A World Without Color: McSpirk Soul Mates AU

For as long as I could remember, I saw the world in shades of gray. While everyone else saw different colors and hues, I guess I had accepted that I just never would. 

My whole life had been in black and white, yet when I met him I saw colors for the first time. It scared the hell out of me and intrigued me all the same. I couldn’t stop looking at his eyes. So that was what blue looked like.

Who was he to come in and change everything I knew? Just who the hell did he think he was? Yet when I got frustrated, he’d just smile and I often wondered how he saw me through those blue eyes…I quite liked that color.

Then another one came along and I could see him just as the first. Such colors amongst the sea of gray. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and yet he was like a breath of fresh air.

Who were they and why in a world without color and after all this time, could I see them clearly? Them and only them.

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Day 28 Postdaje to Primosten 132K

Having breakfast and the Croatian red arrows put on a great display right overhead, very impressive it was too. I thought 30 euro, breakfast and a air display thrown in is not bad value at all!

The road was not great today. I am following the number 8 the length of Croatia, in some places it’s very quite, but today going through towns like Zadar, quite busy. At one point I had the Adriatic on both sides and thought of my bike commute to work up the North Circular and burst out laughing at the contrast.

I had my first management meeting over the phone, it was good to catch up. I felt like young Mr Grace, you are doing very well. Seriously, without the support of the guys back at Global I could never had embarked on this madness. Whilst taking P&L, bankrupt carriers I was trying to eat suckling pig. A tricky job if there ever was one.

I was pleased with progress today, did 90 K before the meeting at an average of 28KPH. The difference between hilly and basically flat going.

Pulled into a very basic camp site. The guy asked who I supported. Then had a discussion about Slav Bilic, who played just up the road apparently. He then got the snaps out and after 3rd I was speaking fluent Croat. Not sure how the tent went up, I will probably find its inside out tomorrow.

Went to the beach for a swim and watched this amazing diving dog. This guy throw a rock 20 feet out the dog would swim out, tread water and then dive down and pick it up run home, drop the brick and come back for more. Sadly I had no storage on my video to capture it. Amazing.


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MEME. | character i’ve played in the past

name : scott mccall
alias : hooch. that was me. i was literally hooch.
fandom : teen wolf
faceclaim : tyler posey
species : alpha werewolf 

i’d like to think everyone knows about scott mccall so i’m just going to leave his bio blank && tell you a little about the person that made my experience the best, if that’s cool, friend.

i can’t even tell my story without introducing you to maverick. mav. i refer to the mun as the love of my life because i’ve literally never met anybody better. like, meg is quite honestly one of the most important people in my life. even if we talk once every seven months. i literally. i have never met someone in my life that i love as much as i love this person. && i don’t think it’s because of the fact that she played the stiles to my scott, it was because she was quite literally the most beautiful human being on the face of this earth. i mean, she was kind of an asshole, she’s a really awful human, but she was my awful human && that makes it worth everything we’ve been through? like, she’d probably throw a book at me if she saw this because we don’t emote with each other properly. it’s an awful thing. but anyway, she was the entire reason my experience with scott was what it was. i think i’ve met maybe one other person like that in my entire lifetime && she doesn’t even log into her tumblr as much as she used to. i’m talking, this girl could take my day, throw it aside, && make me forget about everything awful that had happened to me. && she wasn’t even trying? her portrayal, her writing, her ability to deal with me. always, a+, 100% of the way. honestly, she’s the only person in my life that i can go back to after seven months && be like, yo, i love you. i miss you. like, it is disgusting that she’s made this much of an impact on me all the way from ireland. she disgusts me.

but honestly, that’s it. that’s my experience on scott. her. && unnecessary drama i won’t get into. but mav. meg. my hell child.


The 100 - Pantheon


hollenstein - faceless


Everything I said, it’s not real.