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The name of Brooke \b-roo-ke\ indicates qualities of a leader and organizer but a difficulty in concentrating and systematizing efforts interferes with achieving goals people with this name have a friendly nature, well-liked by others for the sense of humour and pleasant personality. [camila] [lauren]

Please stop the ‘Forget Felix Propaganda’

Spreading of Felix hate is stupid as heck. Like, ok, Hawkdaddy already said that nope he won’t be back for probably an eternity. I take it all of us understand this and know what that means. But hey, doesn’t mean that the LB crew threw him and the 2D ML troupe away that we all should too.

I mean, ok, if you wanna forget about Felix and focus only on the current show and everything, then please do. That is your choice and you are free to not think about the bitter cat, the sunshine girl bridgette and the rest of the old ML 2D stuff forever. But please, let the 2D ML fans have their fun in the fandom. Making fanarts, fics and other media forms that appreciate felix, bridgette, the old ladynoir duo, the quantic kids is not bad. Stop trying to invalidate 2D ML and those in the fandom who still enjoy it.

If you only like the old ML stuff, then that’s fine too. And if you only like the current show, that’s ok. If you enjoy both, nothing is wrong with that.

These things aren’t meant to be put on stand against each other. They are for the fandom, for everyone to enjoy. If someone is happy remembering, forming HCs for Felix, for the 2DML then that’s good. If someone is happy if they forget about the old dudes, it is also good. What is not good though is propagating to forget about the 2D ML people because Astruc said it won’t happen. I mean, who are you to go tell people to forget something they enjoy? Are the people making 2D art, fics, etc. hurting anybody by doing what they do? Nope, I don’t think so. Everyone here is just trying to have some fun in tumblr, so please do not speak ill of the 2D kids because they didn’t make it to the show. I think 2D ML fans, more than anyone, are aware of that fact and despite that, the old kids are still loved.

Loving Felix, Bridgette, the old ML duo doesn’t negate Adrien, Marinette or the current LadyNoir. It is just simply loving Felix, Bridgette and the Old ML. I really don’t see what is wrong with that.


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