[516] Light/L: Death Note

prompt: the story of how Light grew a beard
premise: some ambiguous au

“You need a haircut.”

“…You need a shave.”

“You need a haircut more than I need a shave.” Light said in defense, though he curiously raised a hand to his chin, to find it was actually as prickly as L had said.

“Well?” he sighed, “When should I make the appointment for?”

“Ah… Make it for Tuesday.”

Pulling out his phone, Light clicked open the calendar to type in the date.

“Which Tuesday?”

“The first Tuesday of the year four thousand.” L murmured, his eyes tentatively shifting to the side to meet Light’s lethal stare.

A silence hung between them, but despite the tension filling the air, L refused to back down. He disliked haircuts, rather, he disliked having short hair, so much that he would much rather suffer the sting of Light glaring daggers into the back of his head.

“They’re not open that day…” Light muttered under his breath, the quietness of his voice somehow raising hell more than if he’d yelled.

“…Is that so?” L pouted, as if it were a terrible shame. “That’s the only day I’m free.”

Bracing himself for a punch, L watched the brunet put his phone down, before brushing his fingers over his chin again.

“In that case, I won’t shave until you get a haircut.”


In the midst of his shock, he felt a thousand little needles prick his cheeks as Light bent down to kiss him.

“Your face feels like a cactus…” L frowned, shoving at his chest.

“You’ll be loving this cactus until you cave.”

“No, eventually I’ll be loving a Yeti.”

“Oi! Listen here, you bastard-!”

And that became the story of how Light grew a beard.