okay but in the hp universe the hospital’s called Saint Mungo’s, and that’s all well and good, but saints are only a thing in Catholic canon. 

so does this mean wizards practice Catholicism? and this couldn’t be just like a tiny sect- a good amount of people would have to be practicing Catholics in order for everyone to just accept Saint Mungo’s title. 

how did he become a saint anyway? only the Pope can appoint saints and Mungo was a wizard so does that mean that the Pope knows about the wizarding world? is the Pope a wizard? 

this is sloppy universe creation; I demand answers 


The 1st Squad Conspiracy is one of my favorite conspiracies in the entire story so far. The entire purpose of basic training is to select the best soldiers to bring into the Interior and from there select the best soldiers for the 1st Squad. The rest of the military is a farce. The Wall Garrison is basically to keep the peasants happy in a fake sense of security and the Survey Corps (in theory) kills off the fools who would dream about leaving the safety of the walls.

When in reality, the “God” King has control of the Walls the entire time and the 1st Squad is his set of personal body guards.