So I finished Mirari’s route (like AGES ago) and I really thought after she fell asleep and the credits rolled that was it but lo and behold she comes back and asks to be lovers :3 I really enjoyed this game, Mirari is such a sweet heart and a new fave character and I love her and she’s the best.

I even just wanted to see if you didn’t want to do it and she wrote such a sweet note. I seriously cannot wait for sugarscript to hopefully one day release merchandise for her since I’ll buy it all XD (I want her to win the contest so much!!! ;_;) and anairisq for voicing her :3

I don’t have any interest in guys (still working on where I am in that area like labels and etc, it’s a slow process) so glad that Mirari was added for me to experience this game :)

Thank you for making this game :D

Hollywood Knights

A/N: It’s 2 am and I can’t fall asleep! I’ve had a bit of writers block lately and this little idea has been running through my mind all day, ever since I found out that Tyler will be playing at the Hollywood Knights game this weekend (and then I saw the videos and gifs from last years game and ughhh help!) so I decided to write it out. It’s definitely not my best work in my opinion, but I hope you guys like it!  Loads of fluff. Ok, I’m done. Sweet Dreams :) xx

(Here’s the link to the youtube video I found. Kudos to the person recording who managed to keep the focus on Tyler lol.  How adorable is he?? (x) )

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