Hyukjae and Food

Hyukjae dislikes it when people eat his food

Hyuk: If  a member eats one mouth of ramen, I will make him eat the whole bowl. One share is for one person, so it doesn’t makes sense when other people will eat my share! I don’t usually like to fight but i quarreled a lot to members over my food saying.. “give me a bite” is equivalent to a crime!

The voting shows that he lose and Hyukjae should allow other people to take a bite of his food. When Hyukjae announced the result he sound indignant

Hyuk: Human have 3 desires: sex, food and sleep. It doesn’t make sense to give up on food!

trans: ddaalki

nah but seriously in re: the #charliecharliechallenge let’s talk abt Not Fucking Around W Spirits ok
  • if you call up a spirit w/ a ouija board or whatever you have to dismiss it. you have to say goodbye or u will not have closed the connection!! u will be letting demons into ur home Do Not Forget To Close The Connection i cannot stress this enough
  • if u use a ouija board alone ur more likely 2 be possessed
  • to dispose of a ouija board u have to break it into seven pieces, sprinkle them with holy water, and bury them. x-ians also should recite the pater noster. do not burn a ouija board if a spirit is attached to it burning will allow it to escape!!
  • u should probs be casting a circle before doing anything with spirits. wiccan style, circle of solomon, something idfc just don’t do things without something in place, if ur x-ian have a bible within reach
  • it wouldnt hurt to know vade retro satana/have a st. benedict medal on hand like dont fuck around be smart use protection
  • (i know that sounds like sex ed but im not kidding) 
  • keep silver on hand keep silver on hand keep silver on hand
I should keep an ongoing list of what the girlfriends are not “allowed” to do

So far, I’ve seen the following criticized about the girlfriends:

-Not smiling when with their boyfriend 24/7 (especially in airports. Girls should always be smiling in airports after 12+ hour flights)

-Not touching their boyfriend 24/7 (The only sign of love is constant touching)

-Touching their boyfriend, but he’s not touching them back (Wow, she’s so desperate, he’s clearly not into her)

-Having their boyfriend touch them, but not touching them back (Wow, she’s such a stuck-up bitch, she should be ecstatic that he’s touching her)

-Chewing gum (Chewing gum means you don’t love your boyfriend, obviously)

-Resting face (Because if you aren’t smiling like you just got botox, then the relationship isn’t real)

-Keeping social media private (you’re being hypocritical, because sometimes you’re seen in public, so obviously it’s a ruse)

-Keeping social media public (obviously an attention seeker, every girl who ever dates the boys wants attention)

-Being papped (it’s clearly their fault. I mean, the girlfriend OBVIOUSLY called the paps in because she wanted to be seen. There’s no other explanation)

-Looking at their phone (Because if you look at your phone, you clearly hate your boyfriend)

-Covering your face in photos (Who are you trying to fool? Covering your face is a historic way to get attention, I read about it in my SOC100 book or maybe it was a magazine on the subway, something like that)

-Flying out to see their boyfriend (I mean, it’s only been a month since they’ve seen their boyfriend, how clingy of them to come support him in anything he does - totally just for attention)

-Posting pictures of them together (wow, totally wants attention and is rubbing it in our faces that they’re together! I totally don’t have the option of unfollowing them, the girlfriend literally comes to my house and shoves their selfie in my face)

-Having nice clothes (They should dress only from Walmart otherwise they’re a gold digger!)

-Not wearing nice clothes (Wow, they’re so ugly, do they even care what they look like, the boys could do so much better)

…+ literally anything a girlfriend does ever.

I hope if you’ve ever criticized a girlfriend for any of the above, you take a step back and ask yourself two questions: 1.) Is it my place to judge this girl that I don’t even know for her private life which I am unaware of? (HInt: the answer is no.) and 2.) Given that I have a criticism of everything a girlfriend does, is there any behavior I wouldn’t insult in a girlfriend? (Hint: No. Which means that you’re only insulting for the sake of insulting.)

As long as you have a sexist and mean mindset, the girlfriends will never be good enough for you because you’re holding them to impossible standards. Please take a step back and re-evaluate your bullying behavior.

