our dearly treasured choi seunghyun,
we, your vips, will wait for you. just know we love and adore you and that we’re keeping you in our thoughts & prayers. please don’t worry about us too much and return to us safely. we miss you already. counting down til nov 2018.

Masterlist of 160217 Gaon Chart K-pop Awards Performances

Performances should be ordered by appearance. Please message me if any links are broken or if I’ve missed any so I can update them ASAP. 


B.A.P - Young, Wild & Free

Red Velvet - Automatic + Ice Cream Cake

Baek Ah Yeon - Shouldn’t Have

Zion. T - Yanghwa Bridge

Mad Clown - Fire + Sour Grapes

Mino and Seungyoon (Winner) - Fear

AOA Cream - Heart Attack + Jelly Baby

iKON - My Type + Dumb & Dumber

Seventeen - Mansae + Shining Diamond

Taeyeon - I

Zico - Boys and Girls ft. Babylon

VIXX - Chained Up

BTS - I Need U + Dope

GFriend - Me Gusta Tu + Rough

EXO - Exodus + Call Me Baby + Love Me Right

Big Bang - Bae Bae + Bang Bang Bang + We Like 2 Party

a kpop dance mix | listen

beautiful night beast || good boy gd x taeyang || yolo madtown || go crazy! 2pm || do you love me 2ne1 || very good block b || miss right teen top || hurricane b.a.p || war of hormone bts || i got a boy girls’ generation || party rock boys republic || ringa linga taeyang || voodoo doll vixx || crayon g-dragon || rocking teen top || i’m in love secret || fantastic baby big bang || you’re so fly btob || female president girl’s day || she so high beatburger || my copycat orange caramel || sugar free t-ara || breaking news shinee || wow btob

angel; a calm(?) playlist

001. Coffee (BTS) 002. Close the Door (SHINee) 003. Eyes, Nose, Lips (AKMU cover) 004. Coffee Shop (B.A.P) 005. Something (Girl’s Day) 006. Love Blossom (K.Will) 007. Baby I Miss You (2ne1) 008. Stop Girl (UKISS) 009. My Turn to Cry (EXO) 010. First Love (After School) 011. JoJo (SHINee) 012. Sunday Monday (Apink) 013. Good Love (B1A4) 014. Goodbye Summer (Amber, Luna, Krystal ft. D.O)  015. Blue (Big Bang) 016. Movies Over (Block B) 017. Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms (IU & HIGH4) 018. Baby Maybe (SNSD) 019. How Could You Do This To Me (Ailee) 020. Yesterday (B1A4) 021. Ice Baby (Tiny-G) 022. Angel (EXO) 023. Paper Heart (F(x)) 024. Someday (VIXX) 025. Little Star (AKMU) 026. Is This The End (BTOB) 027. Please Don’t (K.Will) 028. Dream (Lee Hi)

{ listen }


YB & RI on Starcast calling T.O.P (cr to the owner of the video)

Translation (cr to @BIGBANGGisVIP, @HuiSuYoon, and @ShrimpLJY):

Seungri: I recently drank some wine with T.O.P hyung, and he gets more and more handsome every time I look at him.

Taeyang: His handsomeness increases as time goes on! T.O.P hyung loves wine and just like how a wine tastes better as it gets older, his eyes get deeper and he becomes more manly and handsome.

Seungri: Recently, after his movie shooting, T.O.P hyung had troubles on his skin. He put some trouble patches on and he still looked really handsome.

Taeyang: Whatever that hyung does, he is handsome. It’s kind of bad how he knows that fact himself. *jokes*

T.O.P: My movie will be released a month later.

Seungri: What are you doing now?

Taeyang: How are you doing these days?

T.O.P: I’m just resting these days. I also recently traveled abroad and rested.

Seungri: Your movie will be released on Korean Thanksgiving! As the main character, how do you feel about the movie? Do you think it’ll be a great hit?

