🖖 Hey trekkies 🖖 Here’s my last rant before the Discovery premiere. Remember that you can be excited and support the show without being a condescending piece of shit?

When someone tells you that paying less than 10 dollars for a streaming service is too much, don’t laugh at them saying that they exaggerate. There are tons of things that cost less than 10 dollars that you need in life and 10 more dollars can be too much so just accept it without acting like a moron.

By the way there are a lot of channels that want to have their own “Netflix” and I personally disagree with the concept since nobody can pay for a multitude of streaming services to watch legally their fav shows/movies. There’s a reason why Netflix got so popular over cable TV it’s because it’s cheap and you can watch whatever you want otherwise we just go back to illegal stream/downloading.

To conclude and this is my feminist self talking here. One of the main argument said by those who defend the use of CBS All Access is that DSC costs a lot so it’s supposed to be normal to pay CBS an extra for it. For a production that values diversity and women with lead roles, that’s not really fair neither brave to use a vulnerable platform like CBSAS to broadcast an important show like DSC. Big channels like CBS can totally invest more money for women and poc to be properly represented on normal TV.

So yeah you can be excited and support this new Star Trek series I CAN’T WAIT but don’t be condescending because there are definitely some flaws to acknowledge here.

-yixing reacting to you catching a cold

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; he’s the type to get soft and protective

; you’d have to get ready for lots of cuddles and care

; “i guess it’s that time of the year again”

; cus this man is boyfriend material

; he’d prepare you chicken soup and mint tea

; “i’m spoiling you, (Y/N)

; leaving the sofa only for you and adding blankets

; he’d ask you if you’d want to watch a movie

; if you wouldn’t want to he’d probably lay down with you

; you’d choose a movie and he’d light some scented candles

; a cosy and calm atmosphere

; "if you need something, just say my name~”

; he’d be the sweetest and do everything just to make you feel better

; the soup and tea he prepared would be delicious as well

; you wouldn’t be able to pick a certain movie

; so he’d decide to watch a romantic comedy movie

; the mood fitting the moment perfectly

; he’d kiss you and brush your hair with his fingers

; also making sure the blankets are keeping you warm

; his smell surrounding the sofa and blankets

; but really it’d be only him keeping you warm

; he’d tell you sweet things while you’re watching the movie

; “i can see you getting better, baby”

; treating you like a royal and making you feel blessed

; “(Y/N), i love you, so it is my obligation to do is”

; so soft

; the two of you would be enjoying the moment and adoring each other

reasons to watch king arthur: legend of the sword

originally this list was just “CHARLIE HUNMAN: LEGEND OF THE WHITE JACKET” which is still an appropriate title, but i decided that everyone needs to know abt all the other great parts such as:

  • MONTAGE CITY! MONTAGE CITY! WELCOME TO GUY RITCHIE’S HEAVENSCAPE! there’s so many montages by the end of the movie it’s very confusing when you start having to do actual real things in actual real time
  • The White Jacket™
  • (i had 2 mention it again okay)
  • there’s a GIANT snake. i’m not kidding. i can’t exaggerate how huge-ass this snake is. it’s gonna show up when you least expect it and it’s fantastic. i’m not kidding  there is a real giant snake it’s not a metaphor just trust me
  • (excalibur, however, is)
  • two words: katie mcgrath
  • two other words: i’m gay
  • this movie is literally about how king arthur was actually a british lad and how a bunch of smug roughhouse shit talking bois ended up running an entire kingdom 
  • absolutely no romance (should’ve put this one first tbh)
  • there’s an entire fight sequence that’s so stylised and feels entirely what watching a video game boss battle irl would be like i.e. it’s hella cool
  • medieval england is full of mages now 

all we’d ever need // c.t.h

note: hi, yes, this is based off of the song All We’d Ever Need by Lady Antebellum. hope you enjoy.