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why should we have to work ourselves into break downs just to have the things we need for basic survival, like food, shelter and water? I've heard about places giving everyone a basic living allowance (look up Mincome), hardly anyone quit their jobs (it was mostly teenagers and new parents that did), and they saw a decrease in mental health issues, less domestic abuse, less work related injuries, fewer car accidents, and other positive changes for the duration of the experiment

Mincome is something I’m in favour of. I believe that housing should be a right just as education and healthcare is. It is unethical that high housing costs and low wages is bringing more and more people into poverty. Its not right.

I’d much rather billions of dollars be spent on bringing people out of poverty, and allowing everyone a chance of a happy, fulfilling life than spending that on endless wars or giving tax breaks to billionaires and corporations.

Can people please stop sending anons to others and being rude about how many concerts they are attending. Like it really is none of your business and you have no right to say rude things to them. Some of these people have been saving money all year to attended these shows and they should be allowed to go to as many as they can and want to and tbh it’s not your business. They are not hurting you or having a negative impact on your life by going to the shows so there is no need to be so rude. If the situation was reversed imagine how you’d feel. I’m sorry if some of you are unable to attend a show for whatever the reason may be but please do not take it out on others. That’s not fair. Be kind.

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Does Munakata have any weak points and/or flaws? He seems to excel at pretty much everything, it's crazy.

This is correct. Accept the perfection of Munakata.

I think he definitely has his flaws. Even with his intelligence, his plans don’t always work so he’s not infallible (he isn’t able to save Mikoto even though he wants to) and I think he can sometimes come off as maybe a little too analytical and cold-hearted, so that for example Zenjou isn’t really sure whether Munakata is someone who should be allowed to remain Blue King or not. Plus there’s the part where Munakata is in fact the King of Dorks and even if he can see through people’s motives his own social skills are obviously pretty lacking, he always wants to spend time with his subordinates and they always want to avoid that at all costs (I like the juxtaposition of him and Mikoto on this point, that the Homra guys always want to hang with Mikoto whether he asks them to or not and he’s usually just chill about it like “Okay, whatever *goes back to sleep*” while Munakata always wants to engage in friendly bonding activities with his clan and while they all deeply respect and revere him they are also all mortally terrified of spending friendly bonding time with him). So he’s not totally perfect.

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Hi there:) I like to journal about my feelings and things, but wouldn't want anyone else to read it. If I'm scared someone will read something, do you think I shouldn't write it at all? It's quite a dilemma

You should write whatever you feel like writing. You’re entitled to have your feelings and you’re allowed to express them. If you’re sure someone will try to read your secrets, keep your journal on hand and keep it in a place you feel is safe. If you’re still uncomfortable, find a way to keep your secrets censored.

Many people have this dilemma. I did, too, more times than I can say. All I can say is that if someone takes your journal and reads your secrets without your permission, that’s on them. It’s their problem. Your conscience is clear. You’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.

Scribble away, my dear! :)

Bullying in Medicine.

So for those who are interested, ABC FourCorners just finished airing an episode about bullying in the medical field. This is in light of a news article months ago of a female surgeon commenting how it’s better for junior doctors to comply to the sexual harassment make by their training doctors so that their career won’t be jeopardy. The article also mentioned a female neurosurgeon who filed a complaint about her training doctor sexually harassing her, and as a result, her career was affected. She couldn’t find a job in public hospitals and resorted to working in the private sector instead, and she was only allowed to use the theatres in public hospitals for half a day once a month.

The episode also discussed a recent report about a female neurosurgeon harassing nurses and junior doctors. You can read it here if you are interested. Personally, I find that really morbid and depressing. If you are a surgeon and a female, you should have made yourself to be an example of success and inspire junior doctors. You could have made a great impact to all the women studying to become doctors, especially since there’s already a problem with the male: female ratio being completely out of proportion in surgical specialties. 

Albeit, I’m glad that these issues are being raised in the public as it is truly a wake-up call for the Australian Medical System (and possibly others overseas) to fix this issue, rather than sweeping it under the carpet like how they tend to dismiss complaints of bullying and sexual harasssment.

I swear to all that is holy...

