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I don't understand why people always joke around with therapy like 'man i need therapy for this drama' and stupid shit like that like therapy isn't rainbows and just letting out your feelings. It's fucking hard and it gets uncomfortable at some points like it isn't to joke about??????

Agreed. Therapy can be so hard sometimes, trying to articulate your emotions and your past is so hard and I hate when I talk about something hard and I just start crying and ugh I really do hate therapy sometimes, but just like mental illness’ the stigma around therapy sucks bc it does actually help but its been so stigmatised people are afraid of it

No, you don’t understand.

It’s just the Two Of Us. Us.

Sherlock is including himself in a set, with John. Just, John. This is revolutionary, because before this, he did not. It was “I am” and “I will” and “I want”. If John was lucky, it would be “John, do this” or “John will follow me”. It was “Yes, aren’t they strange” and “God, what is it like in your tiny little brains!”

He never before said “Us”, or “We”. It was always “You” and “I”, and as intimate as the latter sounds, it has nothing on the former. Nothing.

And John might not get it at first, but he’ll get it eventually, and yeah, he’s as furious as I am at having had to wait three fucking years for his life to get back on track, but it will be worth it. Because Sherlock’s eyes are lifeless and his cheeks are sallow and he sometimes flinches like he can’t help it, but he accepts without question that he and John are on the same side. Maybe that’ll be worth it.

Vixx as Pets
  • N: a cute lil guinea pig that loves running around and snuggles next to you and poops in a corner so you won't be bothered by it
  • Ken: a canary that's surprisingly good at picking up the melodies of songs and tweeting it back to you
  • Leo: a black cat that sleeps a lot but will perk up when you have some food for it; it also loves tummy rubs
  • Ravi: a parrot that says its own name whenever it flaps its way into your face
  • Hongbin: the most beautiful fucking fish you've ever seen I mean look at those scales damn
  • Hyuk: a small little puppy that sleeps with his body draped over your face and pees on your crotch so it looks like you did it



so i heard that the sun and the moon are girlfriends

(i wonder if they meet in twilight or dawn)

I have an obsession with being other people’s favorite. I want to be their favorite student, favorite associate, favorite friend, favorite person. I want to be the first person they think about when planning a trip. I need them to want me next to them.
—  zt
A List Of Things Cashiers Wish They Could Say To Customers

1. Lazy bitch, please take your cart/basket back where you got it.

2. If you decide you don’t want something, fucking take it back yourself.

3. I don’t care how ridiculous you think it is that you need to show me your ID. 

4. No, I clearly don’t work here (as I wear a name tag with the company name on it)

5. Don’t reach over my fucking register.

6. Thanks for eating your un-purchased banana while you were shopping.

7. If you want $100 cash back, please go to the bank that’s 10 feet away.

8. So you decided not to put your produce in a plastic bag? Do you want me to tell you the last time this belt was thoroughly cleaned?

9. Don’t. Steal. My. Fucking. Pen.

10. If you’re going to pay with a check,…. wait…. what year is it?

11. My manager will tell you the same exact thing I just did.

12. The Guest Services desk is closed? Oh, that means the Guest Services desk is closed.

13. For the love of god, tell your kid to stop screwing around.

14. I don’t know what the fuck your asking about.

15. I fucking know what this is, I’m just looking for the damn PLU#.

16. “15 Items or less” means “15 items or less.”

17. “Hi, how are you?” “Plastic.” No.

18. If I don’t have a bagger, that means you should help me bag your shit.

19. If you put your money or coupons on my belt, they will definitely end up in the dirty tray under the counter.

20. If there’s somebody else’s stuff on the belt, use a god damn barricade to separate your shit from their’s.

21. Don’t tell me you have the change once I’ve already opened my fucking cash drawer.

22. Don’t ask me to throw away your trash when there’s at least twelve million trash cans around the fucking store.

23. If the product you got doesn’t match the coupon exactly, it will not work.

24. If your coupon expired twenty years ago, it will not work.

25. I could honesty give less of a shit if you found everything alright.

Ouat: There’s always been chemistry between the Evil queen and Gold. 

Ouat: *shows Golden Queen making out*

Archie, pointing at Henry, Emma, Snow, Charming, Belle, Zelena, Hook, Pongo, the Blue fairy, some random citizen of Storybrooke, and the whole Ouat fandom: