Michael!Adam - Requested by maturecas
I should..

I should be sleeping
I shouldn’t be up fantasizing about the life we’ll never have together
I shouldn’t be sending you 5am texts about how i miss you and how I thought we’d be together forever
I shouldn’t be looking at our old pictures, weeping
I should be sleeping

I should be well
I shouldn’t be considering doing that terrible thing
I shouldn’t be waiting for my phone to ring
I shouldn’t be doing thing that send me to hell
I should be well

I should be okay
I shouldn’t be having panic attacks almost every night
I shouldn’t be waiting untill 10 pm to take my first bite
I shouldn’t be dreading everyday
I should be okay

I should be with you
I shouldn’t constantly feel this alone
I shouldn’t be so deep inside this broken zone
I shouldn’t have eyes filled with dew
I just really really should be with you.