I ended up spending close to 18 hours reinstalling Windows on my computer because things didn’t go as they should have that included needing to get a second drive and dealing with corrupt system files that would not allow for a proper reformat and reinstall. I just spent another 6 putting software back on the computer and I am still waiting - more than an hour later - for my 176 Windows updates to finish downloading…

If I ended up with maleware on my computer where people didn’t mark adfly links I am going to loose my mind. Hostages will be taken.

I half suspect one of the trojans I picked up from an adfly link a while back that got past my AV software was the cause of my computer issues that I have been dealing with for a few months.

I really wish everyone would mark those links. 

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Hey! Can you do a couples hcs? If yes, shinran please!

I got two asks for this pair, but apparently lost one of the asks while trying to draft the answer so I could finish it later x_x

I typically stay out of the pairing side of the fandom because eUGH but I got two asks for this so heeere we go B)

As forewarning, these will revolve around their relationship but not necessarily in a romantic way. These are not all my headcanons, just the ones I can remember atm (I also lost everything I wrote at one point and had to rewrite so this was way more stressing than it should have been).

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I believe you should be able to use the word Kawaii. Never have I heard of Japanese people being offended by the word Kawaii. It means cute. That's the literal translation. That would be like if spanish speaking people got upset when people used the word Bonita or caliente in random sentences. Saying Kawaii in reference to cute things IS NOT appropriation. Especially when paired with an appreciation for Japanese culture in general. You are allowed to adopt things from other cultures you admire.

Thanks :) it’s just people interpret it in another way.

"Anyone should be allowed to cosplay anyone they want regardless of skin color or gender."-Monty Oum

Saw some negative comments regarding how people shouldn’t cosplay characters they don’t have the physique for and various other reasons in regards to photos from this weekends comic con and it made me think of this quote from RWBY creator Monty Oum and I would like to share this with people outside the cosplay community making these comments. To some people these comments can be very hurtful and that is not what cosplay is about. To me it’s about enjoying your favourite characters and becoming something incredible for a time. It’s not about you it’s about how it makes the cosplayer feel and the pride people can have in creating an amazing costume and showing it to everyone. Race, gender, physique none of these matter and I feel that this quote says it all.

To the person who said that Jessa might have told Jim Bob that she was going to Walmart, but secretly met Ben and broke courtship rules, I should remind you that Jim Bob and Michelle have a rule that none of their older daughters are allowed to go anywhere by themselves. So, if Jessa did tell Jim Bob she wanted to go to Walmart, he would make her take someone with her who would see her and Ben breaking courtship rules and report them to their parents.

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I'm a border at my school and one of the teachers just came into my dorm saying we have noticed that boys have been gawking at your chest and we would like you to change your top (a singlet that i check regularly so i'm not showing anything and i wear knitted jumpers with the singlet) because you know how boys are right. And i was yeah and than she left. Is that just me or do you think that it is a bit sexist that i have to change my top just because guys cant help looking at my boobs.

It is sexist because they can’t handle themselves and then because you are the girl who has the things, have to change your outfit. You wore a neat outfit. If the outfit is against the normal rules then you should change it, no matter how “ there is nothing to see”“. But if it is allowed to wear such a thing, then I would say something about it. But I don’t want to get you in trouble.

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I adore Meryl and think she uses her SM positively so I usually don't have a problem with her. However, after all the recent discussion, I must say that TODAY; I am very disappointed! This is an Olympic athlete who chooses to post product endorsement for a friend rather than recognize Memorial Day! She also wears the American patch and should choose to honor the fallen soldiers who allowed her the opportunities to freely chase her Olympic dreams. My only issue with Meryl! Enjoy your day!

Oh boy 😳

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Total fan of yours, as an ex ER tech and currently a paramedic. As an RN, do you feel that we techs that also currently work in the field as medics should be able to have more patient responsibilities aside from vitals and Starting IVs?

As a nursing student, I worked at a different hospital than the one where I’m currently a nurse, and as a CNA there we were allowed to do pretty much everything but pass meds. I mean Foleys, IVs, lab draws, wound care, everything. And I can 100% say that education was more useful than anything else. So yes, as long as someone has been properly trained in things, I would agree.