I can only imagine the moments which she holds dear to remember how much she loves Franky.

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What if everything that's happened since Leo's coma is just his coma dream? Makes kinda sense? 1) Leo's the Hero™ and usually is the one to say the day, 2) space. Space nerd Leo would totally focus on space and have his space heros dreams come true, 3) weirdly focused on splinter dying all the time, 4) heterosexual relationships all around (rose colored glasses, doesn't see shini/Karai, capritello). Idk if I've fudged some details, I haven't watched the show since Donnie got disintegrated

on a level, “it was all a dream” would be so great at this point, if a bit disconcerting… since leo and raph’s treatment of their younger brothers has gone pretty far into the abuse territory. and leo has just been… all around kind of awful to his family/friends for a good three seasons since that coma of his.

on the one hand: none of that stuff happened and canon isn’t actually a shithole!

on the other hand: leo has some worrying power hierarchy fantasies for his family.

i actually can’t tell which would be worse any more.

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dudette you complain in every single personal post I see (which is pretty damn often) and it's ridiculous. if people on here "loved you so much" they'd reach out to you instead of leaving you to feel the need to post about it for hundreds of strangers to see. you need help.


so i heard that the sun and the moon are girlfriends

(i wonder if they meet in twilight or dawn)

I have an obsession with being other people’s favorite. I want to be their favorite student, favorite associate, favorite friend, favorite person. I want to be the first person they think about when planning a trip. I need them to want me next to them.
—  zt
A List Of Things Cashiers Wish They Could Say To Customers

1. Lazy bitch, please take your cart/basket back where you got it.

2. If you decide you don’t want something, fucking take it back yourself.

3. I don’t care how ridiculous you think it is that you need to show me your ID. 

4. No, I clearly don’t work here (as I wear a name tag with the company name on it)

5. Don’t reach over my fucking register.

6. Thanks for eating your un-purchased banana while you were shopping.

7. If you want $100 cash back, please go to the bank that’s 10 feet away.

8. So you decided not to put your produce in a plastic bag? Do you want me to tell you the last time this belt was thoroughly cleaned?

9. Don’t. Steal. My. Fucking. Pen.

10. If you’re going to pay with a check,…. wait…. what year is it?

11. My manager will tell you the same exact thing I just did.

12. The Guest Services desk is closed? Oh, that means the Guest Services desk is closed.

13. For the love of god, tell your kid to stop screwing around.

14. I don’t know what the fuck your asking about.

15. I fucking know what this is, I’m just looking for the damn PLU#.

16. “15 Items or less” means “15 items or less.”

17. “Hi, how are you?” “Plastic.” No.

18. If I don’t have a bagger, that means you should help me bag your shit.

19. If you put your money or coupons on my belt, they will definitely end up in the dirty tray under the counter.

20. If there’s somebody else’s stuff on the belt, use a god damn barricade to separate your shit from their’s.

21. Don’t tell me you have the change once I’ve already opened my fucking cash drawer.

22. Don’t ask me to throw away your trash when there’s at least twelve million trash cans around the fucking store.

23. If the product you got doesn’t match the coupon exactly, it will not work.

24. If your coupon expired twenty years ago, it will not work.

25. I could honesty give less of a shit if you found everything alright.

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Same though!😂

What. The. Fuck.

Kylo had only just entered his apartment when he spotted them. Sitting innocently on a dish in the kitchen, were three strawberry glazed donuts.

He shuddered, and bile rose to his throat as he remembered what happened the last time Rey brought home donuts.

If they were chocolate, there was usually a good chance they were for eating, as she would never waste such a delicacy on something like sex. In Rey’s mind, chocolate > sex. And that was a-okay with Kylo. After last time, he started to dread the nights Rey would bring food into the bedroom… eum, Kitchen. However, these donuts were not chocolate.

They were strawberry.

He would not live through that a second time.

Never again.

Kylo stormed over to the kitchen table, and scooped up the plate with every intention of throwing the evil sweets away before Rey notic-

“Oh! Kylo! You’re home!”

He froze, deer in the headlights. Rey’s smile dropped instantly, and she glared at Kylo.

“Don’t you dare.”

The two moved at once-Kylo for the rubbish bin and Rey for Kylo. Rey was faster, managing to latch onto Kylo’s arm just as he grabbed a single pastry to throw into the bin-


They both froze, processing what just happened. Strawberry glazed pastry was smushed onto Rey’s cheek, crumbs raining from the point of impact.

In their frenzy, Kylo has accidentally slapped Rey with one of the donuts, and caused it to crumble against her.

Kylo’s heart raced, and he opened his mouth to beg forgiveness-

But Rey, again, was faster.

“You’re so fucking dead.”