“i just can’t do this anymore”, was the last thing calum said before he left. after you and calum broke up, you couldn’t bring yourself to do much. even though it’s been at least three months, the pain still hurts just as bad as the day it happened. you weren’t sure what happened with you and calum. you were happy, but apparently he wasn’t.

there you were, on your couch watching the notebook like most days. you were halfway through the movie when your phone went off. you glance at it and see calums name. you picked it up and looked at it to see if you were reading it right. you were. “i know it’s been a while, but we need to talk about things”, it read. your heart starts beating faster and faster as you go to text back. “what is there to talk about?” you ask, genuinely concerned. immediately he responds, “i’m on my way to your house, we’ll talk about it when i get there.” you weren’t going to say no, you wanted to know what went wrong. you wanted to know why he left. fifteen minutes pass and it feels your heart is racing 100 miles per hour. you jump when you hear a knock at your door. getting up, you realize you’re wearing one of calums old t-shirt’s he forgot to take when he left. well it’s too late to change, you think to yourself. you wait a few seconds before opening the door, you don’t want to seem too eager. as soon as you open it he steps inside. “oh do come in”, you say sarcastically. you close the door and look at him. there he was, just standing there. “nice shirt”, he says. “so did you come to tell me why you left?” you ask, trying not to sound too bitchy. he sighs before sitting down on your sofa. “look i know i owe you an explanation-“ you cut him off. “damn right you do. you just fucking left me, with no explanation, no apology, nothing!”, you shout. you could tell that your outburst made him slightly angry. “can you just fucking listen to me! i’m trying to tell you!” he shouts back. you just sigh and nod. you stand there for a minute before he starts talking. “i left because i was scared”, he quietly says. you look at him in disbelief. “scared of what?? of me?? of us?? what could you possibly be afraid of?!”, you’re starting to get pissed off at this point. “of loving you”, he says, looking up at you. you could feel the tears welling up in your eyes so you look down at the ground to hide them. “i know i’m an asshole. i should have been chasing you. i should have been trying to prove that you were all that mattered to me. i should have said all the things that i kept inside of me, and maybe i could’ve made you believe that what we had was all we’d ever need”, you could tell he was holding back his tears. you finally get the courage to look at him. he really just said that, you think to yourself. you were lost for words. “why didn’t you just tell me?” you ask. he just shrugs in response. you walk over to the sofa he was sat at and you sit next to him. “if you’re happy without me, y/n, just let me know right now so i can leave”. you shake your head, “i’ve been completely lost without you”, was all you managed to say before breaking down in front of him. he pulls you into a hug, and the both of you just sit there like that for what seemed like hours. “i’m willing to try this again, if you are”, he says after a few minutes of silence. you look at him and he uses his thumb to wipe away your tears. “i’ve been waiting for you to say that since the day you left”. he softly smiles at your words. “this is all we’ll ever need”, you say grabbing his hand and tangling your fingers with his. you lay your head on his chest. “i love you, y/n”, he says, kissing the top of your head. “i love you, calum”, you say before drifting off to sleep in his arms.

Every fucking time...

Finally watching “The Big Sick” and there are some problems… as usual. 

- The doctor that coerced Kumail into signing the consent for Emily’s intubation… 1. If it was a medical emergency they didn’t need a consent. 2. Emily was still awake, she could’ve signed her own consent. 

- They moved Emily into an OR to intubate her… yeah, no. Unnecessary. 

- I’m pretty sure you can’t just “remove the infection” by thoracentesis. You can’t remove some the pocket of infected fluid, but bacteria are tiny and they won’t all be drained out. Maybe if they added in an antibacterial washout, but still. 

- In one scene they show the tele monitor and the number showing the HR is 106, but the actual EKG is way slower. 

- They did seem to have the side rails up at all times… so there’s that. 

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Ugh i had 16 hours of band yesterday and I'm super tired any suggestions on what i should dos?? Evy

Urk.. Band practice. I’ve definitely been there. I have a competition this week! :D Here are some ways to rejuvenate.

🌟 Water! Chapstick! Bed!
Drink tons to rehydrate, moisturize those exhausted lips, and sleep your tail off.

☁️ Try stretching before and/or after every practice. It can really loosen you up and get rid of stiffness or aches that may come later.

🌟 When you’re tired from band, stay away from band things. You need a break. Talk to your non-band pals, regress, watch movies, nap. Treat yourself.

☁️ Be sure to wash up after your practices
:0 You’ll sleep better and get all that stink-stress off you

Good luck!
~ Mod Lynn

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I love Bucky. His the best fucking person in the world omg. You make it really hard for me not shipp IronWinter and stay Stony for the core. It was read hard. I was almost expecting a "War Is War" A.U with Steve and Bucky fighting over Tony. I Know that it won happen and that will be Stony and that's nice because good stony is hard to find this days, but I loved thinking about that. I think I'll watch this movie again LOL. About the FIC, GREAT FIC OMG. I'M LOVING IT SO HARD.

@ironheartng you don’t ship winteriron??? But I write so much of it!?!?

