This smile is brought to you by the grace of God, all-nighters spent editing, supportive friends and family, #TeamSuper, stepping out of comfort zones and a raging desire to hustle harder. Thank you for the last 24 hours. It’s been surreal. • On another note, I hope you don’t mind if I put that fire out tonight and get some rest instead of posting a video. I’m exhausted and need a moment to take this all in. But if you want something to watch, check out #AT2UI movie on my channel via YouTube Red or the Virtual Reality video I uploaded regularly. I’ll be back at it on Monday. Have the best night/day ever and I’m thinking of you xo❤️🦄

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Do you think Chara would find themselves liking Lilo and Stitch? Like, the idea of the movie being about a small creature of unbelievable destructive power, fallen to a world full of "strange creatures", adopted by a caring though dysfunctional family, and though others doubt him, he eventually becomes accepted by them all and gets to be happy with his new family?

okayokayokay but anon, I need you to consider:

Frisk and Asriel making Chara watch Lilo and Stitch with them. Like, Chara’s been having a bad week, they’ve been grumpy and mean and lashing out, and they keep talking about how “that’s just what I’m like, if you don’t want me, you can kick me out!”, kind of trying to push people to get angry at them because they’re so upset with themself and they wish someone would just yell at them instead of their family being so relentlessly patient and caring all the time.

So the others sit them down and tell them to watch this movie, just watch it, Chara, it’s really cute okay, if you don’t like it, we can watch something else.

But of course they love it. And by the end of it, they’re crying. And even though they don’t apologize, the others can tell that they’re sorry. For the next few days, they’re far more quiet and subdued. After that, things start getting better again and go back to normal.

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Not even one but 3 heterosexual love stories god why must they do us like this. These films don't need all that romances, focus on the plot and giving us well written characters ffs.

I know!!! THREE!!! THREE!!!! I know studios think that every movie needs some sort of romance, which is annoying, but three romances? In a movie already bursting with a ton of characters? WHY?

And of course they are all heterosexual romances because heaven forbid a comic/movie series used as an allegory for minorities actually contain said minorities….

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Hey Raph, do you know of any good horror movies that I can watch with my friends? I mean like really scary. All horror movies I've ever seen - The Boy, Paranormal Activity, Insidious (and sequels), The Ring, etc. - were quite boring.

Oh dude!!! You SERIOUSLY need to get some classics under your belt! Like, Dawn of the Dead, Hitchcock’s Psycho, The Thing, The Evil dead, Halloween, Night of the living dead, Hellraiser, Nightmare on Elm street.

Try your luck with some of those first man


Mama Appreciation 😘❤️

Today We Just Hung Out and Did Absolutely Nothing! Times Like These I Miss Wit Her Crazy Self. She’s Leaving Me to Go Home Tomorrow😩 and This Will Be First Bday Without Her Being There, I’ll Be in Trini. But Look at Her!! Can You Tell She Loves the Camera and Attention😒.

Now We’re Gonna Eat and Watch Movies All Nightt!! While She Bugs Me About How Much Grand Children She Wants.🙄😒😢

I never have on clothes in the damn house. I need help Lmao. Birthday Behavior might worst!

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What's your favorite anime :3c

Well, I don’t really have just one favoirte… I actually have too many to choose from and had officially started watching anime in 2006. Though I do have to say: 2013 for anime, at least in my case, was a thrill ride back.

There’s also some movies I’ve enjoyed too, like Summer Wars, but that’s for another story.

So I’ll list them by latest to earliest fav anime.


Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

One-Punch Man


Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist


Akame ga Kill!

Parasyte the maxim

Seraph to the End

No Game No Life


Attack on Titan

Log Horizon

The Devil is a Part-timer

Tokyo Ghoul




Tiger & Bunny

Persona 4: The Animation


Mirai Nikki

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt


Soul Eater


Code Geass


Gurren Lagann


Kenichi; The Mightiest Disciple


Eureka Seven


Getter Robo Armageddon


Wolf’s Rain

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo




Hunter x Hunter


Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters


Cowboy Bebop


Yu-Gi-Oh! (Season 0)




Rurouni Kenshin


Neon Genesis Evangelion


Lord of Lords Ryu Knight


Tekkaman Blade


Yu yu Hakusho

Some of these I actually either had or should revisit again… memory’s kind of shot for now since I’ve been into manga reading than watching anime.


2/11/2016 Daily Report

A bit high on calories today cos of the wings. I was actually a bit better on water; I drank another 16 or 20 ounces after I logged this, still not the full 128, but closer than the last few days.

A good day, but there was more I needed/wanted to get done and just didn’t have time.

What I got done:

  • Walk 4 miles
  • Work-work done and mailed; answered emails
  • Straightened up the house
  • Dinner with friend – wings and celery, our usual.
  • Movie with friend – which was very good (The Martian)
  • A little grocery shopping
  • Laundry
  • Garbage out to the curb
  • Picked tomatoes
  • Watched some gratitude videos on Ekhart Yoga 
  • Watched one Supernatural episode just now

What I wanted to get done:

  • Visit friend at the assisted living facility and bring her Valentines flowers and card

I had intended to go after the movie, but the movie got over too late. I guess I’ll need to make time tomorrow to do that because I won’t be here this weekend. Friday’s are a bitch for time, so I really should’ve found time today for this. Ugh. Well, I’ll just have to figure it out. I really don’t know where all the time went today, it just seemed to vanish. 

