile on. I whisper I know before hugging her closer to me. We stay like that for a while before sleep finally consumes us. Never have I been more happy than I am now ready to start a family with the Y/N.

Zoophoria- S.M. Imagine

Requested: Yes💜
Reader x Shawn Mendes
Word Count: 774
Warnings: yeah yeah you know the drill, choking hazards, smut, language, kinky shit, some dirty diddlies & panties 😏💕

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“Shawn hurry up.” I said from downstairs as I waited for my boyfriend, it was movie night at the Mendes house and we were late on starting
“I’m trying babe just one second.” He said
I already had everything ready to go we just had to get all situated
“YN are you sure you want to marry that thing?” Aaliyah sassed shovelling some sour patch kids into her mouth
“Liyah behave yeah.” said Mama Mendes
“She’s right.” I laugh
“Hey I heard that.” Shawn smiled as he came out of the kitchen with snack and drinks for everyone
“Mind you manners.” Shawn scolded Aaliyah
“Babe its fine I know she’s playing. Or better be cause I’ll hang her upside down civered jn maple syrup.” I laugh
“Okay yn.” Aaliyah laughs
That’s the best part of mine and Shawn’s relationship, I was so close with his family and Aaliyah was just like my little sister.
“What are we watching?” Papa Mendes asks
“Uh I say we watch Poltergeist.” Aaliyah says munching in pretzels
“We have Poltergeist, Zootopia, Harry Potter 1-7 and Saw.” I says showing them the discs
“Harry Potter.” Shawn says
“I wanna watch Zootopia.” Mama Mendes says
“Or let’s do a board game.” comments Shawn’s dad
“I’m with Papa.” I laugh
“Okay so all in favor of Harry Potter.” I say with Shawn raising his hand
“Poltergeist?” I ask and Aaliyah says yes
“Zootopia?” I say and Mama and Papa Mendes agree
“Okay Zootopia it is.” I laugh
I place the disc in before getting comfortable on Shawn’s lap.
“I’m happy you love my family this much babe.” Shawn says
“No I’m happy your family loves me this much.” I whisper
The movie begins to play as everyone’s attention stays on the movie of Judy Hopp’s first bunny cop in Zootopia talks to the elephant about a jumbo pop. I feel a hardening bulge on my ass as I move to get comfortable again.
“YN don’t.” Shawn whispers so only I can hear
“I’m sorry babe I had to get comfy again.” I say and look into his coffee colored eyes
His hand moves up and down my thigh and to the inside.
“Shawn Mendes.” I scold
“What baby, my hand was just a bit sweaty.” Shawn says
“I know what you’re doing.” I say
“What? This?” He says and moves his hand inside my leggings and panties, fingering my clit
“Y-yeah that.” I stifle a moan
“Do you want me to stop?” He asks
“Y-yes..” I stammer unconvincingly
“You sure?” He says and speeds his finger up
“No no d-don’t.” I say
I look over to see if any of his family is watching us but the movie has their full attention. I squirm around on his lap as his cock hardens
“Do you wanna do this here or upstairs?” Shawn asks
“H-here, God here.” I moan into his ear
He slides my leggings and panties down just so they aren’t seen by his family and gently pulls his sweats and boxers down.
“I can’t find it.” He whispers
“Hold on babe.” I say, reaching for his harden member I rub my folds along him opening my legs a bit wider across his lap and helping him in
“O-okay move or something.” I scold
His hips rock slowly as I circle mine on him, gripping his thighs and digging my nails in.
I rock slowly back onto him as I continue watching the movie.
“You are such my little bad girl, my mom, dad and little sister are over there and you’re riding my cock.” Shawn groans in my ear
“Fuck shut up.” I moan quietly and bounce a bit faster
His thumb caresses my clit in circles as I bounce slower and a not so quiet moan escapes my lips causing everyone to stare at me
“YN are you okay?” asks Shawn
“Yeah just choking on popcorn.” I laugh lowly
“If you moan I win.” Shawn says
“No fair.” I say as he hits my g-spot
He holds my hips in place as he thrusts upward a bit causing some movement.
“I’m close Shawn.” I groan
“Oh it’d be a shame if I stopped.” He smirked
I rolled my hips just a bit faster, bringing my high closer.
“Shawn, fuck.” I whisper in his ear as his warm creamy cum spurts inside me in hot spurts.
“Take all this cum like my bad girl.” He groans, clenching his jaw as he finishes
“I can’t move or it’s going to get everywhere.” I say
“Then stay still until the movie is over.” He smirks devilishly

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Michael Imagine - Y/N is nervous to meet Michael’s family

Requested: Yes

Word count: 542

Warnings: none (but I warm you to stay away from bakers. They might wanna sell you as a cutie-pie)

Resquest: Hello beautiful. Can I have a Michael one where you meet his family for the first time and you are very nervous? Your blog is by the way amazing c;

Michael’s POV

I lay on Y/N’s bed when she showered and studied the way she decorated her room. As soon as she came in, only dressed in a towel I sat up, gazing at her.