No worries though, this is definitely Stony to the end lol I need at least one full length Stony fic on my masterlist

Tag Game

Tag Game

Goal: Tag 9 people to get to know them.

I was tagged by @fragilelikeabomb0106 and @evanpeterscharacters. I love these games.

Relationship status: Currently engaged to my high school sweetheart/ boyfriend of 6 years, almost 7.

Favorite colors: Violet, I love fall colors, but if you look into my closet it’s just mostly grey and black.

Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick, my first experience with make up was sophomore year of high school when I joined color guard. It was go big or go home.

Last song listened to: Hold it against me by britney spears

Last movie watched: Moana

Top 3 shows: American Horror Story, The Most Popular Girls In School (Youtube series), and Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Top 3 ships: That’s tricky because a lot of the time I can’t ship my fav character cuz, I need them all to my self, but uh Garnet from Steven Universe, Keen2 (Elizabeth Keen/Tom Keen) and Saram (Aram Mojtababi/ Samar Navabi) from The Blacklist

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five things you’ll find in my bag: 

  1. Keys/ school ID
  2. Face powder
  3. Chapstick/ lipstick
  4. wallet
  5. phone

five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. textbooks
  2. my laptop
  3. sheet masks (I have a box of them because theres always a sale at faceshop)
  4. clothes kind of everywhere
  5. blankets also kind of just everywhere

five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  1. travel around Asia
  2. get my doctorate degree good luck to me
  4. go to a haunted/ abandoned place 

five things that make me feel happy:

  1. passing a test/ class
  2. traveling or visiting my parents
  3. FOOD
  4. shopping
  5. being with friends and spending time together NOT DRINKING I truly hate going out every weekend I need more friends that like movies and blankets as much as me

five things i’m currently into:

  1. clothing / fashion/ shopping
  2. south park (idk whyyyyy but I’ve been watching it everyday)
  3. keeping my instagram updated? 
  4. matcha 
  5. calligraphy pens and stationary 

five things on my to-do list:

  1. go to japan in october
  2. have a horror movie marathon party on friday the 13th 
  3. update my skincare routine (I need new face wash and a peel)
  4. update my music
  5. Publish my research by the end of the semester 

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Peter’s homemade suit

Can I just talk about how proud Peter was with his homemade Spider-Man suit? In the beginning of the film, he wasn’t aware that Tony Stark made him a suit so the kid brought his own costume. When he was filming everything he said “Okay, Peter. You got this. You got this.” while looking at the mirror looking nervous but excited at the same time because out of all the people, he was going to help Mr. Stark fight Captain America. 

So when Happy said, “What are you wearing?” Peter was so confused and the camera showed him looking down to his outfit while saying in such an innocent way, “It’s my suit!”

You can tell it in his tone of voice that this was something he was very proud of. He most likely even sewn it himself. It’s something a 15-year-old with not much allowance can come up with. It wasn’t about just looking cool (for a kid), it was something that he would be wearing around comfortably, swinging here and there. I mean, it’s made up of a hoodie, long sleeved shirt, and joggers. Tony may have made fun of it and called it pajamas, but it’s something Peter was happy about because he designed it himself and you can even notice the spider symbol on his hoodie chest was drawn using a sharpie. He didn’t have resources but he improvised.

His homemade web-shooters? According to the Art of the Movie book, his web shooters have two separate cases that contained two chemicals and when he presses the button, it mixes as it moves forward to produce his webbing. That’s pretty darn neat that he came up with it and manufactured it himself. And I absolutely loved the fact that he was making his web fluid during chemistry lab class in secret when his teacher wasn’t looking and that’s just pretty realistic because again, he didn’t have the materials at home. He’s a dumpster diver and I wouldn’t be surprised if his web-shooters initially came from that.

And his mask? It can squint and everything and then I realized, he made it especially like that because his senses are dialed to 11 and he needed to focus because there was just too much input for him. As much as possible, he’d like to prevent sensory overload. I liked the fact Tony took this into consideration as well since the new suit was able to do that too.

Peter’s a resourceful kid and I loved that about him. So when Happy showed him the new and improved suit made by Tony Stark, he was so over the moon and went “Oh my god. I-I… I don’t understand. Is it… is it for me?!” It was just so pure and the innocence around it was amazing.

And honestly? He deserved it. He deserved it so much and I’m so happy for him that he got a multi-million dollar suit and yet he still kept his first suit.