Okay, off to bed so maybe tomorrow I can get up early enough to get everything done.

ok i know we all love talking about neil being touch starved but what about kevin??? like how does he deal with the rest of the team

like he grew up with the ravens so he isn’t very affectionate, physically or otherwise, but the rest are totally huggy people, and that’s got to have some effect on him

imagine kevin letting nicky fall asleep on him when they’re watching movies on the couch, even smiling a little when it happens (only to push him off forcefully when the movie is over, but what do you expect from the Supreme Nerd of Exy)

imagine allison, superbly drunk, draping herself all over kevin and squishing his face, then trying to give him a makeover. he’s completely straight-faced the whole time, even when she ruins it completely and he has to physically hold her upright

kevin and matt becoming Real Person Friends (because let’s pretend kevin becomes capable of that even before the dog park people) and matt always putting an arm around his shoulders or punching him playfully

dan being super motherly toward kevin (because he’s a child who cannot fend for himself) and before they go to formal events she always straightens his jacket and fixes his hair for him (once or twice she has to reach across the table with a napkin because he got something on his face)

renee and aaron are big fans of high fives with kevin. it turns out he’s really good at high fives, but the foxes wouldn’t know because he has no concept of positive reinforcement whatsoever

even andrew sometimes non-threateningly punches his arm or bumps his shoulder against him

and after riko dies, whenever kevin has to face the press, when all the questions about riko make him want to throw up, neil grabs his wrist or his hand and reminds him to breathe (and kevin will never admit it but he needs that so much, and he’s always grateful that neil is there for him)

i just love kevin day so much. he needs a hug

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I need some dyl teasin you in bed like hes in the mood and hes tryin to touch u there while kissin your neck omg

omg but like imagine he’s in the mood and you’re like completely clueless so you guys would be watching tv and he’d be so on edge like he’d be rubbing your thigh and kissing your neck but you were so engrossed in the movie that was on that you didn’t pay him attention but then you’d turn and see the bulge in his pants and he’d automatically start rubbing you through your shorts and leaving sloppy kisses on your neck wow

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That was honestly the cutest fanfic I've ever read

Thank you! It’s not over! It’s actually a quite long fic, here is a little preview.

Annabeth Chase: No, they already left because her jet lag was kicking in.
Annabeth Chase: I should be kicking her
Piper McLean: Do you want me to come to your place?
Annabeth Chase: You don’t have to
Piper McLean: Actually, I kind of have to.
Piper McLean: Reyna’s gf is coming over and they are going to watch a movie.
Piper McLean: and you know how that can end.
Piper McLean: besides i need your moral support to finally text Jason.
Annabeth Chase: Jason?
Piper McLean: blonde waiter
Annabeth Chase: After all you drank i’m surprised you can remember his name.
Piper McLean: shut up or i’m not bringing ben & jerry’s
Annabeth Chase: You’re the best.

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What're some really good movies to watch?? My bf and i can never figure out what to watch so i need some recommendations

scott pilgrim scOTT PILGRIM

Fun Questions Tag

I was tagged by the lovely @ladycandor!  Thank you!

1. a book you want to see as a tv series / film: The Gentleman Bastard sequence by Scott Lynch.  As a tv series for sure.  

2. a film you want as a tv series: I don’t think I watch enough movies to best answer this…if anything Inception could be stretched out to make for a good tv show I think.

3. a book / film you want a prequel to: To be honest I can’t think of any…

4. a tv series spin-off you need: I want a Charmed spin-off series with the future generations.  Maybe Chris and Wyatt.  Or the grandkids.  Just….I miss Charmed so much okay I want more.

5. a book / series you would love to see as an animation / cartoon: I’m gonna have to agree with ladycandor and go with Percy Jackson.  Although I wouldn’t mind Uprooted as an anime…from Studio Ghibli of course.

6. a film adaptation that should have never happened: The Lightning Thief.

7. a tv series you wish was being renewed: shall we be cliche and go with Firefly?  Cause I’m gonna be cliche despite how long it’s been

8. a book you want from the PoV of another character: Never Fade from Liam’s POV

9. a book / film / series you thought you’d love but didn’t: Graceling.  It sounded right up my alley, was really good for the first half, and then fell by the wayside and kind of let me down.  Also Snow Like Ashes.  Idk I think I just needed to take a break from the similar YA Fantasy tropes that were happening.

10. two series / book worlds you want to see cross over: Supergirl and The Flash.  Mostly cause it would be cute to get some more of the Glee gang back together on a set.  And despite them being different networks they are still the same comic universe so….it could work right?

To tag or not to tag?  Uh, duh.  @ofpagesandink, @locs-and-books, @freckles-and-books, @kandidlyrandom, @refrescorojo, @sweaterbee, @obsessivereaderandwriter, @lovelyowlsbooks