Trever hadn’t strictly told the truth in the meeting with the Eleven. He wasn’t that good at obeying orders. He’d never been able to stay put just because someone asked him to. Even Ferus couldn’t make him do that.

So he watched from around the corner and saw it all. He saw the shock of Vader’s action. He saw Roan crash to his knees. He saw Ferus charge, and he waited for Ferus to die.

He couldn’t stop shaking.

He thought he’d seen everything. He thought he could handle anything. But he felt as though his mind had broken after seeing this night.

She found him in the laboratory, a tall, slender woman in a dark-red tunic that reached to her knees. When she opened the door, a shaft of light hit his face. He turned away but didn’t move. He couldn’t imagine running anymore.

She knelt in front of him. “Well, hello.”

He put his face against his knees.

“Security is all over the building,” she murmured. “I heard there was a break-in. Some prisoners taken. I’ll help you.”

He looked up.

“I’m just as much a prisoner as you are,” she said. “But I’ll try to get you out.”

“I’m supposed to go to the hangar,” he said. “Before dawn.”

“I can do that. I have clearance. Can you walk?”

Of course he could walk. But when he stood, his legs were shaking. Her hand was cool as she curled her fingers around his. She squeezed his hand lightly.

It was that touch that brought him back. He had felt so alone. He had needed to connect to something, even if it was just a touch from a stranger.

—  Last of the Jedi: Secret Weapon
Jude Watson