T.O.P: *stutters a lot* Not really that but the original author… his original work… the story… the original work… the manias who enjoyed the original… uh…

Taeyang: What?

T.O.P: To the fans of the original series…

Taeyang: Ah, you think it’ll appeal well to the fans of the original cartoon series?

Seungri: T.O.P-ssi, I think you should drink some water if you have any next to you.

Seungri: Actually, today’s person on the spotlight is Taeyang hyung… How is his new song Eyes, Nose, Lips?

T.O.P: Ah~ I love it! it’s so good. Why are you asking me such a stupid (obvious) question like that?

Seungri: I think our fans will be curious how T.O.P hyung’s Eyes Nose Lips will sound! Can you sing it a little for us?

T.O.P: *sings*

SR&Taeyang: A little bit longer!

T.O.P: *sings*

Taeyang: Have you even heard of my song before…

Taeyang: I don’t think that sounds like my song…

T.O.P: *sings again*

Seungri: Seriously, who did you drink with last night?

Taeyang: Anyways, T.O.P hyung! We’re doing an award on Starcast right now.

Taeyang: And about 50,000 fans voted for you as the best visual award. That means you are the most handsome member. What do you think about that?

T.O.P: Well…. I don’t know. I have nothing to say *laughs*

Seungri: Do you still think that you are good looking whenever you look at the mirror?

T.O.P: Not at all, not these days. I haven’t been taking care of myself lately. It’s very dangerous(?) right now.

Seungri: Thank you for answering our call even though you’re resting.

Seungri: Please say something to our fans, and it’s Naver Starcast’s 1 year anniversary!

Seungri: Please say one last word to us!

T.O.P: Naver Starcast’s 1 year anniversary reminds me, we had our 8th year anniversary too. (T/N: The anniversary is coming up; I think T.O.P meant to say that too but was too tired)

Seungri: Right, right.

T.O.P: Congratulations.

Taeyang: Are you congratulating Bigbang or Starcast? You’re congratulating both, right?

T.O.P: Why would I congratulate Starcast?

Seungri: Ah~ You’re so bad~

Taeyang: But you’re very honest!

Seungri: Say something to our fans!

T.O.P: Thank you for loving us for 8 years. We will prepare an awesome big bang album and appear in front of you guys.

Seungri: Hyung, let’s meet up and eat together soon~

T.O.P: Okay~

Seungri: Thank you! Get more sleep~

T.O.P: Okay!


This Starcast made me realize how much I miss OT5’s interaction.. BaeRi are always cute together cause they’re so different.. And Tabi singing is just…. lol.. xD

Comeback soon please my babies… :*

Text @ Azura
  • Jessi: Satan won't be elected. *Satan* is attractive--have you seen who's running? Hair piece and power suit are hardly attractive.
  • Jessi: Why would people mail in votes when they could mail in cataloges? There's no way that's secure.
  • Jessi: Superheroes go to my concerts, not read my blog. But if they are, I'm fine with us hosting the justice league.
  • Jessi: And it would be a lot easier to entice me home with promises of putting a fresh image of me in your mind, not with pictures of me that don't exist.
  • Jessi: I do wish I was home, right now.
  • Jessi: I'd pose for whatever dorky picture you wanted.
  • Jessi: Speaking of, you're pushing this dorky thing hard. I'm starting to think you have a dork kink.
  • Jessi: You did always pay a bit too much attention to that Universe show.
  • Jessi: Neil Degrassi High Tyson explaining that...big bang ;)
  • Jessi: I did always tell you I'd be open to anything.
  • Jessi: I can come home wearing a pocket protector, a bow tie, and nothing else if that's your kink, Miss 4.2
  • [A beat]
  • Jessi: Also you *were* a misanthrope? Baby, not much has changed.
  • Jessi: The only way I get you to go to any parties at all is by tricking you into following my legs through New York until we're next to martini glasses and a piano.