She felt my look on her back and turned around.

“Would you… would you mind to look away?” she asked be and I started laughing.

“Y/N, I’ve seen you naked before okay?” I held back any further laughter.

She walked over to me holding my head in her hands as I wrapped my arms around her waist, hugging her belly.

“Yes you have” she spoke, stroking my hair. “But I don’t want you to see my new dress just yet” she moved on.

“Oh my god, are you serious? You did not buy a dress just because of the dinner tonight, did you?” I felt my forehead tense when I raised my eyebrows.

“I’d lie to you if I said no so… yes. I’m extremely nervous, Michael. This is really important to me. What if… what if they don’t think I’m the right choice” she replied and sat next to me, resting her head on my shoulder.

“The right choice?” I questioned, disbelieve in my voice. “Y/N you’re the best choice I ever made.”

I quickly took her hand, lifting her head with my other palm to make her look directly into my eyes. “We are the best choice I’ve ever made and my parents know that” I moved on, holding our hands against my chest, right above my heart.

Y/N smiled and sighed, letting a little bit of concern out and pecking my lips.

I looked on my t-shirt which was soaking wet from the water Y/N’s hair dripped off.

“I just put that on” I whined jokingly.

“Seems like you have to take it off then” Y/N grinned, pushing the fabric over my head, attacking my lips, making me lay back and I pulled her on top of me. I laughed when she gently bit the skin on my neck as I held her waist, stunned by the fresh smell of shower gel.

“Nope. Nope, nope, nope.” She said when she broke our kiss. “I gotta get ready” she stated – more to herself than to me – and got up quickly, dropping the towel and slipping into some underwear.

“Really? That’s all I get after my super-duper-cheesy-boyfriend-speech?” I laughed out, making her turn around to me.

“If your parents like me, we can move on after dinner” she grinned, stepping into the black simple, yet elegant black dress.

“I’m 100% sure they will, okay?” I smiled at her, getting up and pressing a quick kiss on her head and leaving into the living room.

Quickly I stuck my head back inside “You want to bet?” I asked, knowing she still wasn’t completely convinced yet. Y/N shook her head, smiling in response. “You look beautiful by the way – like really beautiful.” I added.

“Thank you, Mikey” she replied, making me blow her a kiss and making my way back in the livingroom.

“Bang bang, bangity bang, I said bang bang, bangity bang“ I sung just loud enough to make her hear it.

“WE’LL SEE!” Y/N yelled from her room, giggling.

A/N I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it :)

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From best friends to couple with Luke

“Y/N I’m hungry. Feed me.” Calum yelled from theliving room. He was your best friend and you were at his house. “Get off your lazy ass and feed yourself.” you laughed. He came into the kitchen and started tickeling u. “I said feed me!” he demanded. “Okay, okay, I will, stop!” u said while laughing. He stopped and u prepared some food. “Hey so do you mind if the guys come here later?” “No, not at all, I haven’t seen them in a while,  and I also miss them.” you especially missed Luke, because you kinda had a crush on him. “Ur the best. So what shall we do now?” Calum said. “I don’t know. When are they coming?” “In about half an hour.” “Maybe we could just talk? U can put on some music.” Calum put on some music and u talked until the doorbell rang. The boys came in and u hugged each and everyone of them. When it was Luke’s time for a hug u stood there for a sec. But then ran into his arms and put ur arms around him tightly. “I missed u.” u mumbled in his neck. “I missed you too.” he said, causing u to feel buterflies in ur stomach. The smell of his cologne made ur knees weak. The streanght of his arms made u melt. U could stay like this forever. “I’m sencing that she missed Luke more than me.” Ashton laughed slightley, causing you to blush a little while u let go of Luke. Than all of u sat down on the couch. U were talking and laughing, but u could constantly feel Luke’s eyes on you. When u looked at his direction he quickly looked away. “Luke what’s on ur mind? U have barely spoke since we got here.” Mikey asked. “Oh, it’s nothing.” Luke said with a fake smile on his face. “Let’s go to the pool. It’s hot in here.” you said. Everyone agreed, so u all changed and went outside. U were wearing a black bikini. When u came downstairs Calum grabbed u and carried u outside bridal style. When u came out he held u above the pool. “Calum stop…No don’t dare throw me in the pool!!”  u yelled. He laughed and sat u down. He sat down beside you and  u two started talkinh and laughing. “Hey, I have to go get something to drink brb.” u said and went in the house. U drank a glass of water and went back outside. When you came out u saw Luke sitting by the pool with his legs in the water. When he turned around to face u, u saw that his eyes were red, like he was crying. U sat beside him. “Luke what’s wrong?” u said with a worried voice. “So are u and Calum a thing?” he said his voice breaking a bit. “No, we’re just friends, why?” “Well I saw him carrying and u two laughing and tickeling…” “Yeah, but that’s just what  we do. Really we’re just friends. He’s not the one for me.” Luke’s eyes widened. “Well who is it the one for you, then? Is it someone out of the band?” U stayed quiet looking at the ground. Luke smiled “It is isn’t it. But who… Are you into Ash?” “No it’s not Ash.” “Oh so ur Mikey girl?” “No it’s not Michael.” u said with a shaky voice. “So, if it isn’t Calum, Ash or Mikey…then…is it me?” he said his smile getting bigger. U looked in the pool and said. “Yeah.” so quietly he could barely hear you. Because he was quiet for a bit u looked at him and started rambeling “Sorry…I didn’t ment to, I mean u probably don’t feel the same, and I don’t mind cuz u can have any girl u want…and I, I, I…” Luke reached out his arms and pulled u into a tight hug. When he pulled back he leaned in and his sweet soft lips slowly pressed to yours. The kiss was short but it was the best thing that ever happened to you. When the kiss ended u stared into his beautiful sea blue eyes for a moment. Thena huge smile grew on his face. “So ur a Luke girl.” he said smiling and pulled u into a tight hug. 

A/N: Sorry it took so long for an update but we didn’t have any time and I was away for the weekend. :/ Anyway I hope you love it. :*

-And ultimately the story gave you great stuff to do.

-Absolutely. A lot of things were baked into the storyline from the first two seasons that dictated Bellamy’s trajectory this year. Season 2 Bellamy spent a lot of time being the action man and doing the right thing - I think he was just trying to redeem himself for throwing away the radio and killing all those kids’ parents in Season 1. That guilt made him go, “OK, I’m just going to sacrifice myself and go into Mount Weather and try to do everything right.” Then Pike came along this year with philosophy that was similar to how Bellamy felt about the Grounders in the beginning. I think it was tricky for the audience to get on board that train, but as these episodes went along, they started to come back around. I don’t mind people hating my character. They hated him in Season 1! [laughs]

- Bob Morley about his character Bellamy Blake / GroundersSource


      You flopped down on the couch and pressed play on the remote - starting up your favorite movie for the third time this week – as Dean said, “Come here,” and held his arm out for you. You grinned and happily pressed into his side, letting him wrap his arm around your shoulders as you put your hand on his chest.

        “Are you sure you don’t mind watching this again?” you asked quietly, not even wanting to talk over the opening credits. Dean let out a breathy laugh and pulled you closer.

        “I’m sure I don’t mind, Sweetie.” He kissed the top of your head. “If it makes you happy, it makes me happy.” You smiled at that and angled your head up, connecting your lips with his, then came back down to rest on his chest.

        “I love you,” you mumbled as the movie started.

        Dean ran his fingers up and down your arm. “I love you, too.”

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I scored so major! This by far is one of the most holiest grail in my record collection. I really never thought id have Selena on vinyl considering they’re not the easiest to come by. Im just in awe of it. Shes been on my mind all today especially on the long stretch road home. I started to get emotional (as i tend to do) when suddenly her song came on the radio. I couldn’t help but smile and all i could do was picture her smiling and laughing, she had a great laugh. My tears of sadness turned into tears of joy. Her spirit is very much alive! I dont know but, its little things like that, that fill my heart up completely.

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“And now, ladies and gentlemen,” you stopped the song and everybody were annoyingly looking at you. You just stopped the current best party song. “I would like to dedicate this song to a very special person. I hope you will enjoy this song as much as we did when the song first came out.” 
No one had any idea what song you had in mind, but they all understood once the song started to play. Chris was laughing like a maniac and Anthony was poking Sebastian’s shoulder. 
“Oh, come on, (Y/N)!” the brunet rolled his gorgeous blue eyes and hid his face into his palm. “This is not funny!” 
“Of course it is!” Chris answered. 
“Dance, baby,” you swayed your hips and grabbed him by his hands. “This is the song of my life!” 
“Do you even know what are they singing about?” he looked into your eyes. 
“Nope, but I don’t care!” 

“Can I show you something?” Niall asks as I walk upstairs to find him sitting on the bed guitar in hand. “Of course.” I say sitting beside him. He takes the pick out of his mouth and starts strumming. Before I knew it the notes had ended and Niall was looking at me. “That was really good” I say. “You should add some lyrics to it, make it a song.” “You think I should?” he asks setting his guitar down. “Yes! It’d be a great song! Plus, if it ever came out Id be the first to buy it.” I say kissing his cheek and getting up. “Will you help me with the lyrics later?” he asks getting up as well. “Sure, do you have something in mind?” “Yes” “Are you going to tell me?” I laugh waiting for him to continue. “All I’m saying is that it will be a love song.” “Oh romantic huh?” I say smiling. “Of course, what else would it be.” “I don’t know” I say. “Well who do you think I’m writing it for?” he says. “This song is for me?” I ask suddenly surprised. “Yes, that’s why it’s a love song” he says winking as he wraps me up into a hug.